Monday, February 17, 2014

My Hands At Work...

~ Hello to my good friends and buddies! ~ 
I missed posting last week...I got busy and then on Friday, I got sick. *again*
I think my immune system was down from the flu and a cold virus snuck in. So, I'm currently coughing and congested and feeling dizzy ~ but I'll get better eventually. I don't feel nearly as bad as I did with the flu. So that's good news! :)

While I've been away...
I stitched up some sweeties that I'd like to share with you! First up is:

"Hands to Work" 
By Little House Needleworks
copyright 2013
stitched on 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha
using DMC as charted

Hands to Work by Little House Needleworks

"Hands to Work" is currently at my LNS waiting to be framed. I stitched it post haste so that I may gift it to my colleague and good friend, Ann. She is making by hand my daughter Ellie's First Communion dress and won't charge me a dime for it. So I stitched this to gift to her on Ellie's First Communion day. Ann is 74 years young, still working, and a person that has had a very large impact on my life. She is so very special. I am so glad that God put her in my path. She is one in a million. I love her and I hope she knows it!

Next up is: 

"Joy to the World" 
by Lizzie Kate
stitched with Gentle Arts, Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works as charted
it was a kit so I stitched it on fabric provided 

Joy to the World by Lizzie Kate

"Joy to the World" will be framed at my LNS. 

And finally...I stitched the bonus pattern in "Joy to the World". It is pictured as a box top, but I am going to finish it as a Christmas ornament ;) So I get to write another one down in the books for 2014! Whoop! Whoop!

Joy to the World box top bonus pattern by Lizzie Kate

Here they are pictured together...
aren't they cute?! I've been on a real Lizzie Kate kick lately...NOTICE?! :)

Joy to the World and bonus pattern by Lizzie Kate

In the last couple of weeks...
Katie celebrated a one year anniversary dating Kamryn, so of course I snapped a picture of the cute couple. Kamryn is a wonderful young man. We love him. He's a part of the family. May they share many more happy times together :)

Katie and Kamryn _ One Year

So folks...
that does it for the old Twisted Stitcher :)
I'm going to wind myself back up the stairs and take a nap before my kids get home from school. We are anticipating ice today here in Bloomington, I'm hoping that schools let out early so that I can gather my chicks in and stay in before the ice hits! 

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God just like always...join me!

Hugs and stitches,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Great stitching. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Reds greens and favs. Love all of your finishes! Wishing you warmer weather!

  3. Vonna: I hope you feel better soon, love your stitching, congratulations to Katie and Kamryn.


  4. So sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. Wishing you good thoughts for a speedy recovery. Your gift to Ann is perfect!!! Can't wait to see Ellie's dress. And, of course, I always love to see what you're stitching.

  5. Love your 3 finishes Vonna, everything you stitch I want to stitch too !! :) !! Hope you feel better soon ! Congrats to the cute couple !

  6. Do hope you are feeling better soon! Stay warm! Your finishes are super. Did you stitch the LHN piece over one or two? I love it on the country mocha fabric.

    Robin in Virginia

  7. As always, your work is beautiful! I hope you start feeling better soon and that it's the last of it for you this winter!

  8. Vonna I hope you feel better soon!! You poor girl! I love all your new finishes. They are beautiful! Happy Anniversary to Katie and Kamyrn! What a sweet couple!

  9. Beautiful finishes, Vonna! Stay safe and warm :D

  10. What a wonderful gift for your friend. That's the perfect sentiment for the occasion and stitched BEAUTIFULLY (as always).

    Wishing you continued healing and that you are feeling top-notch very soon.

  11. What a positively perfect saying and gift for your friend Ann! Take care now.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear you are sick.......again. This winter has been rough !!
    What a beautiful gift for your friend Ann. I bet Ellie's dress will be beautiful.
    Cute picture of Katie and Kamryn.
    Your stitching pieces are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon !!

  13. Gorgeous stitching! I love them all. I'm sorry that you are feeling poorly again and hope you get better quickly! Congratulations to Katie and Kamryn on one year together. Beautiful couple. xx

  14. Beautiful stitching! What a bummer that you are sick again. Hope you feel better really soon. Happy one year anniversary to Katie and Kamryn too!

  15. Try to stay warm and toasty, and get plenty of rest. Your pretty pieces are great, so the ice may allow for more!

  16. Sorry to hear you're sick. Your finishes look great! Congratulations! I really love that "Joy to the World" piece a lot, and wasn't familiar with it before. Another great LK design to add to the wish list. Feel better ASAP!

  17. The winter of 2014 keeps hanging on--so ready for spring. Beautiful gift for your friend Ann--Elle's dress will be as beautiful as Elle.

    Hope you feel better soon

  18. So sorry to hear you've been sick again, Vonna--this winter has been so hard on so many... And we're getting your snow and ice tonight...sigh.

    Love each and every one of your latest finishes--especially the LHN piece for your friend. What a wonderful treat that will be for her--and how very, very generous of her to make Ellie's special dress!

