Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Winter is here...

~Happy New Year ~
and a very warm, wintery Welcome to you, my friends!

Come on inside and sit a spell with me...

Would you like a tour of our wintry decorations?
Well let's take a look...

January's Calendar Girl from Little House Needleworks popped out of the 'ol ironstone bowl and got to make her month's debut. December girl...all worn out from her month long party, jumped back in the bowl and to the back of the line, waiting for her return to shine. You can see February and March patiently waiting their turn..

LHN_January Girls

Have you ever noticed...
that I hang things in my windows pertaining to the seasons? Well for winter...of course it is big silver, glittered *SNOW FLAKES*...
the glitter hangs to the outside and you ought to see them shine when the sun hits them! I do it for me really, but you wouldn't believe how many neighbors stop and tell me they love to see what is hanging in my windows. 
(at Christmas it was Peppermint Candies... then snowflakes for winter... Easter I have eggs and then summer stars...)

Living Room Windows and Hearth

Here's some more wintry things on display....

~my Uhl crock is filled with white lights and then I made it into a "snowman"~ 

Over the River
~Over the River and Through the Woods by Little House Needleworks~

Snowman Pennies 
~A sweet Snowman on a penny rug both gifted to me years ago from my dear friend Marie P ~ 

  Snow Guy on my Pie Safe
~A happy little snow guy hanging from the knob on my pie safe ~

Tree and Sled
~A sled leaning against the sweetest pine tree ~

Winter Hearth
~ Ellie and I made clothespin snowflakes to hang on our Winter Wonderland mantle ~

Winter in the Entry
~ And the top of my Grandmother's china cabinet (filled with my great-grandmother's china,I might add) is topped with a snowy saltbox village ~

There you have Winter at the Pfeiffer House :)

Now on to some stitching, I know that's why you stopped by.....
On the very night of New Year's Eve, I slipped the very final stitches on:

"Christmas Carols"
by The Little Stitcher
from the design pack entitled "Red Christmas"
stitched on 32 ct. Vintage Examplar
using DMC as charted
Little Stitcher_Christmas Carols from Red Christmas

You will have to wait...
to see how I finish up "Christmas Carols" next December during the 25 Days of Christmas with
The Twisted Stitcher! 

On January 1, 2015...
in the very, early morning I slipped the first stitches into my New Year start and just last night I finished the stitching and just this afternoon I finished the *finishing*. 

So may I present to you, my first stitching finish and *finish* finish of 2015:

"North Pole Express"
by Little House Needleworks
stitched with Classic Colorwork cottons
on 32 ct. Natural linen

LHN_North Pole Express_with wintery pick

Do you like it? 
Well it can be yours by simply telling your Local Needlework Shop OR your favorite On-line Needlework Shop that you would like the North Pole Express pattern, that is a "FREE WITH PURCHASE" of the needed Classic Colorworks cottons to stitch the design. 

When I was thinking about how to finish this design...
I wanted it to work with my "winter" decor. So I pulled colors from the design and also played on key motifs from the design in little details to make the finish special. Its truly all in the details.

A big snowflake silver jingle bell with a twist of burlap ribbon...
Jingle Bell detail

Something I've always wanted to try was reverse applique...
so I tried it and it worked! Along with a "divider" of burlap ribbon and chocolate colored rickrack and a sweet bow tacked on just because...
Reverse Applique detail

Do you decorate with your Cross Stitched items?
I sure do, as I am sure you know by now.
But there is variety in decorating with cross stitched pieces.
This piece can be displayed like I have above, with a sprig of wintry mix or you can:

add it to your favorite chair...

LHN_North Pole Express_cozies up a chair

Or twist some jute twine and take a safety pin and attach the jute cording to each corner and ....


make a wintry door decoration!
Winter Back Door

I think...
that's pretty perfect right there...hanging on my door where I can see it and smile every time I pass.
Next year, if I don't want it as a door decoration, I can remove the safety pins and tuck it in my chair or pretty up a spray of wintery greens, it all depends on my creative mood that season!

