Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Day 1...

25 Days

Cuppa Joe

This post is going to be sort of a "catch up" post since I didn't have time in November to post
(and it was here and then it was gone....)
I was one of the lucky people that had my order in on time to purchase the 
Limited Edition With Thy Needle and Thread Kit 
"Gobble Gobble" 

Gobble Gobble

The stitching was fast and I got it done in no time at all.
I loved that little pilgrim lady and the cornucopia of goodness, so I went on to stitch it again!
This time I stitched it one over one on 32 ct. linen and made a Pocket Watch Necklace. 

Gobble Pocket Watch

Our Thanksgiving was bountiful....
here is our table with a sweet turkey centerpiece made by Miss Ellie, herself, from her last 4H meeting :)

The Thanksgiving Table 2015

My family...
including Keith's parents, Bernie and Ed. I made the whole meal.
I'm going to be honest and say: I am glad I don't have to eat turkey and dressing again until next year....
The Menu was: smoked turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, sweet potato casserole, corn pudding, green bean casserole, noodles, slaw and hot rolls. 
My Mother~in~Law provided the desserts and she made: Pecan Pie and Pumpkin Pie.

My Family 2015

The china we ate on was my great-grandmother Epperson's dishes...They are Myott and the pattern is called "Royal Mail" I inherited an 8 piece place setting and I ate Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on those from my childhood. My Grandma Epperson had these for her china as my Great-Grandma was her mother-in-law. These plates are from the 1905-1910 era and from England. 
I just love them and as a little girl I remember looking at the plates and dreaming up a story to interpret the scenes on them. Each piece has a different scene. 

Great Grand-Mother's China

When my Dad passed them to me....
I was ecstatic! I love them! Since I received them I have added 4 additional place settings which include (dinner plate, luncheon plate, berry bowl, bread plate, cup and saucer), a platter, a coffee pot and a gravy boat. Where did I find 100 year old china pieces? Why EBAY of course! I'm always looking to find good deals on there to add to my china collection. 
(I have another china set that I will share with you later on from my Grandmother Weber)
My goal is to get both sets up to 16 place settings and then pass a set to each of my girls on their wedding day. 
A good goal, don't you agree?!

During the 25 Days of Christmas 
The Twisted Stitcher 
I plan on sharing with you particular things that I use in my stitching. Products that I find are superior to help me get my stitching done as perfectly, as fast and as beautifully as I can manage. I get asked all the time about the products I use and I decided way back at the beginning of the year that I'd use the 25 Days of Christmas as a way to highlight what I think is best. 

let's remember these are my OPINIONS...I'm entitled to my opinions as is everyone else entitled to their own opinions. 

Product #1 ~ Q-snaps
I use to use a hoop and I'd get those lines in my linen and that bugged me. I found out about Q-snaps and I've been a Q-snap girl ever since. The one negative I have to say about Q-snaps is: the snap part (that's the part you put down on your fabric that holds it to the "frame" part. Easily gets stretched out...and then my material would sag. Now I know there is some trick about putting the snaps in your dishwasher and the hot water/drying element helps to tighten them up again, but honestly people...who has time to remember to throw your Q-snaps in the dishwasher? I hardly can get all of my dishes in one day to fit inside my dishwasher. 

The other negative is I was always worried about the snap crushing my stitches. Now I never had that problem, I just worried about it. So...while playing around one day, I thought: 
I wonder if I would put felt under my snaps if that would help protect the stitches and make the snaps tighter. Hmmm....

So I went and cut some felt and what do you know. It worked! I like my fabric tight, like drum tight and the felt deal worked like a charm! 

So...if you aren't a Q-Snap user and you think you might like to give it a try, I highly recommend them! If you put the snaps on like I do, the linen/aida will stay blocked too so when you are finished you don't have to worry too much about blocking. 
(and for those that might not know about blocking: that is when all of the threads of the aida/linen run perpendicular to each other thus keeping the design square. All the vertical threads remain vertical and all horizontal threads stay horizontal.) 

