Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day Twelve...

~ Greetings Dear Friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day Twelve
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!
Today I have to share with you a freebie design!
It is from Threadwork Primitives by Nan Lewis
and the actual design doesn't have a name, but you can find it HERE
I'm going to call it
"Forest Freebie"
Forest Freebie Primitive Needleworks
Threadwork Primitives Freebie
I stitched mine on: 28 ct. Lambswool using DMC as suggested by Nan.
I like how I finished it (I was trying to come up with something new), I was surfing the Hobby Lobby aisles and Michael aisles and I found these sweet little "evergreen boughs" that were really pipe cleaners. Pretty cool. So I bought some (then went back and bought some more and you will see them pop up again in a tutorial later these 25 days!).
I found the little pinecones with berries and the tags and some stamps (I'm not a scrapbooker). I thought adding a little tag might be a cute idea. It all came together, I think.
Today's tradition is:
My Granny's Vintage Tablecloth
when we painted our home and sort of updated our home a couple of years ago, I started using tablecloths on my dining room table because its not in the best of conditions. My table was my mother's and it is about 35 years old because I believe it was purchased around the time I was 8 years old. (Oh golly, I'm old...) Anyway, its got some scuffs and scrapes and  on the other side it has some words that were written by my brother's when they were little (I'll let you use your imagination...but my boys giggle when they crawl under there to see it ~  saying Uncle Jeremy and Uncle Adam were bad boys! ha ha!)
I have found that using a tablecloth warms the place up too...makes it feel homey and softens it. I like it. So out comes my Granny's Tablecloth every Christmas since! I love it, and if I hold it up to my nose and breathe really deep, I can still smell her. And it makes me cry, I loved her so and miss her. I have an old cigar box with fancy handkerchiefs of hers in them. She always kept them in her bureau. I don't dare open that box too much at all, but sometimes, every once in a while, I open the box and sniff, because you can still smell her. Weird...I know...And if I smell Windsong the perfume, I start bawling. Funny how I associate smells with people. Windsong reminds me of my Granny Weber (wasn't their tag song "Windsong always on my mind"...?) and the smell of Noxzema reminds me of my Grandma Epperson. The smells I associate with the women, speak largely to the type of women they were. (and I don't mean that in a bad way...)
Dining Room
My Granny Weber was such a big fan of Christmas. She had so much good stuff for us to enjoy at Christmastime that it is always a special thing to pull out her things that I inherited and use them in creating a Christmas for my family. This tablecloth has to be at least 40 years old (probably closer to 50 years old). But you'd never know it, she took such good care with them, and I do the same in honor of her memory. I have two tablecloths and I use both, but today I will show you this one.
Now my Granny was fancy, and old crocks used for vases and old enamelware used for a fruit centerpiece container would not have been in her book of style and entertaining :)
but I think that it is quaint and cute and fits me to a "T".
Dining Room _ Living Room
Peeps have asked for a picture of my entire tree and you will get it at the conclusion of Day 25, but you can see a sneak peek through the door way! :)
And that folks...
is Day Twelve!
almost halfway through and I have got lots more to share!
Some of you are probably saying ENOUGH already! LOL! :)
Until Tomorrow...
Vonna xxxx


  1. Oh Vonna, I love that chart and your finishing is beautiful as always. Thank you for sharing precious memories of your grandmothers. That tablecloth is gorgeous and fits into your home so well.

  2. What wonderful memories of your grandmothers! I agree ... getting a whiff of a scent can immediately carry us back to days gone by, old friends & family members, old places. I think it's a little blessing God gives to us : ) I have one of my grandmother's tablecloths as well. Unfortunately my mother didn't take very good care of it, but I might dig it out & put it on the table anyway. I loved my grandmother. I believe my interest in stitching came directly from her : ) Your ornament is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the freebie link. That design is right up my alley : )

  3. I love your grandmother memories. Neat to see a sneak peak of your tree, looks beautiful. Another pretty ornament too.

  4. Such a cute ornament, love the homespun, the ric rac, the tag ALL of it :) !! ! Off to Hobby Lobby to get some of those pipe cleaner evergreens ! Your tree looks magnificent ! Can't wait to really see it ! Love the stories of your Grandma !

  5. Love the ornament and how you finished it. I have been wanting to do this one. I am really enjoying your 25 days and am not tired of it at all!

  6. What a wonderful post today Vonna. Great memories.

  7. I don't think any of us would ever say "Enough!" of you, I think we are all truly enjoying 25 Days of Christmas. It's so much fun to learn some of your traditions and things that mean so much to you. And, of course, we love your ornaments and your finishes. Perfect, as always. I know you inspire me to try finishing some of the huge stash I have. (I'm hoping I get better abs better:-).)

    Thanks you once more for sharing these special memories with us.

  8. It's so fun to see your 'days' of stitching!

  9. What wonderful memories to have. Family is everything. Love the ornament today.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  10. Beautiful ornament! Love hearing about your table and tablecloth. (You are not old!!) Isn't it wonderful how smells bring those we miss back to us? I've experienced the same thing.

