Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day Seventeen...

~ Greetings Friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day Seventeen
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher!
Today, I have stitched...
This is by Crescent Colours
and may be found in the Just Cross Stitch Magazine Ornament Issue 2010

Crescent Colours Merry
I stitched this sweet ornament using the called for colors.
I substituted the Large Snowman button for the small one and also added a snowflake button.
I made a flat ornament with ribbon ruffled and sewn around it. I think it turned out cute :)

Now for today's tradition...
the Christmas Pretzel!
The Christmas Pretzel
Pfeiffer family Christmas Pretzel

We all have them...
years where one or two of our special ornaments that we use every year cannot be located. One year for the life of me, I could not find our Christmas Pickle. I was a mess, running around digging through boxes. Flinging things here and yonder. Nothing. My husband is the opposite of me. He rarely gets upset. He calmly told me, "have no fear, the Christmas Pretzel is here!"

Let me tell you about the Christmas Pretzel...
It is made out of what I figure is salt dough. However I am unsure because it is completely painted red, is as heavy as lead and it like tinks...when you tap it against something. Almost like it is made of glass or porcelain. Weird. The Christmas Pretzel was made by the childhood hands of my dear husband. He guesstimates he was in 1st or 2nd grade. He remembers making it. Said he didn't know what to make so he made a snake. His teacher recommended putting it in pretzel shape. They dried it, then painted it and he added some glitter. It came home to live with us the first Christmas we were married. I pulled it out of the box that his mother had given us and said, "What is this?" with a dubious smirk, I'm sure. That is when Keith looked at me and said, "It's the Christmas Pretzel. Haven't you ever seen them?" LOL! 

So back to the year of the missing pickle...
I was frantic not being able to locate the pickle. Calmly Keith told me the Christmas Pretzel could be used in place of the pickle. So, lo and behold, that Christmas we laid the Christmas Pretzel beside Santa's plate of cookies, and every year since the Christmas Pretzel has hung front and center in place of honor on our Christmas tree. I love that Pretzel! And I cherish it, because I cherish the man, who's little childish hands made it. Each year I lovingly hang the Christmas Pretzel and each year I tenderly wrap it and pack it away until the next year. It is a dear to us and a Pfeiffer family tradition! :)

And that folks...
is Day Seventeen!
Until tomorrow,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Such a sweet story and love the precious Christmas Pretzel your husband made. How special for your children to see that their dad was a crafter at such a young age. Priceless! Gezzz now I have to hunt for our Christmas Pickle too- lol. Now idea where its hiding. love Annette

  2. Such a cute ornament , Vonna ! Love the pretzel story ! I need to start stitching faster because every ornament you show, I want to stitch !!

  3. Another adorable finish! Such a simple design and you really dressed it up!

    Ok, I get the pretzel idea better than the pickle. But it's fun to read about your family traditions!

  4. Such a great pretzel story, & your ornament is wonderful! I gotta make me one of those : )

  5. Anonymous7:10 AM

    Oh I love this story. How neat that your mother-in-law saved this ornament. :)

  6. Great to read about all your Christmas traditions. It's great that your husband still remembers the time when he was making the pretzel. Each year when I unpack our tree decoration I remember the days when my children (they are long grown) were making them. Wonderful memories.

  7. Oh my gosh, that is so sweet! I love the story of the Christmas pretzel!!!

  8. Another great story. I can't wait to see what is next. I like the added buttons on the cute ornament. Happy Day # 17 of the season.

  9. I've been away and have missed your past five posts, Vonna--will have to read backwards and catch up! Your little ornament is so sweet and I love the pretzel story... How wonderful that you are writing all of these stories and family traditions down on your blog so the kids will be able to read through them when they are older!

  10. What a wonderful memory. Love the cute little ornament. It is a great holiday season. Always look forward to your posting.

  11. Perfect! A wonderful story.....and memory.

  12. How lovely for your children to experience such sweet memories! My adult kids still make sure we continue things like that!

  13. How very sweet! Love that glitter job. ;)

  14. Such an endearing story and treasure for your family, Vonna. I think "our boys" love tradition as much as we do!
    Your "Merry" ornament is sweet.

  15. Nice finish and cute story!

  16. Anonymous9:27 AM

    Too cute.

    Well, let's see --- you have a Christmas pickle + a Christmas pretzel ....sounds like the beginning of a good party.

    1. HA HA Dee...all I need is a bottle of beer! And since we are German and Catholic, you betcha we got a bottle or two around here ;)

  17. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Vonna another sweet finish! It is adorable and I love the buttons. I would also cherish the Christmas pretzel, I am sentimental like you! I also look back at the ornaments the kids made and how proud they were when they gave their gifts! Have a wonderful day Vonna!

  18. Really like the ruffled ribbon idea - sweet. Aren't the hand-made ornies the BEST? Ours that are stitched, or the ones the kids made, or even the ones the parents made! Those stories are precious and dear.

  19. Day 17 of 25 already. Oh Vonna, how I love reading these posts and don't want them to end after day 25. Each post is so special and from the heart. Thank you.

  20. I love the detail in this story--you even describe how it is mysteriously metallic-"tink"-y even though you know for certain it was made of some type of malleable material (salt dough) by DH! :D

  21. What a wonderful tradition for you to tell. I love hearing them all. We have a few items like that, but just about anything our children make are priceless! I am busy stitching away, but had to say how much I am enjoying all your wonderful treasures.

  22. Vonna, what a lovely tradition! Thanks for sharing. I am endlessly amazed by your creativity and your finishes - cute ornament!

  23. Vonna, I love reading all your memories and traditions. I love that sweet little ornament too!

  24. Well, that's the first time I've heard of that tradition!

  25. Oh, how I love your traditions!! Your Christmas pretzel is so sweet and special. :) I just love it. Thank you for these wonderful days of sharing your beautiful creations and your traditions!

    Blessings - Julie

  26. Another great tradition, Vonna, I love it!!
    Your ornament is cute, what a lovely finish, your finishings are always so inspiring!!
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  27. Another lively tradition. Love the pretzel and of course your ornament.

  28. Love your Christmas pretzel tradition! Cute ornament too, I have this one to finish and did't realize about the large snowflake button, I hope you won't mind if I copy that idea from you!

  29. Sweet ornament and love the story of the Christmas pretzel!

  30. Sweet ornament finish there! Good story about the pretzel tradition. A priceless item!


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