Thank you for your visits...
have I told you lately how much they mean to me? 
Well they mean a lot! Thank you! 
thank you too for your kind comments and words! They make my heart smile.
for those of you that commented or e-mailed me after watching my "vlog" from the post before...
Yes! I do have a Southern twang. I grew up near Evansville, Indiana in a very small town and the proximity to Kentucky influenced the speech dialect down there. Or heck, its just hick, I don't know. But maybe you can just look at it as a little dose of added charm? 

 although I'll admit I was trying very hard to tone it down in the video, but it still wormed its way in. 
....ha ha ha...

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, just like always. 
Join me!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Wow!!!! Your Polar Express is gorgeous and the finishing is beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing your home with me. I love to decorate for the seasons as well and I currently have snowmen and snowflakes out in my home, as well.

  2. I enjoyed taking your winter tour of the Pfeiffer abode. Did you create the snowflakes hanging in your windows? Would like more information on them! Congratulations to you on your first finished finish of 2015! It looks great and I like the tip with the safety pins and twine. Thank you!

    Robin in Virginia

  3. What a beautiful job you have done around the home. I too use my cross stitch to decorate our home. :)

  4. I picked up the North Pole Express and it's great seeing it worked up. I love how you finished it. Maybe one day I can get as good as you at finishing (in my dreams!) Thanks for the tour of your home. Everything is so lovely.

  5. I enjoyed the winter decorating tour of your lovely home, and I really love your North Pole Express finish!!

  6. A beautiful home so nicely decorated.

  7. Thanks for the tour of your home, love the way you decorate. Also love the N. Pole Express
    finish, gorgeous !!

  8. Your winter decorations are lovely, and so inspiring. North Pole Express is sweet, and I'm off to order it. Thanks for sharing your home, and your creativity.

  9. The house looks pretty. The pillow came out awesome. I love the added bell.

  10. A very pretty winter decoration finish Vonna.I enjoyed all your pictures.

  11. I love your finishing touches! I love to decorate my home seasonally too! You have given me lots of great ideas over the years! :-)

  12. Very pretty winter decorations. Nice way to enjoy the winter. I agree the tour was wonderful. Always enjoy your stitching and finishing. The calendar girls are one of my favorites. I am only stitching on March and plan to put it on a pillow as I have done the other two.
    Your creativity is always welcomed.

  13. Wow, the polar express finish is adorable! Your entire house is adorable.
    Definitely getting inspired, seeing all your wonderful pieces, to get some projects finished.

  14. Love all your winter decorations Vonna ! Adorable finishes !

  15. Wonderful Blog post Vonna. I love all of your "wintry" decorating and your delightful finishing on that charming design. You are very talented indeed~Blessings, Sandra

  16. Your home is so lovely and inviting...put the kettle on and I'll be there in 10 with a plate of cookies!! Thanks for once again sharing from the hearth and heart. Loved how you finished this little piece. So many ways to use it and I love your little calendar girls especially March..ummm by birthday month...can't wait to see what's cooking' for the spring. Oh and keep the "hick" going it's kinda cool. My hubby spent time in Texas while in the Navy and to this day has that "cowboy thang" going :)

  17. What a great way to start off the new year with showing us your pretty decorations. I too love to decorate for the season.
    Your new pillow finish is adorable, I love the added tree to the pillow design.
    I look forward to what you share with us on your next posting.

  18. What great decorations for winter. I saw your finish on Instagram, but these photos are much better close up and it more detail! I just love it!

  19. Your winter decorating makes your home look warm and cozy. I put my snowflakes away but after seeing your post, I think I need to get them out!

  20. Beautiful! I have to say the calendar girls are what caught my eye. I love the idea of putting each out for her month and having the others waiting in the basket. Fantastic!

  21. I love your winter decorating. I have a whole collection of snowmen that only come out for Christmas (and were just packed up in there box). I never thought to keep them out after the holidays. Great idea. You also gave me a great idea for "Over the river and through the woods". It has been languishing in my closet waiting to be framed. I never thought to frame it small and put it in a stand. Thanks you. I love your stitching and decorating.

  22. I enjoyed your winter tour. Beautiful. I have the Polar Express to stitch too! Thank you for sharing. Your beautiful home and stitching.

  23. The reverse applique is brilliant! You just keep coming up with something new!

    Love your winter tour. I think your mantle is my most favorite. The white there and the stars must look wonderful with a fire going!

