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Day 6 ...

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Well since the last couple of days haven't had anything STUNNING in them, I've decided to share something with you today that I am so very proud of! 

For those of you that are my loyal followers...
you will remember that on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 I stated a few of my "New Year" goals. As I've aged, I have realized...resolutions are meant to be broken, but that's how my mind works. You can ALWAYS be working on a goal and still have set backs. Resolutions are like one slip and they are broken! So I'm into "goals"...

back on topic, my loyal followers will remember that I mentioned that I have really, really desired having a Prairie Schooler Santa Tree. My friend Priscilla, I have been following for quite a few years now, has a stunner. You can see it on this blog post: Priscilla's Santa Tree . In fact, Priscilla has a stunning blog no matter what the season is...I suggest you put her in your reading list! And we must not forget our friend Marly and her Santa Trees. You may visit Marly at her blog: Samplers and Santas and add her into your blog roll too, if she's not already in there :)

So looking...
year after year at these lady's very fine examples of Santa trees, I had a thumping in my heart and a desire in my spirit to make my own version of a Prairie Schooler Santa Tree. So I got to stitching January 1, 2014 toward my dream of a Santa Tree.

I stitched this jolly fellow just recently and finished him today:

Santa bearing pineapple
by Prairie Schooler
found in book 36 
*NOTE*(this book is LONG out of print, but I collect PS and am lucky to have a deep collection. It has been on eBay recently for reasonable prices)

Santa with Pineabble

I stitched two other small Santas (also found in Book 36) and two large yearly Santas in this calendar year. 5 Santas...not bad progress...sure did help me get going toward my dream. And in case anyone is wondering, I stitch my Santas on the 18 count Khaki Davos fabric, over one, as called for in the patterns. 

2014 Prairie Schooler Santas

Thanks to my BFF and stitching buddy Marie of Creative Thread whom I have known for years...she knew my ultimate desires and stitched me three beauties for my dream tree and gifted them to me on my birthday!!!! Here they are:
Prairie Schooler Santas Marie Stitched for my Birthday

Well That's 8 ornaments for my tree. . . and when I dug into my box of over 150 stitched ornaments, I found more that I have stitched through the years and also some friends that have stitched some for me over the years too!

I am so tickled to present, my very own, 

It is in our Dining/Kitchen Room and here it is at nighttime:

2014 Prairie Schooler Santa Tree

And here it is during the day time:

Prairie Schooler Santa Tree Daytime

I put my tall skinny tree into my 8 gallon Uhl crock, then used burlap ribbon for the "tree wrap" and old quilt runner for the tree skirt. I found these sweet peppermint candy ornaments at Hobby Lobby and scattered them throughout since I have in my mind a vision of only "red and white" on the tree. To be honest, the burlap ribbon was just something that I tried and when I put it on the tree I knew it was perfect. I am so in love with this tree! I just sit and stare at it :) SO HAPPY! and I will be enthusiastic to add more and more ornaments this year!

I'd like to give a nod to some special people in my life that stitched some ornaments on this tree and gifted them to me through the years...
The Santa on the Reindeer is from Edgar
The small Santa holding a tree is from Cathy B
The Ho Ho Ho Santa is from Carol
and the other little sunflower Santa in a tin is from Marie (again!)
The rest were all stitched by me through the years. I think I had 5 others. 


Since I started finishing the smaller Santas as the covered pillow ticking tags; plus the Little House Needleworks Ornament and the Country Cottage Needleworks Ornament in the current 2014 Just Cross Stitch magazine, I also finished as tags; many inquiring minds wanted to know how I did it. So, I decided that my "gift" to all of you today would be a  tutorial on finishing a project into: 

I wish you many hours of fun finishing! As it is my tradition to try to finish all my projects into pretties for my tree so that year after year as we pull them out to lovingly hang on our tree we can remember that year and what I stitched for our tree. My kids enjoy pulling their own ornaments out, that I have stitched for them alone, to hang on the tree in their very own place of pride on our Family Room Tree. I have (with this year's additions) close to 200 stitched ornaments that hang on our big tree. And at the end of these 25 Days you will be able to see it! Until then...its a secret!

That does it for today folks!

Until tomorrow....
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always! (this is a working at the hospital weekend for me I'll be keeping them busy in a different way!)

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    beautiful stitching, love your Christmas tree

  2. Always LOVE your tutorials and willingness to share them! Where do you find to be the best place to buy grommets for your Crop-o-dile?

  3. ohhhhh that is stunning and how wonderful to find you had some more already stitched in your stash to make the tree look gorgeous :) off to and have a peep at Priscillas tree... one day I may get one of my own too .. and love your idea of goals :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Congratulations Your tree is beautiful--it's amazing what we can accomplish when we set our minds to a goal/task

  5. Your Santa tree is very pretty. I love the burlap ribbon on it. Thank you for the tutorial.

  6. Just fabulous! What a beauty and each year will only become more of a treasure with each new ornanment that you place on it! Thanks for sharing the tag tutorial. Blessings...

