Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Forget Me Not...

Hello to all my stitching friends, blogging buddies and visitors...
how have you all been?
We have been busy here in Pfeiffer land, but a good busy and I wouldn't have it any other way.
I took some time out...
from my model stitching and finishing to stitch up an enchanting little piece that made it's debut at the St. Charles Market.
In fact...
it was a limited edition piece from Country Stitches ~ With Thy Needle and Thread and designed by Brenda Gervais. I was lucky enough to finish it up today at Tuesday Stitch~in at my Local Needlework Store ~ Fancy Works. My stitching girlfriends got to celebrate with me.
Without further ado may I present:
"Forget Me Not Sampler"

Forget Me Not Sampler 2
Forget Me Not Sampler 4
Forget Me Not Sampler 3
"Forget Me Not Sampler"
Designed by: Country Stitches ~ With Thy Needle and Thread
Brenda Gervais
Copyright 2013
stitched on: 35 ct. "distressed" cream linen
stitched with: Weeks Dye Works overdyed floss
Don't you wish you had a sampler just like mine? :)
I'm going to get this sweetie all framed up as soon as Liz (from my LNS) and I pick out the perfect frame to fit this sweet little sampler.
You know...
I've stitched two other samplers from Brenda Gervais and each time I have fallen in love with her a little bit more :) I don't know if my followers remember, but I stitched:

"Soar Sampler"
in 2011
Soar Sampler w signature

"J.M. Gardner Reproduction Sampler"
in 2012
JM Gardner 2013 Fair
Today I ordered at my LNS another reproduction sampler from Country Stitches ~ With Thy Needle and Thread, because I thought... I have a good thing going here, why stop?!
You see, I looked at this beauty when it was featured with peeks on Brenda's blog and I thought hard about it when it came out earlier this year...but you know, I just never got around to purchasing it. So today I bit the bullet and ordered:
As my teenage daughter loves to say YOLO!
(You Only Live Once!)
I also promised Mr. Pfeiffer...
that I would not buy anything today at my LNS except my lunch.
I got out of there only spending $190. That's not bad right? They were things I really needed. I've been really good about stitching from my stash recently. Until St. Charles Market blew my whistles and dinged my bells...
and well anyway: YOLO!
is my new motto...
I'm hopeful you'll get to view...
one of my recent purchases from today really, really soon! Because I told the girls that I was going to have it done by next Tuesday...
Wish Me Luck!
Until next time...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always!
Join me :)
Love in stitches,


  1. Splendid! And yes, I remember those. Love 'em all. And um, I think $190 is kinda bad, yes. ;)

  2. Love it! You did a beautiful job as always. Yes, the St. Charles market has become yet another enabler in my life to :) Waiting for some of my stash to arrive in the mail, a little here and a little there is easier to hide:) Looking forward to your next project! I ordered some of WTNT Christmas patterns.

  3. Hey - thought you were gonna put Bert's almost-finished Mermaid up here :)

    Your pictures are way better than the one I took! And as always - beautiful stitching!!!! Can't wait to see it framed!

  4. Vonna -- LOVE your new motto and may use it myself too! Weren't there some great things that came out at market? Please share what you got!

    LOVE your little sampler finish. It will go so well with the others. I just know you will LOVE stitching Frances Pool the colors are beautiful and it's a fairly quick stitch with all the little motifs:)

    Great to see a post from you. Take care my friend!

  5. What a super finish!!! - and - $190 is not too much..... :)

  6. Thats a great finsih, I love it !!

  7. Love it, so much in fact I am off to order now. After all YOLO ! :)

  8. I love the new finish and the others as well. I love the new saying, I just may have to steal too. $190.00 is about average for celebrating a new finish.

  9. Lovely finish...and your shopping spree sounds pretty harmless to me and well deserved!

  10. Congratulations on your newest finish, Vonna! I really like the colors in this one. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your latest stash purchases. Go Vonna!

