Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day Eleven...

~ Greetings Friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day Eleven
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher
Before I go any further...
 I need to correct a mistake that I made yesterday. I didn't give appropriate credit to the designer yesterday and a nice lady commented to point out to me that I was incorrect. See I was too lazy to get up off of my rump to get the magazine, therefore I indeed credited the wrong designer for the Penguin ornaments both Yellow Penguin and Red Penguin. The designer is: Casey Buonaugurio. I apologize for the error and it has been corrected. 
Next point of interest for some new followers...
I have been asked on several occasions over the last few days about how I do this or that with finishing. I maintain a tutorial blog entitled: Learn to Finish with The Twisted Stitcher  and all of the "tutorials" that I have done over the years is kept there. It can be accessed at anytime by clicking on my tabs above and it is located on the tab that reads "My Tutorials..." Please remember that the way I finish isn't the only way, nor the correct way, merely my way. I maintain the blog and tutorials for those that are searching for help in the finishing department. There is no magical rule or formula for finishing, anyone can do it with a little time, patience and fortitude. So get finishing! :)
With all the business finalized, are you ready to rumble?! :)
maybe that should be jingle...
Anyway, I'm going to cut the chattiness and get on to business...
on this Eleventh Day of my 25 days may I present to you:
"Hot Cocoa"
12_1_2013 162
Hot Cocoa on tree
Designed by: M Designs
 The design may be found in the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue
I stitched mine on: 25 ct. Vintage Country Mocha lugana over two threads as I wanted it a little larger so that I could finish it into the way I did.
It is stitched in DMC as called for on the pattern.
I stitch a lot of ornaments all year long...
and have for many years, in fact, I believe I have close to 200 stitched ornaments on my tree. I was trying to count as I was hanging them this year, but I got messed up. So I'm definitely counting when I take them down this year! Its fun (to me at least) when I'm hanging ornaments to remember when I stitched them, etc. So I make sure to date all of my ornaments so that I can remember when I stitched them. Believe me as I age, this is a good thing!
Here is how I do it...
I always save all of my scraps of linen, lugana, etc. Then I backstitch the year, cut them out and baste stitch them onto the back of my ornaments. Now of course if I'm making a flat ornament, I baste it on before I mount it onto the mounting board. Of course its a little primitive, not neat and perfect, but handmade, is handmade and I like the sort of homespun feel my little dates have to them. Just a share for today :)
M Designs Hot Cocoa back
Now for a very special thing that happened on the 11th Day of December....
My sweet first baby was born! and today she is:
"Sweet 16"
I found out I was pregnant with Katie in early May 1997. Oh, I was so excited! I so badly wanted to be a Mommy and my dream was coming true! I followed the books, looked every week to see how big the baby was, what stage of development it was, on and on. I watched the "Miracle of Life" a Nova documentary constantly. I was in love with her as soon as I knew she was in there.
Finally on December 11, 1997...
she made her early entry into the world. (I had normal pregnancies until the end of them. All of my babies were born prematurely. However, by the grace of God, all of them were normal without any complications or health problems. My obstetrician always said, instead of an oven I was a microwave!)
Here is Katie on her Second Birthday ~ December 1999
Katie 2 year picture
She has always...
been a hard worker, walked the straight and narrow, done what is right and she always, always has been my little friend. I get emotional thinking about how much I love her and the bond we share. Of course you have bonds with all of your children, but they are all different and each relationship is different. We have no family that live here, as we are transplants to the Bloomington area. I can say when I was first married that bothered me a lot. But I can say now, 18 years later, that the fact that all we have had to rely on is each other and our faith -  this has made us one of the strongest, loving, work together families. People have commented on our family dynamics many times, and it is true. We are true to ourselves, true to each other and true to our faith and it sees us through every time and Katie is an integral part of that. We are tight knit (or should I say stitched!) and we all bring something different to the table that is needed ~each one of  us.
Katie has always had the self-confidence to try new things. When she was a Freshman in High School she began running. She participates in Cross Country and Track at the Junior Varsity Level. She is not a star, probably never will be, but she enjoys running and it is an activity that she can carry on into adulthood with her. She runs with her whole heart, and you can see that she does so every time.
Katie XC 2013
She can always crack me up...
here she is goofing off this summer as she put a cart away at the supermarket. Ha ha! Silly girl!
Katie Silly Summer 2013
And like most 16 year olds..
She's chosen a sweet boy and they have been dating nearly a year. He's a perfect compliment to her, his strengths are her weaknesses and vice versa. But best of all, they support each other. He's a part of the family and we love him, as we love her. (His name is Kamryn and we call them K squared)
Katie and Kamryn
She's my little sweetheart, my baby girl nearly all grown up. It makes me sad, and I have tried to slow down the years, but they just march on and on! I have been one of the luckiest mother's on the face of the earth. God blessed me four times and entrusted me with little souls to nurture and raise. This baby is so close to flying the coop, and while it is bittersweet, that is how God intended. I know with my whole heart that Keith and I have done everything we can to equip her to fly straight and fly right for a successful life. And she has enough gumption of her own that it will be so!
Happy Sweet 16 Katie...
 Mommy loves you so very much!
Katie Summer 2013
And that folks...
is Day Eleven!
See you tomorrow!
Vonna xxxx


