Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Miss Ellie...

~Greetings dear friends and Stitching buddies~
I'm swinging back in to finish the story with Miss Ellie and her stitching debut.

On August 5, 2005...
Miss Ellie Eileen Pfeiffer
was we are together, fresh from the belly. She was less than 1 hour old here and I wasn't too bad off, I guess. Please remember I'd just given birth so be kind :)


We all were in love...
she was a special package delivered straight from heaven.

santa ellie

And last Wednesday on August 5, 2015 we celebrated her 10th birthday! 
We love you Ellie, with all of our hearts!
(where has 10 years gone?!)
I thank God every day that I am able to stay home with them through the week and love and watch them all grow into what God intended them to be. We are blessed, but I am most bountifully, abundantly blessed with these little souls that God entrusted to me.

big girl ellie

Right before Ellie's birthday...
we got to go to our county fair and check out what she was awarded for her 4H projects for this year. This is Ellie's first year in 4H and she did phenomenally well!

Her Electricity Project....
she made a series circuit (her Daddy is an Electrical Engineer - so he had to have his day in the sun)!
She won: Reserve Champion!


She's a really good baker....
and we used the same recipe that my Dad used when he was in 4H and his cookies went to state fair. I used it when I was in 4H and my cookies went to state fair. Ellie's cookies were delicious, but someone must of had what the judges were looking for because Ellie got an HONOR ribbon and a First Place Blue ribbon, but not the nod to go to state. 
We were so proud of her cookies!


She's really a wonderful artist too...
Her pencil drawing got a First Place Blue Ribbon!


and I know what you all have been waiting on is her final cross stitched piece...
here it is: 
From Country Cottage Needleworks "Fun in the Sun" just one part of the design. 
There were 3 Cross Stitch 4H projects entered into the fair and they all were Blue Ribbon winners, but out of the three Ellie's received 3rd place in the top honors. She got a Honor Purple ribbon, and the other two got Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion and went to state fair. 
She did perfect, meticulous work though and her X's were perfectly executed. Better luck next time!


She's got the "bug" though...
and is already working on a larger design to enter next year! YAY ELLIE!

She was featured...
as the Country Cottage Needleworks Instagram and Facebook Fan Friday winner last week  :) 
and this was her official photo!
She is now and forever more dubbed:

Ellie ~ The Tiny Twisted Stitcher
 and her "logo" is a cat!
We made her watermark together :)


Thank you for allowing me to share the lives of my children with you.
Ellie is the sweetest little girl you'd ever hope to meet ~ filled with sunshine, mirth and laughter. Goodness and happiness just radiates from her. People tell me that all the time.

Have I mentioned how blessed I am?

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work, 
my heart to God, 
while being the best ME I can BE
and being kind and non-judgemental to those around me.
To thine own self be true, while loving my neighbor as myself.
Its a challenge and one that I fail, at times, but the most important thing is: I pick myself up and try, try again! 
JOIN ME! Make this world a better, happier, kinder place!
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Wow Ellie! Those are a lot of accomplishments! You did fantastic! Great job!

  2. Way to go, Ellie!

  3. I'd say Miss Ellie is a girl of many talents, just like her Mama :) The cross-stitched piece is so pretty and I can see by her smile just how proud she is! Well done, Ellie!!

  4. Congratulations to Miss Ellie on her first year of 4-H endeavors! Happy to hear that she has been 'bitten'! Happy belated birthday, Ellie!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS And Vonna, thank you for sharing your children with us.

  5. Each time I read your posts my day gets brighter. Maybe one day the Tiny Twisted Stitcher manages to have a blog of her own? She has a lot to share already!

  6. A tiny stitcher of many talents. And a cutie to boot. :)

  7. Happy birthday to your little, twisted stitcher! She had quite a great showing at the fair and I can't wait to see what she stitches to enter next year!

  8. Congratulations to Miss Ellie! How wonderful that you and she now share a passion for stitching ... and baking!

  9. Hi Vonna, I always wondered if one of your children would follow your footsteps into stitching & now it has happened! What a great outcome for Ellie at the fair. I too enjoyed fair time when I was her age & I remember the excitement of entering baked goods and sewing. So much fun & something special to work towards! All the best to Ellie as she develops her stitching skills.

