Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I need to get a life! Chapter 2....

~Welcome Dear Friends~
to Chapter 2 of "I Need to Get a Life!" 


On May 7, 2015...
Bloomington South High School celebrated 
Underclassmen Honor's Night.

Ian received....
Test of Engineering Aptitude in MathematicsIan Honor Night

Jacob received...
Test of Engingeering Aptitude in Mathematics
4.0 Honor Roll

Jacob's Honor Night

Katie received....
Test of Engineering Aptitude in Mathematics
4.0 Honor Roll
National Honor Society
Excellence in Physics
Katie's Honor Night

We were so proud of their hard work and distinguished accomplishment! To have all three of our eldest children recognized and called out to walk across the stage all in a row, well...it was a moment!

Kids Honor Night

and Katie's boyfriend was honored that evening as well!
Kids and Kamryn Honor Night

celebrated his 45th Birthday on May 14, 2015! He is a looker isn't he?! 
Happy Birthday Daddy! We LOVE you!

Keith 45 Birthday

Got my NEW pantry all finished....
and promptly filled! 
(no more running up and down the stairs to the basement! HURRAH!!!)
New Pantry Inside
and cutsied up!
My Black Hen Punchneedle on my pantry

I decided it was time for....
Summer to arrive in the old homestead :)

Saltbox Houses got a little patriotic
Saltbox Houses

Little House Needleworks "Old Glory"
Old Glory

My favorite spot...
my old milk can from my grandfather's dairy filled with summer hydrangeas and a burlap bow!
Milk Can

The hutch got patriotic!

Blackbird Designs "In Full Glory" with some firecrackers I made all tossed in a old wooden bowl with some ivy. 
BBD Glory and firecrackers

Our Summer Mantle...

the last two days I've been cleaning my "finishing studio"...
We live in a large home, but we have a large family. I've had my sewing room all over the place, but finally I have found a home for it (and I'm not moving!).

It is in our unfinished basement...so concrete walls and floors, but we spruced it up with some carpet remnants and I've tried to "warm" the walls up with some clearance posters from a craft store. 
So here it is:
The Twisted Stitcher Studio

trims and such...
Trims and Materials

My personal project baskets...
Baskets of Projects - Copy

but the REAL accomplishment here is the organization of my patterns and fabric!
Patterns and Fabrics - Copy

All organized and ready for me to disorganize again! HA!
Doing this really made me realize how many GREAT things I have that I need to work on. I recommend going through and organizing your things. It doesn't have to be fancy...none of my stuff is fancy and I'd never have my "finishing studio" between the pages of a magazine for how beautiful it is, but I have re-purposed or re-used a lot of older furniture/desks/tables, etc to come together and make something that was both economical and functional. It works beautiful and I work well in the space. And that is all that matters. Getting in touch and organizing your stash makes you fall in love all over again with things that you already have. Do it. What can you find to start stitching on?

I've gotten together a couple more times with my stitching buddy....
Carol of Linen Stitcher. In March when I was at her house I fell in LOVE with a wall hanging that she had done years ago on Black Heatherfield fabric. She had done it over two using 6 strands of floss. Well I thought about that on the hour drive home from her house. No I didn't think about it...I OBSESSED about it. I came home and for two days called and e-mailed trying to find Heatherfield fabric. Well verdict: they don't make it any longer and it is hard to find. So...I improvised to start this project:
Prairie Schooler Year Rounds - Copy
It is stitched over 2 on 25 ct. black lugana fabric, using three strands of floss. I am stitching the full 12 Prairie Schooler Year Rounds (Book #52) on this piece of fabric and then I will finish it as a sort of hanging quilt. 

Here are the first two "rounds" done!
JanFeb Rounds - Copy

and while it waits to be worked on...
I slip it in my new Yoga Frog Project Envelope
hopefully the limber frogs will stay off my fabric!

Yoga Bag
and slip it in my awaiting WIPS basket ;)
My next "stitching" project is to....
stitch this badges in place of the old ones 
Eagle Badge
Well, with that my friends....
brings you full circle to the present day. Exhausting and it has taken me 4 hours to write this novel out. I appreciate your taking the time to read this and visit with me. 
Your visits and kind commentary that you leave me or send me via e-mail always, always brightens my day. 

Little Miss Ellie, has not been featured much of this entire time, but she will be having her honor day in the next few days and I'll be sure to let you see her too!

