Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

...around here friends! I'll let the pictures do the talking (for the most part)....

Front Walk 2012
The walk from the drive-way to our front door...

Sled 2012
An old 1950's sled with my Mom's old skates from her childhood...
Christmas Front Door 2012
A winter wonderland at our front door...
....saw THESE and had the bright idea that I could make great big ones for each side
of my front door to set in my black urns. Long story short....went to Hobby Lobby, after 6 sheets of poster board, 6 miles (no really just 6 packages) of white iridescent garland, two 50 count LED light sets, glue, tape and hot glue (not to mention ONE looooooong afternoon....) Viola! Perfection, no?!
made the wreath too (next day though...)
Santa China Cabinet
My Santa Collection atop my China Cabinet...
Ahhh....Our Tree! It rotates so some different views of it as it turns...
Tree 2012 _ 2
Tree 2012 _ 1
Tree 2012 _ 3
What is Christmas without a poinsettia...
Jolly Man
The Jolly Man...
(NOTE: my first ever made flatfold all those years ago!)
The Mantle 2012
The Stockings were hung...
I love Christmas....
can you tell? This is only a small part of our decorations. I've got 4 nativity sets, 2 large statues of the Holy Family, A Santa Tree....lots more, but I wanted to just give you a sampling...not make you fall asleep with boredom!
What am I stitching?...
well not what I thought I would be last post! (I hate it when I do that!) See friends, when I was at the retreat this fall...there was this fascinating lady with the most fantastic projects going. She had things that I had seen before, but done in a way that made me slobber wanting to do them too. One of her projects was Thomas by Notforgotten Farm. Well I thought about that turkey, and thought and thought some more about him. Dreamed about him (yes!).... so figuring enough was enough, I bought him and started him. Here he is as he stands to date:

designed by: Lori Brechlin ~ Notforgotten Farm
stitched on hand-dyed Hazelnut 40 ct. linen
using my own conversion to over-dyed Crescent Colours and Gentle Arts (!)
He is a fatty and there are LOTS of stitches in him. I get tired of doing the same color on his body, so I play a game with myself, I do a thread or two of brown on his body and then go to a different color in the border. I'm running out of the different colors, so I better just stick to getting his butterball done :)
Also of note is: the colors are my own conversion to over-dyes. I had the fascinating lady's conversion, but I thought I'd give a try at converting DMC to over-dyes and to be honest...I'm pretty doggone pleased with how Tom is turning out! I may have to try that again sometime!
Does it seem to you, dear stitchers...
that there is a plethora, and I mean PLE-THO-RA of wonderful designs coming out? Or is it just me? I'm just shocked and amazed, well actually, I'm not at all shocked and amazed but my husband is as he follows me around with a smoking credit card and the bill unfurling in the breeze I make as I run from hither and yon purchasing things ;)
A sampling of the goodies coming to live with me are:
All is Calm
**think about this one, stitched one over one as a Christmas ornament**
eliza scattergood
Eliza Scattergood ~ Plum Street Samplers
**love the verse**
Isabella Fox 1827
Isabella Fox ~ Gigi R designs
**Adam and Eve - DUH!**
Frances Pool
Frances Pool ~ reproduction by Brenda Gervais
of With My Needle and Thread ~ Country Stitches
**after finishing J.M. Gardner....I'm hooked on Brenda's Reproductions - I'm going back for a repeat**
Hollyberry Farm
Hollyberry Farm ~ Stacy Nash Primitive Designs
**I about swallowed my tongue when I saw this on Stacy's blog yesterday. So what else is a girl to do other than SNAP it UP!?!?!?!**

ALL this goodness...
during the season of seasons! Of course I have a ton of designs all kitted and ready to go already....but I couldn't live without these sweeties. (Now if I could just buy some more time)...
not only these that I've featured are coming out...but I know Diane at Little House Needleworks has been teasing her facebook and blog followers with tidbits about her upcoming series for 2013. Nikki at Country Cottage Needleworks  and her Santa Village. I'm going to have to stitch day and night and probably get a catheter so I can just sit and stitch and not bother about getting up to use the restroom. Maybe that can be my new diet plan too!! HEY! that's a good, great idea!
"Honey, I have to buy these patterns because they are going to help me lose weight, cause I won't have time to eat...."
I don't think he'll buy that....
Oh well...
Until next time...I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, while I'm stitching, and living, and praying and thinking up some good excuses for our credit card bill!
Love in stitches,


