Monday, December 16, 2013

Day Sixteen...

~ Greetings dear friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day 16
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!
 I have to share with you a sweet little freebie by Log Cabin Needleworks.


I stitched it using DMC on 30 ct. unknown color - scrap piece of linen
I used another tag on the corner and cut out a wee little 2013 and glued it on there too.
The freebie design may be found: HERE
Today I am sharing....
with you our tradition of the Christmas Pickle. Here is our family's Christmas Pickle. It is lying in its box that we leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve by his plate of cookies, clearly marked (!) so that he knows to hide it on the tree.
christmas pickle
Pfeiffer Family Christmas Pickle
Do you know the Christmas Pickle Legend?
The Christmas Pickle...
The pickle is a German symbol of good luck. Traditionally, German parents decorated their tree on Christmas Eve, hiding the pickle ornament last. On Christmas morning, the first child to locate the pickle was rewarded with an extra gift from St. Nicholas.
This tradition...
was not a part of my growing up, however it was a part of my husband's family traditions. In fact his paternal grandparents would do exactly as the tradition above stated. They lived on a farm in St. Meinrad, Indiana. On Christmas Eve after they attended Mass, they would come home, the kids would go to bed and then the magic began. His grandparents would go out and cut a cedar tree on their farm, bring it into the house and decorate it. Hanging the pickle on one of the branches. In the morning when the kids got up, the tree was there and decorated - brought by Santa Claus during the night. (along with the presents under the tree).
When we were first married...
and assimilating familial traditions, I found it fascinating that the tree was brought by Santa. I also fell in love with the pickle tradition. So, although we put our tree up long before Christmas Eve, we leave the pickle to be hung by Santa. Our pickle is hand blown, painted glass and I purchased it from Vintage Glassworks. It was made in Poland. And it snuggles in its box from Christmas to Christmas and once found hangs front and center of our Christmas Tree until put away for next year. Instead of a special gift, the finder gets to open one of their presents first before any of the rest of us. Its a fine tradition that we have passed on to our children and one that they love and look forward to!
But, now a serious question....
What happens when you can't find the Christmas pickle? It was packed up in a box and now you can't find it? That has happened a Christmas or two here at our house. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to learn of our back-up tradition!
And that folks...
is Day 16!
Until Tomorrow,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Another pretty ornament !! I love the pickle story, another fun tradition.

  2. Totally cute finish with those jingle bells. I'd never heard of this pickle tradition. Sounds like something we Jews would do as long as it's a Kosher dill! ;-)

  3. really nice. gotta love the jingle bells.. The christmas pickle cracked me up.

  4. Beautiful finish.

    Okay pickle... interesting...

  5. Love your stitching finish ... and the last 2 days as well. You are a very busy bee. Never heard of that tradition, is it only in the USA?!!

  6. Lovely Noel finish. We also have the pickle tradition and I never heard of it until I married my hubby. His parents gave us our pickle after one of their many trips to Germany. I loved hearing about your husband's family tradition!

  7. I love the Noel finish ~ the bells are so nice. Thanks for the link!
    We have been hiding the pickle for years now...It truly is a favorite of G & D...even at ages 24 and 26!

  8. Christmas pickle! I always hang the Christmas spider on our tree....and the legend beneath it.

  9. Vonna, I have loved looking at all of your ornaments. The pickle tradition is cute. Are you sure it's German? My friend and I came across a 'pickle' while out antique shopping in Kentucky. We are both German although from different regions of the country but neither of us had heard of this tradition before, nor have our parents or grandparents. Interesting!!!

    1. Angie, I do not believe it to be a German custom from the country of Germany. Rather, I have read believe it to be a German-American custom. There are different theories and nay-sayers of the custom that you can find by Google, but when I say German Custom I was referring to peoples of Germanic descent that lived in America, as I nor my husband have ever lived in Germany, nor did his grandparents. However I can say that they are only second generation descendants from Germany living on American soil and they in fact did do the tradition of the pickle, as I witnessed it.

  10. Here on Silver Creek Road, we too, have a pickle on our tree. We call it the "Grickle Pickle"! We have a Christmas spider as well, that was made by one of my co-workers when I worked at a quilt magazine several years ago. I love the memories that are stirred up at Christmas! I wish you and your family a very merry and blessed Christmas!
    Diane Grick
    Silver Creek Samplers

  11. Oh my gosh, I love this tradition!!!!! So wonderful! I can't wait to hear about your back-up tradition too. lol! So much fun! Love the ornie too!

    You asked a couple of questions on my blog. The angel was from the Country Sampler in Spring Green Wisc. I was naughty and bought it. I love it! I actually have two angels -- the other is on the other side of the doorway you see so you can't see it. And yes, when they cut off the end of the trunk for us at the tree stall, we grabbed it and brought it home. It's waiting for whichever kid wants to decorate it this year. :D

  12. I love how you finished the ornament. I think I even have that chart somewhere. It's amazing how much better it looks once stitched and finished! Neat story about the pickle ornament. I have seen those, but didn't know the story. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Anonymous4:53 PM

    I love the noel ornament, it is adorable! I love the finish with the bells! I can't wait to hear the rest of the Christmas pickle. That is a wonderful tradition!

  14. Love the ornament! Love the finishing! Thanks so much for sharing the 'pickle tradition'- can't wait to hear the rest of the story...

  15. I love the pickle tradition, the the Noel finish oh so pretty.
    Merry Christmas


  16. I almost forgot to tell you my Great Grandmother Pfiefer from Germany had a pickle on her tree each year.

  17. Beautiful finish! I love the pickle idea. What a great tradition!

  18. Noel is so pretty, Vonna. The Christmas pickle is a much loved tradition...thanks for sharing yours

  19. Pretty ornament Vonna! We have one of those pickles too ... in a moving box somewhere : (

  20. My family does the pickle too!

  21. I had never heard of the Christmas Pickle until several years ago. One of the ladies in my stitch group brought it up and we have hidden it every year since at our Christmas party. So much fun. Did you know that San-Man Originals has a freebie cross stitch design about the pickle? Here is the link.

  22. How funny! I've never heard of this before. Thank you for sharing. Love your little ornament too. Thanks for sharing the link.

  23. Anonymous9:50 PM

    What a cute little pillow. I had to add that to my Pinterest page for sure.

    We used to do the "pickle" when Stephen was little. Our pickle was cross stitched and when it wore out, it didn't get replaced. Your pickle is gorgeous.

  24. Love the pickle tradition, we do it in our house too, altho not quite like you. The ornament is adorable and the jingle bells are a nice touch.

  25. A pickle tradition!!! What a lovely idea, must admit I have never heard of it before.
    Your pickle ornament is very pretty, and such a great colour.
    Love your pillow ornament.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  26. That's a lovely tradition. But as you stated above it might be a German-American custom as I am German and have never heard about it before - but it might be from a specific region or from times long ago. I love the idea. And now I'm curious to learn about the rest of the story.

  27. Another adorable ornie!
    Like the pickle tradition, but didn't hear it in time to share as my son grew up.

  28. We do the pickle too!!

  29. Years ago, when I was in a multiply stitching group, one of the gals made everyone Spider ornaments. I had not ever heard about the tradition associated with the spider until then. Today I learn about a pickle... You are never too old to learn! Traditions are wonderful!

  30. Hi Vonna! I am loving all of your 25 days! I have been sick so I am just now getting a chance to read them! Our last name is Pickle, so you can imagine how many pickle ornaments we have received over the years. ;-) We have put a spin on the tradition, the first child to find it gets to open the first present. :-)
    I enjoyed reading about your husband's grandparents. :-)


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