Wednesday, September 18, 2013

My Midnight Ride...

~~Greetings to my friends~~
I've been busy! Busy stitching another perfect sweetie released at the St. Charles Market. 
May I present:
Midnight Ride
by Blackbird Designs

Midnight Ride Box 3
Midnight Ride Box 2
Midnight Ride Box 1
Stitched on 30 ct. WDW Putty
Stitched with Gentle Art Sample Threads
and finished as a box top using Lone Elm Lane Shaker Box
Yep, I sure did...
fall in love with this design and box. When I was stitching at my LNS last week, we started talking about the new sewing box series that Blackbird Designs had announced at market. I said with much conviction (I might add) that I was out. I was not falling for another series! Period. Then lo and behold, I found out that they in fact had purchase the Shaker Box used in the series designs.  sinking feeling in my stomach. AND they in fact did have the leaflet too.  my pompous declaration blowing to smithereens....
I quickly arose from my seat, grabbed said box (that I had just said with much conviction I was not falling for... HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and leaflet and started to expound on the positives of having a series of designs that one could simply pop in and out of same said box. What a ingenious concept!
I don't think...
my speech on ingenious ideas fooled the girls one minute. No, in fact, I believe they know exactly what I am.....a sucker....for a great design!
Ha, ha, ha :)
we are nothing if we cannot laugh at ourselves! And blow some money every now and justify it in warped, convoluted ways!
Since I finished this sweetie today...
and fall is officially coming on Friday, I figured that was a good enough reason for me to decorate for fall. So today I spent the morning decorating the inside of our home for fall. My kids will be so excited when they get home from school. Mr. Pfeiffer will just smile, tell me "its pretty honey" and move the seasonal clutter aside to set his tea glass by his comfy chair :]
 And if I get my rear in gear I figure I can get a large amount of decorating done outside this afternoon, as well.
I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part...
...Mr. Scarecrow smiles at us silly from the back of our entry door...
...When Witches Go Riding (by Prairie Schooler)...
Witches Go Riding
...Thomas (Notforgotten Farm)...
...Something Wicked (La D Da)...
This Way Comes
...some grungy muslin pumpkins I made along with Friendship Tree (Little House Needleworks)...
TV stand
...Autumn Band Sampler (Little House Needleworks)...
LHN Autumn
...Our Mantle and Grandfather's Clock all spruced up for fall...
...My Stitching Spot...
Stitching chair
...Coffee Table...
Coffee Table
...we are reminded to give thanks...
Give Thanks
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, while I'm giving thanks and picking out my next stitching project! While I watch my blog roll to see your autumn stitchery and decorating!
Until next time friends, love in stitches...
Vonna   xxx


  1. The Shaker box is perfect for your latest stitch. Super decorating. I love "Thomas".

  2. The box is so pretty..I love it so much ...
    Very pretty decorations ..
    Big hugs x

  3. I love how it looks in the box, very beautiful fall stitching.

  4. Oh, darn, I own half those projects and yours are so beautiful that I'm going to have to start them ALLLLLLLL (wicked witch cackle here). I'm starting with the La-D-Da. I will note, however, that you are going to have to wait for a very long time to see fall decor at my house, but I figure if I get a start now, I can maybe decorate for Christmas! You are an inspiration as usual, and I love your BBD finished box--it is perfection, dearie!

  5. Love your blackbird finish!
    Can not believe it is fall already. Wonderful decorations and fall finishes!

  6. Oh that little box is too cute.....I was chuckling because I would say and do the same thing you did!

    Your Fall decorating looks GREAT!! Makes me want to leave work early and go do my house....

  7. Vonna. Yoi. I had no intentions of getting that chart, and especially the box, and you go ahead and showcase your fabulous finish. I tried not to look, but the photos kept scrolling. I'm cooked. Your home is wonderfully warm and inviting! Excuse me now while I search for BBD.

  8. The house looks gorgeous! You absolutely needed to do that box!

  9. Сколько красоты! Я просто в восторге! Ваш дом просто бесподобен и всё так идеально подобрано для декорации! Браво!