  10. just catching up on blog reading after a very difficult few weeks. Loved seeing all your vacation photos and to think we were so dang close and couldn't connect. Oh well - never know when we might meet. Congrats to Ellie on all her accomplishments - WOW - what a well rounded little lady she is - from electronics to stitching and baking. I know you and your family must be proud. Take care and don't let yourself get too worn out getting back in the school groove. Also - good luck on your possible promotion at work. Mel

  11. Oh you do have every reason to proud of your children - each one so unique and so special!! Miss Ellie - I think we all wish you a very Happy Birthday, a wonderful year ahead and our best Congratulations on all of your amazing accomplishments! You Go Girl!!

  12. Way to go Miss Ellie! Very proud of you taking this art form into the future!!!

  13. Amazing job! You guys are so blessed to have such a talented little girl. Congrats, Ellie! :D

  14. Congratulations to Ellie - I know how proud you are of her and her accomplishments...she doesn't seem to be slowing down either!

  15. Like mother, like daughter! Congrats to Miss Ellie on all her accomplishments!

  16. How wonderful for Miss Ellie! And how nice for you to have someone to pass your mad skills on to!! Laura

  17. Way to go, Ellie--congratulations on your 4H accomplishments!!

  18. Whooo Hooo! Ellie, you go Girl! Congrats to you and to your Mom - you've had the best teacher! And for you to stick with this shows that you are a very patient soul. Looking forward to see more of your projects.

  19. Congratulations to Miss Ellie! What a wonderful post you have done, honoring her and her accomplishments! Hugs!

  20. Happy birthday to your sweet Ellie! I'm late, so belated. I know how proud you are of her, and so deservedly so!

  21. Congratulations to Miss Ellie! You must be one very proud Mom!

  22. WOOHOO!!! Congratulations Ellie! You did an amazing job with your state fair projects. And those cookies look sooooo good:)))) Vonna you are a fantastic mommy! Love how you encourage and support your children. Great Job my dear!!! Blessings - love Annette

  23. Miss Ellie has lots of creative talent.......I wonder if she got that from her momma :)
    She did great at the fair this year.
    So special she got to be chosen on the Friday CCN cross stitch winner of the week.
    Way to go Tiny Twisted Stitcher !!

  24. Congratulations to Ellie!!

  25. Huge congratulations to Miss Ellie the Tiny Twisted Stitcher! I don't really understand the ribbon system but it sounds to me like she really excelled, especially for her first year at the fair. And such a wide range of skills too!
    I love reading about your family and especially love the photo of Miss Ellie with her arms folded, she looks like such a character and so full of fun. I do hope we will be reading more about her accomplishments (especially the stitching ones!) in future.

  26. WTG Ellie!! Congrats on your ribbons, you did an amazing job on all of your entries!

  27. Wonderful work of your Miss Ellie. You can really be proud of her - of all your children!

    Thanks for sharing, Vonna!


  28. Congrats to Ellie on her cross stitch finish! It looks so pretty. The pencil drawing is amazing. :)

  29. Happy belated birthday, Ellie! And congratulations on your fair entries and ribbons. Looking forward to seeing more of your stitching.

  30. Happy belated birthday, Ellie!!! Wow, I remember when she was a toddler. It has been fun to watch her grow.
    Congratulations to her on her many State Fair ribbons. That is truly awesome and a wonderful accomplishment. She is multi talented, like someone else I know. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. :-)

  31. I love the pic of Ellie and her stitched piece! She looks so happy; love the fact that she is learning all of these things at such an early age. You can bet that they will all stick with her, and will bring such great memories to her in life. Being a stitcher, I especially love it that she has the "stitching bug"! What joy that must be for you - many happy mother and daughter stitching days ahead for the two of you! Enjoy............

  32. Happy very belated birthday wishes to Miss Ellie. She can be so proud of herself for achieving such a lot and being so creative. A very talented young girl.

  33. That is so great!! I was a 4H kid and now my oldest boy is in 4H too. It is a great organization. I love her Fun In The Sun piece, she should be super proud!


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