Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 11....

~ Greetings and warm welcome to ~
Day 11...
a day very similar to Day 4 in its special place in my heart as we celebrate today the birth of our firstborn, Katie!!

Newborn pictures are not the most flattering and although she looks a little bit like Grandpa Munster in this photo, we thought she was the most gorgeous baby ever!!


As she started to grow, she became so cute! Here she was 6 months old and loved to be in her walker :)

  Katie_6 months_May 1998

She celebrated her first birthday and we were so proud of her!

Katie_First Birthday_Dec 1998

Then one day in October 1999 when she was 22 months old we broke the news to her that not only one brother would be coming soon, but two (as if she couldn't tell by my monstrous belly)....
She didn't take the news well....

Katie_22 months_October 1999

She resigned herself to her new brothers by her second birthday...
ho hum....

Katie_2 years_December 1999

By the next year...
she figured it was pretty much fun having a couple of kids around to play with and do some paci sucking together, you know contemplating life...

Katie and the Boys_12_22_00

Yeah, maybe it wasn't so bad...

Mommy and Kids_December 2000

She was still the apple in her Daddy's eye!
Life was good!

Keith and Katie_Katie's 3 birthday_Dec 2000

Plus these losers were gated OUT of the Christmas tree and she got to be on the INSIDE where the party was goin' on....

Katie and the boys Christmas_2000

Then she decided enough with the toddler years and she started to grow up....
(December 2003 6th birthday)

Katie's 6th Birthday_December 2003

Then another bomb dropped when her parents said another kid was coming in 2005...
she didn't know what to think about that!

Christmas Card 2005

But a couple of years under her belt of being a big sister to a girl...
and she decided it was pretty fun!


Then the awkward preteen years struck....
so.....she did a lot more growing ~ use your imagination.

She celebrated her Sweet 16 Birthday last year with her favorite kids that she loves so much, even if they do make her mad sometimes!

Katie 16 Birthday 2013

and today....
she celebrates her 17th birthday!!
She's turned into the most beautiful, warm-hearted, loving, hard-working, intelligent person I know and I'm proud to call her my daughter!


Happy 17th Birthday Katie!
We love you so very much! 
We thank God that He blessed us with you!

That does it for Day 11 folks!

Until tomorrow...
Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday to a lovely young lady. The pictures are great........such fun looking at the early ones.
    Have a wonderful day !!

  2. Happy birthday to Katie! I love seeing the pictures over the years. She is a beautiful, smart, talented and caring young woman -- and you should be very proud of her!

  3. So many memories ! Happy Birthday to your Katie!

  4. happy birthday to Katie! It has been fun seeing her grow up into such a beauty!

  5. Happy Birthday Katie! What a beautiful family to be a part of!

  6. Hope your DD has a wonderful birthday.

  7. Happy Birthday--she is an amazing daughter and growing into an amazing woman

  8. Happy Birthday, Katie! You are truly a very blessed and beautiful young adult :)

  9. Happy 17 are lovely

  10. Happy Birthday Katie.

  11. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Happy Birthday Katie! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures Vonna! Have a great day celebrating!

  12. Happy 17th Birthday to beautiful Katie!!

  13. Happy Birthday Katie!!! Love the snaps Vonna!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing your memories and pictures with us. You have a beautiful 17 year old!

  15. Tell your daughter her latest picture is beautiful!

  16. Katie is a beautiful young lady. Plus, she sounds very sweet. My wise Dad said of his very cute little grand daughter, " I just want her spirit to be as pretty as her face." I have always remembered that. That little girl turned 40 a year ago. Like your Katie, she does have a beautiful spirit.

  17. Best wishes to the birthday girl!!!

  18. Happy Birthday to Katie!

  19. Happy Birthday to Katie, you must be so proud of her, she is a beautiful young lady.
    Love Linda O XXX

  20. Such a wonderful heartwarming post to the birthday of your beautiful daughter, dear Vonna!
    Happy belated birthday, Katie!


  21. Aww... I loved seeing Katie grow up! What a beautiful and talented daughter you have, Vonna! Wishing her a year filled with much love and laughter :)

  22. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Happy birthday, Katie!!!

    I can't believe how much she and Ellie look alike in her younger pictures. I think you are going to have another set of "twins" when Ellie gets older.

    Cute photos ------ you've raised quite a wonderful young woman.

  23. December is QUITE a busy month for you! Happy Birthday to Miss Katie--she is a beautiful young lady!!

  24. Beautiful! Happy 17th Birthday Katie! I can just imagine the preteen On a side note, my oldest daughter got married in September and they used childhood photos as their table numbers--and--we used several of those awkward preteen years, lol.

  25. Hope Katie's birthday was wonderful! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow up.

  26. Forgot to add to my post that my daughter's birthday was Dec. 10 and she is 37. She is an art teacher to 600 first and second graders and has the biggest heart for children.

  27. I love reading about your love for your children, it warms my heart. Happy belated birthday to Katie!


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