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Day 4...

~ Greetings and warm welcome to ~
Today my friends...
I have an extra special share with you. Today, December 4, 2014 is my twins 15th birthday! If there is any tradition or anything that I have had a hand in making that brings me more happiness it is my baby boys. 

So I'll share a "few" pictures with you in celebration of their birth ;)

My babies...
born at 8:39 and 8:42 p.m. weighed in at: 6 lbs 7 oz. (Ian) and 5 lbs 4 oz. (Jacob) 
They were 6 weeks early born just shy of 34 weeks gestation. I had been in the hospital 6 weeks on magnesium sulfate, flat on my back as I had gone into hard labor at 28 weeks.

We were so blessed when they came out perfect! No airway intervention needed. Ian had to wear a c-pap for 24 hours, but other than that, no problems. Since they were twins and preemies we had to stay in the hospital for 11 days following their birth just to get the hang of breastfeeding and Jacob had to gain a little fat and learn to maintain his temperature because he was so skinny.

Here they are right before they released us on Dec 15, 1999. Ian on the left and Jacob on the right.

Twins Birth 1999

We rang in the new year at home...

And in February they gained a little more weight....

They always slept just like this up until they were in the 5th grade *shhh...they'd kill me if they knew I told you all that*. . . they had their own beds, but they wanted to sleep together. The doctor told us that as twins they gained emotional comfort from each other (which we knew anyway, but it was good to have it confirmed)....

They were healthy breast feeders as this 6 month pictures shows :) One of my very favorite photos of them :) So jolly! Mama's butterball turkeys, is what I used to call them....
Ian and Jacob 6 months

When they turned 5...we had a big celebration at their pre-school...

Then we had some cake...
Twins Birthday 2004

In August of 2005, all hell broke loose and they had a new baby sister. Ian's face truly describes how he felt about her...he told the nurse to "take her back" he didn't want a sister! (we decided to keep her anyway after a few days...)

We moved to a new larger home and when they turned 7 in 2006 they were accepted into Jedi Master training ;)
(I made those robes at midnight the night before....)

8th Birthday in 2007....

10th birthday in 2009...

Then they became teenagers....
Vonna's Iphone Pictures September 2014 006

and Boy Scouts...
They worked really hard and Daddy helped them earn all the required badges and finally;
 Ian became an Eagle Scout on September 23, 2014
Jacob became an Eagle Scout on December 2, 2014

We are currently planning their official Eagle Award Ceremony and Reception for Spring 2015!!!
Boys at Boy Scout Summer Camp 2014

They decided to go to High School...
and they ran on the Boys Cross Country Team. They worked hard and did FABULOUS this season!!!
Pfeiffer Cross Country Season 2014

and here they are celebrating their favorite Holiday at "Celebrate your Favorite Holiday Day" at school this week. 
Holiday Pfeiffer

What can I say about my babies? They are my pride and joy. They have grown into handsome young men. They are all A students. They are kind, generous and loving to all they know. They are hard workers. They are strong in their faith. They serve at Mass every weekend. They get angry at each other and yes, they argue ~ I don't want to claim that we live in utopia, because we don't...but seriously we aren't far off from utopia as disagreements and anger are not so frequent in our household. I'm so happy that they are "tight" with their sister, and they do everything with her ~ their friends are her friends. Her friends are their friends. They go to movies, school functions and hang around all together. And they LOVE that she drives them around :)  It eases my mind that with all three of them together, they are safe. But the most important thing of all is: They LIKE to be with us as a family. We turn off the television at 7 pm. (most evenings through the week) and if they aren't studying they come into our bedroom and we just sit and talk as a family. If they have a problem, they come to us. No subject is off limits. They want to know about something, we tell them about it. I'd rather they learn from us than someone else! They know that our family comes first and they like it that way.

So a GREAT BIG....
Happy 15th Birthday 
Ian and Jacob!!!!

We are so proud of you and we love you more than words can express!

That does it for Day 4 folks....
I'm off to bake a cake and make my babies Hamburgers and homemade French Fries per their birthday dinner request!

Until tomorrow...
I'll be keeping my hands to work (cutting up potatoes for fries) and my heart to God, just like always.
Join me!