  7. Really pretty Vonna. Cross stitch trees are so special. I look at mine everyday and smile. And your tree will grow each year with more ornies.

  8. Love, love, love your tree! That has also been one of my goals but I have a long way to go. Thank you for always writing such an inspiring blog post and as always thank you for yet another amazing tutorial!
    Have a blessed Christmas Season,

  9. Your Santa tree is absolutely stunning. I love Santa's. Thank you for the tutorial. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. I love, love, love your santa tree !! Perfect spot for display too.
    Happy day # 6 of this glorious season.

  11. Vonna.....WOW! I remember you discussing your desire for a santa truly is amazing to see that goal "come to life"...good for you!!! It's also so fabulous to hear of all the beautiful ornaments stitching friends have stitched for you....?any thoughts about starting a year round ornament exchange?? Wouldn't that be fun?!...or do you know anyone who does one? Lisa K

  12. Vonna it is fabulous! I really like your finishing method for these guys. They are all at attention instead of twisting around and half hidden. Now I'm sorry I didn't stitch a few more this year. Love love love!

  13. How awesome that you already achieved your PS santa tree goal! It's so cute and accessorized perfectly as always. I have a crop-a-dile, but I don't know if it would make holes that big. Do you have more than one size? Love your tutorials and use them for my finishing. I think I'm getting better because of your help!

  14. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Vonna love the PS Santa tree! It is really getting full. Love seeing all the ornaments that were gifted to you. the tag finish looks amazing on them... Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow... thanks Vonna!

  15. Finally caught up on your week of posts.:) A fabulous start. Today is just wonderful. Stunning PS Santas. I love your tree.

  16. I adore your tree Vonna. It is so pretty. I love my ornament tree and smile very time I look at it.

  17. Now I want to take all my Prairie Schooler Santas apart and do them like the one in the tutorial(Next years project).Your tutorials are the best!Thanks.Your tree is fantastic!

  18. I love your Santa tree, I would be proud to own just one of those santa ornaments. Lecia

  19. Vonna, the tree is gorgeous ( drool, drool). If I'd kept all the PS ornaments I've given away over the years, I'd have a tree full. I've decided to start keeping my finishes and hope to do a PS tree.

    Have a wonderful Christmas!

  20. Your Prairie Schooler tree is marvelous! I love how it's stuck into the crock too. Just gorgeous all around! Hooray!

  21. Hi Vonna - what a fun, charming Santa tree. I love Prairie Schooler -especially the Sants. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful tree with us. I am so impressed by your work - your posts inspire us.

  22. A super goal and a beautiful tree. Thank you so very much for all your wonderful tutorials!! I love the tag idea!!!

  23. I am working on a tree of cross stitch Santa and cross stitch Christmas trees. It is lots of fun I have 3 ornaments done, stitching is done but just need to embellish them.

  24. Love your PS tree and ornaments - what fun! Thank you for the tutorial; I will be trying it out! Happy stitching.

  25. Congrats on your first year for a PS Santa Tree! You have a good start to a very full tree. Also, thanks for the tutorial... I use yours pretty exclusively when I need a new finishing idea. Priscilla has a lot of trees... I peeked at her blog... but will have to take a bit longer later... Hugs!

  26. Your PS Santa tree is beyond beautiful. No wonder you sit and stare at it, I would too!

  27. Vonna, your PS tree is wonderful, so many lovely ornaments, and I love that you have shared the tag tutorial.I will have to try this finish.
    Have seen Priscillas tree too, I think I need a PS tree for next year , ha ha!!!!!
    They are just so beautiful.
    Love Linda O xxx

  28. Love your Santa tree Vonna ! It is fabulous ! Thanks so much for your sweet thoughts about my tree :) Your ornaments are beautiful ! I am going to have to go look at book number 36 and see if I have it !!!

  29. I wrote a comment and I am not sure wether it published before I ran off to Ebay for that #36 :) your Santa tree ! Your ornaments are finished beautifully ! Thanks so much Vonna for your sweet thoughts about my Santa tree !

  30. your PS santa tree is wonderful Vonna ! so clever to put in the crock - I love love love it ! I am dying to try your tag finishing - I am working on a WC Wendy Design right now that were all finished as tags. How appropriate is your gift of the finishing tutorial. thank you and I hope you have a great week ! Mel

  31. Now, that's a tree!!! As you know, I'm a huge PS lover, too--it is my "comfort stitching" and just looking at your wonderful PS tree makes me feel warm and cozy all over :)

  32. I love your tree Vonna! I've been waiting to see ever since you had bought it last year after Christmas! It's gorgeous!
    Well worth the wait - LOL! love Annette

  33. Your Santa tree is beautiful!! It looks perfect! I have one PS Santa on my tree and now I have to get my butt in gear and get some more done :)

  34. Anonymous9:34 AM

    I'm taking a rare moment out of my day to read blogs, and I headed straight to yours to catch up on your daily Christmas postings. I, too, would *love* to have a Prairie Schooler Santa tree. What a great display, and I love your finishing! Who knows? Maybe 2015 will be the year, . . . but I'd better get very busy, if so.


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