Friday, February 06, 2015

Goings on in my world...

~ Greetings Friends ~
and a warm welcome to my blog. I hope that you all are well and warm and fit as a fiddle!

Goings on in my world...
I seem to be a bit all over the charts this year! I can't get my act together stitching wise to be honest. Last year in January, February and March. I had it so together, stitching just what I had planned that I wanted to accomplish. This year...I can't get settled on anything! Oh, I've hopped on some band wagons. For instance: 
Photo Copyright: By The Bay Needleart

Have you heard about this? Well....if interested check HERE
This dings my bells and toots my whistles on so many levels that I couldn't resist. Have I placed a stitch yet? Of course not! To be fair however, I have 8 ornament models to stitch and finish by March 1, so that leaves very little time for personal stitching! That may be another reason I feel I'm not accomplishing anything :)

And last year I kicked myself a hundred times over for not jumping on the: Colonial Gatherings bandwagon. Paulette of Plum Street Samplers and Tanya of The Scarlett House are two designers that I really love and admire. Every single thing that came out last year in the Colonial Gatherings Club just did it for me. So this year - I SIGNED up and couldn't have been happier when I received this in the mail for the inaugural installment for 2015 by Plum Street Samplers: 
Photo Copyright: Plum Street Samplers

again, has any stitches been placed? YES! but I had to frog them because when I started it I was more interested in talking than stitching. Why, you ask? Well, because I was entertaining a long-time online friend, Carol author of: Linen Stitcher, in my home for a stitch-together! Carol is also an Indiana girl and we've been conversing for years via e-mail and she moved to Terre Haute, Indiana (just about 45 minutes away from Bloomington)  in the last few years, but was commuting heavily back and forth to her job. Now she's doing free-lance work inside her home and that means she can arrange her schedule a little more freely and we took advantage of that! I invited her to come over in January a couple of times, but weather didn't accommodate us


Finally this week we got to get together in my home! Carol arrived safely and off we went gabbing and chatting and finally stitching away! Shortly before noon, I started heating up our lunch and we had just sat down to enjoy it when the phone rang and I saw it was the school. Of course - day of all days - Ellie was ill. Carol was so gracious and quickly gobbled her last two bites of lunch and packed up her stitching so that I could go and retrieve Ellie from school sporting a belly flu bug. Poor Carol didn't even get to enjoy the dessert of pound cake and some delicious (if I do say so myself) berry fruit salad. Next time Carol!

Carol showed up at my door with this stunner: 

Frindship Cupboard Hanger from Carol

Isn't it perfectly wonderful and cute as a button?! I love it! Carol said the saying is just how she feels about me...she feels like we are old friends since we have corresponded for so long, but in reality, we have just met :) So sweet! Thank you so very much Carol, I will treasure this always!

While Carol was visiting...
she brought some of her finely stitched pieces. Be still my heart, THREE Carriage House Samplings stockings. OMGosh! I have all the patterns for these, have I  placed a single stitch in any of them? NO! but after seeing her perfectly stitched stockings I think I may have to jump on that bandwagon! Lots of bandwagons I'm hitching my horses to....soon I'll have a train. Who am I kidding, my horses are dead from exhaustion my train is so loooooooong....


Carol didn't leave still hungry without any dessert and gift-less though! I made a small selection of my project envelopes and she got to choose one to take home with her. She chose the one I thought she would too:
Peacocks in Paris

and I do believe she was quite charmed with it. Its an addiction these envelopes that are perfect to kit up a project and have ready to go at a moments notice. And when you pull them out, they catch people's eyes and they want to know all about them. Believe me, I get it all the time in doctor's offices, sport games, boy scout meetings...

Speaking of bandwagons...
I've jumped whole-heartedly and with much devotion into trying to become a sugar cookie decorator! I just spent an astronomical amount of money on tips and cutters and bags and gel colors and rolling pins...well you get the idea...with the hopes of making cookies that look like these:

This woman has the most gorgeous cookies. I've always adored intricately designed sugar cookies. In the next 4 years I will be the hostess (with the mostest) of many parties. The one coming up quickest is: my Boys Eagle Scout Court of Honor!!! Yes, both boys, Ian and Jacob, earned their Eagle Scout Awards after many, many hours of hard work and dedication. They are very young Eagle Scouts too...earning it right before their 15th birthday. Can a mother be more proud? No, not really. Here they are this year at Summer Camp:

So what a better way to celebrate than to have beautifully decorated sugar cookies on their food table at the reception? I have visions in my head folks...lets hope this spending spree spews forth gorgeous cookies! Am I foolish enough to believe that I will be able to produce such cookies the first time? 

