Monday, December 08, 2014

Day 8...

~ Greetings and warm welcome to ~

Day 8...
today I have to share with you a finish that I absolutely adore!
May I present:

"French Hen"
designed by: With Thy Needle and Thread ~ Brenda Gervais
Stitched over 1 on 25 ct. coffee stained evenweave
using DMC

With Thy Needle and Thread French Hen Ornament

I was a little worried about finish one of these sweeties, but truly it was a breeze! Just sew along the traced lines, stuff, close, satin stitch a beak, french knot a eye, cut a scarf out of felt, find some old Christmas sheet music and make some "feathers" and VIOLA! One French Hen!!

~and she looks SO darling snuggled in the branches of our main tree~

Today is...
a Holy Feast Day of Obligation in the Catholic Church. It is the Immaculate Conception. 

Many people get this confused with the conception of Jesus within Mary, however it is a dogma of my faith instituted by Rome, that Mary herself was conceived within her mother (St. Ann) without the stain of original sin. If one ponders on this, it isn't hard to believe that God would want the vessel that would carry His son to be free from sin. Also, according to St. Bernadette Soubirous, who is famed to have seen the apparition of Our Lady in Lourdes, France in 1858, said that Our Lady spoke these words: "I am the Immaculate Conception".   

Its a special feast day...
for Catholics and one that is special to me personally. It is special to me because: 17 years ago, I was pregnant with my first baby. I was so eager to have my baby and snuggle it close. The days seemed to drag! I went to this feast day Mass thinking I had 6 weeks left before my baby would be born. I can remember kneeling and praying for the Blessed Virgin's intercession on my behalf for a good delivery and a healthy baby. Little did I know two days later...I'd be in labor and my darling baby girl would be snuggled in my arms within 18 hours! Healthy and perfect, although she was 6 weeks early.

Katie and I will attend Mass together at noon. We attended together 17 years ago, just she was in my belly :) Since her birthday is around the corner, we are going to celebrate Mass together and then I'm taking her out for a "girls lunch date". She never misses school, so missing a half day is not a biggie. I'm looking forward to spending time with my daughter in God's presence and then having a great lunch at Olive Garden! I'm really excited about the lunch out because....I've been doing a very strict diet for the last week and I'm ready to blow it out! LOL!

That is Day 8 folks!

Until tomorrow...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always!
join me!

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. What a beautiful finish, I've never seen anything like that before.
    Have a wonderful day, its lovely to be able to spend precious, special time with your beautiful daughter.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  2. Happyy Birthday to your eldest DD and may you enjoy the day and your day together after .. and you enjoy the blow out sorry having a giggle at this phrase :) have a great day :) love mouse xxxxx

  3. Your French Hen is adorable. Great job on finishing it. What a special way to spend the day with your DD. I hope you both have a wonderful time.

  4. The French Hen is beautiful! What a special day with Katie! Hope you enjoy lunch and church!

  5. Another beautiful ornament. I love the sheet music added.
    Enjoy your lunch today with Katie. A special day for both of you. And........pig out on the food :)
    Happy day #8 of the season.

  6. I love the French Hen--so pretty! Enjoy the special day with Katie!!

  7. Love your ornament finish Vonna! Hope you have a wonderful day with your daughter ! I am off to catch up on all your posts !

  8. Your Faith warms my heart and I so wish others would return to their religions and know that peace in the world is possible with God in our lives ....I love sharing my mornings with you Vonna :)

  9. Love your French Hen. Enjoy your special day with Katie.

  10. Your French Hen is just wonderful. Hope you have a great day with Katie.

  11. Hi Vonna, I'm sure you are spending very good time with your daughter Katie :)
    Your story are really beautiful, and touch me a lot, I'm french and the 8 th December is a special day for us (christians), Immaculée Conception our dear Mother, I pray every day God and Vierge Marie for Peace and Love in this earth and by hoping to be heard(understood) one day
    Big kisses from the south of France dear Vonna

  12. That is the sweetest finish, Vonna! I'm glad to hear it wasn't too difficult to finish--it sure would be for me!

    I'm sure your day with Katie has been a special one--you are very blessed to have not one, but two dear daughters :)

  13. What a special day for you and your daughter. I taught for 30 years and I say a day like the one you have planned is well worth it!! Enjoy!

  14. Your French Hen is lovely!

  15. What a special and wonderful story. It brought tears to my eyes. Have a wonderful day with your daughter.
    A fellow Catholic.

  16. Love how you finished the french hen! And I know you enjoyed your day with your special blessing, your firstborn.

  17. Dear Vonna,
    I just read all your "Days" that I was behind and I leave my comment at this one, because it is so special. Not only this pretty French Hen which I really adore (but that ist not sooo special - I literally adore all of your finishes you show here at your 25 Days Blog Walk), I love the story of you and Katie.
    And I like your words about Lourdes. Have you ever been there? If not and you will travel Europe one day, you really should plan a visit to Lourdes

    Thank you for these wonderful journey through your christmas time!


  18. Happy Birthday to Katie! I'm sure you will treasure the day together! Love the French Hen ornament too.

  19. Vonna, I've been meaning to comment on your 25 days of christmas posts but life is busy and I'm trying to catch up on 500 posts because I was visiting my family out of the country. Such a busy year and season. I know how you feel about blogging and do feel like I abandoned my own blog because I don't have the time like I used to and I miss both blogging and stitching. I love blogs and want to become a regular poster again. I hope that I can in 2015. In catching up, I decided to comment on this post because I just came back from Nicaragua where there are 9 days of celebration for the Virgin Mary leading up to December 8th which is a National Holiday because it is the day of the Immaculate Mary. There were processions each day with Mary and people walking down the streets singing all these songs I remember from my childhood (all in Spanish, I can't remember the words...just the melody). Fireworks celebrating each night. In the capital, each government entity is in charge of decorating an altar for Mary and the altars line the main boulevard for about 4-5 blocks. Such amazing creativity and devotion shown. I thought I would share because I know you would have appreciated it and loved the displays. I wish I had taken photos! Your story about Katie is lovely and it's wonderful that you share these memories with her. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!


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