  1. Vonna --
    Oh my goodness -- I love seeing pictures of your beautiful decorations in your home!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    All the new charts you have listed are also on my "want right now" list too!!! There is just never enough time to stitch everything but I'm going to keep trying:)))) We have great taste don't we???!!!!

    HUGS and love to you!

  2. Well somebody has really caught the holiday spirit! Everything looks wonderful.

    The turkey piece is very cool. But I know what those large color blocks can mean to a stitcher. Pretty when they are done, but quite a slog to get through when there are so many other designs waiting. Especially when you have all that new stash!

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Oh, I love everything about this post! And the idea to stitch the new CCN over 1 for an ornament, I may have to try that!

  4. Anonymous2:46 PM

    The house looks beautiful!!!
    Love, Mom

  5. Too much fun!!!! I love how your house is decorated, just gorgeous. You are so right on all the fun new things coming out. My Frances Pool Chart is already ordered.

  6. GASP! Holly berry Farm IS beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your decorations, your tree is gorgeous! So many lovely ornaments!

  7. What beautiful decorations for the holidays! Love all the homemade ornaments on the tree :)
    And I agree, so much beautiful new!! Love the Gigi R A&E and that new Stacy Nash too!! Just need lots of time! :)

  8. What a great post. Your decorations are just beautiful. The charts you like are good choices, in fact I just ordered Eliza Scattergood myself today.

  9. I love all your decorations Vonna, they look just beautiful, but in particular the ice skates! I always wanted a pair when I was little but of course, there's no ice here in my part of New Zealand to skate on - I loved my roller skates though! My credit card has also been smoking hot lately -some pre Christmas treats coming my way soon too! Oh what to stitch first :)

  10. Beautiful pictures Vonna. Your home looks so wonderful, great job. I love your family picture.

  11. The house is looking so pretty ..and all the samplers are just so lovely ..
    Enjoy them
    Hugs cucki x

  12. Thomas is going to look great!

    And yes I think it's a great diet plan. Stitching at night definitely keeps me from snacking.

  13. Vonna, your decorations are so beautiful and it is wonderful to see all the handmade ornaments on your tree! Thank you for sharing the Christmas spirit, can't wait to see more pics!

  14. Vonna, love, love, love your decorations. You gave me a great idea about putting some of my santas on top of the china closet. Never thought of that. You are going to be a very busy stitcher with all the new stash. Can't wait to see your finishes.

  15. Vonna, your decorations are beautiful! Can I come stay at your house and swim in the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas? Your nartation is very entertaining as well. I wish you'd post more..I just love how you entertains me. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  16. Vonna such a wonderful group of pictures! I feel like I've spent the afternoon at your house!!!! Thomas looks wonderful. I play that game too! We have such similar taste. I'll be stitching all those patterns, too!!!

  17. Beautiful decorations Vonna. Once again you did a beautiful job.

  18. I think your front door wreath is absolutely the most beautiful I have ever seen!

  19. I love all the handmade ornaments on your tree. Just beautiful. Your house is lovely and all these new patterns...oh my goodness. I agree with you...I love Brenda's designs and Frances Pool is a winner. Your turkey is great wondering you were dreaming about him...LOL

  20. Lovely, Vonna! Just lovely and festive! Makes me want to come visit!

  21. Your decorating is wonderful! That's so neat how you made those trees and the wreath at your door. Wow! And yes, I want all those charts too. lol! Wish list time!

  22. Hi Vonna- I just love it when you post - you make us feel like we have the personal tour of your beautiful home and all of your gorgeous Christmas decorations! I'm feeling very festive now.

    As for your cross stitching - everything is so beautiful - so much to stitch, never enough time!

