Saturday, June 06, 2015

Ornaments and Cookies...

~Greetings and Warm Welcome, Friends ~
I hope that this finds you all well, hale and hearty, stitching and creating :)

I saw this on a Facebook post and fell in love. I bought it POST HASTE and thought I'd share it with you in case you haven't seen it yet:

"Land of the Free"

It is the newest Thread Pack and Chart from Classic Colorworks and Little House Needleworks.
You get the over-dye cottons and the chart all in a convenient package. 
I have a special finish in mind for mine and I'm hoping I can whip it out in no time!
You can get these through your Needlework shop of preference!

I wanted to share with you two more ornament models that I have stitched and finished for

"Christmas Birdhouse"

"Merry, Merry" 

The whole series is designed in "classic" or "traditional" color scheme of red, green and white. I think the series is just cute as can be. And I've stitched and finished them all for Nikki and I can attest to the validity of that statement! They ALL are cute as a button! If you have any questions click on the links above!

Last week....
I kept out of trouble by decorating cookies for my friend's daughter's graduation party.  I iced 116 cookies and delivered them in plenty of time for their party! Here's what I made:

"Graduation Caps"
grad caps


"Free-style 2015"

and the pièce de résistance

"Graduation Nerdy Girls"
Nerdy Graduation girls

I've been very busy in my Finishing Studio too...
finishing beautifully stitched pieces by my clients.
KD_CCN Joy - Copy (2) DTS_LK Project Evelope - Copy - Copy DTS_LHN Sheep Custom envelope KD_BBD Joy Bird - Copy (2) KD_LK Stockings KD_Topiary Pincushion

I've also been working a lot of extra hours....
at my "outside" the home gig (I'm a microbiologist)...and I have decided that 
work, work, work...
makes Vonna a dull girl. Because I have zero time for me and that means ZERO stitching :(
But we are saving, saving, saving because in August 2016, Miss Katie will be going to college. We have made college visits and have done virtual tours, etc. She has decided to study Engineering (specific brand yet to be determined however she is leaning toward Electrical Engineering, just like her Daddy!).  Last week, Katie decided where she will be going:

Indiana University ~ Purdue Universty of Indianapolis!

We are so very proud of her and excited for her future! One senior year to go and early admissions and it will be GAME ON!

So hi-ho, hi-ho, it is off to work we go as Keith and I are determined to give all 4 of our children the gift of a college education, completely paid. And in the fall of 2018 these two jokers:

will be following in their sister's footsteps :)

Its gonna be a busy few years....

that's the way I like it! 

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, while working on the best me I can be and being kind to those around me.
To thine own self be true.
Loving my neighbor as myself.

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Vonna - I just love to see all your special little touches in each of the finished pieces. I guess it's that time of year to start on our holiday stitching. Thank you for inspiring and motivating us. LOVE the nerdy girls cookies!

  2. Your cookie making is excellent; I could reach right through this screen and grab one! Great finishes too, as usual. Busy couple of years coming up but for such a worthwhile reason, right? Have you thought of selling your gorgeous cookies? I would buy some! Lol.

  3. Love the cookies, they are all decorated beautifully!

  4. I was in my local cross stitch store the other day and they had the CCN ornaments on display. Their finishes were cute, but I really like yours as well. It is always fun to see different finishes on the same piece. I have a few of the ornaments, so I think I'll get started on those, You have mastered the cookies! I'm sure your friend was happy to receive them. Thanks, too, for sharing the finishes you have done for others. Beautiful! Good luck to your daughter in college majoring in engineering. My son is an engineering graduate.The funny thing is that college seems to go by quicker than high school. How does that happen?!

  5. What a great batch of decorated cookies; I like the nerdy girls ones as well! Lovely finishes you created for your clients. Enjoy your summer days with the Pfeiffer 4!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Your cookies look as good as your stitched pieces. You really have a talent. congratulations to your daughter. All of the finishes are really pretty. Always a delight to look at. Have a great weekend Vonna.

  7. If you ever get tired of the work you do or stitching, you can easily become a cookie decorator-fantastic job on those cookies!! You must be so proud of Katie. We gave our kids a college education too. It hurts for a few years but is well worth it in the end.

  8. You did a great job on the cookies! And the finishing. Such talent!!

  9. Vonna! Have you totally flipped out!?!?!? Could you not even take a breath?!!! Love that paisley finish so much! And the cookies! You've outdone yourself there! Superwoman! Those stitching projects are adorable.

  10. Those cookies are awesome! Great job with the decorating. And beautiful finishing, as always! :D

  11. Your cookies turned out great. You have mastered the cookie decorating !!
    Such an exciting time for Katie and choosing her college. Her senior year will be here before you know it.
    More beautiful stitching finishes, you are so creative.
    Have a fun and relaxing deserve it !!

  12. God Bless you, Vonna, such a wonderful gift to give your children. I love everything you've been working on. AND perhaps you should write a book on time management. ;) We could all use the advice of such an expert as you. Thank you for your post. Cathryn

  13. As always your finishing is just fantastic. Great job on all of those adorable cookies. Congrats to Katie! I hope her senior year is full of fun and excitement.

  14. Conan, I've been reading your blog for several years now. I just want to take the time to tell you what a inspiration you are in so many ways. Thanks for sharing an insight into your creative and personal life.

  15. Anonymous7:07 AM

    Vonna I have been eyeing up the land of the free and have it on my list to order. I love Country Cottages new ornaments and have been getting them automatically. Your finishes are adorable!!! Your creativity is amazing! I love all the finishes for our clients. I am so excited for Katie! She is such a amazing girl!

