Thursday, March 27, 2014


Well my dear friends and stitching buddies...
where did March go?
One day it is here and it stretches out in front of me like a long lazy day and the next, poof! - all gone...

Well I didn't meet my goals for March. But I did get some stitching done. And I did add an old neglected WIP back into the swing of things. So I guess its not all bad!

I first would like to share with you:

Pear Tree

Little House Needleworks_pear tree

by Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
copyright 2006
design found in the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue 2006
I stitched mine on 40 ct. Tin Roof by Weeks Dye Works
using Classic Colorworks over-dyed cottons

I finished Pear Tree in my signature flat felt oranment with the wave surround. I don't know what it is, but these types of finishes just scream Little House to me. A very large portion of my Little House ornaments in my collection, I have finished in this way. I used a wee little pear JABCO button in the center of the bow. I just love how it turned out. I have sat and looked at this evening and it just makes me smile :) Maybe because the subject is pears and I'm shaped like one :) HA! I'm shaped more like a pumpkin. 

Next up, I stitched and finished:

Winter's Eve

Country Cottage Needleworks_Winter's Eve

by Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
copyright 2006
design may be found in the 2006 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
stitched on 32 count natural linen
using Classic Colorworks over-dyed cottons and DMC

I finished this as a flat ornament and I made my own two color twisted cording. This one has always been a favorite of mine and I have stitched it plenty of times for gifts, never for myself. So finally, I did it for me! YAY!

Speaking of Ornament Issues...
I just got done model stitching and finishing the ornaments that will be submitted to the 2014 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue for Little House Needleworks and Country Cottage Needleworks. I must say people...both are exceptionally darling. Both Diane and Nikki have outdone themselves this year! They will be must stitches on many of your lists, I'm sure! :)

Late in February...
a nice lady contacted me asking me if she could see a picture of my Blackbird Designs "Anniversaries of the Heart". She went on to say that she was a new follower of my blog and she had seen my post about January's Anniversary of the Heart Finish in January 2012. She was just sure that I had it done by now. Well....*ahem*

So I red-facedly told her...
no, no I was not done with my AotH series, in fact January was the only one I had finished. I was so ashamed, I pulled it out and got to work. May I present after redoing the roof of that house twice, and all those BRICKS:

February's Anniversaries of the Heart: Valentine Rose

Blackbird Designs_Valentine Rose

I am stitching my anniversaries on 32 ct. Amber Linen (also called Toasted Almond)
using Gentle Arts, Weeks Dye Works and Classic Colorworks as called for on the chart. 
This block is personalized with my mother's initials: MAW (Monica Anne Weber). She was born in February 1949. 

Here is my Anniversaries as they stand to date: 
as a refresher, my January Block "Snow Garden" is personalized for paternal grandparents, Stanford and Frances Epperson who were married in January 1945. 

BBD Anniversaries of the Heart_March2014

I'm really loving how they are looking together! Makes me want to start on the next one STAT!

My kids had Spring Break...
about a week ago and that was a lovely good time together! We didn't go anywhere, but we did do activities each day. The Sunday evening before school started the next day, each one of them came into our bedroom and told us that they had a great Spring Break and thanks for everything. To me that just proves that you don't have to spend lots of money or have big fancy vacations to have a good time. Rather my kids, bless their little hearts, had fun just being with Mom and Dad. We made memories - memories of the heart - that none of us will ever forget. I love my kids so very much. My life would be nothing without them and I know each and every one of you that are parents understand and agree ;)

Now for the part that I didn't get done this month...
I didn't get done my Prarie Schooler Santas. Ugh...I was doing so good and now I skipped a month :(
But its a process and I'll get back to them, because frankly they are too cute not to get back to! 

But on the bright side...
to date from January 1, 2014 to present time I have stitched 9 ornaments (11 if you count the two models!) That's not shabby at all :)

that does it for me this time round dear friends. I will be working full time (7 days a week) to fill in at the hospital for my colleague's surgery. I may be working like this up to June. So if I disappear, know it is for that reason. It seems I have finally kicked all the cold/flu bugs that were following me around and invading my life! Thank goodness!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always! Join me!
hugs and stitches, 
Vonna xxxx


  1. That little pear charm that you have on the Pear Tree is perfect. Your ornaments look so good. I love the anniversaries series you're stitching. So happy you brought it back out to stitch... I can't wait to see more.

  2. Ah Vonna, it's always so much fun to read a new post from you. And as we have all come to anticipate, your stitching and finishing is so beautiful!! I particularly love the 2-color twisted cording - a really lovely finish.