  11. I so enjoy these days....I will hate to see them end! You have truly spoiled us, Vonna:)

  12. Vonna
    Oh, no I would never think ENOUGH,,,in the words of Mary Engelbeit…TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING IS WONDERFUL! I am fortunate enough to have several of those Christmas tablecloths…from family, rescued when neighbors were cleaning out relatives homes, and from the thrift shop…I treasure all the memories they hold..
    Until tomorrow…
    Busy Hands…Happy Heart

  13. I just had to let you know that today's post brought tears to my eyes. The smell of Nivea reminds me of my Grandma Clark. Our sense of smell is extremely linked to our memory and emotions, so your feelings are as normal as can be. Love the tablecloth. My mom has one very similar.

  14. Another lovely post! I have a tablecloth my Grandma crocheted for her HUGE table that now sits in my dining room. She made it specifically to fit the table when the 4 leaves are in (it seats 12). I haven't seen the pine bough pipe cleaners at my Hobby Lobby, but I just might have to go back and look some more!

  15. Vonna, I love your thoughtful posts! I like to put pictures of our loved one's that have passed on a shelf near our tree. I even have a picture of our furry ones that have passed. I find it keeps them part of the season just like your Granny's things.

  16. Definitely not enough:-) I am enjoying your posts too much.What a gorgeous tablecloth.Memories like that are priceless,and I find smells evocative too,it is a precious a sense as eyes and ears. Looking forward to day 13 :-)

  17. Such sweet memories of your grandmother. I have a hand crochet tablecloth that my Grandma made. It is beautiful and I love looking at it. Your finish looks great. I am enjoying your daily posts.

  18. What lovely memories you have of your family.And such wonderful mementos to remember them by!! Laura

  19. I have enjoyed stopping by the memories and I really can relate to them. See you tomorrow....

  20. Nice ornament finish ! I could read your blog everyday of the year and never have enough :)

  21. Never Enough! I have coffee - its 5am and I have your blog - PERFECT!

  22. Thank you for sharing all your ornament finishes and memories. I am really enjoying this series of posts!

  23. What a super ornament!! I am in love with that cloth - it took me the longest time to find a lovely older "Christmas" tablecloth!! I found one at an Estate Sales of couple of years ago - the Christmas Table cloth really makes the holiday table shine!!!!

  24. Tired of you? I don't think so, I'm already thinking, oh no, were half way through, not wanting it to end... like a great book:) Vonna as many have said-Thank you, your a wonderful inspiration to many. Love the ornament, the tablecloth, your home and tree. Keep savoring those memories, I have things I hold dear of loved ones as well, still with scents. I even think about the scents and can remember the smell:) Anxious to see more that you have to share.

  25. I agree, we could go on enjoying these days without tiring. I love how you added the pipecleaner to your ornament. No matter what your style is, we all love hearing why and how you do what you do. Memories are what makes us who we are.

  26. Our family keepsakes hold such precious memories. Thanks for sharing yours, Vonna.
    I keep a bottle of my Dad's cologne on my dresser. It was his favorite and reminds me so much of him.
    I miss him everyday but know that he is at peace.

    Sweet ornament. I love your finish (as usual)

  27. I have nearly that same tablecloth (mine's round) from my grandmother! She was a mild hoarder, and after she passed, we found lots and lots of Christmas goodies stashed in the closets of her house. There are certain Christmas things that will always remind me of her.

  28. I always admire your creativity - never enough! I have the same smell sensations. There's a certain smell that I can't describe, but there was a necklace - probably from Japan when my uncle was in the Army - in my aunt's jewelry box, and once in a blue moon I get a whiff, and it almost jerks me back to many, many years past.

  29. Great post Vonna! Funny, I have that ornament all kitted up and ready to be stitched.

  30. It is said that smell is the strongest of our senses to evoke memories of the past. Your stitched ornament for today is lovely and inventive. I am so enjoying your 25 days of Christmas!

  31. Gorgeous ornament Vonna. I too have very fond memories of my grandmother and I know I can sometimes smell her perfume. I love your 25 days of Christmas posts!

  32. Adorable the finishing. Thanks for sharring your Grandmonther memories. Very special.

    Judy Heartland stitcher

  33. What a great ornament and finish! Your stories are warming my heart and sending me down memory lane.

  34. Vonna: What a beautiful ornament you do such beautiful finishing work.
    Love your dining room oh so beautiful.

    Marry Christmas


  35. No! Never enough! We so enjoy these posts. And the tablecloth brought back memories, and also reminded me of the scents I haven't experienced for years.

  36. A lovely tablecloth and such wonderful memories of your Grandma!
    Your ornament is perfect, love the little extras that you have on it, makes it extra special.
    I am so enjoying your 25 Days of Christmas and look forward to your posts everyday.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  37. I LOVE these posts. Another gorgeous finish. Love the tablecloth and the tradition and story of your grandma.

  38. Thanks for sharing this little freebie which I hadn't seen before. I love your finishing.
    Precious memories of your grandmother are kept in this table cloth.

  39. I love those vintage tablecloths! So nice to have your Grandmothers.
    Fabulous ornament. Such gorgeous finishing.

  40. Oh I LOVE reindeer Vonna - I'm off to get the chart asap. Love your vintage tablecloth. Great memories associated with it and what was once old is now retro and totally fashionable once again.

  41. Everything looks so beautiful!

  42. Wow, I love what you did with that freebie. Great fit for that cross-stitch pattern.


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