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Day Four...

~ Greetings Sweet Friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day Four
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher
Today I have to share a sweet ornament, by Stone and Thread. May I present:
"Snowed In"
Snowed In by Stone and Thread
This ornament came in a kit with the pattern and the stone button. Little did I know, but as I was looking around the web, I found it to be out of print. I don't know exactly when it came out, but I'm thinking somewhere between 2007-2009. And because I'm a hoarder, I've had it a long time and never stitched it. When I was doing my reorganizing efforts this fall, I found it and put it in the stitch this year or else (!) pile :)
 It's sweet as can be...
don't you agree? I stitched mine on 25 ct. Sky Blue lugana using DMC
and finished it as a pillow style ornament. I didn't put any cording or anything around the edge. Sometimes I find simple is better. I did jazz up the bow though sewing on some sparkly blue pieces of ribbon to catch the lights on the tree.
For my Christmas Tradition today...
I'm sharing with you my twin boys hand and foot print ornaments that were made by a young nurse in the NICU shortly after their birth.
Here is Ian's ~ as he is Baby A:
Ian's Foot
and here is Baby B ~ Jacob's:
Jacob's Hand
They love it when I call them Baby A and Baby B, and I do it frequently just to embarrass them ;)
These ornaments were...
as I said made by a young night-shift nurse in the NICU. I don't remember her name, but I can remember every detail about how she looked and how she sounded. She had the most sing-song, soft-toned voice. It was almost melodic in quality. I understood why she was a NICU nurse. She was calm, quiet, soothing. She always made me feel good and took exceptional care of my babies and all the babies there. And her special, hand-made ornaments that she gave to us when we left the hospital on December 15, 1999 always, always hang on our tree every year.
I'm talking about our boys today because...
today is their birthday!!!
Happy 14th Birthday IAN!!!
Happy 14th Birthday JACOB!!!
In honor of our sweet boys....
I decided to take a trip down memory lane. My pregnancy with the boys was normal (well except I was carrying twins) until week 28. I went into labor. I was admitted to the hospital and for 6 weeks minus 2 days. I was flat on my back, in the hospital Labor and Delivery Unit. No bath, my hair was washed about 2 times a week and I lay there praying that the good Lord would see these babies born healthy and not critically pre-term. My prayers were answered because on December 4, 1999 at 8:39 p.m. and then again at 8:41 p.m. our babies were safely delivered at 34 weeks gestation. They were 6 weeks early, but for twins that's considered in the normal range.
Boys Birth Record 1999
Keith with newborn Ian and Jacob
Vonna with newborn Ian and Jacob
Twins Birth 1999
Ian had some breathing problems (from the medication I had been on to stop my labor) and I didn't get to hold him for 72 hours. Jacob was hale and hearty from first cry. We spent 11days in the NICU, and I was lucky to stay across the hall from them so that I could care for them as much as I could through the day and night. Eight weeks after I had been admitted to the hospital, we all got to come home. Let me tell you I was good and ready! :)
Here we are after being home for 3 weeks, look at how little Katie was:
Family 182000
Here's the boys at 6 months:
Ian and Jacob 6 months
On their 5th Birthday:
Ian and Jacob_2004
and today:
Ian and Jacob_2013 Birthday
It still makes me cry to think about how much I love these boys, and my girls full my heart is. But today is the boy's day and I must say, I have always known many blessings in my life. But from December 4, 1999 and forward, I have been doubly blessed. They bring so much fun and laughter to life each day. Many is the times that they have been telling stories (and take it from me, they've got a lot of stories!) and all you can do is shake your head and laugh. Then think about the story later, and laugh some more. Keith and I are so proud of them ~ the young men they are becoming. They are working on their Eagle Scout Projects and doing such a wonderful job on them and for this area to already be working on their Eagle Scout is phenomenal, as most get it just shy of their 16th or 18th birthday. But that is just like my boys, they are phenomenal (and their Daddy, who has helped them since Kindergarten in scouts, is just as phenomenal!) It is times like these, that a parent can sit back and just thank God for His gifts in their lives. 
We love you boys with all of our hearts, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
And that folks is...
Day Four!
Until tomorrow,
Vonna xxxx


  1. Snowed in is a gorgeous ornament, I love the sparkly ribbon.
    What gorgeous handmade ornaments your nurse made you for your boys, that is so special that they sit on your tree every year. I am sure she would be thrilled to know that!
    What lovely photos of your boys, thanks for sharing your story. Happy 14th Birthday!!

  2. Such a pretty little ornament ! The ribbons on top are perfect ! Happy Birthday to your boys ! Such sweet ornaments ! Your kids are lucky to have such a great Mom ! Can we do this for 365 days instead of 25 :)

  3. Happy Birthday to the boys!! I love the ornaments from the nurse. How special, she sounds like an angel in disguise.
    I love the sweet finish too!

  4. Happy Birthday boys!! Thanks for sharing a great story Vonna.

  5. Oh Vonna! so cute post! Happy birthday to the boys!...and I want to stitch this ornament!

  6. Happy Birthday to the boys! They really are growing up. Love the ornament too. I have to make myself a "stitch this year or else" basket now!