Not only has our life been filled with all this good stuff...
but I've been busy doing a lot of good stitching and finishing stuff. 

I've stitched 1 and finished 3 models and sent them back to Little House Needleworks.
Of course I can't show you those, but let me just say: 
You will love them!

I'm in the middle of: 
stitching and finishing the final 4 "The Sampler Tree" Ornaments from Little House Needleworks.

I just signed on to stitch and finish another upcoming series of designs from Country Cottage Needleworks, due out this late fall, I believe. So they are in the mix too. 

and not only all of that, but....
 I have finished lots of beautifully stitched items from my clients!

Let's begin...
Carriage House Sampling Stockings These are Carol's that she brought me last Friday when she came to my house for a stitching day. OMGosh...I fell in love and I have all these patterns (that I just found again in my "organizing") and I vow to start one of these soon for myself. GORGEOUSLY stitched! She came back and picked them up Saturday and she was so pleased!
 Here they are in order (left to right)
1. Quaker
2. A Primitive Stocking
3. Truth and Virtue
CM_Carriage House Sampling Stocking Collection

Stacy Nash 
"Country Sampler Sleigh Bells Pinkeep and Ornament"
JS_SN Sleigh Bells Ornament and Pinkeep

Shepherds Bush Stocking
DTS_SB Stocking_Lucas

Little House Needleworks
(free with purchase of Classic Colorworks threads)
"Rabbit Hill"

DTS_CC-LHN Rabbit Hill

a whole set of Little House Needleworks 
"Calendar Girls"

PH_LHN Calendar Girls

Lizzie Kate
"Ho Ho Ho"

Little House Needleworks
 "The Sampler Tree" Ornament
SF_LHN 1798 House

Shepherd's Bush 
9-Pane Window "Hide and Seek" pillow
GM_Shepherd's Bush Pillow

Bent Creek
 "Seasons" Flatfold Collection
CB_Bent Creek Seasons Flatfold Collection
and there was a whole lot more, this is just a "sampling". For others check out my Flickr 2015 Finishing Service Album!

I hope I inspired you to get your patterns, thread and needle out and create a treasure! 

Until next time...
my dear friends, I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God in thanksgiving for all the many blessings in life. Including you!

Hugs and love,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Yes, I'm inspired to stitch-after I get out of the shower! I have not seen your finishing album; I'll be doing that in a bit. Congrats to your kids on their hard work and to Mom and Dad on raising them. I can just imagine what I'll find when I organize all my stitching stuff. Stuff like missing threads for my WIPs, lots of mystery count fabric, patterns I forgot I had, etc. etc. Love your post!

  2. What a jam-packed post! Congrats to your kids. I love seeing your seasonal decorations. Enjoy your nice, new pantry! It's great to be able to organize everything in one place.

  3. You have a beautiful family--congratulations to your children on their hard work and accomplishments! Miss Ellie will have her turn. Love seeing all the beautiful finishes! Your studio looks organized and ready to roll out the projects!

  4. Congrats on your finishing studio, it's so nice to have everything gathered together in one space isn't it? I go though my patterns at least 3 times a year to remind myself of what I've got and what I want to stitch soon and what I can let go of. You've had such a busy end of school time, wonder what your summer holds?!

  5. Congratulations to Ian, Jacob, and Katie on their school accomplishments for 2015! Your studio looks comfy. I like the 'chalkboard' tags on your project bags and basket. Did you create them or buy the tags for the labeling? Happy belated birthday wishes to Mr. Twisted Stitcher. There seem to be several of us born on that day. Enjoy your week!

    Robin in Virginia

  6. Wonderful posts Vonna,
    I guess it is best to be busy with things you love than to be busy with things you loath :) I am so excited to see your progress on that PS chart. I bet that is going to look great as some type of wall hanging.

    Thanks for sharing your accomplishments with us. And congratulations to the kids. Great job on that 13.1 WooHoo

    Have a fantastic week :)

  7. Sure have been missing you but wow do you have a ton of reasons for no time to post! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop your cookies are amazing!!! Wish I could taste one. Great decorations and finishes. The kids are growing up so fast and what great accomplishments.

  8. You have been very busy! Great sewing space. It is so nice to have a special place to stitch and sew. My place is in my son's old bedroom. It's a little small and really needs a lot of organizing, but I like it. Congrats to your kids on their accomplishments..I know you are proud of them. I remember those years when my kids were honored for their work and it is the best feeling. Now they are all grown up and on their own. My daughter is an art teacher and my son is an aerospace engineer. I have lots more stitching time than ever before but I still miss them being around.

