Monday, December 02, 2013

Day Two...

 and warm welcome to Day Two...
of the 25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!
Today I have to share with you an ornament. May I present:

Peace _ Stitcherhood
Designed by: The Stitcherhood
found in the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
Stitched on 32 ct. Black lugana using DMC
This one caught my eye my first trip through the magazine...
because you know, I go through it about 50 times before I see everything. But my first trip through, this one was marked as a "to do". The backing is two pieces of glittery, leathery, type of papery stuff, I found in my Hobby Lobby by the felt. I thought I'd give it a try. I like the look of the ornament, I don't know if I'll ever use the glittery, leathery, paper stuff again though ;) Just being honest...
This is the second day of Advent...
being that we are a Catholic family Advent holds a special part of our "preparing the way" of our hearts to receive the Baby Jesus coming into the world on Christmas. Tonight my family will attend Bloomington's Tri-Parish Penance Service. We will examine our consciences, take note of our sins, confess them to a priest, receive our penance and do our penance in reparation of our sins.
we will go into the penance service with our souls all dirty ~  sorta like how old snow in the street looks after hundreds of tires sloshes through it. Groggy, gritty, ugly...filled with sin....yucky!
We will leave the penance service clean ~ snowy white just like the fresh fallen snow looks.
Ellie has not yet made her first confession, so she will attend the penance service, but not go to confession. She will make her very First Confession on December 8, as she is in the first Communion class this year. All my babies are growing up, it makes me sad, but a reality of life and how God intended. We are arming them for their adult lives and God has blessed us mightily in helping us along the way.
So in honor of Advent...
I thought I'd share some of my Nativity Sets. I have many. I sort of "collect" them I guess. I won't bore you with all of them, but I'll show you my favorites!
This one is a random one I bought from a retail store. I can't remember where...I bought it when I was first married. Its gathered some peeps along the way, random angels and animals from other sets that were broken, or given as gifts and added to the party. Notice the angel above baby Jesus, she's apparently being held hostage, tied to the crèche :) There's an angel playing a horn, one holding a wreath (both were tied to packages, I have received over the years). There are also a couple of Willow Tree Angels that joined the gang at some point. This year we added the bottle brush trees (they are definitely staying for good too). Miss Ellie sat this one up this year. And I must say, I think its the best its ever looked :)
This manger scene has been up every Christmas that Keith and I plus our children (as they came along) shared together. Its a staple to our Christmas.

When we started having kids...
I bought a Fisher Price Nativity Set so that:
A. The nice one wouldn't get broken
B. To teach them about the Nativity and birth of Our Lord
This one has been around every year since Katie was 1 year old. We've lost some peeps over the years. Namely Joseph, the guy in the stable is an imposter (He's really the shepherd....) I think Mary's on to him cause she keeps running out of the stable asking the sheep about the guy inside. The camel is showing off again trying to do nose-ups, the cow is being a fatty and the donkey is exhausted after that trip! :)
Fisher Price Nativity
And finally...
this I purchased last year from Hobby Lobby. I'm pretty sure its supposed to "resemble" Jim Shore's Nativity. That's why I bought it, anyway, because it reminded me of his nativity set.
Upon closer examination here...I see that Joseph has run off again to be with the sheep (He's the guy with the lantern on the end) and the shepherd  (holding a sheep) is standing by baby Jesus (who looks like an Eskimo, if you click the picture and take a gander).
Jim Shore knock-off Nativity
So there you have some of our favorite Nativity Scenes...
and although I made light of them, its good to have fun and frivolity, because even out of fun and laughter ~ you learn. Jesus came into the world to bring Hope and Peace and Love. But I'm also pretty sure he also participated in fun. and frivolity. and laughter. I don't think he walked around all stoic and pinch faced. He'd want us to laugh, to be joyful, and to enjoy!
And that dear friends....
is what my family and I do (or try to do, because lets face it sometimes Mom is pinched faced and grumpy) is to enjoy, be joyful and laugh ~ everyday!
and especially at Christmas :)
Until tomorrow...
Vonna xxxx


  1. Great finish Vonna! I enjoyed seeing all your many Nativity sets too. What great memories....

  2. :-)
    I liked your memories!

