Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 20, Day 21 and Day 22....

~ Greetings and Warm Welcome to ~ 
Day 20, Day 21, and Day 22...
well, I dropped off the face of the earth because: 
I got called in to work odd shifts again, alone, this weekend. I did my duty to my fellow colleagues and filled in :) Its hard to swing around doing things that you are not familiar with on a schedule that is up in the air all the time. BUT it is a job, and I didn't put myself through 4 years of college to get my BS in Biology and then 1 extra year to get my advanced degree in Medical Technology for nothing. So there you go! You do what you gotta do ;) And I'm thankful for it!

What do I have to share with you today...
WELL.... I'm sharing with you 5 finishes that I'm very proud and honored to be associated with, that's what! And there are still 7 more coming :) but I can't share those yet...

Many of you...
I'm sure are on the automatic shipments (and if you are not, you need to at least be getting these sweet designs) for Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Classic Collection Ornaments
Nikki asked me last summer if I would be the model and finisher for this series...and well I am not only a huge fan of Country Cottage Needleworks and Nikki is my friend, but you know me and ornaments, right?! ;)
So of course I said, I would be honored to help Nikki out!

Country Cottage Needleworks...
kicked off the series with:
CCN Angels

Adorable! Did you know that I'm posting step by step instructions and tips and hints on how to finish these? Those can be found here: CCN "Angels" Ornament Finishing...

Next came...
"Dear Santa"
CCN Dear Santa

This one was a darling...and again you may find the finishing instructions: CCN Dear Santa Ornament Finishing...

Third in the series was...
"Snow Love"
CCN Snow Love
and let me tell you, I was snow in love after I finished this sweetie. LOVED the polka dotted fabric!
The finishing for this is found: CCN "Snow Love" Ornament Finishing...

Then came...
"Christmas Cookies"

CCN_Christmas Cookies

And you can find out how to finish this darling: CCN "Christmas Cookies" Ornament Finishing...

and last, but not least because there are 7 more to go!!
"Christmas Cheer"
CCN_Christmas Cheer

Don't you love this one?! those little cute! You can figure out how to finish this cutie at: CCN "Christmas Cheer" Ornament Finishing...

All of these are just darling! There are many blogs that are devoted to monthly stitching of ornaments through the year. I'm going to really push myself again next year to stitch, stitch, stitch as many Christmas ornaments as I can! These sweeties are NO exception. They are darling on a tree. Why don't you join me in stitching ornaments 365 days next year? 

Today on the slate is....
and Christmas Cookie baking with my kids.... yea!
and probably I need to get in a solid 30 on the elliptical....UGH!
so that I can eat some cookies...YEA!

Until tomorrow...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, just like always!

Love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas cheer ornament, finishing and all! Now I need to head to my cross stitch store and get the graph and put it at the top of my "to stitch" list.

  2. Love them all.. finished so pretty ! ! Have the charts but.. need 48 hours more in each day ! You get so much done ! Have fun with the cookie baking !

  3. Vonna - I noticed CCN's newest last night when I was rambling around trying to find you! ( - : I love the newest one out there for sure! Have stitched her stuff and absolutely love it. Easy stitches and the colors are beautiful! Love that pillow! Love it!

    Thx for showing - you made it up to us for being absent for a couple of days by putting so much out there! So sorry you had to work when you hadn't planned on it. Messes everything up. But you're right - it's a job & wow! What an education you have!

  4. I want to stitch all of them so I have gifts ready for next year. I did my cookies, hid them from family but I go and sneak one in; not good. Merry Christmas to you and your family and thank you for your hard work in your profession. We are off to the hospital and doctors to thank them with a gift for my dear friend who has cancer to thank them for all their help.

  5. Beautiful finishes! I will have to look for these lovelies.

  6. LOVE all the ornaments. I am going to try to keep stitching ornaments next year also. It has also been my dream to have a tree full of Prairie Schooler Santas. I have about 10-12 now. I am a retired MLT. If I had to do it again I would pick a profession that is not open 24/7, 365 days a year. My kids are both teachers. Yea for them!!! Lots of days off and vacations. Pays not great but very rewarding. Merry Christmas!!

  7. Anonymous10:30 AM

    I am on the automatic for Nikki's ornaments! I love them. My favorite so far its the snow love one. I have dough mixed waiting to be baked, hopefully today I will get that done. I need to wrap presents after cleaning. Have fun baking cookies...

  8. Wonderful finishing for these adorable ornaments. I wish I had your talent. Merry Christmas!

  9. Ohmigosh, those ornaments are wonderful! You and the Candy Cane Stitchers (which you pointed me to) are my inspiration to stitch some ornaments for next year! I am headed over now to check out the Country Cottage link!

  10. The designs are sweet. I must get some of that polka dot linen...what a great idea!

  11. I was missing you...glad everything is okay. That is if working that shift can be. Lovely stitching and finishing! Have fun baking today.