  10. Bad! I didn't want to like this! I see trouble....

  11. Love the decorations! I also fell in love with the Midnight Ride pattern. I have gotten that but I haven't sprung for the box yet. It looks great!

  12. Vonna -- I HAD to have the box and leaflet too! At least you have done yours and it looks MARVELOUS!!! Your house looks beautiful all decked out for Halloween/Fall. I did mine last weekend:)) Fall is my most favorite time of the year:))

    Take care my friend!

  13. Love your new finish !Fabulous, Just Fabulous ! Your Fall decorating looks just beautiful ! So many pretty stitched pieces ! Love that it excites your kids that you decorated !

  14. The box idea is really clever and your finish will definitely entice anyone wavering about signing up!

    You have such a wealth of gorgeous finishes! And your display them to professionally. Time for a spread in Better Homes and Gardens!

  15. Forgive me - I am SO envious!!!! All your beautiful Halloween decor and stitchy pieces. I SWORE I would not fall for another series. I just can't do it. Then I come here and the first thing my eye beholds is the Blackbird design and it's coordinated box. Oh gosh! I am going to have to go to confession. :-o Vonna, I LOVE looking at all your beauties! TFS!!! :D Cathryn

  16. Great work! Everything looks wonderful.

  17. Anonymous6:09 PM

    You do such a wonderful job... both with your stitching and making your house look seasonally festive. I'm sure your family loves it!

  18. Your autumn stitching and decorating is beautiful Vonna, and here we are enjoying the beginning of spring....and very much looking forward to summer!

  19. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Love your latest finish! The box is beautiful and I have been wanting one.... Your fall decorating is lovely!!

  20. It's all beautiful!
    Your home looks so cozy and wonderful.


  21. I have had those same conversations and declarations and end results! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year--to eat, decorate and stitch

  22. I love Midnight Ride! Thanks for sharing your fall decorations, they were lovely.

  23. Love your finishing hun, it's too cute. Your home looks so warm and cozy, I love fall, it's my favorite time of the year. I still have to decorate my home for fall.

    Hugs Shar

  24. Oh my gosh, your finish is just so wonderful! I'm so glad you went for it. I, of course, am tempted by the lovely Shaker boxes and the design too. Sigh. Have to be good! Love your fall decorating!

  25. Anonymous7:35 PM

    I love unique samplers! Great one and your finish is perfect! I guess I'll follow your lead and start looking for pumpkins and corn now and stash away the summer stuff.

  26. Love your new finish. Your house is decorated so beautifully that it makes me so envious. Love, love,love what you have done.

  27. Your new finish is just beautiful. I would love to be tempted but...... I love the warm and cozy feeling of your home. Just wonderful.

  28. This si a good temptation, nothing wrong with a girl really wanting something so lovely.
    I love your decorating I now am inspired to do some decorating myself.

  29. I totally love your box finish! I saw the pattern and wanted to stitch it myself right away. Also love the turkey. Fall stitching is so fun!

  30. Every time I see Blackbird design patterns I fall in love even more. I love all your Fall decorating. One day I hope to stitch Thomas for him.

  31. Congratulations on your BBD finished finish! Your home looks very warm and inviting for the upcoming harvest season.

    Robin in Virginia

  32. Anonymous8:25 PM

    What a beautiful box and finish! I love all your decorating. I can't wait for fall. We live in the desert so we don't get to see much. I miss the colors, sounds, smells. Thanks for sharing. I recently completed a stitching project for a friend and I used your tutorials. I wrote about using your tutorial on my blog. Thank you for being so kind as to share your love of stitching with us.

  33. Gosh, it's hard to say which one of those fall finishes I like the best, Vonna! Your newest one is so cute--glad you gave in to your temptations and bought the box and the chart :)

    Your husband sounds like mine, but at least the kids get excited--that makes all your hard work worth while!

  34. You have made me want to decorate tonight! I'll be making sure to get my decorations up this weekend! I love the Shaker box!

  35. I love the Shaker box! You are the fastest stitcher I know! :)
    I'm gonna decorate my house for fall this weekend!

