Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I need to get a life!....Chapter One

~Welcome Sweet Friends~
I have been gone quite a long time, and I always know when I've been gone too long because I start getting e-mails, texts and messages on FB from my dear followers asking me...are you OK? Why have you quit blogging? Something hasn't happened to make you stay away? 

my dear buddies, I have just been terribly, terribly busy. But in a very good kind of way. And in a way where you can see all the many, many blessings God has bestowed on our lives. I am going to do this in two posts because it was overwhelming for me and it will be overwhelming for you too!

April 14, 2015...
The three Pfeiffer big kids trained from late fall all the way through winter and up to this day preparing to run the Hoosier Half Marathon. That is 13.1 miles on a very rugged course. I don't know if many of you know about the landscape of Monroe County here in Southern Indiana, but it is either up or down, not much flat, so the running of this half marathon is much different in preparation and execution than others in the country. 

Here is the official pre-race selfie:

Hoosier Half Starting Selfie

Then Mom took a photo of them standing on the start/finish line, which is right across from Assembly Hall on 17th Street:
Hoosier  Half StartFinish Line 2015

The Jared Foundation is a co-sponsor of the Hoosier Half. Jared, the Subway guy, went to Indiana University (which presides in our fabulous city of Bloomington, Indiana) and he was at the race:

Its Jared

No sooner had they ran by....
and I lost them again in this sea of humanity.
(this is about 1/2 mile and Armstrong Stadium is on the right)

Hoosier Half Marathon Runners

They had professional photographers along the route. This is near the end of the half marathon so Ian has ran approximately 10 miles and look at his face...cheesing it up for the camera! This boy with a heart rate of 49 beats to minute could run for hours. He's a dynamo!

Ian HH

Here is Jake...pulling out all stops at the finish line:

Jake HH

Here is Katie at the finish line...she still is looking great but the sun is in her eyes:

Katie HH

Ending Hoosier Half Marathon results:
Ian 1:54:26
Jacob 2:00:23
Katie 2:00:39

They ran a smart race by taking it easy. They didn't know what to expect but still for their first half marathon and the course difficulty that it was...these times are fabulous! Way to go Pfeiffer Big Kids!

April 25, 2015 saw us preparing for: 
PROM 2015
I had to work that weekend so scheduled, hair and nail for Katie in the early afternoon. I got home in mid-afternoon and did her make-up myself (I'm a Mary Kay lady). 
Then we got her dressed and here she is:
Katie Prom 2015 TTS
The big tradition in this area seems to be that the parents play chef/wait staff for the couple or for a group of couples. Katie and Kamryn decided that they just wanted it themselves. So after work, make-up session, I ran down and prepared the table.

Prom Dinner Table:
Prom table 2015
Then Keith and I together prepared the meal:
Prom Dinner Plate 2015
For dessert I had Keith make the cupcakes and then I made the homemade butter cream icing and piped it on. They turned out great!

 Prom Dessert 2015

Then it was time for pictures:Katie and Kamryn Prom 2015 B

Here they are at the Prom itself and the professional photographer:

DSC_7982 Sharp

My favorite photo of them:

DSC_7984 copy

So ended the very late night...it was a fabulous day. Katie had a ball and her gown and the girl in it was utterly stunning! If I do say so myself, she was the prettiest girl with the the prettiest dress.
Of course I know I'm partial :)

Two days later...
On April 27, 2015, Keith and I celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss. 

Engagement Photo:


After our wedding ceremony:


I loved Keith so much the day we were married, but that love I felt then was paltry to the love, friendship, devotion and esteem that I hold for him today. My Dad told me this spring when he was visiting me: "I always tell anyone that asks: Von Marie met the only man on the face of the earth that she could live with, and married him!"
That is true...I met him, and from the first moment knew, he was it. So I sat my hat for him and reeled him in! HA! :)
Of course life isn't a fairy tale, but mine...is pretty darn close.

The following weekend...
on May 3, 2015
we celebrated the long awaited Eagle Scout Court of Honor for our precious boys.

Here is their Official Eagle Scout Portrait that I took myself:

Small Ian and Jacob Eagle Scout Photo

Here is a copy of their Eagle Scout court of Honor Invitation that I made myself:
(thank God for PicMonkey, Microsoft Publisher and SAMS Club photo lab..saved us lots of money on invitations)


The Court of Honor Eagle Trail:
these look like no big deal, but to earn each one of those badges takes a tremendous amount of not only effort, but time, learning and volunteering.
Eagle Trail Table

Ian's Speech...
Ian Speech

Jacob's Speech....
Jacob's Speech

Both of the boys chose their Daddy as their Eagle Scout Mentor, 
the one person in their life that pushed them to excel, to meet their goals.
...and this photo brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it. I love my husband so very much and he is such a private, humble man. 
This photo shows his pride in his boys...and in turn their love for him:

Keith and the boys

Here we all are together...
it was hotter than Hades in there that day and I had ran all over the place preparing and decorating. So I look a little frazzled.
Boys and Parents

Their Honor Table...
I framed myself all of their awards and badges they earned over the years and this was our gift to them. These now hang over their beds and they are so proud of it!
A momento to last a life time!
Honor Table Boys

Here they are with their Eagle Tower of Cupcakes...
(I made 300 cupcakes the day before)
Boys Cupcake Tower 

Their Reception Table:
Boys Treat Table

(I made cookies for 3 days)
Cookie Tray 1 Cookie trays 2

The Eagles were my favorites

Ian's End...
(the Ball Jar were bouquets that I made and had scattered on the guest tables - but I forgot to take pictures of those....)
Ian's End
Jacob's End....
Jacob's End

The "Thank You" table...
each guest got a THANKS cookie as a take home treat

Thank you table

Are you still with me? 