  12. Love, love, love the ornaments. I make several a year for my family. I think Snow Love will be my first one to stitch for 2015 batch...I love stitching them. I love your finishing touches and will use some of them for are such an inspiration, Vonna, thank you. Look forward to seeing what is next from you. I love that you share pictures too. I see there is another Judy responding and her kids are teachers...mine too--secondary has gone on to be Vice Principal now and the other is getting his PhD...very proud of my guys.
    Sorry you have to work such shifts...but glad you are there for have such a lovely heart. I am sure they appreciate you.
    Judy in Kansas

  13. Missed your weekend posts glad to see your back. I want to thank you for your work in the medical field, it is a thankless job. My local hospital is on my list of blessings, because it is always open with staff that provides professional care and kindness.
    I need to have my adult son seen often he suffers with a chronic illnes, we have been to the ER at all times of the day and night. It is easy to forget that staff is away from family and missing out on family activities and holidays.
    Your ornaments are beautiful and thank you for posting.the finishing instructions I have been using them to finish a few of my stitched projects. A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  14. All your Ornies are absolutely gorgeous!! Your finishing techniques are awesome! Thank you for sharing them!!

  15. You are working too hard but as a retired nurse I totally understand.
    Your stitching and finishing are beautiful as always and it is so special that you are the stitcher for CCN and LHN projects. I always get a smile when I see your name listed on their products.
    Have fun baking with the kids. At Christmas time, calories do NOT count :)

  16. You sound like me, Vonna--always filling in for a sick coworker whenever needed. I think it is because I only work part-time so I have the energy to pitch in when needed.

    So many gorgeous finishes today--the little angels and the ruched ribbon and the snowmen on the polka dot fabric are my favorites--really have to make a point to buy some of that fabric :)

    Enjoy your cookie baking with the kids--I sure miss those days!!

  17. The ornaments are absolutely beautiful and will have to go on my extensive wish list. Have fun baking cookies with the kids and remember Christmas calories don't count.

  18. Planning ahead for ornaments I hit the jackpot at my local JoAnn store. 70% off Christmas ribbon. Wonderful assortment in a bowl waiting on my ornaments now. Get out there girls and grab some up inspiration and cheap!!!!

  19. You keep me inspired! I love the Santa one with the wonderful perfect bow. I am off to browse all your tutorials for some help with a last minute ornament finish for the year!

    Cookies! Enjoy! I think the love they are baked with make them taste extra special.

  20. What cute stitches! I also love CCN and LHN designs! Perhaps next year I will stitch more ornaments--you never know! I at least HOPE to! Thanks for sharing as always! Hugs!

  21. I agree - I thought the CCN ornament series was darling - you have been doing a smashing job with the finishing and stitching of course. What a talented mother/daughter design team. You have been showing some things this month that I don't have in my stash. Bad but good - you are naughty and oh so nice Ms Vonna! Wish we lived close - I bet we'd be good buddies. Enjoy the baking - Mel

  22. Oh, I just finished ordering the little elves! The ornaments are gorgeous Vonna and your finishing is outstanding! I cannot wait to stitch the snowmen as I am trying to stitch an ornament with a pair of something in it for our tree each year.

  23. Vonna: What beautiful finishes, you are positively the Queen of finishing techniques.

    From My Home to Yours
    Merry Christmas


  24. It is very nice of you to fill in, especially when you have your own holiday preparations. Great job on all of those adorable ornaments.

  25. These are all so cute! I'm hoping to get my hands on the polka dot fabric soon. I'll be sure to come back for finishing instructions too. I'm hoping to work on ornaments early in the year so they don't get forgotten.

  26. Your finishing is just amazing. You are so generous to share your ideas with all of us.

  27. They are all adorable, and they fit me more than the sampler ones you dreamt about! I tend to go for more whimsical patterns versus sampler. Good thing there are enough designs to make everyone happy! I'll have to try the arched finish sometime. The triple felt always looks awesome!

  28. I was getting worried that you weren't posting, so glad to see today's "triple" post! I'm a sucker for any monthly or seasonal stitching projects. Want to do Niky's Creations "Animal of the Month" for next year. And, I hear you about work calling you in, almost a daily occurrence for me (nurse in critical care), was so hoping it would calm down somewhat during the holidays. As always, looking forward to tomorrow's post!

  29. I don't know how you do it! With so much work and your finishing is fantastic!

  30. Gorgeous stitching,it is great to view so many together and the finishing is inspired.

  31. I am really enjoying this series and am in love with your finishes :) I'm stitching the Snow Love and look forward to using your tutorial for the finishing :)

  32. These are just wonderful! You always do such a great job with the finishing as well as the stitching. Sorry the shifts at work are crazy. Enjoy the cookie baking! Our stove is broken so no baking for us. Sigh. Merry Christmas!

  33. Wonderful finishing. Mmmm cookie baking ... yummy.

  34. Your finishing is the best!! And those ornaments are so sweet!


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