  16. Look at you with the cookie business!
    Wow! THAT is a lofty goal! Go for it! You and Keith will be working hard for quite a few years to come with all that college!!

  17. Wow - Stitching, cookies, children ~ ALL of them beautiful!

  18. Those CCN ornies are too cute! Your finishing completes them perfectly! And those cookies-such cuteness! You certainly do stay busy!

  19. Beautiful finishes, beautiful cookies, beautiful friendship

  20. Those cookies look great! If I did that much work decorating cookies I don't think I'd let people eat them. Your model stitching and finishes are beautiful as always. Hopefully you'll get more time for your own stitching during vacation.

  21. I love all of your finishes and new stitching projects! Also, the cookies are fabulous! I can only imagine what fun everyone had admiring them then eating them. : ) I have one grandson going to graduate college at the end of this year; one grandson who graduated high school this year and is joining the Army; two granddaughters who will graduate high school next year and are planning on attending college; the others are a little bit younger, so we will have a couple of years before they start that process. I congratulate you and your husband for deciding to pay for college - it is a big committment. I admire all that you do, but I am at the age that I can no longer keep up a pace like that, so I just enjoy my stitching and getting together with family. Blessings to you...............

  22. Oh Miss Vonna ! I seriously believe that you must have an extra 12 hours or so in everyday compared to the rest of us 'cuz I just don't know where you find time to do everything you do.
    Wife, mother to four fabulous children, stitching , finishing, cookie baker, microbiologist(!!!) and I know there are lots of other things that we don't even know about (aren't you a Mary Kay lady too?)!!!

    You truly inspire all of us to greater heights - thank you so much! I know I am in complete AWE of all of your beautiful accomplishments.

  23. Wonderful finishes, Vonna! Thanks for sharing that great new design, Land of the Free! Hadn't seen it yet. Have an awesome week!

  24. Love those cookies! Your stitching and finishing is lovely...some great ideas!

  25. Love the cookies - you do an amazing job. I love all your cross-sttiching ornaments and look forward to seeing them often. Way to go with paying for their education - it is a nice feeling knowing they won't be drowning in debt after university.

  26. WOW! You've been busy!! Those cookies are amazing. Mortar Board off to you. I don't have that kind of fortitude to decorate 116 cookies. WOW!!

  27. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Those cookies are ADORABLE (as are ALL your projects). I think I like the diplomas the most.

  28. Every time I visit here, I get so inspired by all things cross stitch and want to work harder. So I am getting off the computer now to do just that!!

    P.S. I also think a motivational coach could be a future job for you! ;)

  29. Love the cookies Vonna! Beautiful finishing and I love that Land of the Free design too .. It is a must have :)

  30. better be careful Vonna or you are going to end up in the cookie business!!!! those are some very creative and professional looking cookies but then isn't all your work creative and professional??? LOVE the finishes you showed , the projects bags are awesome as is all , not to mention the CCN's - which are must haves. What exciting news about Katie's college choice - close to home in a state school - that is the best ! hope you have a great week and have some Vonna-time - Mel

  31. Girlfriend, you are one busy bee! Love the cookies. You are getting really really good at those. Of course, I love all the stitching too! Congrats to Katie!

  32. Your cookies were amazing, Vonna! Everyone thought they were totally cute.

  33. The cookies look great!!! Congrats to Katie!
    The finishing looks wonderful.

  34. Vonna you are AMAZING! You stitch models, finish for others, bake dozens of fab cookies, care for your family and work outside the home. You must be amazingly organized and motivated. BTW a debt- free college education is The Best Gift Ever! I had one so I know!

  35. Oh Vonna....these are WONDERFUL! We have only one daughter, and both worked an extra job during her college years to pay for it (we had saved a lot, but post 9/11 investments tanked). Now that she is married, we (and she) feel blessed that she is not saddled with a ton of "decades-long-debt). She worked all the years/summers she was in college to help, too and had scholarships. Hang in there!

  36. Congratulations to your daughter! You make the most beautiful things - I love seeing the finishes. And thanks for showing Land of the Free. I'm headed to the needlework shop this morning so I'll be looking for it. :) blessings, marlene

  37. Everything looks amazing, your stitching, cookies ... yummy and the finishing creativity. Congratulations to Katie.

  38. Love seeing your stitching and finishing and your cookies look so so good! I'm so happy for Katie and her school decision. The senior year of high school and going off to college was really hard this momma, but very exciting for my girls.

  39. How do you find the time Vonna?! Seriously, you are an inspiration. Your finishing is gorgeous and as for those cookies, well they are amazing.

  40. Your cookie creations are awesome and look delicious. I am certain that they were a huge hit at your friends party.
    Wow, Katie heading to college…can you believe it? That will fly by. Engineering? She's obviously one smart young lady. I feel for you having to handle multiple kids in college at one time. Yikes!
    Your finishing work and model stitching all looks fabulous. :-D

  41. Your cookie making skills are just as awesome as your finishing skills. Everything is looking so great.
    You have got a very busy time ahead with your children at college. And this last year before Katie will have her start there will go very fast. Good luck to her.

  42. Such beautiful finishes and I love the cookie shapes and icing that you did.
    Your family will be so fortunate having the support of you and your husband as they go through College.

  43. That is wonderful for your children that they will not have to worry about how to pay for college. We have set up education funds for our boys and I am hoping they won't have to worry about paying for any, meaning I hope we will have enough saved haha. Beautiful finishing and stitching!! I love the birdhouse ornament. Those cookies are so awesome!! You are pretty much Wonder Woman! :)


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