    Happy to hear you are feeling well and that all is well with your family. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful work and good wishes to you as you get very busy with work.

  3. So pretty vonna. You have done a lot of ornaments this year. So curious to see what 2014 jcs ornaments look like. Glad you are feeling better

  4. Each of your projects turned out so lovely. I'm especially curious about Winter's Eve - are those little pom poms falling from the sky? How clever.

  5. The ornaments are adorable.

    Love that your kids loved the low-key spring break. Sometimes the simple things ARE best.

  6. Lovely finishes. I just love the pear.the colors are so pretty.


  7. Hi Vonna,
    Pear tree is so sweet and I love the wave surround, so effective, the little pear button so cute too.
    Winters Eve is pretty too.
    The Anniversaries series is looking great, look forward to seeing more stitched.
    I'm sure you'll catch up on your PS ornaments!!!
    Take care and don't work too hard.
    Sending lots of love
    Linda O xxx

  8. Oh Vonna, you always 'wow' me with your stitching and finishes. Your JABC pear button was the perfect toych, and the pretty blue bow on the other ornament - again, wow! And now your AoH stitch. Really great too especially as I am a big fan of peacock motifs. Sounds like a wonderful spring break. Don't work too hard!

  9. 11 ornaments already is amazing! I really like the finishing on LHN's pear tree.

  10. What a beautiful pear tree ornament! Love your Anniversaries so far, the personalizations make this so very special. Sounds like you will be very busy with work. Take care and be well.

  11. What gorgeous stitching Vonna! You Anniversaries of the Heart series is really looking great too :)
    Aren't kids just the best? They do these little, unexpected things that just melt your heart!

  12. Beautiful stitching x

  13. Hey Vonna!
    Please take care of yourself while you are working all those hours! I hope that you will still find some time to stitch. Your O\ornament finish is lovely. So glad that you guys had a great spring break.

  14. Beautiful ornaments! Congrats on two more finishes :D Your Anniversaries of the Heart is lovely - it's so nice that you're personalizing each block!

  15. As Always......Beautiful!!!!!!!!

  16. Beautiful stitching and finishing, Vonna!! I hear yah about the months flying by. After all it was JUST New Year's Day yesterday! ( or that's what it feels like anyway! )

  17. As Always....Just Beautiful!!!! I LOVE Winter's Eve! I have to see if I can order that issue...................

  18. Vonna,
    Such pretty ornaments ! Finished just perfectly ! Love your Blackbird designs finishes ..they are both beautiful ! Glad your family had a great spring break ! Don't work too hard ...hope you get some stitching time :)

  19. Love your finishes Vonna.

  20. Vonna, I always love reading your blog posts--they have it all--beautiful stitching and uplifting, positive content.

    The two ornaments are lovely finishes and your Anniversaries of the Heart WIP is beautiful!!

  21. Beautiful! You take good care of yourself with all these hours at work coming on!!

  22. The ornaments are so sweet and I love your AotH!!!!!! I have mine hanging next to my stitching spot, by far my favorite finish ever.

  23. I'm so happy to hear you're feeling better, Vonna... With this warmer weather that is "supposed" to make an appearance soon, hopefully all those lingering winter germs will be chased away for good.

    Your finishes are as delightful as ever--love the little pear button and the two toned cording. It's the little touches that make your work so special. And Anniversaries of the Heart is coming along beautifully. I had to laugh when I saw that your mother was born in 1949--only six years before me! I am slowly coming to the realization that I'm getting just plain o-l-d :) Oh well, as long as I can keep stitching, right?

    I do think kids just love spending quality time with their parents more than a grand trip somewhere--you sound like you have four loving and appreciative children!

    Take care now--I hope the full-time schedule leaves even an hour of stitching time now and then!

  24. As usual, your finishing is amazing. The little pear button sets off a beautiful ornament!

  25. Beautiful ornament finishes !! It's so kind of you to help out at work.
    Your spring break sounded great, nothing better than family time.
    Happy Spring !!

  26. You are an Energizer bunny, my friend! I could never keep up with you, lol. Lovely update. :)

  27. Your ornaments are just darling, Vonna! And I really like your Anniversaries of the Heart project. Are you only stitching the months that commemorate people in your life, or are you able to personalize each month? I'd like to do a similar project, but am wondering what I would do with February & November, months that have nothing pertaining to my family (or even my friends!) So glad you're recovered from your winter illnesses - Welcome Spring!

