Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 10...

25 Days

Day 10....
well....I had to work yesterday, so I was off my game again. I didn't have any photos taken of the things I wanted to today is by the seat of my pants. But it was providential that I found out something and I want to share with you...

The COMPANION PIECE TO North Pole Express...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May I present to a free design WITH the purchase of the threads needed to stitch.
designed by Little House Needleworks 
in collaboration with Classic Colorworks.
to your LNS or ONS of choice and ask for the NORTH WOODS EXPRESS thread pack design!!!!


HELPFUL HINT: Make sure you have the NORTH POLE EXPRESS too!!!!!



Here is the 2015 new design:

Here is the 2014 design 
(that I showed you yesterday all finished up)...

Guess what...
I alluded that I was going to restitch its nailed, I'm restitching and finishing both similarly.
...and they will be bowl fillers in one of my old wooden bowls, with a bit of pine at the bottom and red berries for accents,  with them nestled in among the greenery.  

Can you see them in the bowl, in your minds eye?
I can :)

It'll be DONE and DUSTED by next Holiday Season!
Count on it!

ASK Vonna....
(I'm going to add this as a NEW ongoing series on my blog) 
maybe that will keep me writing more even after the 25 Days are over, because I get LOTS of questions all the time, and that's how I got started on my Gizmo and Gadget reviews!
Got a Question: ASK Vonna! (e-mail is top under the mailbox picture)

Q: Vonna, Where do you get the rusty bells, snowflakes, etc. that you embellish your projects with?

A:  I make them myself. NOT! 
I go to eBay and ETSY all the time and I search for "Rusty" or "Rusty Bells" or "Prim Tin" and I look and find them and buy them. That's where I got the ones yesterday that embellished the pillow~ from eBay, last winter.
BUT with that being said, one day I was perusing the internet as I'm wont to do and I found:
Factory Craft Direct has a whole "Primitive" line of rusty items. 
The snowflakes are on there, but you can get bells, and a whole lot more 

Now a Quick Christmas Gift idea...
I do this every year for those last minute gifts that don't cost a lot of money, yet make for a really nice presentation.
**all of these items came from Walmart. I got them two days ago.**

Get a FLEECE blanket. I have been buying these for years. They are very inexpensive ($4.96) yet perfect size to wrap around your shoulders or use as a lap blanket you can even lay down with them, but my feet stick out (I'm 5' 9"). They have VERY many patterns, new ones each year. Katie needed 7 of these for her own little holiday party for her fellow employee gifts and we dug in the bin and found 10 different patterns. ALL CUTE!
(Now my Walmart also has flannel holiday blankets DO NOT GET THOSE! They are rough and nasty! These are soft and fluffy! )
We have probably around 15 of these fleece holiday blankies that we have collected through the years and I leave 4 in my van for road trips when the kids want to sleep and are chilly, we use them all year long - because who doesn't want a little Christmas in their life all year long?
 They roll down to nothing and would be nice for travelers on planes too!

This year for my gifts I'm making ~ I got two different patterns. This Poinsettia pattern:

AND...this Pine cone and Poinsettia pattern:

Get a gaudy Christmas Mug. They always have a slew of these each year and if you think ahead you can get them for like a quarter at the after holiday sales...but I got this one yesterday for $2. (I also got a Santa head, that is adorable, but I didn't take a pic of it and I'm not getting my fanny up to take one - SORRY!)

Get a bag (or four) of candy to sprinkle in...I like Ghirardelli chocolates:

I also get either  a box of this Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas (there are different varieties): 

OR some of Hot Cocoa single packets from Land O' Lakes...

For these gifts I'm using the Hot Cocoa, lets refresh what we have:
(I typically ALSO get some of those gaudy Christmas house shoe type socks that have the non-skid bottoms - you can find those at Dollar Store or Dollar General - but I didn't have time to get there, so I'm skipping that part this year) 
So anyway...this is what we have: 

Put the tea box or the cocoa in the mug:

Put it all in a gift bag:

Add some tissue paper, and there you go:

I also add a little note that says:
"Christmas is busy...Take a load off, snuggle in and enjoy the season!"

TOTAL PRICE: $4.96 for blanket, Mug: $2.00, Cocoa: $1.50 (tea about the same price for box), Candy $1 and the bag and tissue was clearance from last year so lets say $1
if you added socks it would be around $3 more. 

Today I am hosting...
a Christmas Luncheon for a group of ladies that I am friends with.
I'm making: Chicken Gnocchi Soup and Salad and some cupcakes...I hope. 
I have 6 hours...O Lord help me...

Until tomorrow....
I'll be keeping my hands to work..
my heart to God..
while treating my neighbor with kindness and respect, 
and trying to be the best me I can be.
It's hard, isn't it?
I may stumble and I may fall, but I pick myself up and I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.
Join me!

Merry Christmas,
Vonna xxxx


  1. What great ideas for last minute gifts. Love the new design from Little House Needleworks and Classic Colorworks.
    Another great read today.