  24. LOVE your blog, LOVE your stitching and ideas! You are simply the best.....

  25. Love your winter décor. All the stitching you have displayed in your home is beautiful. You are so lucky to have your Great-Grandmother's china. DH, lost the majority of his Great-Grandmother's china last year in the quake. I must say that I sure miss seeing it in the china cabinet. Both of your recent finishes are great. Love the finishing on North Pole Express!

  26. What a lovely comfortable home you have. Thank you for inviting us in.

  27. Such beautiful decorations. Your home is GORGEOUS!

    Happy New Year!

  28. Love how you've decorated your home for Winter, it looks wonderful.
    The North Pole Express is beautiful, the finish is brilliant, I've never seen a finish like that, just perfect. I didn't realise it was quite so big, it looks great as a cushion and hanging on the door.
    Wishing you all a Happy New Year xxx

  29. what a beautiful place you live in, with all those beautiful cross stitching, Love ♥ your latest finish!

  30. ooooo lovely to see how you decorate your rooms ... wish you could come here and give me some hints and tips :) love the finishes and gorgeous finish finish ......
    wishing you a wonderful stitchy new year ....and many more gorgeous finishes :) love mouse xxxxx

  31. Your home is winter wander land! Great job on the snowflakes. Your finish on North Pole Express is over the top

  32. I love your winter decorations! And what beautiful stitching. You finished it so perfectly! It looks amazing :D

  33. Simply beautiful, thank you!!!!

  34. Your winter decorations are lovely and your new finishes are gorgeous.

    I've just been catching up with your advent posts as my online time has been very limited through December, thank you very much for sharing them with us.

  35. Dear Vonna,
    I love home tours (virtual) and I really enjoyed it wandering through your house and seeing all your wonderful Winter decoration. Thanks for sharing!
    Your first stitch and finish "finish" of 2015 is amazing!
    And so the "Carol Singers" are!


  36. Vonna, I'm always amazed how multi talented you are. Truly a gifted person in so many ways. I love your new finishes! I'm in Kentucky, though a 'military transplant'....the people are friendly and welcoming. I like it:)

  37. Love your "winter" look! Stay warm and cozy.

  38. Vonna, Polar Express is lovely! I admire your speed at getting these new things stitched and finished!

  39. All of your decorations are gorgeous and I am so using your idea for the LHN Calendar Girls all the down to the way they are displayed.

  40. Christmas Carols is adorable; I really like her patterns. Your pillow finish is so cute and looks like a nice addition for your winter decor.I do decorate for all seasons around my house and use my cross stitch throughout. I look forward to pulling out each piece every season.

  41. I've been waiting to see your post since you mentioned on FB. LOVE the finish on the polar express ! I just got it in the mail the other day, need to get started because you are right - it doesn't have to be a Christmas piece. You also inspired me to start the LHN Sampler ornament series. I'm going to try and stitch ornaments all year and have some finishes at Christmastime.
    Loved seeing the vignettes around your home - lovely ! I love the winter theme and the mantle is wonderful. I bet you are in winter wonderland about now eh? Take care Mel

  42. Beautiful winter decorating sweet Vonna! I loved seeing all your display, especially your GGGrandmothers china cabinet. Gets me thinking what I can do here! OOOOH what gorgeous finishing on North Pole Express! I love it!! Thank you for the wonderful tour of your winter displays. Love all your ideas! love Annette

  43. looking fabulous, as usual. love the tour of your house all decorated for wintertime.

  44. Love the way you finished North Pole Express. I really need to get that one.

  45. Love the snowflakes in the windows. I love glitter and sparkle so I bet they are fabulous. When I saw your skates on the front porch it reminded me I have a pair that I could use. I also really like the clothespin snowflakes and mantle decoration. Love it!

  46. How do you get everything done? Just reading your post, I need a nap! So enjoy seeing your winter decorations and, of course, your cross stitching and finishing. And, already can't wait for the 25 Days of Christmas 2015!!!