Here's how I use my Q-snaps:
the pictures follow the numbers
  1. I store them in a big zippered bag that I saved (I'm a hoarder) from a quilt that I purchased.
  2. Take the snaps off and lay it down on the table - lay your fabric on top
  3. Place a strip of felt down on top of the linen. 
  4. Place the snap on top of the felt strip and snap it in place. 
  5. Do the same to the opposite side 
  6. Once both sides are snapped, twist gently to make the linen taut. 
  7. Then turn 90 degrees and repeat process on the opposite sides. *for short sides of the Q-snap, I fold the long felt strip in half and that means there is double layers on those ends. 
  8. There you have a perfectly blocked piece of linen/aida to start stitching! 

003 014 015 016 017 018 019 020

WHY do I use felt under the Q-snap "snaps"?
1. Because it "holds" the snaps in place firmly and keeps my linen/aida taut like a drum...and the way I stitch, that is how I prefer it.
2. Felt protects the stitches, if I move my snaps to cover a stitched area, the felt covers the stitches and then they don't get smashed. 

*Helpful Hint* at the end of the day, make sure you twist your snaps to loosen the fabric
 (the felt will protect the linen so you don't have to worry about discoloration, you can leave the snaps on) just twist in the direction of the middle of the linen/aida to loosen the material so that it isn't stretched. Next day before stitching twist toward the outside of the snap and it is once again taut and ready to stitch! *HOWEVER* if your snaps are placed over stitches, remove the snaps so that they aren't smashed...although the felt protects them, I don't ever take chances with smashed stitches. SAME if you are a hoop user, always take your linen OUT of your hoop when are done stitching for the day. *always*

*Helpful Hint* You will notice that I don't keep my Q-snaps in any size that they come in. The first thing I do is take them all apart. I think this is one of the benefits of using Q-snaps ~ you can make the frame to the size you desire. 

I prefer to work on my projects up close. If I am working a large project, I want my Q-snaps long in width and short in height. I very easily get tendinitis in my dominant arm, so keeping it close to me means that I don't have a long reach. Also I have carpal tunnel and not having a reach helps my wrist too. So I highly recommend taking your Q-snaps apart and reassembling into a size you prefer. Of course that means you have to have multiple sizes....but Q-snaps really aren't that expensive. Save your coupons because they are always available at Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Joann's...or if you are an Amazon Prime Member they can be found there too. 

Q-snaps, Vonna's Recommendation for Day #1!

Ok folks...
That does it for Day #1 of:
The 25 Days of Christmas
The Twisted Stitcher
Please come back for Day #2!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work... 
my heart to God...
while treating my neighbor with kindness and respect,
and trying to be the best me I can be.
It's hard, isn't it?
I may stumble and I may fall, but I pick myself up and I remember:
To thine own self be true...
I want to BE the change I want to SEE.
Join me!

Merry Christmas! 
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    beautiful stitching, and thanks for the helpful hints on the qsnaps

  2. What a great idea to use felt with your Q-snaps! I am going to have to try it.

  3. Hooray! I feel lucky, in many ways, to be reading this! :D :D :D

    I love your china ambitions for your girls' weddings. So cool to read up about your family and the pattern. I recognize all your thanksgiving menu except "noodles". I've recently gotten interested in regional holiday menu variations? Can you tell me more about what they are? (Or was it just a plain perhaps buttered starch for a particular diner who won't eat the usual suspect starches?)

    Useful and interesting qsnap write up! I used felt for a bit, but somehow fell out; I did not know you could double one pair/it would fit under the qsnap--very interesting!

  4. Thank you for the tutorial on Q snaps! I usually stitch in hand because I couldn't get used to the clumsy wooden frames or hoops, so I may give them a try!
    I love your dinner set, it's beautiful, I'm sure your girls will cherish them when you hand them down to them on their wedding day.