I know...a lot! and this is only 1/2 way through the story! 
Stay tuned for Chapter 2!


  1. Good job, proud Mama!!!!

  2. I can't wait for the next chapter! You have been a busy mom. It's fun to see all of your kids' accomplishments. I'm glad you're able to enjoy these times, they are fleeting.

  3. Busy is not a strong enough word! That gown is gorgeous, the accomplishments of your kids are outstanding. You and hubby should be (and are!) so extremely proud of them, but should also be of your parenting.

  4. Oh Vonna! Katie and her young man look gorgeous. :)
    Do you know I got choked up from the picture of Keith and the boys BEFORE I read the caption. Awesome!

  5. Wow! What a busy spring you have had! And you are right about it being a good busy.

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Vonna, Thanks for the updates on you and your family. Katie looks so pretty in her prom dress! Happy Anniversary to you and Keith. I like the part when you said you "reeled him in"! - ha ha ha

  7. I loved part 1 of your update....can't wait for part 2! Katie's dress is gorgeous and your boys are so grown up and handsome :) Lovely pics, thanks for sharing them.

  8. This is great. You must be so very proud of the boys and Katie looked just beautiful. That plus congratulations on your anniversary. Marriage is just the best blessing when you find the right man!

  9. Encore! More! Work for you, but fabulous for us! The dress! The exhaustion and pride of everyone's accomplishments...your accomplishments! Whew! How blessed you are. Love the organization and all those neat finishes. This post was so worth waiting for! But I want more. Signed, Short, Fat, and........ LOL!

  10. WOW! You must be incredibly proud of your kids - they're awesome! Big hugs to you and your family :D

  11. I love all the family updates in chapter one. Great job on the marathon; Katie is gorgeous in her prom pictures; Ian and Jacob made mom and dad proud for the scouts banquet; amazing cupcakes and cookies by mom; and best wishes for Vonna and Keith on their love of family. Thanks for taking the time to share with us !!

  12. Congratulations on all the wonderful things your family has to celebrate! How proud you must be of your children, they are obviously busy, motivated young people.

  13. Congrats to everyone! Your cookies look GREAT!

  14. Vonna, you have so much to be proud of! Congratulations to Katie, Ian, and Jacob on running the half marathon that is awesome. Ian and Jacob ~ Eagle Scouts….Woohoo! That is very impressive and such a huge accomplishment. I can't believe you prepared 300 cupcakes and all of those gorgeous cookies. Your talent is ENDLESS. Great job on the invites and the framing of the boys badges.
    Can you believe how quickly they grow up? Katie looks beautiful in her prom dress.
    Happy anniversary! You certainly have been blessed with a wonderful husband and amazing children. Love this post!

  15. What a wonderful post! The race and the beautiful prom pictures! Also the wonderful Eagle photos! My son is an Eagle Scout--it's such an accomplishment! That is great! And you are a pro with your cookies!! They are really stunning!!

  16. Wow there have been a lot of fantastic milestones in your life and with your family! So busy but so many wonderful things to celebrate!

  17. Such a wonderfully newsy post, Vonna. I so enjoyed reading about the Eagle Scout ceremony. I had to laugh when I read about how hot it was the church that day as we had that exact same weather for my oldest son's Court of Honor back in 2000... I thought I would melt :)

    Those cookies are incredible--especially love the eagles and the Boy Scout shirt complete with merit badges. And your invitations looks very professional indeed. The cupcake tower is fabulous--my it looks tasty :)

    Katie and her date look so nice together. I always feel like I missed out on prom dress shopping since I had all boys. Shopping for tuxedos isn't nearly as special--ha ha!

    A big congratulations on your 19 years as husband and wife--they do go by quickly, especially when you're so busy raising a family. Tim and I are heading toward our 38th this July--amazing!

    Glad you're still having at least a bit of time to stitch, Vonna--enjoy these busy years. Things will be quiet around your house way too soon...

  18. These must have been some very busy and eventful weeks for you and the family. Congratulations to your children for all their achievements. And congratulations toyou for managing all that cooking and baking. Must have been stress and fun at the same time, lol.

    My very best wishes to your anniversary.

  19. Wow! First of all, Katie is a beautiful young lady! That dress was spectacular... ALL of my four grands and two daughters would love to wear that!! And congrats to your sons on their Eagle Scout awards. I know how much goes into earning that one! I can't believe you did all that cooking, for prom and the reception... And it all looked perfect! You are an extraordinary woman! Very gifted! Looking forward to part two, as I try to catch up on blogs today! Hugs!

  20. I've been to quite a few Eagle ceremonies and I've not seen one as nicely decorated as Ian and Jacob's. Great job momma! I watched you ice cookies via FB and I'm sure the tasted as good as they looked - and they look amazing!

    My husband has a heart rate in the 40's too. He was recently in the hospital for a few days and couldn't get any sleep because when he did, his heart rate slipped into the 30's because of being asleep + on morphine. It always brought the nursing staff in quickly to wake him up to see if everything was ok.

    Katies dress looks amazing on her!

  21. Lots of happy, happy family events! The prom dresses are all so pretty (remember how trashy they looked in the late 1980's?). I am glad that elegant is back in style!


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