  9. Vonna, you are a most amazingly gifted, energetic, hard-working, loving woman! And you children seem to be taking right after you! Thank you so much for sharing your accomplishments and those of your family. I love seeing your Twisted Stitcher finishes on Facebood and reading about you and your family on your blog. Best wishes :)

  10. Vonna, you do not need to get a life, you have a great one already! You have a wonderful, gorgeous home and your dear husband and your absolutely fabulous children (congrats to the three eldest) and your finishing business. Your life is full and fulfilling, blessings on you all.

  11. My goodness, Vonna, your life is full of blessings. Your kids are doing well, your husband too and you are blessed with wonderful, creative talents! No wonder you feel exhausted! ;-) Enjoy the fun!

  12. Vonna, you indeed have a life, and a wonderful one at that! I can see how much you love your family and all that you do. It's an awesome thing to see. You must be so proud of your kids and all that they've achieved! Keep stitching, keep blogging. Your followers will be around to see what you're up to no matter how often you post!

  13. Anonymous8:21 PM

    Congrats to your "bigs" on all their awards. I love how you have the boys' scouting photo with the patriotic stitching. Just perfect!

  14. Vonna I'm exhausted just thinking about all the finishing work, and on top of that, you organized into a LOT of drawers and boxes. That would have taken me weeks and one day it will. I love the stockings and the piping on Bush's really finishes it nicely. Again, congrats to the kids (and parents). But I do have to question a stitching bag with frogs on it. That's risky!

  15. Vonna, my respect and admiration for you as a person, a mom, a wife, a Christian, and a stitcher/finisher just keep growing! I so look forward to your posts. I have just read part one and two and I hope by now that you have caught your breath. Throughout your posts, I kept feeling that 'life is full', 'life is good' and that's so amazing and such a blessing.Thanks so much for sharing. I love your sewing space! Your finishes are amazing! Thanks for being you. Have a great week!

  16. It was fun reading your two posts. You all are so busy and full of life! Such wonderful accomplishments for the three oldest -- congratulations to them on their half marathon and on the awards from school! Love the prom pics too, and the eagle scout pics too. You have some very talented and smart kids! Love the finishes you showed as well, and your finishing room looks great! Thanks for taking the time to catch us up on everything!

  17. Congratulations to your kids on their wonderful achievements! Love the new PS project on the black fabric. All of your finishing is lovely as usual :) I get so much inspiration from your blog.

  18. Lovely family .. You are so blessed !!!

  19. Another great post. Again, you must be so proud of those great kids you have. I love your patriotic house! The craft room is so well organized, good for you. Lastly, the finishing is just beautiful!

  20. Wow, you've been so busy! It is a busy life with children isn't it. Sometimes it's easy to get the impression that people who do needlework live nice, quiet lives, but as this illustrates, we only get the time to do needlework by rushing around madly the rest of the day! Each hour of quiet needlework is well and truly earned. Your children are turning our beautifully, and you and your husband must be very proud of them.

  21. I'm exhausted from reading your two part update! I love all your patriotic decorations. Great job on your craft "room" organization. Even though I have a dedicated craft room on the main floor of our house, I have so many crafty interests that I have more goodies in the basement, and a bit of cross stitch stuff in my daughter's spare room (her married sister's old bedroom). The latter needs to be moved to my bedroom, where I have space in some furniture pieces my parents handed down to me. Would you like to visit and help me organize?

  22. More updates to make us all smile. You are amazing !! I always enjoy seeing your house decorations as the seasons change. I love your finishing room and so happy to see your walls decorated since the last pictures. Organizing is fun, so good to know where to find all your goodies. Your finishes are so beautiful and I'm happy to say I'm lucky to be the recipient of your creative talents. Until the next chapter........thanks for sharing with us.

  23. What blessed children! Your craft room looks great. And yes! You have inspired me. And encouraged me on my blog. Thank you.

  24. Congratulations to your wonderful kids , Vonna! You are an amazing Mom and it shows in your kids achievements ! Love your patriotic decor .. Your stitching and finishing ! You are a busy bee!

  25. Congrats to your children on their wonderful accomplishments. Your finishing nook, looks great! Your finishing work is fabulous.

  26. Oh Sweet Vonna - it is so evident that we all love you and your wonderful family so much!! You have every reason to be a very proud and happy Mom and wife - I know you know how blessed you are and we are truly lucky that you share your precious children's and your accomplishments with us. Thank you so much!!