  28. A lovely post with pretty finishes & a WIP as well : ) How great of your kids to tell you they had a great time on spring break! I'm glad you are finally feeling better. I hope the additional working time will fly by just as quickly as March has : )

  29. Very, very lovely stitching. Oh and for March, around here all the wind I think blew it quickly away!

  30. Lovely ornament finishes! Can't wait to see the JCS LHN/CCN for this year's issue. The BBD piece is looking lovely :) Take care.

  31. Vonna, your 2 ornament finishes are just beautiful as always. Love your Anniversaries of the Heart WIP.

    I love reading your blog and learing about your stitching projects and your family.

  32. Your ornament finished pieces are so pretty, as always! And your AoTH has me thinking of mine again, too. Love your fabric choice for it! Take care and don't work too hard. Seven days a week is a tough call - but may include a little extra stash budget :) Have a great weekend.

  33. Your two ornaments are just perfect as usual. I just looked up that pear tree in JCS. I never even noticed that one. Yours really looks so much prettier. LHN made a good choice selecting you as their finisher!

    Glad to hear you are feeling so much better. Try not to totally wear yourself out in the coming months!

  34. Your ornaments are very beautiful. I love the anniversary piece.

  35. Beautifully finished ornaments as always Vonna ! Love your next block on AoTH. Don't be ashamed about doing or not doing anything - you are one busy woman with now working full time and keeping house and brood together - you should be very proud of juggling all those balls so well and producing lovely stitching and finishing too. Always love seeing a post from you so come back when you can - Mel

  36. Great finishes as always Vonna and you WILL get there with your AoTH piece, no fretting or feeling guilty! We all have to juggle familes and life and jobs and our lives aren't ruled by stitching that's for sure. I don't even have children and struggle to find any free time with aging parents, job stress and all the rest. Take care and enjoy the spring and Easter too. Hopefully once your colleague is back full-time things will ease up a bit. hugs!

  37. Vonna: Very nice choices to stitch love the finishes.
    Happy Spring


  38. Good luck with filling in for your colleague at work. Hope it's not too arduous for you. Love all your stitching and finishing. You are amazing!

  39. Vonna you inspired me to stitch both the CCN and LHN ornaments myself, thank you! I won't be able to finish them as well as you but give it a go. Lovely lovely finishes Vonna.!

  40. Your stitching and finishing is as gorgeous as always, Vonna!

  41. As always your stitching is beautiful and inspirational! Glad to hear you are finally back to good health in time for Spring....good luck with the extra work load & look forward to your next posting. Many Blessings to you this Easter Season and beyond....

  42. Vonna - so glad you're feeling better. These stitches are fabulous as usual. Love the beading and the Blackbird stitches. Let's see, which one do I like the best and want to work on myself? Hmm. You're making me hungry with the toasted almond fabric choice. Love them all. What a nice friend you are to fill in for your coworker. It's not just the money, it's your time away from home. Such a good friend. Take care!

  43. I just love coming by and seeing your beautiful finishes Vonna and these are as beautiful as always.

    Your AotH are looking lovely. I need to get back to mine but I'm waiting for the lady I've been trading the charts with to finish lol

  44. Hi Vonna. I love your ornament finishes as always! Take Care!!

  45. Your stitching and finishes are always beautiful. I often visit your pages just to get inspiration to "finish" some stitching! Thank you for sharing your lovely stitching and tutorials :)

  46. Gorgeous ornaments! Your AOH finish looks fabulous as well. I love that your kids came in and told you that.

  47. Each one of your ornaments are lovely. The block on AotH is beautiful too.

    You have to tease don't you ...!! I have to wait 6 months or more to see those JCS ornaments. Tut-tut.

    Have a great week.

  48. Awe Vonna! I love all your finishes and how you make each one so special! Beautiful BBD blocks you stitched.
    How exciting that you already got to see ( or finish) a few sneak peaks of the upcoming JCS ornament maag.
    love Annette

  49. Your stitching and finishing are beautiful as always. Thanks so much for sharing.

  50. Your ornaments are both so cute - I love how you finished them.
    How wonderful to see your Anniversary of the Heart. The first blogs look amazing. I want to stitch this one two sometime - and I love to watch others, how they work on it. I really wish much fun for you on this project.
    A great new week!

  51. Can we start an "unfinished anniversaries of the heart" support group? I was feeling pretty badly about mine, but I got it back in the rotation and I'm up to July. It's pretty sloooww going. I don't know how you accomplish what you do, Vonna. I'm in awe. I try to pick up the needle every night, but sometimes it's only 15 minutes. And I've only got fur babies to mind!

  52. Gorgeous finishes as always and it's lovely to see AoTH again

  53. Love your finishes. I can't wait to see the 2014 ornaments. I bet they are fabulous.


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