  5. I have the same problem with loose Q-snaps. Thanks for the hints!

  6. Hi Vonna,It is great to see your day 1 post:)
    I am a Q snaps convert and have been using strips of fabric instead of felt under my snaps.I never thought of using felt,what a great idea thank you.Non slip and a little more padded under the snap and on my stitches.I will be cutting a few strips of felt today.
    Your Thanksgiving table looks lovely and your goal of giving each of your girls a set of China a lovely one.

  7. I'm so glad you decided to do 25 days with the Twisted Stitcher and I know many others will feel the same. Thank you Vonna for sharing your life and stitchy tips with us.
    I love your china and your goal to have a set each for your girls is a good one. Thank goodness for eBay!
    I'm a recent Q snap user but sometimes get saggy bits - can't wait to get home tonight and try some felt!
    Blessings to you and yours Vonna.

  8. Will be coming each day. It is so good to see the Vonna's 25 days!!!! Thanks for keeping up with it, for us. Love the china and what a beautiful idea. The girls will be thrilled to get them.

  9. Your "Gobble Gobble" idea is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I agree with your opinion about q-snaps. They are very useful!

  10. My Grandmother had similar dishes and I too remember making up stories about the pictures, i've never actually told anyone i used to do that so i am so glad you mentioned it :-)
    Great idea to pass on the china to your girls :-)

    Yep i'm a Q Snap convert too, i've been using felt for ages but have recently discovered some non-slip drawer liner that works too, and is especially good to use with a clip on magnifyer.

  11. Merry Day 1 of the season. Thanks so much for doing this Vonna. You start my day off with a big smile !!
    Your "gobble gobble" is darling. And neat you made a necklace too.
    I love your china, so pretty and so special to have it after all these years. And it will be a special gift passing it on to your girls.
    I couldn't stitch without q-snaps !! Thanks so much for the tips.

  12. looking forward to the next 25 days!

  13. Happy to see you've decided to keep posting. Love your Gobble Gobble pieces. And how cool is that to have that set of China. E-bay sure can be a blessing sometimes, yes?
    Thanks for the q-snap hints. I have a kind of have love/hate relationship with them. I mostly stitch small items and the frames are a lot heavier than a hoop. But I do like that they don't leave hoop marks. Still searching for the perfect device that doesn't take a lot of room and keeps everything simple and portable.

  14. Your table was lovely, Vonna! But unlike you I would never get tired of turkey and dressing--that is my all-time favorite meal! Your china pattern is lovely, and I'm sure that your girls will cherish it as much as you do.

    Happy Tuesday!

  15. Oh that China set! I love that you have two sets from your grandmothers. Ebay to the rescue! lol! I hope you meet your goal of completing the sets, but even with the number of place settings you have, they are wonderful heirlooms for your daughters. Lucky girls! Love your stitching too -- I'm never fast enough for those limited editions. Hooray for the 25 days of Christmas! (Trolls go away!)

  16. Love the china. Great goal for the girls! I had a complete set of pink with roses from my Grandma. Still in original boxes. My mother's husband GOT RID OF THEM!!!! Whew! It still makes my blood pressure rise all these years later.

  17. Thank you for the q-snap hints, I have used them, but never thought to use felt. Loved seeing your dishes, they are lovely. Merry Christmas!

  18. Awesome first post Vonna. I look forward to the rest of the month your 25 dyas till Christmas posts are always fun to read..... I will say that before you gave the back story to your dishes I was like "WOW Where ever did she find those" They are beautiful. My neighbor had plates similar though they were green.

    Have a wonderful day my friend!!

  19. Thank you for continuing your posts - I am really looking forward to the 25 days of hints and tips. I also like Qsnaps. One thing I do with larger pieces is to clip the frames on from the underside of the fabric. That way my hand is on the back of the fabric rather than the front when I'm holding the frame. I feel it keeps the front of the stitched piece cleaner - no chance of moisture or lotion on my hands getting on the stitching. Love your dishes, and the watchfob necklace is a treasure. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents. Merry Christmas!