  1. Love your ornaments. I have learned some finishing from your Tutorials, but have a ways to go. Happy Birthday to a very pretty young lady, your daughter.

  2. Happy Sweet 16 to Katie. You have the most wonderful family :) I love the cocoa ornament, the finish is perfect with the fabric and rick rack. Your tutorials are great, I'm going to try some finishes in the new year.

    I love all these posts, gives me a smile every day.

  3. Hi Vonna - thx for doing these every day. These posts make me smile big time. This is one of my favorite ornaments that you've done this year. And best of all, instead of me stitching the date and my initials on the front of my pieces, you gave me a great tip about basting that info on a separate piece of linen and onto my finished piece. Most of my pieces are framed. Never noticed what you do for those. I'll have to see if I can find that info on some of your past blogs. Your Daughter is so pretty and Happy B'day to her. Glad to hear how close you all are. Rare these days. Will be checking in tomorrow. BTW, isn't Bloomington a lovely place to live? I love it there. We moved from Indpls. to Colorado in the fall of 1993 & I love it here. But family are all in Indpls. Love Bloomington and Brown County!

  4. Happy birthday to Katie! Lots of December birthdays in your family! She is growing into a lovely young woman. Love your ornament and how you label your ornies with the year.

  5. Anonymous8:29 AM

    What a very special post to Katie! Happy Birthday to a very special young lady! She is beautiful Vonna, she looks a lot like you!
    Another beautiful ornament. I love how you sign the year. One question for you do you put your initial somewhere. When I worked in the cross stitch shop she always told the customers to sign there work with their initial and the year. I always do. I know she said they weren't to stick out but to be there. Your work and finishing is always beautiful! Can't wait for tomorrow!

    1. I used to do that Pat, maybe I need to start adding my initials and the year on the patch ;)

  6. Sweet, sweet ornament Vonna.
    Happy, Happy Birthday Katie!
    Our oldest is 19 and thinking of moving to the dorms instead of commuting to University. Yikes! I know he is ready, I am NOT.

  7. Happy Birthday to your pretty girl, Vonna ! Love your ornament ! Such a cute idea for the date ! 200 ornaments :) !!!! OH MY ! That is amazing !

  8. Aww...what a sweet post! How lucky you are to have three December babies. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.

  9. Vonna -- What a wonderful post! Happy Birthday to Katie:)) Your ornament is darling and I like the way you date them too.

    Take care.

  10. You make every pattern so much better with your stitching and finishing. Always amazing.

    And a very sweet post about Katie. Congrats to her on her birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday Katie, your Boyfriend is adorable, I remember my first love I did not find him until I was 25 years old.
    Vonna: Thank-you for the correction on the designer, I love penguins, todays ornament is beautiful, how ingenius to stitch the year and stitch it on the back of the ornament.
    Thank-you for sharing the photos of Katie she is lovely.
    Merry Christmas to You and Your Family.


  12. I've always loved red - and it turns up looking so great with so many different colors. Coffee, please! Like your siggie idea, too. Happy Birthday to you Dear Katie. K2 is a sweet couple.

  13. A beautiful ornament, I love how you have finished this one. Happy Birthday Katie! She certainly is a credit to both you and your husband.

