Sunday, December 08, 2013

Day Eight...

~ Greetings Dear Friends ~
and a warm welcome to
Day Eight
of the
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher
In honor of it being Sunday, a day of rest, I'm just going to share with you a single, simple ornament.
May I present, one of the Winter Wonderland series from Country Cottage Needleworks:
This was a Thread Pack collaboration series with Crescent Colours; now Classic Colorworks from a few years ago. I had planned on doing them all as one design, but...
changed my mind. Here is one I finished a few weeks ago. And I plan on doing all the others as ornaments too.
In this photo you can see ornaments from a lot of my stitching friends :)
Edgar of Blacksheep Bit 'o the Web did the Santa riding the reindeer
Teresa of At Willow Tree Pond did the Blue Faith and Hope ornament
Rachel V did the red and white stocking
Marie of Creative Stitches did the Vonna name tree
So many friends have gifted me over the years with ornaments, and I truly remember where each one came from, because I'm sure you can already tell...I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! and CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS! :)
And with that folks...
that is Day Eight!
But before I go...
may I give a HEARTY congratulations to:
Pat Matejcek
She is the winner of the Burlap Pillows!!
and you never know what else is coming up in the next 17 days! So all hope is not lost!
Until Tomorrow....
Vonna xxxx


  1. Merry Day 8 !! I love all the ornaments on your tree, beautiful.

  2. I love Christmas ornaments too! Did you see my Christmas tree?

  3. Congratulations, Pat! Enjoy those pillows!

    Your ornaments look lovely, Vonna. As always, you are an inspiration to me! Have a blessed and holy 2nd Sunday of Advent!

  4. Your tree is gorgeous. Congrats to Pat.

  5. These are sweet! Congrats to Pat !

  6. very pretty. all of your posts bring a smile to my face. Merry christmas.

  7. I am loving your daily posts and seeing all your stitching, ideas and other projects! I need to spend more time working on ornaments and finishing them! Maybe a good goal for the New Year!

  8. Congrats to Pat! Love all your ornies.

  9. Vonna, your tree is gorgeous! The ornaments are beautiful!

  10. Your tree and ornaments are beautiful!!
    Congrats to Pat
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  11. Such a lovely tree. Beautiful!

  12. I am enjoying each and every day of your posts Vonna. What a wonderful idea. Love seeing pictures of your ornaments.

  13. Anonymous10:27 AM

    I am really enjoying seeing your ornaments! And congrats to Pat!!

  14. Your ornaments on the tree are beautiful!

  15. Sweet tree ~ congrats to Pat!

  16. How beautiful! You definitely have some wonderful stitchy friend treasures there.

  17. I am going to hang all my stitched ornaments on a smaller tree today, and yes, I DO remember where they all came from also! Your tree is quite lovely! Congrats to Pat! Hugs!

  18. Very special friendship tree!

  19. Beautiful ornaments Vonna. Great collection. xx

  20. Thank you for these postings each day, Vonna ~ They are a bright piece of motivation to check in on each day!

  21. Such a sweet tree, Vonna. I also remember each of my stitching friends gifts to me and treasure each one.
    Seeing our ornaments is a testament to stitching friendships over the years. May they continue for many years to come!

    Congratulations to Pat!

  22. Vonna
    Congratulations to Pat…I'm sure she will enjoy and treasure those amazing pillows!!!!
    Vonna, your tree is beautiful and holds wonderful memories…the heart of this glorious season.
    Your hint for ironing the finished "pillow" worked perfectly for me today…thank you for another great tip.
    Busy Hands…Happy Heart

  23. All your ornament gifts from other stitchers must hold such special memories. I know you treasure each and every one.

  24. Congratulations to Pat! And I loved seeing your gifts from your stitching friends. I fondly remember each friend every year when I place the ornaments they have made for me on my tree...

  25. Lovely ornament and lovely gifts from your stitching friends. Congratulations to Pat.

  26. It is so wonderful of you to share all these memories and wonderful ornaments. I added a few already to my wish list. I so love your blog and all the inspiriation! I am too busy at work now, but will use your tutorials in January to finally finish some of mine.

  27. Dearest Vonna: What fun it is to have the days of Christmas shown on your blog thank-you for sharing with us.

    Merry Christmas in Jesus Name.


  28. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Thank you so much Vonna. I feel honored to have a handmade pillow from you! They are beautiful!!
    Your tree looks wonderful!

  29. So many wonderful ornaments for a very special person.


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