Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day Twenty-two...

~ Greetings Friends ~ 
and warm welcome to
Day Twenty-two 
of the 
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!

I have another sweet share! This one, I was also the model stitcher and finisher for Country Cottage Needleworks' 2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue ornament submission. 
May I present:

"Snow Birds"
Snow Birds
This one I stitched a couple of weeks ago finishing it exactly as I finished the ornament for the magazine. I love it! And I think its a rather popular ornament out of this year's magazine because I've seen it all over. Its really quick to stitch too. 3 hours and bam, its done! 

You still have time people!

And with that...
that is day 22!!

Until tomorrow...
Vonna xxxx


  1. So it.

  2. Another beauty , Finished to perfection ! ( and another one I want to stitch :)

  3. Beautiful! And wonderfully finished as well!

  4. Another beautiful ornament. I love the pretty bow.
    Merry day 22 of the season !!

  5. Beautiful! This is on my wanna-do list : )

  6. I'm afraid it is on my to-do list as well !! a beautiful finish.

  7. Gorgeous! This one is also on my list.

  8. Vonna another beautiful finish, looks so elegant. I want to stitch this one as well! Happy Day 22. I am going to miss your daily postings.

  9. I saw that one earlier this year and had to have the magazine! But, alas, have not yet stitched my beach birds! But I will! And I know just where to come for finishing ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  10. I agree that it is a very sweet and pretty ornament by CCN. You have stitched and finished the ornament so pretty.
    Love it.

  11. Love this one, too, Vonna! So beautifully stitched and finished :)

  12. Oh yes, I have this one kitted up to stitch next year. Lovely finish!

  13. Conan you do beautiful work!

  14. Oh so sweet, one of my to do projects, love the finish.

    Merry Christmas


  15. So sweet, and that ribbon just puts it over the top! So pretty!

    Congrats on all the beautiful ornaments.

  16. Ver nice ornament. Really enjoynig your 25 days of Christmas. Thanks.

    Judy Heartland stitcher

  17. ooooooooooooooooooooo ... drooling at all of them ... including the popcorn ...thanks for sharing all your stitchy goodies and other goodies too ... hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Merry New Year full of lots of stitching and finishing :) love mouse xxxxx

  18. Merry Christmas, Vonna and family!
    Thank you for your inspiration and sharing with us your family and faith. You are a woman of faith and the love of our Lord shines through you and through everything you do.
    I am blessed because of you.


  19. Simply lovely.

  20. Love this one too! So cute!


  21. Just beautiful!!
    Love Linda O xxx

  22. Oh my, so beautiful. Particularly with that ribbon which is the perfect addition to the design.

  23. Adorable! I've enjoyed watching your 25 days of Christmas series. Only a few to go, finish strong my friend. :)

  24. This one is a favorite of mine, too. Love the finish!


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