    But my very most favorite thing of all is the lovely picture of your beautiful family wis us all a Merry Christmas

  23. Beautiful post, Vonna!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    P>S> I just finished emailing Stacy Nash-you enabler you!

  24. I love that Turkey too... looking good. Your definitely inspires a Christmas mood. happy stitching...

  25. Hey lady!!!! I can hardly wrap my brain around all these new fantastic designs of late!!! Lord have mercy!!!! Which will pick first??? Oh, and your decoratio,ns are very inspirational.....

  26. Vonna, Your decorations are beautiful ! Love your front porch ! I have a sled with skates hanging from it on my front porch too :) The trees you made are fabulous ! I love all your cross stitched ornaments ! Thanks so mmuch for your nice comments on my blog :)

  27. What a great post Vonna! Thanks for sharing your house decorations, your stash-to-be and your rationalizations. Perhaps they will work for SOMEone! Hugs!

  28. Very beautiful Christmas decorations! Especially love your tree with all the stitched items on it. How wonderful!! :)

  29. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Love your decorations, especially the sled and skates, brings back a lot of great memories.
    I have a few of the new ones you have bought, I have Frances Pool on order from my LNS, but don't know how soon it will be available, I have been drooling over it for a very long time.
    Great idea on the Silent Night, over one, for an ornament, I think I will use that idea...thanks!!!
    Thanks for taking the time to blog, I always enjoy looking at your blog.
    Judy in Kansas

  30. Vonna - Your outdoor decorations are fabulous! I love the old sled with your Mom's pair of skates - that is just so great! As is Thomas Turkey BTW.

  31. Thanks for sharing the photos of your lovely decorations. I particularly love the wreath. Your Turkey WIP is coming along great - very nice colors.

  32. Vonna, love your beautiful decorations! Your new family picture is beautiful. It would be impossible to read your post and not be inspired for Christmas. I love your idea of stitching 'Silent Night' over one - I may have to copy this idea. As always, your posts are fabulous and I feel like I've just had an update from a friend. Blessings of the season to you and your family. Wanda

  33. Beautiful, girl just beautiful. I love the understated elegance of it all!
    I keep looking at the Santa Village and I am so tempted. But - I have so much to stitch already!!!

  34. Your home looks warm and welcoming. I love all the decorations. I've had that turkey in my stash for years. Yours is looking great. Wonderful new stash. The Stacy Nash design is wonderful.

  35. Your Christmas decorations are truly gorgeous! I would have loved to see more. Thomas is beautiful too-your conversion is perfect. Thanks for enabling all of us-though I did manage to restrain myself and add only to my wishlist. The thought of your credit card with smoke billowing from it is too funny!

  36. Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas - so pretty. You did a great job of making your wreath. So much to look at - love it. Your turkey is looking beautiful - lovely colors. Thank you for having the SAL for CC Santa's Village. love Annette

  37. Your decorating looks wonderful Vonna!
    I love seeing everyone's trees with all the amazing stitched ornaments.
    Your new stash is just awesome too!

  38. Your decorations are SOOOO pretty! Everything looks so festive. It's a tradition here & considered bad luck to not put up the tree before the Feast of The Immaculate Conception and not take the tree down before the Feast of the Epiphany. I scoffed at the tradition bit but the bad luck thing... let's just say I don't need to invite any bad luck, so I adhere to the rules. LOL

    All of those wonderful things to stitch--ack! I love your Thomas piece. I hear you on the solid fill in. I FINALLY got all the fill in done on Jane Tindall but I swear I thought a few times about coloring the linen with green marker. If that would have worked, I might have tried it. Keep going--Tom Turkey looks great.

  39. I have been 'eye balling' Thomas also. I'm scared to stitch him because of his plump butterball belly. And I saw 'Silent Night' the other day on my facebook page and fell in love. Happy Stitching and thank you for sharing your work.

  40. Beautiful decorations for Christmas!!

    I love your idea of stitching CCN's Silent Night over one as an ornament. I was lucky enough to get to stitch the model for that one and now need to stitch one for me.