Thank the good Lord we have:
Valentines Day
President's Day
St. Patrick's Day
all coming up for practice!

**I also will need to make sure that I do the elliptical every day to counter-act the practicing!**

I am sure you will be able to see my failure or success at my endeavors of iced cookies :)

Well I believe that I have bored you enough now!
Until next time...
WAIT! I have one more thing to say: 
(I know you are rubbing your face thinking: STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP!)
Just like I wrote on Christmas Day. The greatest thing, no matter what faith you prescribe or don't prescribe to, is: To love your neighbor as yourself. I've seen many examples in myself and many examples in others of not prescribing to this simple honest kindness to others. You know how I always end my blog posts before today, from here on, I'm ending them with an additional phrase to remind myself and to practice what I preach. Kindness...Love... remember it. This world needs it! and all too often lately in life, at the gas station, at the grocery store, on the road, on e-mail correspondence, on the news, on Facebook, in blogs....well everywhere.... I've seen all this hatred and hurt spewing forth. Be kind! Be loving! Use your words appropriately! I'm talking to ME and I'm talking to YOU! 

So until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God while I love my neighbor as myself!
Join me!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. What a great time you and Carol had....even though it was abbreviated, I know you two will have tons of fun in the future!!! So exciting!!!!! And about all those bandwagons to jump on....I am jumping right with you sister!!! It is so much fun!!!!

  2. I so admire you for your ability to stitch beautiful eye catching things, and for your faith in all around you. I feel so lucky to count you as a friend.

  3. What a great time it is when two kindred spirits can get together....beautiful gifts were exchanged. I love Colonial gatherings Club such great designs! Enjoy.. Thanks for a great reminder on being respectful & kind to everyone. Many blessings...

  4. I stay home from work today due to a stomach flu..just like Ellie....I need to thank you for brightening my spirits with your kind and loving words. I enjoy your blog tremendously and appreciate all the time you put into it!! Also I had sent you a Christmas card with prayer intentions for my son....things are looking up a little...THANK YOU and please keep praying!! Lisa K

    1. Lisa,
      I can't find your e-mail address, I have saved your card, letter and picture of your three kids. They are all in my bedside table and I have been praying for your son. PLEASE e-mail me!! So I can make note in my address book what it is! I would like to correspond with you!

  5. What fun getting together with a stitching friend even though your visit was cut short. What a lovely gift you received from Carol. Enjoy your weekend, Vonna!

    Robin in Virginia

    PS Best wishes in your cookie decorating endeavor!

  6. Look at you go, you busy girl, you! I can't wait to see your sugar cookies. : ) I just took a peek at all your project envelopes. They are beautiful! I love that coffee cup one... I see I'm going to have to start a project envelope piggy bank! : ) Congrats to your boys. What a great accomplishment!! Happy stitching on all your new projects, and thank you for the reminder to be kind!!


  7. I'm about like you Vonna - full of hope for what I can accomplish in January - now February. I just took on a "monthly" club for needlepoint - Should I have done this - NO !!! Just wanted to and thought I deserved to. I passed last year and this year on the Dyeing 2 Stitch colonial club but I did fall for the LHN one they are hosting. I have really been loving my LHN stitching lately and just started Queen of Hearts. Oh I fell for the Serenity Bay BOM too - I have always admired Donna's designs and have never bought a single one. I'm still waiting for my linen but I have the first 2 charts already (sigh) so I'm behind already - so what ! So I'm with you on all that but the cookie deal - you can have that - egads - I had a friend who was has a culinary degree and does those amazing decorated cookies - they are truly artwork of their own. good luck and have fun and have a great weekend - Mel

  8. I have signed up for the By the Bay SAL this year and like you, I have not placed a single stitch. Instead I have been trying to finish Hannah's Brownstone before my LNS goes to another market. I just love reading your blog posts. Thank you so very much for sharing. Have a great day!

  9. Vonna- thank you for sharing that your stitching is all over the place... I thought I was the only one! I adore the little bag Carol made for you. Do you know the designer? I have this perfect piece of linen from dixiesamplar I adore sugar cookies

  10. Such a great visit - hope next time won't be shortened by sickness! Love the Heart in Hand design. It looks familiar, but can't place whose design it is. Hope all your 'practice' turns out successfully :-).

  11. I always enjoy reading your blog so much! It sounds like you are putting lots on your plate...can't wait to see the outcomes. I'll bet those cookies will be yummy too...I love decorated sugar cookies...I've been down with the flu for the past week or so...hope Ellie is feeling better!