    Honestly though I don't know how you do everything you do - you are an inspiration to all of us!!

  27. Wow, those finishes are gorgeous! Again, congrats to your kids - that is incredible work. :D I love those firecrackers that you made! How did you do it?

  28. Iwas feeling a little tired when I stopped by this morning to visit....now I am exhausted! I need to go and put my feet up and relax......love your posts. Congratulations on raising such an accomplished family.

  29. More congratulations to Katie, Ian, and Jacob! I will be waiting to see your post highlighting Ellie!
    Your seasonal home decorating looks great…as always.
    Wow, you have quite the collection of crafting items in that craft room..so organized!
    Carol is so lucky to live relatively close. You know how I feel about wishing to be your neighbor. :-D Carol's stockings are AMAZING. I now want to stitch them but can't add anything to my "to do" list right now.
    Your gorgeous finishing work always impresses me. You are obviously an expert on time management!

  30. Just read part one and now part two. My goodness, girlfriend, you have been one busy lady! Do you sleep?! I enjoyed seeing it all. Hugs!

  31. WOW.......awesome job on #1's prom, #2 & 3's Eagle Scout ceremony, hubs bday, and everything in between! I remember those busy days (although only a mom of a single)...fun times! Your post is always inspiring.....now I need to go organize and find something I'm sure I've forgotten about! Have a good long weekend!

  32. You must feel so blessed.

    Your finishing is just amazing!

  33. Whew! I can see why it took four hours to get your posts finished--you must be wiped out, Vonna :) So good to see the kids all doing well in school--I'm sure little Miss Ellie is following in their footsteps.

    Your finishes are all so pretty--I'm in love with the Old Glory one! I may have to "borrow" your finishing ideas for that one :) How nice to have your own crafting area that is out of sight and tucked away--when things get too crazy around the house, you can always go hide out down there--enjoy!!

  34. Anonymous12:02 AM

    You are busy, busy, BUSY! And yet you took time out of your very hectic schedule to stitch awhile with me AND to finish my stockings so beautifully!! Thank you!! I hope you manage to find a little time to pamper you now. You totally deserve it. :-)

  35. ... and your are also doing a lot of stitching and finishing work besides all the family things you are up to. Wonderful picture galore with all these gorgeous finishing ideas. And how organized your craft room is. You must have put a lot of work in it. I am just reorganizing my craft stuff and I know all about it, lol.

    You can be so proud of your children who are doing so well at school. And it doesn't come all by itself, it is always a lot of hard work that leads to such great results. Congratulations!

  36. Oh Vonna you always inspire my to get stitching! Your work is so beautiful and how you find the time and energy amazes me! Your family is wonderful and you should be proud! When our children grow up to be wonderful human brings mom gets to take a breath to know that she is doing a good job. When people tell me how great my girls turned out I always say that it's was a labor of love but God gave me good material to work with. Have a wonderful summer with your family!

  37. Hi Vonna. You have been keeping busy for sure! I enjoyed both of your posts, part 1 and 2... The amount of cupcakes and cookies you have made for these events... whew! Congratulations to your kids for their impressive accomplishments. I need to do some organizing of stitching stuff too. Thanks for the nudge. I needed it. :)

  38. You have been super busy. I think the title of you post should have been "I need to get some rest". :)

  39. I don't think you need a 'life' because you have a wonderful, very FULL, life with family and friends and stitching and finishing. That's all... Maybe less full would be nice for you, but you know the kids grow fast and this is just a 'season' of your life. This post HAS inspired me to go stitch, but also I want to reorganize, and do some finishing... Aaaack! It's contagious!

  40. What a busy spring you've had! So many events to be proud of and such beautiful finishing work. I hope you find time to sleep every now and then! ;-)

  41. Hi Vonna
    what a full life you lead, enjoy it! With both Jack & Maddi finished school and driving themselves to their activities, we reminisce about the good old days where it was difficult sometimes to have 'me' time. But they were busy and fun times and we miss them. Congratulations to your kiddos, you must be so proud. The fact that you have squeezed in cookie making, stitching AND blogging - what an achievement, Well Done Mum!

  42. Congrats to all your big kids on their wonderful accomplishments!! Your finishing work is absolutely beautiful! And I love your sewing room, all that organization is wonderful and I agree with you on rediscovering things through reorganizing. :)


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