  2. That's a great idea. You can never have to many warm and fuzzy blankets :)

  3. Awesome post for not being picture - ready! Enjoy your lunch!

  4. I've been following along with your series and I have to say that this is the best post yet!! I LOVE the Christmas gift idea!!! And the new LHN chart is adorable. I hope I can pick it up when we go to our LNS when my DD comes home for Christmas!!

    {Hugs!} Tricia

  5. Love the gift idea...and I must admit, I left you for a moment to hop over to check out the rusty stuff...but came right back. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

  6. Smart girl!! :D
    Hope your cooking goes smoothly and you have a super day!

  7. The North Woods Express is certainly a cute design, and thank you for the gift ideas!

  8. What great gift bags! You are so clever.

    And you should definitely be getting a commission on these various vendors you recommend!

  9. Vonna,

    You have the best ideas. I've been wondering what to use for bowl filler - now I know - pine branches! Thank you.

  10. Great last minute (and inexpensive) gift idea, Vonna! I am going to print it off for next year. Thank also for the link to the rusty items! I look forward to seeing both of the LHN designs stitched up and finished sometime in 2016. Enjoy your lunch with friends!

  11. Great post, enjoy your luncheon menu sounds delicious! Care to share recipe? Blessings....

  12. When do you sleep ?? You are the magic Christmas elf with your great gift ideas.
    Enjoy your luncheon.........the food will be delicious !!

  13. These gift bags are GREAT!!!! I think I'm going to steal this idea from you! Thank you!

  14. Uh oh, I think you have inspired me to do some stash shopping. ;) Great gift idea. Thanks for the info on the rusty prim items. I completely forgot about Factory Direct.

  15. Uh-oh, I see trouble on the horizon! I've just clicked on the link to the rusty items, and found LOTS of things I would like to use in my bathroom, kitchen, and oh, just everywhere. Thank you for finding this site for all of us. The pair of sled designs to be displayed together is a great idea and I know your finishes will be just perfect.

  16. I LOVE the Walmart fleece blankets. Over the years I have purchased one for each grandchild to have at my house. They enjoy having their own blanket and they wrap up in them whenever they feel chilly or if they have a "sick day" at Grammy's house. This year I bought one for the granddaughter who will be born in February. I even bought one for myself last year! They are comfy cozy.

  17. You always have great ideas that you share. I am loving my daily dose of TTS and have missed your frequent posts. I have found so much inspiration here and my stitching basket is overflowing trying to keep up. I missed the North Pole Express and will now need to find that from an ONS. Your blog makes me happy and I hope you continue well into 2016!

  18. Fun and perfect gift idea! Lovely new LHN & CC!
    Thank you for sharing! love Annette

  19. Thank you for the information on the rusty bells, snowflakes, etc. I have wondered where to find those.

    Your luncheon will be completely wonderful.

  20. I saw this years addition and we have a local coffee shop called Northwoods.....I don't drink coffee, but I often think about making things that stores would like. Is that crazy or what??? We have an angel tree at work for the Senior citizens of the county. I often get the socks, blankies and hot drink things. This year our office has Santa bags for over 90 needy Seniors. We think they are often the forgotten at Christmas with so much emphasis on the kids!

  21. Great gift ideas:) The second LHN is as lovely as the first.
    I am using felt with my plastic works sooo well.Thank you for the tip:)

  22. I also like the new design and did a pre-order on it. I hope it will arrive before christmas here !!

  23. Vonna, what size rusty bell for small ornaments... I have no idea on the size ex. 10 mm... ?

  24. I will be checking on the designs you mentioned . I love the idea of "Ask Vonna" you will be hearing from me. Actually I already have a question, what do use as filler for the little pin keeps?

  25. Anonymous8:25 PM

    That is a PERFECT gift idea that I'm totally going to tweak and steal for friends that come to Florida ---

    I see a tube of sunscreen, a pair of cheapo flips flops and a beach towel.

  26. Love the mug and blanket. Great gift idea for office exchange.

  27. You are just a plethora of information! (First time I've used the word "plethora" this year!) Such cute ideas for gifts.

  28. Love the Christmas gift idea.

  29. Great idea Vonna..thanks for sharing. I have North Pole Express from last year all kitted up...might have to add the new one too.

  30. Thank you Vonna for the gift ideas, and for enabling! My sons have just been reading your blog over my shoulder (they are 6 and 7 years old) and guess what I'll be stitching for next year? Yes those lovely LHN designs - if I can get them in the UK!

  31. Oh my, they are so lovely, both patterns, and when I saw them I had to think of my grandson and that I could stitch them for him - and now I read that Justine was having a quite similar thought, lol. Now I have to see that I can get them.

    These are some awesome last minute gifts, a wonderful idea. And who doesn't need last minute gifts every now and then. While reading this post I remembered that it would be a good idea to prepare a box and buy things for little gifts over the year and put them in there. I have been wanting to do that for years but I am the perfect procrastinator, lol.


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