  3. Another pretty ornament. The colors are so bright on the black fabric which is hard to stitch on. I love your nativity sets. We still have an original one from my husbands parents that is at least 50 years old. Merry Christmas day 2 to you !!

  4. Lovely ornament and lovely nativities! What wonderful memories and traditions you are creating!

    Robin in Virginia

  5. A lovely ornament. I think with glitter paper, you either love it or hate it.

    Love the nativity scenes. You're just too funny, Vonna!

  6. That's a beautiful ornament Vonna!

  7. A gorgeous ornament. Your nativity sets are lovely.

  8. What wonderful memories your nativity sets have made for your family. Love the ornament

  9. Beautiful ornament! And lovely lovely memories. Love your nativity sets -- what a wonderful collection!

  10. I'm the same way - I still go back and look through the old ornie issues. Well done! It is so interesting to me to learn more about how others celebrate the season. Thanks for sharing a bit of your faith's traditions and the Nativity sets are such special parts of your family!

  11. What a pretty ornament and so effective on the black :) Just lovely to read about your nativity sets xx

  12. I really, really liked your anology on confession and snow. Thank you for sharing Vonna.♥

  13. I so enjoyed the nativity sets. Our nativity was always the first decoration up every year. I thought you might enjoy this link to a different but very sweet take on the Christmas story.

  14. Whoops...I wanted to say that it looks spectacular on black. but my finger hit the enter before I could finish typing. I have an affection for nativities as well. I love your collection. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

  15. Love the ornament and your Nativity sets.

  16. Love your pretty ornament finish ! Thanks for sharing your nativities !

  17. Pretty ornament. I need to look for some of the backing material. I love the Fisher Price nativity set. We have one as well and my boys and nephews have played with it for years. Usually by Christmas, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, and Elf from another Fisher Price set join the party as well.

  18. I love to collect nativity sets as well. My big one is the Willow Tree one, and I have a couple smaller ones, but not many... one of them is a snowman set. :) Thank you for sharing yours they are beautiful! I love them all and especially the fisher price one!

  19. Beautiful. Do you have a 10,000 Villages store--they have awesome nativity sets.

  20. That ornament went right to my list too! But I might change the color of the candle... and the fabric... oh who knows?? Love the nativities and their stories. I would love to have both a Jim Shore set and a Willow Tree set! As it is I have a four piece one that I do love, from a Senior Craft Fair that I attended about 10 or so years ago. I am content with it. Hugs!

  21. I am so loving your 25 Days of Christmas and it's only day 2! Your ornament is lovely and beautifully finished as always. I have not stitched anything on black but one of these days I will give it a try. Your nativity sets and the stories that accompany them are beautiful. We have three nativity sets up and all have been gifts to us over the years with one belonging to my husband's grandmother.

  22. Your ornament is sweet, Vonna.
    I love the nativities and the stories behind them. Ironically, our "people" traveled around the stable, too....even when the kids weren't so little!
    My favorite is the one that I bought 27 years ago when I was 6 weeks pregnant with my oldest son.

    Our Advent religious traditions are so meaningful and become such a part of us. Oh, how exciting for Ellie to be receiving First Penance. It's a special time. she must be so excited!

  23. Beautifully stitched and finished ornament, Vonna! And thank you for your nativity set "tour." I have two myself, but the most special is a carved wooden one my dear mother bought me in Italy...such a treasure!

  24. I am impressed...stitched on black! Beautiful but more difficult to stitch. I truly love this one, and your finish work is wonderful.
    I hear you about the sadness of having kids grow up...Why must they do that? :-) Your children are blessed to have wonderful, caring, generous, kind parents to model themselves after.
    Thanks for sharing a few of your nativity scenes. I think it is so sweet that you still display the little kids one.

  25. love your nativity sets!

  26. Too cute! How special to have so many memories of your nativity sets. I love nativity sets as well, and several years ago I sprang for the Jim Shore version. It is the first thing I put out for Christmas each year.
    Thanks for sharing. I love your ornament too. It is stunning with the sparkle paper stuff.

  27. What a pretty ornament. The black fabric is so striking.

  28. We have the same nativity for our twins. I thought the Shepherd was Joseph, oops. We've managed to lose Mary, too.


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