    Robin in Virginia

  11. A wonderful finish Vonna, I definately can't wait to start my new kit of this too now I've seen your lovely piece all stitched :)

  12. Great finish! Love the colors. I couldn't resist some of the wonderful things that came out of market. YOLO is perfect for me.

  13. Vonna, you are funny! Love your finish, it's beautiful. Fortunately I picked up that little beauty myself. If only I were as quick as you are. I even started Frances Pool though I have been distracted by Promised Lamb!

  14. Gorgeous as always!! I just LOVE your stitching. I so wish I had a stitching buddy like you or a fantastic LNS around me. But you and the friends I have made on some of the facebook sites have kept me going.
    You are a lot of fun to follow and I love seeing your work. Keep it up. You are a Blue Ribbon gal to me.....

  15. Another beautiful stitching piece. My favorite part of your post is your $190.00 lunch. You go girl !! Enjoy, that's what life is all about.

  16. Beautiful!! Yes, I was also doing well until the St. Charles and I fell hard

  17. Gorgeous finish, Vonna!

    YOLO indeed! I think you did good, girlfriend, and deserve it all. :)


  18. $190 sounds about right for lunch! :::wink:::

    Congratulations on your finish! It's a beauty to be sure!

  19. YOLO is such a great motto :) Great stitching as always!

  20. Awesome! Got that one too.

  21. What a beautiful finish Vonna! I remember your other finishes. There are some wonderful new releases so I completely understand 'only $190' - what are we to do? I love your daughter's saying as it's so true. I can't wait to learn what model stitching you are working on! It is always so great to see a post from you. Be well and happy stitching!

  22. Lucky you I am still finishing my wips and have almost finished a Blackbird Designs exchange piece with all leftover fabric and threads from another project, I truely am saving up for the Drawn Thread Retreat next spring so I need to be good and not spend so much I am happy for you, you lucky Lady, I look forward to seeing your goodies finished.

  23. Beautiful stitching and finishing, Vonna.
    My willpower is weak after seeing all of the goodies coming from market BUT now I have a mantra....YOLO!!
    A little here and there and I won't have to worry about a lump sum total.
    Well, until the end of the month and the charge card bill comes (haha)

    It's always inspiring to visit you in blogland ((HUGS))

  24. Beautiful! I love the colors in it. It is nice to live it up once in awhile.

  25. Gorgeous finish, you are too funny!!!!! I am assuming your DH knows you would buy more than your lunch, LOL.

  26. Gorgeous , can't wait to see it framed! $190.00 for lunch ... Geez.. inflation :) Can't wait to see all your new stitching !

  27. I love your finish -- so gorgeous! lol! I consider that being very good at your LNS. Especially with market just having happened!

  28. Hahahah I am glad that I don't have the only teenager that says YOLO at every opportunity.
    Maddi is about to sit her finals - really the whole family does that last year of school..
    Nice to 'see' you again.

  29. :) I like that! I have this very stitching my hands right now!!! Fun~

  30. It's a great motto and some beautiful stitching you have there. Just beautiful!

  31. Beautiful stitching!

    I love her designs too.

  32. So beautiful! I can see why you've fallen in love with those designs and I can see why Brenda chooses you as a model stitcher!

    So you splurged a bit... As the L'Oreal commercial used to say, "You're worth it"!

  33. Morning Vonna! Congrats on your beautiful finish! It's on my to do list as I bought the kit at market. Did you dye your fabric? I can't tell from the pictures. Connie at work has started it and she dyed hers twice as it wasn't dark enough the first time. I too am a Brenda Gervais fan and I've been eyeing Frances Pool for months. She's been in and out of my bag at work about 3 times so far. She'll come home with me one of these days.