  12. It's so great that you were able to meet Carol in person! You both exchanged lovely gifts. Too bad the visit was cut short. I hope that Ellie is feeling better. It's so easy to jump on stitching bandwagons! I'm trying desperately not to jump on the Brooke's Books Advent Animals but it may be hopeless. I've just been too busy to see if I have suitable linen in my stash. lol Congrats to the boys on their Eagle Scout accomplishments and I can't wait to see what delicious cookies come out of the kitchen with your new baking goodies.

  13. Vonna-I appreciate your blog today. I've been hearing of so much unkindness to bloggers and other individuals. Don't we have enough negativity and evilness in this world? I think I know where these thoughts are coming from, and I hear you. Thx for the reminder and for using your mirror to help us all grow. Love the pretty project bag, Plum/Scarlet tulips and the lovely gift from Carol. Hope your baby girl is feeling better. Blog more. Can't get enough!

  14. How fun to start baking. I love pretty cookies. Hint from my professional baker daughter - when you load the bag with icing place it in frig for just a minute or so. Makes the icing much more manageable. So fun to read and see all the stitching things. Truly like the new sign off phrase.

  15. Vonna,
    I always enjoy your posts. You are a busy lady!! Good luck learning cookie decorating, they are all so cute!! Congratulations to your boys, Eagle Scout is a big accomplishment!!

  16. Oh my, glad I'm not the only one hitching to a lot of bandwagons! LOL So many wonderful projects to be stitched. Like you, I also missed out last year on the Colonial Gatherings Club, so signed right up for this year. I received the first one last week and am ready to get started on it
    this very weekend. Congrats to your boys, such a proud moment. My son was a scout and completed his Order of The Arrow, but too many other activities got in the way of his earning Eagle Scout. I have lots of fond memories of all the camping trips I helped him pack for and his little car winning the Pinewood Derby. Now he is grown with boys of his own. Good luck with the cookie decorating, sounds like a lot of fun!

  17. Thanks so much for sharing what's happening in your world with us. It's always a pleasure to see what you and your lovely family are up to. I look forward to seeing your models stitched up. The designers are lucky to have you!

  18. ooOoo! The gift from Carol is so fab!

  19. What a nice gift Carol made for you. We all have so many patterns we want to stitch. 8 ornaments by march is a big task. Can't wait to see them.

  20. You have some great bandwagons you've jumped on there. lol! I'm tempted by the same projects! Love the gift from Carol! How lovely that you got together.

  21. Good luck with the sugar cookies. I was thinking of getting a cookie press to make some cookies for valentine's day.

  22. Vonna, You have some lovely bandwagons! :-) I hope that your little one is feeling better!
    What lovely gifts you exchanged! :-)

  23. You have been busy! Kindness and love are so important. I see the same sad things as you mentioned and it makes my heart hurt.
    Good luck with your sugar cookie creations. My son also earned his Eagle early on. It's a good time as those boys will only get busier and it gets tougher to get all the requirements done the longer they wait.

  24. Wow, you've had alot going on! I'm looking forward to seeing your sugar cookies. Sounds like a great visit with Carol. Hope Ellie is feeling better too.

  25. You put a smile on my face with the number of bandwagons you are jumping on - I think we are all on the same path - to many things to do and not enough time to do them. Can't wait to see your progress on your quilt I know you will do a beautiful job.

  26. You're the best. Thank you for this post and your final words.

  27. I sure hope your little girl is all better by now. I hate the stomach flu!! Those 8 ornaments must be keeping you so very busy. Glad you had a fun time with a fellow stitcher. My best to your sons. It's an amazing honor to be an Eagle Scout! and you have two of them!

  28. Sounds like you had a lovely time with Carol! She made you the loveliest gift, too. Can't wait to see your sugar cookies! :D

  29. i belong to The ladies Prim Society at Dying to Stitch

  30. So many stitching projects and more just keep being released. All the ornaments you are stitching and finishing for CCN and LHN are beautiful.
    Your new cookie adventure sounds like fun and the family will love the results.
    Happy Hearts Month !!

  31. Hey, busy is busy... I think you do a pretty good job balancing life and work and hobbies (which are a part of work too!)...and Family! Phew! It is a juggling act. But if we keep our eyes on the prize, of being in God's will, it all works out! Love & Hugs!

  32. Nice sentiment Vonna. I agree. Be kind. After reading your post, I think wow, she's been busy! I love your enthusiasm!!

  33. Such an enabler!! I had been fighting the urge to join/start something else! Will be starting (at least a few stitches) Serenity Harbor this weekend! Off to find some fabric in my stash.
    Have a blessed week!

