Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 12...

~ Greetings and warm welcome to ~ 
Day 12...
we are all a little hung over from birthday cake so today is going to be short and sweet!
I stitched today to share:

"Winter Night"
by Lizzie Kate
found in Just Cross Stitch Magazine 2014
stitched on random linen scrap using DMC

Lizzie Katie from 2014 JCS ornament issue

I finished it simply - mounted on felt, but I added some baker's twine for the bow and hanger. I think its cute :)
Here it is on our tree:
Lizzie Kate on tree - Copy

For today's tradition...
My sister-in-law, Susan, is very talented at painting. I can't paint anything to save my life except a wall....but she creates gorgeous ornaments. Here is one of them in my collection from her. It is the Holy Family:

Susan's Holy Family painted ornament - Copy

On the back she prints in paint a relevant Scripture verse. 
I have probably a dozen of her hand-painted beauties and I love and treasure each one!

Verse on Back of Holy Family

SO folks...
that's Day 12!

Until tomorrow...
love in stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Vonna I love the sweet lizzie kate ornament it is adorable! The finish is stunning! Your SIL ornament she painted is lovely! I hope you share some pics of the others. She is very talented! I am glad Katie had a wonderful day and you all had fun celebrating! Love the frozen cake!

  2. Not only is 'Winters Night' cute, it's also so very neatly finished, its lovely.
    The baubles your Sister-in-Law painted are beautiful, I too, am hopeless at painting and admire anyone who can paint, and your SIL certainly can!! They are wonderful Christmas treasures
    Linda O xxx

  3. Loved the cake ...:) and gorgeous wee ornaments and your SIL is fab at doing those wee painting on the baubles ... no wonder you love them :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Happy day # 12 of the season.
    The Lizzie Kate ornament is adorable.
    And I love the painted ornament by your sister-in-law. So much talent in your family.

  5. Your sister in law is a very talented painter, indeed! And you are the most talented stitcher and finisher of stitchings!

    The new photographs of your family in the sidebar are amazing, Vonna!


  6. Great job on your L*K. The painted ornament is beautiful.

  7. Darling ornament, Vonna--love the baker's twine idea, too! How wonderful to be able to paint like your SIL--that is so lovely! How nice to have your very own collection of her little beauties :)

  8. Super cute ornament Vonna ! You have so many new treasures for your trees this year ! Your sis in law's painting is great !

  9. I hope Katie had a wonderful birthday! I love the LK ornament and how you finished it, and the ornament that your sister-in-law painted is gorgeous!!

  10. Love the Lizzie Kate ornament and the painted ornament is lovely.

  11. What a lovely painted ornament. That is very beautiful!

  12. Very nicely done again, with the LK ornament and finishing. Love the triple felt effect. Must look for Baker's Twine... Your SIL is very talented--that ornament is definitely a keeper! Hugs!

  13. another beautiful ornament and a belated happy birthday to Katie - hope you are all enjoying the season ! Mel

  14. Love your ornament -- and wow on the SIL's ornament! She is definitely a talented lady!

  15. The L*K ornament is cute! Your SIL creates lovely ornaments and what special treasures for your tree!

  16. What a nice ornament finish and a beautiful ornament!

  17. Vonna, I am really enjoying your daily Christmas posts. Your LK finish is so pretty - the baker's twine really adds that special something :) Your sister-in-law's ornament is just beautiful.

  18. Your L*K piece is lovely. The ornament your SIL creates are just the most gorgeous treasures. A very talented person.

  19. Just wanted to say I am really enjoying reading your post. Thank you for sharing! Lots of talent in your family, love all the things you have been showing.

  20. All of your ornaments are amazing! Your SIL also makes wonderful works of art, I'm sure you treasure them.

  21. So enjoying your daily posts Vonna...your ornaments and your sharing of your wisdom, life lessons, and faith.

  22. Love the felt finishing idea. I may try that since I have some wool felt in my stash.

  23. That is the cutest stitched ornament! And the hand painted ones from your sister-in-law are gorgeous. My brother can draw, sketch and paint and yet does nothing with his talent. That frustrates me so much as I can't even draw a stick figure!

  24. Very cute ornament. I love the 3 layer felt, I've tried 2 so far, but never 3! I have a coworker that can paint and she has given me several ornaments over the years, although her are more whimsical in theme. I treasure them all. This year she used a lightbulb and painted The Grinch on it!

  25. Your LizzieKate ornament looks great on your tree. And you Sister-in-law is very talented, her painting is beautiful!


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