Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Patriotic Stitches...

~ Greetings and a Warm Welcome Friends ~
I am participating in a Patriotic Stitch~a~Long over in the 
Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks 
Facebook Page. 
If any of you are members of Facebook and not a member of this board, please do join in with us!

A very kind group, with lots of great ideas and creativity abounds! 

Here is one of my favorite patriotic pieces...

"From Sea to Shining Sea"
silk thread pack from Classic Colorworks and Little House Needleworks

I stitched mine on 32 ct. Blue Sky linen
it looks like fluffy clouds bounding along the sky. 

Stitched in 2011...
at the beginning of a family vacation and finished here at home, this hangs in our office where I am currently working to fill it with patriotic samplers and finishes :)

What about you....
do you have favorite patriotic pieces? Ones that represent your country hanging in place of pride in your home? 

Don't forget about that Facebook group...
join us there if you would like to join a group of people that loves to stitch Little House and Country Cottage Needleworks designs! You get early sneak peeks of designs from Diane and Nikki and inside "information" on all things Little House and Country Cottage :) Plus you get to interface with people of like minds in a kind atmosphere! Very similar to the old style of Bulletin Boards when the internet first got going.

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God while working on the best me I can be and being kind to my neighbors.
To thine own self be true....and loving my neighbor as myself. Mottoes for life!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. What a wonderful piece you have stitched and hanging, Vonna! I love the blue fabric you used for it. I have several LHN patriotic pieces that are favorites along with 2 from BRD.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. La D Da has a nice piece called My Country--in my stash waiting to be stitched. So nice to belong to a group of like minded positive stitchers

  3. THAT is an awesome piece! :)

  4. Nothing patriotic for me but I've had my eye on something I really love :) I love your Sea to Sea finish!

  5. Love that piece. The fabric is just perfect. Every time I buy fabric that I hope turns out like that, there is too much white and the blues always end up covered by stitching!

  6. Very pretty. I have wanted to do this chart to. Some many pieces and so little time.

  7. Sounds like a nice, inspiring stitching group. I don't belong to Facebook, so I hope you will post the Patriotic piece you are stitching here!
    Happy Stitching, Carolyn

  8. Pretty piece. I really don't have any patriotic pieces.

  9. That is a beautiful design that you stitched. I will go over and have a look at the group. I am stitching many of the sampler Christmas ornaments from Little House.

  10. Love that piece! You've done a beautiful job stitching it. I'll have to check out that Facebook group! :D

  11. Your stitched piece is beautiful. Great idea to have a theme for your room. I enjoy stitching seasonal and monthly designs and changing the decorations. I have a bench where I put all my monthly pillows. I look forward to seeing everyones patriotic stitching.

  12. I stitched From Sea to Shining Sea and have it framed almost identically to yours. It's hanging in our living room. I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable pieces I ever stitched. I was sorry to see it end. :) God Bless. Cathryn

  13. Nicely done Vonna! I just finished a really cute small patriotic piece called Heart Flag... going to make a few more for gifts... Hugs!

  14. A wonderful stitch and so thoughtful when you read about Diane's motivation for the design.

  15. Anonymous3:28 PM

    From Sea to Shining Sea is beautiful. But, then ALL of your stitching is beautiful.

    I put an application in to join the group. :-)

  16. Vonna: Lovely post, I cannot choose just one, anything Patriotic is my favorite.


  17. A lovely post and finish.

  18. Thanks for the tip on the Facebook page - I will head over there next! Love your piece. I have one patriotic piece and patterns to do several more....amongst the many, many patterns!

  19. Joined that group, thank you, Vonna. Re: your previous post. I enjoy Facebook and Instagram, but I want more than a line or two. I like to read more about a process or project. I really appreciate your blog. I've certainly been inspired to up my finishing skills!

  20. Would someone direct me to the facebook group? I must be overlooking it! Thanks in advance!

  21. I love their facebook group! I am a member of quite a few designer's facebook groups and it is so nice to be able to interact with the designers. Also I am terribly jealous of all the beautiful patriotic stitches you Americans have. I have found a few Canadian designs but I want more! :) Looking forward to seeing more of your patriotic stitches.


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