  36. Anonymous9:42 PM

    All of your decorations are adorable, but I just LOVE your coffee table decor. Well done!

    The shaker box and the crow in the hat? Too cute. Congrats on the beautiful finish.

  37. Awesome, awesome finish, Vonna! I can't get one market release done and have you have two Stitched and one finished beautifully! Well done, you!

  38. Your finish is perfect as always! Love your decorations too.... happy stitching!

  39. I really like midnight ride, there is something about his stance. :-) And the orange thread really stands out. Your house looks lovely decorated for Autumn.

  40. Vonna! I just love the way you decorate and how quick you are at stitching AND finishing a piece! You rock it girrrrrllllll! Makes me want to get out my fall stuff too. Now to just be able to find it in that "annex" I mean garage of mine. :)

  41. Love midnight ride. The box is beautiful. Love all the fall decorating.

  42. I love your fall decorating! you have a great collection of your beautiful work to display. its perfect! cant wait to see what you are stitching next. your work inspires me. THX

  43. Your home looks great and is all ready for fall. Great stitching!

  44. Love the shaker box finish - we can all justify a change of heart when we need to! Your home looks gorgeous.

  45. A gorgeous finish. Your decorating looks fantastic.

  46. W-O-W!!! Your post makes me want to decorate for Fall right now. Vonna your stitching is beautiful. I love every one of your finishes. Midnight ride is a show stopper. Love the feel of your living room - so warm and festive looking. Thank you so much for sharing.
    love Annette

  47. So lovely, your autumn-decorations, I like it very much.
    Have a good Time,

  48. I really really love the shaker box and Midnight Run. I think you've caused me to cave in my resolve to not get this design and box!

    Fall decorating at my house usually doesn't happen until the last minute, mostly because I'm still in summer mode, lol.

  49. Gorgeous as always, Vonna! Your home looks so festive.

  50. Oh Vonna...I think I just might have to jump on that band wagon. I love Midnight Ride and your shaker box finish is wonderful!
    Your Fall decorating is lovely. It's hard to pick a favorite stitched piece as they are all great.
    I always decorate for the seasons, too. Funny, my guys say a passing "it's nice" while my DD oohs and ahs.

  51. Wonderful decorations. Love your new piece.

  52. A wonderful finish - as usual! Those BBD girls just have a way, don't they? I do LOVE the idea of something to pop in and out. That's how I'm handling the monthly WordPlay pieces, too. You're always so on top of things - your home looks so warm and cozy. Take care and enjoy what's next!

  53. I should not have stopped by your blog today. You are a bad influence on my resolve not to buy any more stash. But the BBD box series is terrific and not too big. I may have to get that one. Also added the Prairie Schooler piece to my wish list. The framing is spectacular - a Jill Rensel possibly? I have the La De Da piece and now want to start that too! I love your idea of putting them all on easels. You are one talented lady! Thanks for sharing your wonderful home and inspiring me to get it in gear already!

  54. I love your fall decorating... very bright, beautiful colors everywhere! That is one of the great things about fall! I am not quite ready to switch to fall, since our summer just started for us, now that the tourists have gone! I'm in a beach mood for a while more--at least till I get back from Myrtle Beach! Thanks for sharing! Hugs!

  55. Awesome everything :)

  56. Fabulous finish Vonna and loving your fall decoration.

  57. Midnight Ride is gorgeous Vonna! I always love seeing your fall decorations.

  58. Loved seeing your fall decorating - I have not even begun yet - where does the time go ! Your new shaker box finish is wonderful. Take care and enjoy the glorious days of color while they last. Melody

  59. Wow! You finished that in a hurry. Keep churning them out sister!

  60. Great finish. Love your fall decorations.

  61. We are definitely on the same wavelength lately! This was another of my market purchases. However despite all my free time I still can't churn them out as fast as you can my friend. This is a FABULOUS finish! I love all of your autumn/Halloween decor. Your mantle is just lovely.

  62. Coming into your home must be wonderful these times, with all your fall pieces and decoration. A gorgeous box lid!


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