  20. I love the dishes! Your girls are so lucky! Your childhood memory of making up stories about the scenes in the china is precious. I love my q snaps too but now I am going to use felt and find some more sizes on amazon - thanks!

  21. Vonna, what a lovely gift to give your precious daughters. Just think of how your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be enjoying their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals on this very china. Thank you for the information about the Qsnaps. This will be so very helpful....I am a beginning stitcher!! Slow and steady. May God bless you and may He continue to fill you with his grace and peace. Merry Christmas!!!

  22. Loved seeing and reading your post!! I like using q-snaps on small things. I like you like my work taut so the hints helped a lot!! Keep it coming girl you are the best!! I look so forward to your posts every year. ( by the way my girls got their grandmothers China sets when they got married)

  23. Happy Day 1, Vonna! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your catch up post along with Vonna's helpful hint #1. I am a Q-snap user; love mine. Like you, I like my fabric drum tight.

    Have a wonderful day!

  24. When my mom was aging (and getting sick), she finally let go of her china and such. Ironically the one got the china set - my son. One daughter took the good wine glasses an the other one took the silver. Neither wanted the china. I got the leftovers which was fine with me. I got the plates from my great-grandfather's various churches where he was a minister. A true piece of family history.
    Stay true to yourself.

  25. Thanks for your 25 Days of Christmas. Always look forward to reading and seeing the pictures. Love your dishes and know your girls will love have them passed on to them.
    I love q-snaps and enjoy your tips for using them.
    What a wonderful Thanksgiving enjoyed by all of you.

  26. So glad you decided to continue your blog. I've never commented on a blog before but feel the need to thank you for this. I have enjoyed reading about your "adventures"
    for a couple of years now and I wanted to let you know I appreciate all your helpful hints and, of course, your beautiful stitching and finishing.

  27. Vonna: I look forward to seeing 25 Days Of Christmas, love the idea.
    I am in love with your serving sets, they are beautiful and how wonderful they were passed down to you.
    I love Miss Ellie's center piece, it is lovely. lease let Miss Ellie she could decorate any table with flair.
    I love my Q-Snaps, I use the soft side of Velcro tape on my snap on bars, works for me.

    Merry Christmas

  28. Vonna, thank you for doing this again this year. Your dishes from your grandmother are beautiful and you idea of passing your grandmothers china to your daughters are their wedding day is wonderful. Also thank your for the tutorial on Q-snaps. I used them for a while and then stopped because I couldn't get them to stay tight enough. I may just try your idea of felt.

  29. I remember this tip from you a long time ago - IT WORKS!! Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving pictures..

  30. Thank you, Vonna, for continuing the 25 days of Christmas. Whether it's stitching, finishing, or tips on supplies (and I for one really appreciate this idea and look forward to 24 more), your posts are full of inspiration. And love - your love for your craft and the people on your life always shines through. Thank you!

  31. Loved your post! What beautiful dishes! I have never used Q-Snaps but am going to get some. I don't like how the hoop creases my fabric and seems to pull on my stitches. Thanks for the great info!

  32. I forgot to say how wonderful your plans are for completing china sets for your daughters. Giving them as a wedding gift gives your precious gals time to enjoy using them as you do, adding their own memories. So much better than an inheritance!

  33. I must tell you how much i love your blog and enjoy and look forward to every post. Thank you for all the hard work you put in and share with us.

  34. I enjoy your blog and look forward to your posts. I am so glad you decided to continue! I don't post often but i just wanted you to know that you are appreciated.