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. A very Happy Birthday to your sons! It is great to see a family that is doing so well together! Enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday to your handsome boys! Oh my what adorable little babies they were :)

  3. Happpyyyyyy birthday boys :) was lovely to look at your photos through the years and congratulations again on getting your scouts awards :) save me a piece of cake pleaseeeee .....and its lovely to hear about your home life too ... more peeps should be like it .. but sadly not .... any hooooo have a fandabydosy rest of the day :) love mouse xxxx

  4. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob!! They grow too fast! Your family is beautiful Vonna! Hope your feeling better too!
    love Annette

  5. Love this. Actions speak louder than words and your family speaks volumes! Thanks for sharing this Vonna. Beautiful. (yesterday's was great too, but my computer was pouting and wouldn't let me post. ;)

  6. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures from babies until now, precious !!
    Enjoy the birthday dinner and cake !!

  7. Great photos Vonna.
    Your love and pride shines through every word. Happy birthday to your boys.

  8. A very Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob!! My twins will have a birthday December 15th. They do grow up fast!!

  9. Great tribute to your boys. Wishing them both a Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy birthday to them.

  11. Happy birthday to Ian and Jacob! What a lovely, lovely post! I feel like I know them now! I hope they have a great day. I hope you do too. I admire any mother of twins, especially one with two other kids in addition. Don't know how you do it!

  12. Happy Birthday Ian and Jacob! I enjoyed seeing the pictures from over the years! Have a great day celebrating!!

  13. Happy Birthday to Ian & Jacob!! You do have every reason to be very proud of them - they are two really special young men. (Two Eagle Scouts in the family is also a very special accomplishment!!)

    Vonna, thank you so much for sharing your family with us - you remind us all of truly what is important.

    p.s. - today is my Mom's birthday, too!

  14. How sweet Vonna! They look like they have provided you years of joy over the 15 years!

  15. Happy Birthday Ian and Jacob! What a wonderful post. :)

  16. Happy Birthday boys children are truly a gift from God

  17. The story of your boys warms my heart! They are growing into great young men! Hope they have forgiven you for bringing home a baby sister. LOL

  18. You have a wonderful family. Happy Birthday boys...

  19. Your family is wonderful. You are truly blessed. Happy Birthday to your sweet boys! Laura

  20. Happy Birthday to your boys! I just finished reading back through your archives so I feel like your kids grew up in a few months instead of years haha! But I hope my boys (5 and 1) grow up close to each other like your kids are.

  21. Happy birthday to your boys. It's so nice to seer how they've turned out since I've just begun my journey as an aunt to twins who arrived six weeks early. :-)

  22. There's something special about twins which I didn't appreciate until I became a mother of twins. :) You are a blessed mama, and Ian and Jacob are especially blessed boys!

  23. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob! Don't the years just fly by!!!

  24. Oh, how I loved watching them grow in this post, Vonna--you have two such special boys and I love the wonderful bond between them. (Oh, and while you were giving birth on December 4, 1999, my middle son just happened to be celebrating his 14th birthday. Yes, he is (gasp!!) 29 years old today :)

  25. Happy Birthday to your boys !

  26. Happy Birthday!!!

  27. Sending Happy Birthday wishes to your sons! Hope they enjoyed their day!

  28. Twins are great! I have a set and they are 21! Happy Birthday and enjoy them!!!

  29. Happy Birthday to them both! I love hearing about your sweet family!

  30. A two for the price of one blessing Vonna!

  31. I think the thing that REALLY stands out to me is that ALL of your children seem to have a wonderful sense of humor and fun. Happy birthday to Ian and Jacob. I hope their "new" year is everything they wish for. :-)

  32. Just Awesome! I was about to turn in myself and remembered I hadn't read your blog yet today. What a joyful way to end my evening! Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob!

  33. Happy Birthday to your boys!! Hope you all had a great day
    Love to all
    Linda O xxxx

  34. What a wonderful tribute to your sons! Hope they had Happy Birthdays!!

  35. How lovely. I really enjoyed reading about your boys. I hope they have a great day. I have a 14.5 year old myself and can't imagine him having a twin. Well done!

  36. What a great life story for them, so far! Happy belated birthdays to them!

  37. Hope the boys had a great birthday !

  38. Having twins must be a unique and special relationship I hope the boys had a great b-day!

  39. What a lovely family you have!


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