Friday, December 20, 2013

Day Twenty...

~ Greetings Friends ~ 
and a warm welcome to
Day Twenty
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!

The Great Pop Off...
occurred with great success, albeit I was exhausted after a 10 hour day of popping, stirring and bagging. For my long time followers you remember that the Pop Off is my yearly Caramel Corn making day. This is also a tradition that I uphold, passed down from my extended family. My paternal grandmother, Grandma Epperson, made the best caramel corn. She only (as far as I know) made it on Christmas. I can remember all my life growing up, thinking about eating her caramel corn on Christmas Day when we went to her house. YUM! The recipe was handed down to me, and I uphold that tradition in Grandma's honor each year. The corn is so good, that I literally have people asking when are they getting their bag. :) Traditionally, we hand it out to neighbors, teachers and special friends and family. Here is 32 quarts of Caramel Corn cooling on my dining room table. I made 64 quarts yesterday. 

Caramel Corn

I also made some chocolate wreaths...
Chocolate Wreaths

and some pecan turtles....

and when I bag my corn for gifts, this is the presentation...
Bagged Corn

Would you like to try my Grandma's Caramel Corn?...
I'm happy to share...
Caramel Corn Recipe

The season is about...
giving and sharing of oneself. Being servants to your fellow man. There are many people in our lives that deserve recognition, and since today is the last day of school, may I present our:
Gift Table!

Gift Table

On the end in the large paper sacks...
is the teacher corn gifts, all packaged and ready for my big kids to pass out.
Teacher Corn

These pretty packages...
are the handmade pillow cases and some chocolate wreaths for each of Katie's close friends.
Friends Gifts

is attending a Secret Santa friend party tonight at her Best Friends House. Here is her little gift to share.
Ellie's Gift

I'm going to work and I have a very, very special colleague that I love and admire. I knitted her a ruffle scarf and bought this snowflake scarf clip for her.
Ann Gift

one of my favorite gifts to give this year to date has been the watch case necklaces that I stitched and created a mixed media piece. I stitched and finished another! This one goes to the designer of this lovely house, who is also a very good friend of mine. She is so sweet and always, always so kind to me. She is just a good person and always so proper and kind. She is a good Mommy, a fabulous designer and to me she has this aura of goodness. Like when I see her picture,  I just think "sweet". Anyway, after I had success with the first watch case, for her Mom, I knew I had to do the exact thing for her, as she is so good to me too. May I present:

Nikki's Necklace
Nikki's Gift
This motif was taken from Nikki's very first Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue design, released in 2006. 
It is entitled: Winter's Eve. 

This time I made it very similarly to her Mama's necklace, on 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha over one, with beads to simulate snow and a "evergreen tree" with its boughs painted with "snow glitter".
I thought this one was as sweet as the first, and would be a quaint reminder of Nikki's beautiful work for her to wear. Nikki received and likes it! So all is good :)

And with that folks...
that is day 20!

Until tomorrow...
after a hectic day of delivering kids, presents and working at the hospital...I'm tired already and it's just begun.
Vonna xxxx


  1. We love homemade caramel corn ! I never thought of using it for a gift ! Great idea ! Pretty necklace and scarf !

  2. Fantastic! Love the great pop off! The gift table looks so festive.

  3. I have loved your daily posts....s inspiring and enabling! Love the necklace finish.

  4. I am in awe of your lovely table and all the work you have done.

  5. I can smell the popcorn, yummy !! The scarf and necklace are gorgeous gifts. Get some rest after a busy day !!

  6. The carmel popcorn is wonderful. What a great tradition to carry on. Know everone that receives a bag enjoys it very much.
    Your gift table looks great. What a wonderful gift the watch case is.
    Merry Christmas

  7. Yes, it does feel so much better to give than to receive, doesn't it? The scarf looks fabulous.

  8. Vonna the caramel corn looks wonderful! I will have to try some after Christmas. I bet your home smelled good yesterday!
    Nikki's necklace is as beautiful as Diane's!
    Your gift table is beautiful and your kindness is amazing! The big day is coming and I am enjoying your posts. Your blog is the first check each day and I am loving it!!! Can't wait for tomorrow....

  9. Vonna I think it is so wonderful what all you do for Christmas I cannot believe how many "scrooge" there are for the holidays and I have found out it has nothing to do with money they would just rather forget the whole season how sad to think that popping corn cannot even bring some joy into people's hearts From onr happy holiday person to another Merry Christmas

  10. Thank you so much for posting the recipe! As I was looking at the photos & reading your words, I kept wishing I could ask for that recipe ... but I don't have to! What a nice gift to give to your followers! Thank you! I can't wait to try my hand at making it! I have enjoyed seeing your photos. You certainly have the joy of giving Vonna! I wish you a very merry & blessed Christmas!

  11. Oh my gosh all looks SO delicious! I think I could probably manage those pretzel wreaths. LOL

  12. My goodness Vonna, you have been one busy lady! You are so kind to share the carmel corn recipe. When I was reading your story I thought about my precious Dad who is no longer with us. We lost him at the young age of 49. He always made popcorn balls every Christmas. He made his with pure sorghum molasses and I wish I had his recipe. I love all your candy ideas too! Another sweet necklace you made, so pretty. I would like to try making one sometime.
    Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

  13. Vonna, you have been busy! The carmel corn looks yummy, and is a great idea for teacher gifts! The watch fob necklace is so pretty. I'm sure they loved getting them!!

  14. So delicious--what loving gifts. The necklace is fantastic, too. :)

  15. You are such a GOOD person! You truly give with your whole heart. You have inspired me to 'give just a little bit more'!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your grandmother's caramel corn recipe - I love caramel popcorn and I can't wait to try it.

    Nikki's necklace is as precious as the one you made for her mom - I'm sure they will treasure them forever especially because they were made just for them by an incredibly special lady.

    Vonna, thank you so much for sharing your traditions with us. You help to remind us what is the most Important part of Christmas - blessings to you and to your family.

  17. Oh my, I am tired just reading all you did. The popcorn sounds delicious and one day I will give it a try.

  18. All I can say is "Wow"!

  19. Yes, such a busy, busy time of year! You're a real go getter, and finish upper. You've done so much this year, and it's so great that you're sharing with us. Merry, merry Christmas!

  20. Oh that looks yummy! Must try it! And the chocolate wreaths! Again, thanks for sharing!

  21. Thank you for sharing the caramel corn recipe! I can't wait to try it. I have one question for you though...when do you sleep?? I'm just amazed at how much you get done. LOL. Lovely gifts and the scarf is beautiful.

  22. That's a lot of caramel corn!

  23. Wow!!!!! I have never seen so much pop corn, what a star you are!! So many lucky people will receive such thoughtful gifts from you, you really are so generous.
    Not only popcorn but chocolate wreaths and pecan turtles!!! you must be exhausted!!
    The watch case necklace you made for your friend is absolutely beautiful, and the scarf is gorgeous.
    Now, take a break!!!!
    Love to you all
    Linda O xxx

  24. You are just "simply" put...THE BEST!! You are one of the kindest women I have ever met. We have never met face to face but I feel like I have known you for ever!! Merry Christmas Vonna and may you be as warmly blessed as you have blessed so many lives just being who you are!

  25. Wow you have been busy!

    Love your gift for Nikki.

    Merry Christmas!

  26. I love both of the watch case necklaces you gave as gifts. Where can we buy the watch cases?
    Your Carmel popcorn tradition is wonderful that you keep your grandma's memory with you. I think I might start that same family tradition for my family. 😊
    You're very generous and talented. Thank you, Debby 🐝


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