  35. Vonna thank you for deciding to do the 25 days again I love reading them and reading about your beautiful family. Your dining room setup is beautiful as is your China! Your stitching is always fantastic you are so talented I love the pocket watch piece and the gobble gobble. Thank you for the information about the felt on the Q-snaps as it is hard to keep the fabric firm when working on big projects especially. I hope you cover gridding on one of the days I have a HAED I would love to start but I am so unsure of how to start the gridding. Happy Holidays!

  36. Glad to see you are doing the 25 days of Christmas. Enjoyed your comments on the china for your daughters. When downsizing a few years ago, I gave my Christmas china to my daughter. It is very warming to attend a dinner at her home using the china -- many memories.

  37. Yay...the 25 days of Christmas posts has begun! I love that there are different scenes on the different china plates. The set is so pretty. As for using Q-snaps, I am a hoop gal. I tried using Q-snaps before, but I just like using a hoop more. Still, I enjoyed reading your helpful tips.

  38. Beautiful Thanksgiving! I love that you're gathering pieces of china for the girls!

  39. Beautiful China. My mom just gave me hers and I can't wait to have a chance to use it. Glad you are continuing with the 25 days of Christmas! I love Q snaps too. I even make covers for them. Another idea that a shop owner suggested was to use the non skid spongy stuff that you place in cupboards, you can buy at dollar stores, I think I like the felt idea better though...

  40. I m very excited and can't wait to read for those days. I love your stitching and your writing. I ' very thankful for the hints you gave us. Big hugs from France

  41. You have made a very challenging day better and brighter! Am so glad you are sharing the twenty five days of Christmas! Thank you! Yes, collect those dishes for your daughters--they will be so happy you did--and they will remember the special dinners they ate off those dishes. Good tips on Q-snaps--I will apply tonight!

  42. I'm looking forward to the 25 Days of Christmas with you and we're off to a terrific start! I love your china. It is so lovely and the fact that it comes packed with memories makes it extra special! I am a Q snap girl, too. When I finish a project the fabric is in much better shape with the snaps than with hoops in my opinion. I still have my hoops though; I use them when working on very small items. See you tomorrow!

  43. I love your "Gobble Gobble" finishes, and thank you for the Q-snap tips!

  44. Thank you! Love seeing the stitching and I will try the felt idea! In your picture at the top are those little elves a cross stitch pattern? Cute!

  45. Vonna I love it all: ) I don't post often either but I read and enjoy seeing all of your finishes and home and family. Those truly are the things that matter (as I know you know, just because the way you are)! Blessings to you and your family always: ))

  46. I love that you have such deeply fond memories of the dishes. They are gorgeous. Best wishes for the season.

  47. I love the pocket watch. Your grandmother's dishes, what a treasure. Family looks great.

  48. Hi Vonna - So happy to see your post! :) Thanks for the hints on the Q snaps. I had trouble using them. I'm going to go back and give them another try! As always your stitching is beautiful and such a cute idea with the Pocket Watch necklace. Your china is beautiful and such a lovely idea to save for your daughters. Have a great day!

  49. You put them in the dishwasher? Never heard that before! I use my snaps more for embroidery than stitching, but I might have to try them on my next project. Thanks!

  50. Great to see your first post Vonna - I always look forward to the 25 days every year. Always some beautiful things to see like your china collection and stitching ahhhhh and now a Q-snap tutorial - I am a "stitch in hand" gal but a day may come when I need to try Q-snaps. Thanks for all your wonderful guidance (opinions) - they are always appreciated. oh and that new coffee creamer looks yummy ! cheers mel

  51. Hi Vonna. Happy Thanksgiving! your tableware is gorgeous. And so is your stitching. if you are ever looking for pieces to add to your china check out www.replacements.com I have found many pieces from my grandmothers china set there in an attempt to complete the set.

  52. It's been a rainy gloomy day here in Virginia. But what a welcome treat it's been to read the first posting on your 25 Days blog. Thank you, thank you for starting Christmas early for all of us. I share your love for family china - I have mine from my weddiing in 1969, my mother's from 1937, and my maternal grandmother's from 1912. I cherish every piece. But what I need is more storage space! Looking forward to Day 2! We love you Vonna for all you do and all you share.

