Thursday, August 06, 2015

I'll be back...

~ Greetings my friends and faithful stitching buddies ~
I'm alive and well and still kicking :)

We've had a very jam packed, short summer...
yes the kiddos are back in school, their first day was:
Monday, August, 2015.

Katie is a Senior....

The boys Ian (left) and Jacob (right) are Sophomores.... 

Ellie is a 4th Grader....

I can't believe how old they are...
I want them to go back to this:

Fall 2005

But to every time there is a season...and a purpose under heaven. 

I have lots and lots to share and I have gotten quite a few personal e-mails from people that are worried about me, hoping I'm OK, fearing I've quit blogging. 
I haven't, I've just be savoring every moment I can with my growing up and crazy busy children.
Plus, I'm working more outside the home, my coworker is getting closer to retirement and I'm next in line to take his position, so...I was asked to add a couple of days to my position, and I accepted.

Until I have a few moments to sit down and properly tell you the story of Summer 2015...
know "I'll be back" (please insert your best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice please).

Until the next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work,
my heart to God,
while being the best me I can be
being kind and non-judgmental to those around me.
To thine own self be true and loving my neighbor as myself.
It's a challenge for us all... and I fail, but I get back up and dust myself off and try again.
Let's try together ~ making this world a better place!
HUGS and LOVE in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Wow! Back to school already. Our girls are the same age! Our Madeleine is a senior now too. Take good care of yourself. You work very hard. God bless you. (My pain is still at a low level! yay!)

  2. Wow, they are grown up. Glad you are all doing well. Looing forward to reading how your summer went.

  3. Where did the summer go? Look forward to reading about your summer 2015 adventures! Thinking of you!

    Robin in Virginia

  4. Hugs Vonna. Nice to see a lovely post. They grow up quickly, don't they? x

  5. Reading your blog brightens my day. I so enjoy seeing your beautiful projects. Take care.

  6. My youngest turned 31 yesterday. It just doesn't seem possible. Time flies by and I am glad you are taking time with them. Will look forward to your summer recap.

  7. Lovely to see you are still blogging and all is well! I am always surprised to hear that kids are back in school already. Up in New York we don't go back until after Labor Day, however the school year seems to linger on forever and usually the last day of school is not till the 3rd week in June. Senior year, how exciting!! College visits in the offing? Enjoy every minute! Take care!!

  8. Hard to believe the kids are back in school already! Where did the summer go??
    Take care!

  9. I look at your kids and think about how much they have grown since I started reading your blog. Thank you for sharing them with us here in blogland.

  10. Wow your schools start really early. Glad to hear you are having a nice summer. :)

  11. I love seeing the first day of school pictures. It will be a busy and exciting year.
    Don't work too hard and I look forward to your posts.

  12. It's nice to hear from you again. Yes, spend every moment you can with your family. They will be grown up before you know it. No need to reply - just enjoy life with your family.

  13. You are so wise to spend this time with your growing children. My kids are all grown up and now I have lots of time to do things I enjoy. As you said To every season.. I'm so glad my family was my priority when they were growing up.

  14. Immediately, as asked, Arnies's voice was in my head. They are so lovely! The 2005 photo is a treasure!!! Enjoy! We wait, no stress related to that!

  15. Nice you had that great summer. Kids in school means quiet time! Enjoy

  16. There you are! Glad you haven't gone away. Shocking how kids go from learning to walk to asking for the car keys!

  17. Isn't it amazing how fast your kids grow? I'm still amazed that my oldest is out and about in the real world for a few years now and that my youngest is going to be a senior in college. Way too fast! Enjoy these fleeting days.

  18. Really enjoyed seeing the old photo of your kids, Vonna--my how they have grown!! I hope you're enjoying everything that summer plus kids has to offer. Good luck with the longer work schedule--it will be nice to have the extra money for college tuition--which will be here in no time :)

  19. was hoping to see that awesome stocking you stitched AND finished in record time but next post I hope. Nice to keep you with quickies on FB but it will never take the place of what we all get out of blogging with friends. Take care and enjoy your weekend - Mel

  20. So glad to read your post! Life seems to be passing by quickly - enjoy each and every day. Blessings to you and your family. Happy stitching and finishing.............

  21. Wonderful first day of school photos, and I hope they have a great school year!!

  22. Wonder pics Vonna. Time does fly by. It is great you can get the kids still long enough for pictures on the first day of school. I was always running around getting ready. And they all look so relaxed.

  23. I'm still in awe at how fast the time with my girls has gone. Like you, I wish they were little again, but I'm truly blessed to know them as the beautiful, wonderful women they have become! Looking forward to hearing about your summer.

  24. Enjoyed your latest post. Schools sure do start early where you are. Hope all your kids have a great school year.

  25. A busy year ahead for Miss Katie…college search,testing, application time, and essay writing. Ugh! Good luck to her.
    They do grow up so quickly! Just tonight I mentioned to Ted that I really miss having the boys living with us. :-( It's so strange not having them around all the time.
    You will be attending their weddings soon enough. :-D
    I still can't believe how early your kiddos return to school ~ It's STILL summer!
    Take care my friend!

  26. I love the picture of Katie holding her Kindergarten pictures!!! They grow up too fast don't they!!


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