  7. Happy Birthday Ian and Jacob.

  8. Happy birthday to Ian and Jacob! I so loved reading about their birth and their arrival in this world. Loved the pics too. Your ornie is beautiful too, of course. But hearing about Baby A and Baby B was the best!

  9. You are amazing, Vonna! I look forward to each day in December. You are a gift in yourself. A big Happy Birthday to your handsome boys:)

  10. What a sweet photo tribute to your boys! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Happy Birthday to the boys!!! What a nice story.

  12. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob. Your story brought tears to my eyes. What a blessed family you have !! Thanks for sharing these notes every day.

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  14. Cute ornament. Happy Birthday Ian and Jacob.

  15. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob! And congratulations to you and your husband - you have terrific kids. I enjoyed reading your story, thank you for sharing it. The ornament for today is so sweet!

  16. Happy Birthday dear December boys! I'm a December girl myself. :o)

  17. I got teary eyed reading about that sweet nurse and your boy's ornaments! A beautiful story of your boys.. Happy Birthday.

  18. Happy Birthday to your 14 year olds! They look great! What a terrible time it must have been waiting in the hospital all those weeks. I am guessing there was not much to do but to pray. I'm grateful your prayers were answered and your babies were healthy. They are big strapping boys now!
    Cute ornie that you made up. Love it!

  19. Love this post and hearing about your boys. Happy Birthday to Baby A and Baby B, hope they enjoy their day !

  20. A lovely ornament. Happy Birthday Boys!! They look so grown up, even from your 'back to school' photo this year.

  21. Really pretty ornament, Vonna! And a big Happy 14th Birthday to your sons :) Today is a special day for me, too--it is also my middle son's birthday. Yep--he's double your twin's age--28 years old!! Hard to believe :) Hope they have a wonderful day!!

  22. As a mother of twin boys myself I can tell you...they are just the best! I enjoyed reading about their birth. My boys were very small and born 4-1/2 weeks early...4lbs 6 oz and 4 lbs 8 oz. It is so funny to look at them now and remember them at 5 lbs! Lovely ornament, the sparkly ribbon is perfect!

  23. Happy Birthday Ian & Jacob. Love your first ornaments and I'm looking forward to seeing what your mom stitches this year.

    What a wonderful and moving post Vonna.

  24. Happy Birthday Ian & Jacob. Love your first ornaments and I'm looking forward to seeing what your mom stitches this year.

    What a wonderful and moving post Vonna.

  25. Happy Birthday to your twins, loved the story. your ornament finish is gorgeous as always, simple but darling. Cheers Mel

  26. Yesterday I teared up reading about the 50th anniversary gift, and when my brother and sister-in-law celebrate their 50th come June 6, 2014, I know just what I will make for them. And today I teared up again reading about your twins, as I am the grandmother to 8 year-old boy/girl twins - one born naturally, the other by Caesarian. Thank you for the gift of laughter and memories these past four days.

  27. I'm a little late in the day, but Happy Birthday to Ian & Jacob. (Today is my mom's birthday and my fathe-in-laws bid ay, too!!)

    I just loved reading this post and learning a little bit more about you and your family. You may have written before about your twins and having to stay in bed until they were born, but I didn't know this and it is so sweet of you to share this. You and your family are truly blessed.

    And we are so lucky that you are sharing these wonderful Christmas traditions with us,too.

  28. Vonna, thank you for sharing. I am so moved by your posts. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob.

  29. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob! I loved you sharing about your pregnancy and birth! I'll bet you were more than ready to get home! Such precious ornaments the nurse made you - she must be a very special person. Speaking of ornaments, your latest creation is beautiful! I always love how you finish things off - it's always perfect. Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings - Julie

  30. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob! I loved you sharing about your pregnancy and birth! I'll bet you were more than ready to get home! Such precious ornaments the nurse made you - she must be a very special person. Speaking of ornaments, your latest creation is beautiful! I always love how you finish things off - it's always perfect. Thank you for sharing!

    Blessings - Julie

  31. Adorable finish! Thanks for sharing your memories and Happy Birthday to your wonderful boys!

  32. What a wonderful memory and wonderful children. Happy Birthday to them both. Your sons are looking great, and with you and their dad, I'm sure they will do great things. I love your simple ornament. I agree, sometimes simple is just right. As a fellow hoarder, I can't even imagine all the stuff I have.

  33. What a great little ornament! So sweet. Happy Birthday to your boys!

  34. What a wonderful posting! It brought tears to my eyes.

  35. Another lovely oost. I loved reading about your twin boys and seeing their pictures. Your stitching is gorgeous.

  36. Happy Birthday to Ian and Jacob! I hope they have loads of fun on their special day :) What a beautiful post - I especially love their 6 month old photo! You are truly blessed :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  37. I came across some older patterns too, and look forward to stitching them! Thanks for sharing about the twins--happy belated birthdays to them! Hugs!


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