  53. 51 comments already! Sheesh ya know me...always late to the party! :)
    Excellent "Day 1" post, my dear...I can't wait til tomorrow...
    I love your "Gobble Gobble"...both of them! The wire frame is so adorable, did that come with it or did you do that? The necklace is beautiful...and I agree that little Pilgrim lady is just so sweet with her cornucopia.
    Your Thanksgiving table is just beautiful, and I love those dishes, especially now that I know the story behind them...your Great Grandma is smiling down on ya'll enjoying such a blessed meal on them. I am intrigued by the fact that each one is a different scene, what a wonderful table that must set...and totally cool idea that the girl's inherit a set each...you always make me smile. Now, I can't wait to see Grandma Weber's dishes...no pressure, wink wink...
    As for the Q-snaps...I love them, use them and nothing else, and thanks to you I use felt, as well...your blog was where I learned about Q-snaps and felt...I love the drum tight fabric that I get...Thanks for the tutorial and helpful hints...as it took me a bit to get used to them but now, I couldn't live without them...hugs and thanks!
    Have a blessed day, and I can't wait tip tomorrow's post!
    Thanks for taking time to give us all this holiday treat...or rather 25 of them!

  54. I loved your Christmas posts last year and I am really glad you decided to continue them this year. I have Noritake stoneware that I got for my wedding (service for 16). Over the years, two of my dinner plates were broken. So, I registered my pattern on Replacements.com. When new pieces of my pattern come in, I get an email. You might want to register your dishes there too.

  55. Smalls. Just think of all the ornaments you do thru the year. No matter you have 5 large things you want to get down. Sometimes that small is a nice break. And remember, both if us have kids we need to pass ornaments on to eventually. Me sooner than you. Trust me , this is a very relaxed SAL.


  56. Well, the stitching is fabulous as always and I want to move into your house! It is so lovely and you decorate so well.
    I've used the Q-snaps for years. I use the rubber shelf liner to tighten my fabric in them.
    I'll be coming by every day to read your daily posts. I may not always post a comment, but I will be reading.

  57. Welcome back!!!!! I'm so very happy to see your 1st post of the 25 days of Christmas......
    Can't wait for the next 24! God Bless you..................

  58. Anonymous7:39 PM

    I am so excited you are doing the 25 days of Christmas......... your Thanksgiving Table is beautiful~ can't wait for tomorrow!!

  59. So, I opened my blog reader to look SPECIFICALLY for Day One from you!! How glad I am to see your post! I have used QSnaps since about 2007... but I stopped about a year ago. Recently, I tried to put a set together, and I did not have the right pieces!! Grrrr! I have a couple in rotation... must be the culprits! Just today, my husband mentioned that there was a set of dishes in the attic... I have never gone up there, so asked what ones... I told him I am saving them to give to my oldest granddaughter when she moves out on her own... and was telling him about how my aunt and uncle did that for me, with a set of Blue Willow china... my most favorite pattern growing up! Now I wonder where they are??? Going to have someone go back up there!! I cooked TWO full Thanksgiving dinners this year... and I think it will be ham for Christmas! Once! Brenda G has come out with some fantastic patterns this year... and you did a great job on both Gobble Gobble renditions! Thanks for sharing, and for Day One! Hugs!

  60. Hi Vonna!
    I cannot tell you how excited I was to see your blog today! Thanks so much for sharing your tips about the q-snaps but more importantly, thanks for being you! I love your blog, your FB posts, feel like I know you and your family (including your cats) and am so thankful for the time and energy you spend sharing and caring and living life with us.
    (Love Ellie's turkey, your beautiful table and your very special dishes).
    Also, a very sincere and heartfelt thank you for the wonderful tutorials that you provide and that I find so very helpful.
    Happy Day 1 to you!

