Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 10...

~ Greetings and warm welcome to ~ 
Day 10....
Holy smokes this is going fast! I wait all year for Christmas time and in a blink of an eye its here and breezing by. Today I have to share with you: 

"Silent Night"
designed by Barbara Ana 
copyright 2014
stitched on random 40 count linen over 2
using DMC

Barbara Ana_Silent Night

The design was a special design created by Barbara Ana for the Facebook stitching group "Candy Cane Stitchers". If you belong to Facebook, just ask to join the community to gain membership. The group hosts a new designer each month and members receive a "complimentary design" related to Christmas. This was the first design released for the group. I'll have a second one later in the 25 days.

I really fell in love with this design and its "sampler-like" feel. I finished it in pillow style using some hand-dyed seam tape from Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Nancy dyes everything and this sweet trim complimented the rose tones in this design perfectly. I would highly recommend scooting on over to Nancy's shop on eBay and perusing her stock. She's a doll and gives personal service and smile to boot! :)

Here's a peek of our main tree...
with this ornament snuggled in the branches and surrounded by a multitude of other hand-stitched ornaments from previous years:

Barbara Ana Designs_Silent Night

 ~makes me smile to look at it!~

Ok folks...
that does it for Day 10!

I'll be back tomorrow...
with another special post! One that is near and dear to my heart :)

Until tomorrow...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always. 
Join me!

Love in stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Can't believe we're on day 10 already!!!!
    Another pretty ornament, such lovely colours, will send a request to the FB page.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  2. This ornament is adorable and I love your finish on it!

  3. A lovely design, and your amazing stitching and finishing makes it a beautiful ornament!!

  4. So very pretty....

  5. Anonymous7:44 AM

    I can't believe we are at Day 10 already! I love this design and your finish is beautiful! I have mine started but I don't think it will be finished this year. I am still trying to finish the model. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  6. Love how you finished this ornament. It looks adorable tucked into the branches of your tree.

  7. What a lovely ornament and a sneak peak at your beautiful tree.
    I saw your new family pictures along the side of your blog........they are wonderful !!

  8. Another beauty. Love the new pictures on your sidebar. You have a beautiful family.

  9. Such a cute ornament!! I didn't stitch any for myself this year but I'm going to have to figure out how to fix that next year!! Love the updated pics of the family on the right!! Laura

  10. I love Barbara Anna's designs.This one is so pretty.

  11. love it Vonna
    Karin :))

  12. Fabulous Vonna ! Your finish is amazing !

  13. LOVE LOVE this one Vonna - beautiful and I didn't know about the FB group Candy cane stitchers. Like I need another FB group and more temptation !! enjoy every day of the season - it is going by quickly - Mel

  14. Beautiful ornament! Love the peek of your tree.

  15. Love the reindeer on that ornament. I'm a member of the facebook group and have the design saved, but just haven't stitched it yet. Your tree looks beautiful!

  16. What a cute ornament and beautifully finished too! Looks lovely on your tree. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  17. That ornament is beautiful. I will check out the group on Facebook. Your tree is just lovely!

  18. Love your beautiful ornament and your finishing. Gorgeous! Nancy does has great trims:) love Annette

  19. Oh, what a beauty!! I really need to stitch this one, too. Joining this group and the other two that have the monthly freebies is the only reason I am on FB :)

  20. I'm in the Candy Cane Stitchers and I think this one is my favorite design so far. Thanks for the tip about the shop where you got the trim ~ I'll have to check that out. :0)

  21. I really like that one! I joined Candy Cane Stitchers. Thanks so much for recommending them and where to find that cute chart.

  22. What a sweet ornament! I love how you finished it.


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