  41. I love all of your Christmas decorations--especially your beautiful tree!!

    And, Mr. Thomas, the turkey, is looking wonderful!

  42. Anonymous9:55 AM

    How we all can feel already the Christmas spirit in the air!!!! Love the Pfeiffer family photo. December is just around the corner
    Paula N Lima (Portugal)

  43. Your decorations are amazingly beautiful, but I'm not surprised, as you are so creative! Those white trees are just amazing by your front door.

    Your stitching makes me want to drool and I've added some "must stitch" items to my list now. LOL

    Blessings - Julie

  44. Love the decorations you:) I just finished 10 wreaths for outdoor decorations the other day too..Whew!!!
    I saw Thomas in a not so LNS on one of my visits and scooped him for my stash too. He was absolutely gorgeous as yours is working up to be.
    Love all the other enabling designs and have them on thy wishlist too. LOL.
    TFS darling and hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.


  45. Thanks for the tour Vonna! Your home and decorations are gorgeous.

  46. Beautiful decorations, Vonna!!
    I fell in love with that same design ~ can't wait to get it in my hands!!

  47. It's always great to catch up with you! Your decorations are lovely.

  48. very beautiful pictures !!!!!! merci

  49. Beautiful tree! I have to get Silent Night, too! I almost fell over when I saw the new Stacy Nash piece! OMG! Thomas is really pretty! I may have to keep that chart and do him too!

  50. Your home looks so delightful and wonderful job on all those stitcheries! I esp. love the church by CCN. Gonna have to get that one soon!!


  51. Oh Vonna, your holiday decorations are breathtaking! You have certainly put your heart into the placement of each festive "pretty."
    Wishing you joy and peaceful stitching...

  52. Beautiful just beautiful, I love your Christmas decorations. You can't help but be in the Christmas spirit when you see all that gorgeous decoration.I stitched Thomas last year and enjoyed every minute of it can't wait to see the finish with your color conversion.


  53. It certainly does look like Christmas at your house. Love all of the decorations.

  54. Oh I'm so glad that you are "back". How I have missed you....

  55. Oh Vonna! I'm so glad you are "back". Oh how I missed you.

  56. Absolutely beautiful !! How neat that your tree turns so you can see all the ornaments. I love your family Christmas picture too. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  57. Your house is beautifully decorated. Tom looks delicious in your color choices. I hadn't seen Silent Night before, but it sure is on my list now.

  58. Love, love, love your holiday home tour, Vonna :) And a rotating tree--who knew!!?? What a great idea... Your stitched ornaments, of course, are the highlight of your Christmas decorating, though!!

    And, oh no--as soon as I saw that Stacy Nash chart you posted, I fell in love... Yet another beauty to add to my wish list. You're right--there are so many wonderful things out there right now :)

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas season, Vonna :)

  59. Wonderful decorations. Silent Night is definitely on my shopping list too.

  60. I just about choked 'cause I was laughing so hard as I ready your post. I had visions of you running thru the house trailing the credit card bill and your hubby in fast pursuit, lol! I gotta tell you though, everyone of those new charts is on my wishlist (or on its way to me now!) with the exception of Hollyberry Farm because I hadn't seen it. Now that I have, I've added it too! You are not alone in your sickness my friend!

    Love, Love, Love your Christmas decor! The sled and skates caught my eye right away. Great idea!

  61. I'm having a hard time "feeling the spirit" this year. But then I thought I'd take a moment and see if you'd posted any updates. Lo and behold, not only am I greeted by your beautiful Christmas decorations but also your reflection on the season and the spiritual anticipation of it all. I'm starting to feel a little bit of that spirit myself and for that I'm grateful!

    And BTW your family picture is absolutely lovely. I hope y'all have a wonderful season.

  62. Great additions to your stash! And your decorating is just perfect. Love all the ornies on the tree. I have been a little slack this year. Just got the 1st of my 3 trees up today. I have a question. I bought the wave blade for my rotary cutter and its already not cutting through the felt very well. I only got it last Christmas and I have not used it THAT fast do they go dull???


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