  61. I look forward to seeing your posts each year. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. Having family china is very special. I appreciated your comment on the Q-Snaps. I have never really known how to use them.

  62. As I expected, a great 1st day! Love your family china, and look forward to seeing the next one, too. Doesn't everyone love the sides more than the actual bird? Dressing and squash casserole are my faves! I'm a q-snapper, too, except for the smallest ornies. Thanks!

  63. First, let me thank you for continuing the "25 Days of Christmas", I know this is a huge commitment on your part when you have so much else to do. Your Thanksgiving table looks lovely and blessed with the family around it. Thanks for the tips on Q-snaps, I've used them for years and cannot stitch on linen or evenweave without them. Looking forward to tomorrow.

  64. Thank you so much for continuing your blog and your 25 days of Christmas! You brighten this gloomy day in PA. I can't wait to read all your tips!

  65. So happy you're doing the 25 Days of Christmas again. I have been following your blog for years now and the 25 days is definitely my favorite! Its the highlight of my day. :)

  66. Vonna I am so glad you decided to do this again. I consider it one of the highlights of my Christmas season. You are such a positive, giving person you put my mind where it needs to be in this world of commercialized Christmas. Thank you. I can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow!

  67. Your table looks beautiful with the pretty dishes. How nice that you had them handed down to you...what a treasure! I don't think my grandmothers had china or really nice dishes but my mom had a nice set that she gave to my daughter. They are white with a little pincone design. I think my dad saved up coupons, labels or something like that to buy them. He was always saving up for things like that. I think Mom and Dad got a lot of things back them with S&H Green stamps. In fact, I still have some of the stamps. :)
    Your stitched 'gobble gobble' is so cute and the pocket watch is a neat idea...love the design too. I was able to get the little red reindeer set this time since I missed out on the turkey. I'm a big fan of q-snaps. I have all sizes and like to make my own. I use some shelf liner under the clamps but like the idea of using felt too. So glad to read your blog today and looking forward to the next post.

  68. SO glad to see you go ahead with 25 Days of Christmas!!!!
    I've never used Q Snaps before, wasn't quite sure how to use them, I know now!!!, lol!!!, so thanks for that.
    Lovely to see your family enjoying Thanksgiving together.
    Thank you Vonna xxxxx

  69. I am playing catch up with the December posts. With Dennis still in hospital my time is , well, anyway....glad to follow along on the 25 days. I love my q-snaps.

  70. I enjoy and appreciate your 25 days of Christmas (and all your other blog posts as well)! I look forward to all that you have to share this month as I have already learned so much from you over the years. :) I hope you have a blessed day and season, and thank you for taking the time to share your stitching and helpful insights with all of us. I too love my qsnaps and often rearrange them in a different configuration.

  71. Thanks for the great tutorial on how to put the fabric in the snap. I am always bobbling it in my lap. Never thought to put it on the table.

  72. Yay! I'm glad you decided to do the 25 Days of Christmas series of posts, and I'm sorry about mean people.

  73. This year I am determined to keep up with your 25 days! I see you on Facebook so much that I have a tendency not to visit you here. I must change that. Love that you have your grandmothers China. I love old dishes that have such meaning. I couple of special pieces from mine as well. Thanks for info on the q snaps...I have used before but never tried using felt with them. I may have to revisit them...

  74. I am so glad that you decided to do your 25 Days of Christmas again this year...I really look forward to it! And, on day one, you have already inspired me to get out my Q-snaps again. I have stopped using them, and gone back to hoops, because I have developed some issues in my left arm (the "holding" arm) and wrists and fingers. Thanks to your hints tho, I am going to try and make the sizes more personal for me, and give them another try.
    Thanks for the suggestion, and I hope you know in your heart that you have many more fans than critics...even though I don't know you "in person", I feel as though I know you, at least a little bit, and I really appreciate your generous, loving spirit.
    So glad that you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  75. Oh wow, Vonna, that china is absolutely gorgeous! I love anything blue and white, and those just look perfect. Your explanation of Q-Snaps is great, too. I've always stitched in-hand, but I might actually give Q-Snaps a chance now!