    Thanks for the lovely comments you left on my blog. I truly was surprised at how well I did because I really don't stress over my stitching, it's my relaxation and if I fussed too much over it then it would become a chore rather than a love. The judges did leave comments and I was expecting the worst. Poor Dan had to listen to me rant more than once about what would happen if they tore my stitching apart and what if I couldn't stitch anymore after that. Luckily they were very nice comments. The most negative thing they had to say was the mat on the Papillon piece was not symmetrical. I knew that as I cut one of the three at a different time from the other 2 and it did not match up perfectly. My bad! Otherwise they were all complimentary. I think we must have had kinder, gentler judges than you had. I've heard some stories from people that would turn your hair gray! Thankfully that didn't happen this time. Ya never know though. I'm planning to enter again next year. I hope others will follow suit! Have a great day!

  34. Love all your finishes, Vonna, but after seeing your Remember Me sampler, I think that I need to move that up in the rotation! It is so beautiful.

  35. Gorgeous as always!

  36. Your pieces are just gorgeous. I especially love the Soar Sampler. It looks superb on that black linen and such a great frame. Happy stitching on your next project! ~Nan

  37. I am so in love with your finish! I'm waiting for my kit to arrive so I can get started to. Brenda is one of those designers that just speaks to me. I also recently bought her Pink Sparrow Sampler which is just gorgeous. I love Frances Pool too. I've been on the fence about purchasing it for awhile now. I'm sure once I see your finish that I'll be sold about buying it too.
    Hmmm, YOLO..... I like that motto! My DH doesn't know it yet but there is an order arriving very soon that I placed before I agreed to cut back. LHN Love Thy Neighbour is one of the items I can't wait for!

  38. As always, you do such beautiful stitching! I do have all those WtnT in stash, but you know the spiel. Seeing yours may bring them out sooner!? It's tough for a girl to go to the LNS after market, isn't it? YOLO - love it!

  39. A gorgeous finish. Look forward to seeing your new start. YOLO - love it, it is going to be my new moto.

  40. I have the Limited Ed one but haven't started it. However I am about 3/4 done with Frances Pool, doing it on 36ct. You will not be sorry you got this one...it is gorgeous.
    I always love to look at your work, you inspire me!
    I think you did well for "not buying anything". YOLO
    Judy in Kansas

  41. Beautiful finish Vonna! I've been eyeing this one from market. I totally have a thing for huge plants and little people. :)

  42. Ooooooooooooo...the colors in Forget-Me-Not are beautiful. Congrats on the finish.

  43. What a wonderful sampler! Thanks for sharing with us because I do wish I had one just like it!
    $190 at the stitching store is about par for me too. That's why I try and avoid it. LOL! I can't wait to see what you bought.
    Good luck with your stitching goals. Take care!

  44. Awwww, such a sweet little beauty. I'm more and more in love with Brenda's designs but have never stitchede one. So far. I just feel a new order coming up, lol, and this one will contain some of her designs.

  45. Ooh I love your Forget Me Not sampler. It is gorgeous. Yes I remember the other designs. All so pretty.

  46. Oooh--I love that one, Vonna! Of course--it has so much blue :)

    It's amazing how quickly your tab can run up in a stitching store, isn't it? And all because you had to make a quick stop for a pack of needles or a skein of floss :) Oh well, I'm sure there are worse addictions we could be spending our money on!

    Enjoy your fall and thank you for your kind get-well words on my blog. I'm almost back to normal, thank goodness!!

  47. Gorgeous finish, congratulations. I look forward to seeing your new stash

  48. Perfect stitching as always - and like Carol above I'm a bit biased with this one because of all the blue ;) LOL ... as for the $190 spending, that's my 'normal' spend for stitching haha (admittedly, though, I do it more to make up for the postage costs to get my money's worth!)

  49. Love the finish. Beautiful colours.

  50. Beautiful finish, enjoyed seeing the other earlier finishes as well. Congrats too on the ribbons you took earlier, your stitching is beautiful. My favorite was Tom Turkey, he's wonderful.

  51. Congrats Vonna, I like so much your Forget Me Not, and thanks to put your other WNAT, I have a lot of Brenda charts to stitch !!!

    Keep away from your LNS ;-) I know it's hard to resist as Oscar Wilde said :)


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