    Hope you feel better very soon :)

  19. Hope you feel 100 percent soon! Great stitching!

  20. Lovely stitching and I pray you feel good as new soon.

  21. Love your finishes. Feel better soon!

  22. One of those winters where the hits just keep on comin. Spring will be here soon and I hope you will be totally well by then. But it sure doesn't stop the flow of great stitching. The gift to trade for the dress is just perfect. Love the look on that Vintage Mocha. Very cute pieces all around.

  23. Ann sounds like a special friend indeed! How wonderful that she is making Ellie's first communion dress!

    Great finishes Vonna! I hope you are feeling much much better soon and that by now, your family is tucked away at home and not out in the bad weather.

  24. Sick or well your stitching is always wonderful. I'm sure your friend Ann will love her gift, so appropriate. Hope you feel better soon.

  25. Sorry to hear that you are feeling sick..again. Ted just informed me that he thinks he is getting yet ANOTHER cold. Seems that each time he travels he ends up with a cold! He shared the last one with me. Ugh!
    How sweet of Ann to make the dress! That is a huge effort for sure. She will love your gift :-)
    How very sweet...young love!
    Get well soon my friend.

  26. When I saw the LHN design, I said to myself, "That's git Vonnas name all over it!!"..... And, mine!!! ( my chart is in route...) and what a special gesture for you to stitch it for your very giving friend~ she IS a blessing to you!!!! Now, pump that vitamin C and get your little self well~~

  27. I love all of your finishes! Hope you feel better soon :)

  28. Sorry your still not feeling well hun; at least you can still stitch. I know the new "goodies" from the Nashville market are going to break Are you getting anything from there? Hugs, Shar

  29. Beautiful finishes! Congratulations! Hope you are feeling better by now.

  30. beutiful stitching, hope you feel better soon

  31. Hope you're feeling all better real soon! Loved your finishes :) I'm a huge LK fan myself - they stich up so nice and easily! Very cute young couple :)

  32. Gorgeous finishes and picture of your daughter and her boyfriend. Hope you feel better soon.

  33. So sorry your sick again. I do send you well wishes and hope you get better soon. Ann sounds like an ANGEL!! How special to have an hand stitched dress and especially for communion. Too perfect of a gift you stitched for her. Your samplers are all beautiful. Get all the rest you can. love Annette

  34. Sorry to read you are not feeling well...sending good thoughts your way. Lovely stitching.

  35. Oh Vonna, I hope that you are feeling better soon.
    What lovely finishes. What a perfect gift for your friend.
    What a cute couple.
    Rest up :)

  36. I'm sorry to hear you have had to be ill twice in such a short period of time! Praying for your complete recovery! That is a lovely photo of the young couple : ) Beautiful stitching, as always. I actually have that L*K kit & am looking forward to stitching it! Have a great week : )

  37. I hope you are feeling better Vonna. Your stitching is just beautiful. I LOVE that LK design. So pretty and it has a cardinal too!

  38. Beautiful stitching as always!! And such a thoughtful gift for your friend
    Sorry to hear you've been unwell again, hoping you feel better very soon.
    Congratulations to Katie and Kamryn, what a lovely photo of them both xx
    Hope you don't get too much more snow, you seem to have had so much!!!
    Stay safe and warm, take care
    Love Linda O xxx

  39. So sorry that you are sick again! All of our prayers should assist in making the 'bug' go away! Meanwhile, your finishes are great! I think I have that LK one too...Rest lots to recuperate! Hugs!

  40. Awesome finishes! So sorry to hear you're ill again. I hope you feel better soon.

  41. Lovely finishes. I hope that you feel better soon.

  42. Beautiful finishes. And I hope you will soon get completely rid of that nasty bug.

  43. Your finishes are beautiful! I'm sorry to hear you've been sick again. I'm sure your immune system is worn out a bit from previous illnesses and is having a hard time. How are the eyes?

  44. So sorry you've been ill again Vonna. Hope you're feeling 100% real soon.

    I love all 3 of your finishes. They are just so beautiful.

  45. Gorgeous finishes, congratulations

    I hope you are feeling better now

  46. Hi Vonna,

    Hope that this post finds you feeling a lot better and recovered from your cold.
    I can sympathize since I'm currently entering my third week with symptoms
    from a rotten winter cold too, although thankfully it is not nearly as bad as your
    flue was!!

    Your Lizzie Kate finishes are wonderful. No wonder you're hooked on Lizzie
    Kate these days though. They are so much fun to do because of the
    beautiful, often non traditional (for a particular season or theme) colours and
    whimsical designs.

    I love that Hands to Work design and I'm sure your friend Ann is going to
    love it too. It's incredible that she's making Ellie's dress by hand. What
    a treasure that's going to be. Ellie will look beautiful in it I'm sure.

    Lovely picture of Katie and her beau Kamryn.


  47. Love your finishes! Great photo of Katie and Kamryn.

  48. All your stitching looks wonderful! Hope you are feeling much better by now.

  49. Pretty stuff! All of your stitching looks fabulous. Good job!


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