Friday, December 11, 2015

Day 11.....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome ~ 
to Day 11 
of the 25 Days of Christmas
The Twisted Stitcher

18 Years Ago today...
with God's grace and help, we brought this little bundle into the world

Katie Grace:

Being my first...I liked to dress her up and she always let me...
Katie_6 months_May 1998

I'll never forget this picture because she was looking right at me when it was taken
Katie 2 year picture

She's always had spirit and has been the "leader of the pack" and not above rubbing in her #1 status!
Katie and the boys Christmas_2000

Her Daddy has been her bestest buddy around...
Keith and Katie_Katie's 3 birthday_Dec 2000

No matter how big she gets, I always remember this little girl...
Katie's 6th Birthday_December 2003

Christmas Card 2005


She grew and was talented...

and very hard working...
Katie's Job

Her sister is her best friend and she'll do things she really doesn't want to make her sister smile...

She handles it all juggling, school, work, tutoring and athletics...
Katie CC

yet she loves to browse the moments of our past...

and save turtles from an untimely death...
Katie Saves Turtle

We've had many adventures throughout the past 18 years....

and even when our dreams don't become what we wish...

We pick ourselves up and move on... because that's what God intends.
Katie Senior Pic 1

Katie Senior Pic 5

Katie Senior Pic 4

Katie Senior Pic 2

I'll love you forever, 
I'll like you for always, 
as long as I'm living...

Katie Senior Pic 3

My'll be.

I love you Katie with my whole heart...
Happy 18th Birthday to my baby!

Mom xoxoxoxo


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Katie. I love all the pictures. She has grown up to be a lovely young lady. She makes your family proud. Enjoy the 18 years of memories and know there will be many more to come. Have a great day of celebration.

  2. Happy Birthday Katie

  3. What a lovely walk down 18 years of memories....Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl, Katie !

  4. Happy birthday, Katie! Vonna, I enjoyed Katie's photo essay; her senior pictures are wonderful.

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday to a young woman who is beautiful inside and out...such a blessing!

  6. Happy Birthday to your girl :)

  7. Such a beautiful daughter, many blessings today on this special 18th birthday and wishing you many more wonderful years to come with delightful celebrations! Happy Birthday Katie!

  8. Happy Birthday to a lovely and beautiful young lady.

  9. Birthday Greetings to Katie! What a cute post. Katie is quite the woman now, but I know she'll always be your baby.

  10. Awwww. Happy b'day, Katie! Vonna, she's getting more and more beautiful each time you post these pix! Quit making me cry!

  11. I have to say my favorite is her "gingham sailor suit" baby pic. Happy Birthday Katie and family. A milestone for all in the family to be proud of. <3

  12. Happy birthday to Katie. she has become a beautiful lady.

  13. Happy Birthday Katie! My daughter's birthday was yesterday!

  14. Happy Birthday Katie! Love the photo at Monticello -- I live right by there! Great history right here in central VA!

  15. What a wonderful post Vonna! Happy Birthday Katie!
    THAT book! THAT book! I have a hard time STILL reading that book and not crying like a baby. ♥

  16. Happy Birthday Katie!

  17. Sending birthday wishes to Katie.I am sure she is having the most wonderful day:)

  18. Happy Birthday, Katie! What a beautiful young lady you are.

  19. Happy Birthday, Katie!

  20. What a beautiful young lady. The pictures of her growing up were delightful! Katie, have a very happy birthday!

  21. Happy 18 to Katie. You have a busy December with your kids birthdays!

  22. Happy Birthday Katie and congratulations Mom & Dad on the birthday of your beautiful daughter.
    Gorgeous pictures of 18 great years Vonna.

  23. Happy Birthday Katie! What a cute baby, and what a beautiful young lady you have grown into. I love the photo of the four of your children with their stockings and matching outfits - and those last ones in the trees are simply stunning.

  24. Awww, what a beautiful tribute to such a lovely lady. Happy Birthday sweet Katie!!!

  25. Happy Birthday, Katie!!!

  26. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter. It was fun to watch her grow up through the pictures and to see what a wonderful young lady she has become.

  27. Happy Birthday, Katie. What a beautiful girl you have become.
    Loved all the pictures.

  28. Happy Belated Birthday! Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday, Katie!

  30. Happy Birthday to a special young lady!

  31. what a sweet post - reminds me of the relationship I've always had with my own mother. SInce I am an only child - I was the first, the last and the everything to her and now she is to me as well. My best friend in life for sure. I hope you and Katie can share that type of relationship for all times. Enjoy the season! Mel


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