  34. Is that Plum Street Sampler piece not to die for? Man I gotta have that! I can hardly wait to see your cookies. I've wanted to try all winter long but considering that I would eat everyone that wasn't perfect I'd probably gain 20 pounds my first go round...ha,ha, glad you had some time to share with a friend. Good for the soul I say. Hope Ellie is feeling much better and that the bug stayed away from everyone else too. Loving that neighbor...or at least trying too.

  35. Love the piece from your friend Carol. That's a keeper. I need to jump on a bandwagon. I was on such a role last year stitching ornaments like a mad woman's. I haven't picked up my needle since Christmas. I've got enough stash to last a life time. Don't we all?! Your project bags are adorable. Good luck with your sugar cookies

  36. Love your pretty gift from your stitching friend ! Fabulous new projects .. can't wait to see yours ! And 100 ornaments a month :) So fun you are getting into cookies !

  37. I absolutely love your blog and all the wonderful things you share with all of us. We were blasted with the flu during the holidays and glad it is behind us.....hope your Ellie is feeling better. Carol's gift to you had me drooling....what an absolutely fitting gift for you :) I am wanting one of your project bags for my smalls.....beautiful .

  38. I hope you find a stitching project that will make you happy and calm down your bandwagons. ;) Looking forward to seeing your sugar cookie creations. I always admire the lovely decorated cookies I see on cooking blogs. Glad you had a lovely visit with Carol. You both gave and received such pretty gifts.

  39. Congrats to your sons on earning Eagle Scout! My son is also an Eagle Scout--such a wonderful accomplishment!
    I hope your daughter is better now--it's never fun to be sick!
    Can't wait to see your pretty cookies! I have admired beautiful cookies online and in cookbooks--I've not made any before, but I have some great cookie cutters!!! (still in a bag....) But it'll happen one day!

  40. Glad to read that I'm not the only scattered stitcher out there! The problem is there are SO many wonderful things to stitch, and not enough time to stitch them!

  41. Can't wait to see your cookies. I am also in the trial stage. Did you ever visit the Glorious Treats site? So many times when I enter your blog we have just finished the same piece. We both have the same likes.

  42. Hi dear Vonna,
    this post touch me a lot, you can be a proud mother with your Eagle Scouts and hope your daughter feel better now, that's fine you meet in real Carol even if it' was too short, now you could see her more often, yor 2 gifts are so precious, made with love of each ♥
    I can't understand when you find all this time for your family and friends, good cookings, stitching for our favorite designers, and your friends and a little for you, write so long on your blogs and FB and be a good housewife and have time for God, when do you sleep ???

    I have signed this year also for the Dyeing Clubs, hope to have the kits soon in France, but hopefully (not sure it's a good word !!!) I have just a CCN or LHN ornament to stitch in February LOL, I have a lot of WIPS and some UFOS :(

    And with your blog, I have to work my english langage, sometimes it's hard but that's a good way to be better, so excuse my faults please when I write here

    God bless you and kisses from Europe

  43. I know someone who has joined in the By the Bay SAL in The Stitchers Village. I'm sure your cookies will look just as fabulous as the example you shared. You always do such great work in whatever you tackle. How proud you must be of your Eagle Scouts!

  44. Oh yes, a lot of bandwagons, and I can easily see why you jumped on them. All these charts and projects ar soooo beautiful that I always need all my willpower to resist, lol. Have fun with all these projects.

  45. Kindness is key--you've said it well, Vonna... I have always emphasized this with my sons as well and it is something my parents practiced and taught me, as well. Think before you speak--words can't be taken back and often hurt even more than something physical...

    How nice that you got to meet Carol in person--I love her gift to you! I will anxiously await the results of your cookie baking--those sure are something to aspire to :)

  46. I love Carol's gift to you and the dark fabric. Congratulations to your boys!

  47. Hi Vonna,

    I'm Natacha, from France (near to Lyon)! Thanks for your posts benevolent!


  48. I feel your pain. When I don't have a sampler in demand I can't decide lol

  49. The gifts Carol and you exchanged are beautiful! Can't wait to see some of your cookies :)

  50. I have so many cross stitch projects I want to do, too! I did finish my little gingerbread ornament and I did it without a mistake! Yay! lol Now on to a big project. I, too, really want to do the Plum Street project and I may have to get that kit, too. She's one of my favorite designers, too. How wonderful about your sons! That's a huge accomplishment!

    Blessings - Julie

  51. I just found your blog today and really enjoyed it. How are you liking the Plum Street Samplers projects? I bought a few of their patterns recently. I was thinking of joining the mail thing they have but wasn't sure how fast I could stitch them. Do they take long?


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