Sunday, December 13, 2015

Day 13....

25 Days

Day 13....
although its only about 5 hours until its Day 14...
But I have a good excuse! I've been decorating cookies all day with my girls 
(well Miss Ellie started out with us and soon lost interest)
and here they are.

These are Katie's Creations...
she's getting REALLY good!

Cookies 3

I did Mr and Mrs Claus and the Elves....
Cookies 1

This plate is a joint effort...
Katie did the snowmen and I did the trees.
I think my favorites out of all of them are the snowmen and the snowy trees....

Cookies 2

I also made...
some Rudolph's (but they are all gone...)
I used a gingerbread lady for the cutter


My Elves are just an ice cream cutter upside down...


A sundae cutter or ice cream in a cake cone upside down became Santa....


The best thing I have learned in baking cookies is: 
You don't need a cutter for EVERY SINGLE cookie.
You play I spy with your cutters and there you go!

Here's the whole kit and caboodle....
(which took 6.5 hours just decorating/icing them)


Various Close-UP Shots of all of them...





after packaging them up and delivering to some of our dearest friends...
and teachers...
and my nephews/niece that live away... A gift from Aunt Vonnie

We have about a dozen left.

But you know what?! I don't care, because giving is what we do best around here!

Now then...
most people are panting to know about recipes, etc. 
I have not even been decorating cookies for a year. 
I started on Valentine's Day 2015. Its been a year of cookies that's for sure!
Everything I have learned about products to use, recipes to use, style, etc. I have gotten from reading and reading and reading...

The cookie recipe I use is her recipe and you can find it: HERE FOR COOKIE RECIPE
*I use 3 c. of flour though*
and I flavor mine with bakery emulsion (see flavor below)

The icing I use is Royal Icing and it can be found: HERE FOR ROYAL ICING RECIPE

Sweet Sugar Belle has a great list of things you "need" to get started. I followed it to a T and I agree....I use everything she suggested. That can be found: LIST FOR PURCHASING YOUR START UP COOKIE STUFF

I get asked all the time...
Do you sell your cookies? 
NO...but if I did, I'd use this pricing guide that Sweet Sugar Belle generously offers: PRICING GUIDE

Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf on a Shelf...according to her pricing is ELABORATE and would be: large and $5.75 per cookie. And I agree! 

The Snowy Tree and Snowmen: $3.50

Think of that...

one tip that Sweet Sugar Belle doesn't give is taste to your cookie. She prefers almond flavoring. I do not. I prefer a buttery taste to the dough and a vanilla taste to the icing. 
So for the dough I use: 
LORANN "Buttery Sweet Dough"

Artificial Flavor Bakery Emulsions 4 Ounces-Almond

For the icing, I put one tsp. of the above emulsion, and add two tsp of regular old vanilla. 

SO there you have Day 13...
I'm going to bed...

Until tomorrow....
I'll be keeping my hands to work..
my heart to God..
while treating my neighbor with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
It's hard, isn't it?
I may stumble and I may fall, but I pick myself up and I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.
Join me!

Merry Christmas,
Vonna xxxx


  1. You and Katie did a magnificent job...they look fantastic.

  2. That is one amazing batch of cookies. Both you and Katie did a great job!

  3. Such cute cookies--too cute to eat! But, I know they will be eaten and enjoyed by the lucky recipients. : )

  4. Gorgeous cookies!

  5. You both did an amazing job.

  6. Your cookies are masterpieces, each and every one. It's impossible to pick a favorite.

  7. Anonymous9:41 PM

    They are ALL adorable, but I think the holly leaves are MY favorite.

    You definitely have a creative eye whether it is cross stitch finishing or cooking decorating.

  8. Your cookies are GORGEOUS! and so like you to be happy to give them all away. You're a bright light, Vonna 😊

  9. You and Katie did a fabulous job! The snowy trees are my favorite.

  10. Cookies look wonderful!

  11. Vonna, you and your daughters are so talented! The cookies look amazing and I'm sure they will be enjoyed immensely by all who receive them!

  12. It's a good thing I don't live close by. I would be a cookie thief for sure! They look amazing and yummy!!!

  13. Those are beautiful cookies - like little works of art! Well done Vonna and Katie (and Miss Ellie too for starting you off!)

  14. Vonna, your cookies are amazing!! What a great way to spend your day with your daughter creating such lovely and delicious gifts :-)

  15. An awesome display of cookies..those candy cane cookies are great,they are all great.Well done to you both..sleep well. Zzzzzzz

  16. Lovely, really lovely. Both mom and daughter are true artists!

  17. Love the cookies, well done. A great way to spend the day with your children.

  18. A year of cookies, yes, that's a suitable expression, lol. I still remember the ones that baked at the beginning of the year. And these Christmas cookies are so great, too. What fun to see them all displayed on the table. The Rudolphs are soooo cool!

  19. WOW! A tremendous amount of work! There are some very special people to receive a gift of those cookies! Katie is quite the helper

  20. What incredible looking cookies, both yours and Katie's! I'm with you on the buttery flavor. I know the cookies were well received and most appreciated.

  21. These cookies are amazing -'you and your daughter(s) have outdone yourselves! So much creativity in you home and so much generosity - you inspire us all. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

    p.s. - I love the 25 Days of Christmas

  22. Wowie zowie! Just look what you two learned together! Spectacular!

  23. the cookies are awesome. they look amazing.

  24. Girlfriend, you have found your niche with the cookie decorating. Ah-may-zing!!!

  25. Wow..Wow....Wow !! Your cookies look fantastic. They are works of art, beautifully decorated. I bet they are delicious too.
    Thanks for sharing the links to the recipe and ingredients too.

  26. Absolutely amazing. Way too pretty to eat!!!

  27. Your cookies are beautiful.

  28. Your cookies look soooooo good! Thanks for sharing the cookie info. I haven't started my baking yet -- and my cut out cookies only get a sprinkling of red and green sugar. I use my Grandma's recipe and they are a crisp, buttery sugar cookie. I don't think I'd have the patience to bake and decorate cookies like you did. Oh, but I sure love to eat them, lol ;-)

  29. Now that was art work in cookie decorating just amazing! I have many wonderful memories of baking & decorating with my Grandma such fun times they were! Thank you for sharing recipes....

  30. Those cookies are amazing!! Hard to believe you have only been decorating for less than a year. They look very professional! I look for something new to try each year, and I think decorated cookies may be my project for 2016. I checked out the website you suggested, and wow! what a great resource!

  31. I envy all your local friends who get to taste test these works of art. You've really mastered this in such a short time.

  32. Wow! That is definitely a labor of love! You and Priscilla are the only ones that put such effort out with these iced cookies. They are beautiful!! Hugs!

  33. Your cookies are too pretty to eat.

  34. Gorgeous! So professional. If I can't scoop the dough with my mini ice cream scoop, it's not a cookie I make! LOL Fortunately, I've found two years of cookies--24 and counting--to make for my grandmothers that don't require all the mad skillz you have!

  35. What amazing cookies - I hope all your hard work and decorative skills were appreciated!


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