Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Belated Day Nine...

~ Greetings Friends ~
and welcome to
A Belated Day Nine
25 Days of Christmas with The Twisted Stitcher
You missed me!
I had e-mails from some of my followers asking if I was OK because I missed posting yesterday. So you know what that means? Some of you like my 25 Days! and that makes me :) real big!
Poor planning on my part was the culprit for missing yesterday. See, my Christmas present this year cannot be wrapped. Santa (my hubby) is paying for me to get corrective eye surgery! YAYAYAYAY! And I was in Evansville, Indiana yesterday at an eye surgeon to determine if I was a candidate. Our insurance doesn't pay for corrective eye surgery, so it is out of pocket. BUT if we choose a surgeon who is in our package plan, we get a very significant (think around 50% off) reduction in the price. So, off I went 2.5 hours south of Bloomington and 10.5 hours later, I was too exhausted to think about posting Day Nine. Sorry!
My gift...
won't arrive on December 25, rather its going to come on January 2! I'll be ringing in the New Year having PRK corrective eye surgery performed on my eyes. I'll be able to see like a new woman in around a weeks time with improvement going on over the next six months. PRK has a 95-98% success rate with best vision 20/20 at 6 months out. I'll take it! Since I've worn glasses and contacts since age 11, and I'm blind as a bat with bad sonar without them....its gonna be like a miracle, I'm sure :)
Whoo Hoo! Exciting!
So my Day Nine share is....
Winter Mitten
Old Mitten
This was another find from  my "cleaning out my craft room" this fall. And it was basically all stitched, I just had to do some backstitching and some fill in, but that was accomplished in short order and I thought, well what to do with it?
As you can see...
it is stitched on aida, so that is old, because I haven't stitched on that in a lot of years. But its darling as can be. I can tell you that this was one in a set of series that was published in the Leisure Arts Magazine: For the Love of Cross Stitch. I don't know what year, nor do I know the designer, but the series was Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter was the mitten. Spring was a bonnet. Summer was an apron. Fall was an old stocking. All of them hanging on a clothesline. They were cute. I finished the stocking and the mitten. So here is the mitten all finished and is now happily on my Christmas tree!
And that...
is Day Nine!
Until tomorrow (which will be in a few minutes)...
Vonna xxxx


  1. Congratulations on being a candidate for the surgery! I hope it goes well and I'll send positive thoughts for you. What a nice belated present that will be! {{Hugs}}

  2. What a great gift for you, Vonna. Best of luck with your upcoming surgery.
    My son had PRK done 2 years ago and had been very happy with it. He says it's great to open his eyes in the morning and see clearly!

    Your ornament is sweet.

  3. Cute little stitching piece!

  4. Vonna
    What a blessing to be a candidate for the PRK surgery…I will pray for you. I needed corrective lenses since age 2, at 18 traded the "coke bottles" for contacts, and about 8 years ago had cataract surgery on my second eye. Although this surgery did not give me the correction you will enjoy, it is such a gift to open my eyes each morning and SEE…I will never take this for granted. The fact that I can thread a needle without any corrective means is thrilling and never gets old.
    The mitten ornament is charming.
    Busy Hands…Happy Heart

  5. So Cute , love the little mitten ornament !! How exciting to get your eyes "fixed" !

  6. Cute ornament. What a great gift from Santa, very happy for you !!

  7. Good luck with your surgery.

  8. I had cataract surgery, in my left eye, on the 21st of Nov. I opted for the crystalens and my vision is INCREDIBLE!!!! I had the right eye done Dec. 5th...just AMAZING! We paid 9500 out of pocket and I'd do this again....in a heartbeat!!! You cannot put a price on vision!

  9. P.S. Two of my friends had lasik done 8-10 years ago and both have to have it redone. Not being a debby downer, but they're pretty bummed out. I have no idea if this is normal (or not) as I didn't have the consultation for lasik.

    Now that I've got beautiful vision, I'm opting to use latisse. Beautiful Lashes Up Next!

  10. Wishing you lots of luck with your eye surgery, I hope everything goes well. A lovely mitten ornament.

  11. Very pretty! I think anyone who gets corrective eye surgery is brave! I'm afraid to mess with my eyes.

    Lovely ornament.

  12. I am so happy you are getting your surgery. What a joy to be able to see clearly and stitch away. I am hoping to be able to do that in the near future. I missed your posting, and am commenting as I often fail to do that. I know how much it means, and am lax about it. Great ornaments, I love the mitten on the clothesline.

  13. Nice ornament. Best of luck on your procedure.

  14. What a sweet ornament. Glad it finally made it's way to a tree. =)

  15. Oh, how I love this ornament as well! I aspire to be you when I grow up! LOL. I don't know if I asked you this before, but how do you get the corners so neat on your ornaments? Do you mitre the corners or do it another way? Looking forward to your other days of Christmas!

  16. Best of luck on your procedure! Will it set you back for awhile? No driving? No...stitching????? I remember this pattern! I will have to go look it up!! (FTLOC was my first subscription, my introduction to cross stitch..heavy sigh...still pull patterns out occasionally!)

  17. I had lasik done 15 years ago. I will never forget waking up the next morning and being able to see!! It was amazing and I am still grateful that I was able to have the surgery. Best of luck to you!!

  18. Sweet ornament and good luck with the procedure!

  19. What a wonderful Christmas gift! Love the mitten! I have noticed quite a few ornaments done in Aida recently.

  20. Vonna,
    I love your 25 days. Each post is such a treat to read!

  21. OMG, I'm blind as a bat too! lol! Worn glasses since the age of 6. Yup, 6. I can't get corrective surgery cause my eyes are too dry. Such a bummer. Apparently, the corrective surgery makes your eyes dryer. Although I have heard that certain kinds are better. I bet you can't wait!! I'm very envious! Lovely ornie too!

  22. I have worn glasses since I was 6 also! Nearsighted! I had to have cataract surgery in 2009 due to the radiation treatments, and that changed things a bit. My distance vision doesn't need correction now--just for reading. I couldn't afford the terribly high cost to do both visions, and insurance would pay only one half of whatever I chose... I don't know if I can get anything more done, but I am pretty used to wearing glasses! Cute ornament and finishing as always! Hugs!

  23. Once again, an adorable ornament finish! And, congrats on your new vision Christmas present!

  24. What a great Christmas gift from your husband. It must be very exciting for you! Lovely ornament too. So funny how I never stitch on aida either any more, but the mitten looks darling on it!

  25. How exciting, hope all goes well with the surgery.
    Love the little mitten, the whole series sounds cute
    Love to all
    Linda O xxx

  26. Cute little ornie Vonna. You've inspired me. I've gone ahead and am trying to schedule my own lasik consultation. I've been putting it off for too long and have been wearing glasses since I was 10. I hope you have brighter and clearer vision in the new year. How exciting!

  27. Good luck with your surgery - will say a prayer for you and the surgeons! I am sure it will be a true blessing for you.

  28. I found the patterns if anyone is curious! It is from For the Love of Cross Stitch, by Leisure Arts. Designer is Sandi Gore Evans. Part one! spring and summer was in March 1993 and fall and winter was in May 1993 . What a great job finishing. And good luck again on your surgery!


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