  76. Your stitched pieces look great. I really need to do more "over one" things. I love the look of the minis! 2 sets of dished to hand down is quite the goal, but knowing you, you will get it done with time to spare. I tend to stay on FB and only come to blog land occasionally, I will try and remember to come read yours, they are always so informative and I know I will learn something each day. It's just hard raising a 6 yr old again! They take a lot of time!!!!😄

  77. A wonderful meal with family - I DO love turkey and wish I had the chance to eat it more than once a year. I love your idea of passing on the family china to your two daughters. It would be cool if (in your spare time - ha!) you wrote stories about your grandmothers and great-grandmothers so that the girls would know something about what kind of women they were. I use q-snaps regularly too.

  78. Dziękuję za pomocne wskazówki. Spróbuję z filcem. Pozdrawiam.

  79. Great post Vonna Love your China and the idea of passing them on to your girls.

  80. Thank you for doing the 24 days of Christmas again. I know it is a lot of work for you and time consuming.

    Your turkey and necklace are great! I wanted to get that turkey, but the price was bit more than I wanted to spend. Oh your china is beautiful. I think it is great that you are starting sets for both of your DD. My husband inherited his grandmother's china.We found a lot of the missing pieces on Replacements, unfortunately we lost pretty much all of it during last years earthquake. Your Thanksgiving menus sounds wonderful.

    Thanks for the info on the Q-snaps. I have yet to try them, as they look rather cumbersome. I too have to deal with tendonitis, bursitis and aches in my wrist. I usually stitch in hand or use my scroll frames for large projects.

  81. glad you decided to continue posting.... look forward each day to seeing which design you come up with.... thanx too for the q-snap lesson..... I have used them forever and use felt on mine -- got the felt tip from one of your long ago posts.... I do use them differently than you do.... I put the frame on top of the fabric with the design facing up and then snap the 4 sides.... seems to work for me and the extra fabric isn't underneath.... it always seemed to get in my way... I guess either way works!! see you tomorrow..... hugs, Claire

  82. I am finally caching up on all 4 days (just returned from our Argentina trip!) and I loved catching up with you and your family news, Vonna... That blue and white china is so lovely--what a treasure and how nice that you can keep adding to it with your Ebay wins :)

    Really looking forward to each of your countdown to Christmas posts!

  83. Time for a cup of tea and a catch up. A great post to start off with. Thank you Vonna, for putting together these posts with so much stitching inspiration, home life joys and your top tips. I struggle getting one post together never mind 25!
    Beautiful stitching ... as always ... with inventive ways to finish. Love the china and it looks a delicious spread on the table. I use q snaps for my smaller projects too. At the time I didn't have any felt to hand so used a bit of wadding.

  84. Very good that you decided to do the 25 days. It was great to read about your Thanksgiving Day with your family and the wonderful food you had. The history of the china you used is very interesting. Isn't it great that there is still a chance to buy more sets of these beautiful plates and bowls and cups although they are very old?

  85. Dear Vonna,
    thank you for doing your 25 Christmas Days again. Although I popped in at Day 9, I am going to read all the missed posts in the next days.
    I love seeing your family around your wonderful Thanksgiving table. You all look so happy and cosy on the picture.

    Oh - and know what? I have some pieces of the same china - and I love it too.

    Have a wonderful time in advent!


  86. Vonna,
    Thank you for sharing the 25 Days of Christmas with us! It is a highlight of the season. This was such a nice post, catching up on all the Thanksgiving festivities, which can get lost in the holiday shuffle. Great tips and ideas for Q-snaps!
    Mary in AR


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