  14. Happy Birthday Katie! Very beautiful post Vonna, time does go by too fast where our children are concerned. In our family my husband and son both are Dec birthdays too. Beautiful Hot Cocoa ornament - super sweet!
    Thank you for sharing how you stitch the year on a piece of scrap then add to the back or the ornament. I too have saved trims of linens and how perfect to use them. Also I already have a difficult time recalling what year I stitched the ornament and this has only been the last 2 1/2 years -LOL. lovely post - love Annette

  15. Vonna, I do so enjoy visiting your blog. It's always visually beautiful and inspiring. You share so much with us and its a joy to read about your family. The love and pride you have for them really shines through in your words. This is a special, heart warming place on the internet and I always leave from here smiling. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  16. Happy Birthday to your sweet 16 daughter......everything you have said in this blog reflects exactly how I feft raising my family and now they have grown into truly successful adults with children of their own. I always say, "Enjoy every precious little moment"......time and these moments are fleeting!

  17. Nice ornament and finishing. Happy Birthday to Katie !

  18. Wow! Katie is 16. Hard to believe. Tell her Happy Birthday.

  19. very sweet tribute to your lovely daughter. what a lovely family you are blessed with. That Hot Cocoa ornament is just smashing - LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am really enjoying your days of Christmas - I know it takes a lot time. Melody

  20. First I must wish a happy birthday to your beautiful daughter. Then I must say, your tutorials are marvelous. You have helped me on more than one occasion with just a click.

  21. Happy l6th Birthday to Katie…may the love and joy you continue to bring your family return to you 100-fold in the coming year!

  22. Happy Sweet 16! to your beautiful daughter!

    I too, love your Hot Cocoa ornament and think the stitched dated on the back is a great idea.

    Thank you, too, for sharing your 25 day of Christmas with us. I'm sure it's quite a bit of work, but it is so much fun to read and I'm sure we all love it. You are so generous to do this!!

  23. Love your cocoa ornie finish! So cute! And Happy Sweet Sixteen to Miss Katie! I hope she is having her best day yet.

  24. Roots and wings--you gave her the best

  25. What a busy month December is for you, Vonna--three birthdays, Christmas, work, and blogging every day--wow!! I'm impressed :)

    Happy Birthday to your sweet Katie... I've enjoyed watching her grow up :) I know it is hard to let them go, Vonna, but, as you say, that is what a mom has to do.

    Your newest ornament is so pretty! Love the way you finished it up!

  26. Happy Birthday Katie!

  27. Love your finish of the Hot Cocoa! Your's looks a LOT prettier than mine. :)

  28. Happy Birthday Katie! Thanks so much for this beautiful post Vonna, You really make it feel like we are in the room having a conversation with you :) Love the hot chocolate!

  29. Wishing your Katie a very Happy birthday! And a very Happy Mom day to you! My eldest always calls me on her birthday and tells me that--I love it! Thanks for sharing again and again... love all of your finishes. Hugs!

  30. A blessed birthday to Katie! And, as usual, your ornament is adorable.

  31. A lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter. I hope she has a wonderful day1

  32. Happy birthday to Katie, I hope she has had a wonderful day.
    Love Hot Cocoa, so pretty. I love how you've finished this, I must check your tutorials to see if there is one for this finish.
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  33. Happy 16th Birthday to Katie! I remember how special that birthday was. :-)

    Your ornament is gorgeous, I love the finishing. Great idea about the year too! I think it's lovely you share your tutorials, thank you!

  34. Happy 16th Katie! Thanks so much for sharing, love your ornament.

  35. A very Happy Sixteenth birthday to Katie!! Love your latest ornament ~ as it is one of my favorite beverages during the cold months!

  36. Happy Sweet 16 to Katie! Love all your stitching and tutorials. I always initial and date my stitching too. I'm hoping that my future grandkids will cherish the items and know by my initials and date how much I enjoyed stitching.

  37. Happy Sweet 16, Katie! What a beautiful girl!
    The ornament is adorable, Vonna. I love the fitting for cocoa :)

  38. Happy 16th Birthday Katie!

    Love your ornament Vonna. You finished it so beautifully as always.

  39. Beautiful post Vonna! Katie is a stunning young lady! Happy Belated Birthday to her. Love the ornament!

  40. I love this ornament!! I love how you stitch the year on the back! I will have to start that! Happy belated birthday to your daughter. I have a December baby too. He is my first born too. :-) He turned 25 on the 1st!


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