  47. Very beautiful winter decoration for your Inside and i like very much the idea of finish of your Pole North Express. Good day

  48. Super decorating, I can feel the love in your home.

  49. Love your winter decorations, especially the crock!

  50. What a warm, wintery welcoming feel your home has, Vonna! Your newest pillow is so darling--and I love how you've hung it on your door. I need to remember that idea... Love that big jingle bell in the corner of it, too :)

    Hope you're staying warm out there. We were at 0° this morning and we're already up to 1°!! Ha ha--looks like a good day to stay inside and stitch!!

  51. Vonna - your whole house is lovely! I, too, decorate for all the seasons. Judging by our weather here in Virginia today, my snowmen will be out for a good long time. If we were to choose favorites in your home, I think I'd have to vote for the sled by the front door, and the sled leaning against that sweet table top pine tree. But I think your calendar girls all grouped together is a super idea. There's January perched on her very nice stand, but you can easily see February waiting in the wings as if to say, hey! hurry up! I'm Valentine's Day and it's my turn now. Thank you for sharing with all of your fans.

  52. Loved reading this post. All the winter decorations are so well co-ordinated and neatly placed. You started and finished a whole pattern in a day?! Goodness!! It's so beautiful
    Happy new year to you all

  53. Hi Vonna!! Wow I love so much your Christmas Carol and I'm so curious to see how you will finish it!! I'll wait until next december ;)
    Have a great new year, dear!! And your lovely family too :)
    (The Little Stitcher)

  54. Your home is beautifully decorated for winter! I love your latest stitching finish! The details like the tree and the bell make it extra sweet.

  55. Vonna thanks again for inviting us into your home! Your decorating is amazing. I love all your new finishes. I can't wait to see the carolers finished they are adorable!

  56. Wonderful stitching and finishing. Beautiful décor in your home too. I always assume snowmen are Christmassy but I suppose we are more likely, especially here in the UK to get snow Jan/Feb even March time.

  57. Thanks for sharing your lovely seasonal decorations...I love that little snowman with the lights!

  58. Vonna
    I love your post. Thanks for sharing...the calendar girls are wonderful and I love that you show them in the bowl and focus on one per month. What a way to totally enjoy them! I would so do this too! Your finishing is so very special.

    I wish you the very best in 2015 and more happy moments with your family. They are so grown up now.

    Happy stitching my friend!

  59. Such a lot of great decorating for the winter. I love the bowl where you keep the Calendar Girls and have just the monthly one on display next to the bowl. A great idea.
    Polar Express is a nice design and your finishing is so creative. All your finishing ideas are creative and very inspiring.

  60. Your decorations are lovely! Very creative way to display! Thank you for sharing!

  61. Love your winter decor!
    Wonderful stitching and finishes!
    Yes! I decorate with cross stitch. Every season and I don't need a reason to decorate!
    Wonderful update!


  62. you are amazing.....lovely decorations and outstanding stitching...I just love your blog and so appreciate all the time you put into it!! It's so enjoyable to read after a long day!! Lisa K

  63. Your home is beautiful!! Thank you for taking us on a little tour :) And I love how you display your calendar girls, it makes me want to stitch them up

  64. Vonna your house is decked out to the max! I don't decorate at all! Seems like too much work? But then when its done it looks so lovely! As usual beautiful stitching and finishing!!!

  65. I love to see your Christmas decorations each year!

    The North Pole Express finish is fantastic. I especially like the reverse appliqué; great idea.
    You're amazing! :0)

  66. Love your winter decorations! Beautiful stitching too! I have The North Pole Express in my to-do basket also and I really love the way you finished yours.

  67. Wow I ADORE your Winter decorating Vonna! So pretty. Your stitching is always a joy to see too. Love your North Polar Express.

  68. Hi Vonna - somehow I missed this post and it, too, it such a fun, special one. Your home is so beautiful and warm and then there is your stitching. I think we are all in complete AWE over your talent and creativity! You are such an inspiration to us. I just love to see what your latest project has been and how you finish it. Always perfection!! Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  69. Vonna - All the winter decorations are lovely. I especially like your mantel and the green feather trees. As always - you are a stitcher extraordinare!

  70. Your home always looks so inviting. I adore your decor! I still have some little Alpine trees up in our bay window covered with birds and clear lights. It makes us feel a bit more cheerful during these long winter night.
    Your stitching is so professionally made and finished. Keep up the good work in 2015!


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