Saturday, July 07, 2012

The report...

A very hearty hello and howdy-doo, to all my blogging friends and stitching buddies!
I hope you all are doing well, time flies and once again we have been busy on all fronts.

On July 5....
I celebrated my 21st (X 2) birthday. We had a fabulous day and it was made perfect by the receipt of a box from my good, bestest buddy: Marie P. I adore Marie. She and I have enjoyed a friendship over the internet for some years now and I hope to one day meet her in person, where I will give her a big 'ol hug and kiss. She's a dear! Look what she stitched for me! A Santa for my someday Prairie Schooler Santa tree!

MP birthday ornie 

and I collect 1950's red handled kitchen utensils and sweet Marie found some for me in antique shops she has visited, I got a pastry cutter a pie crust fringe cutter and a can opener! I have a large crock filled with red handled kitchen items and I also use these babies in my cooking efforts. I love them! She also got me a gorgeous badge holder for work (located there in the box). Thank you sweet Marie!

MP Birthday 1 

The birthday girl...
treated herself to a set of Pink and White nails. I've had acrylic nails for about 3 years now and I have always admired the ladies that have the pink/white acrylics (not just the white tips or painted tips). Of course, as always with me, the Pink and White acrylics are more expensive for the full set and for the fill-ins because of the two colored powders used (pink and white). But I decided I would splurge and try to go longer in between fill-ins. (ha ha ha, right.....this was the excuse I gave the Mister). I love how they turned out and now I feel like I need to have my own reality show. (have you ever noticed that a lot of the women on reality shows have pink and whites? maybe its just me and my coveting problem...)

Pink and White

So that's a wrap for the birthday...
A lovely day!  A hearty thanks for all of you that wished me a Happy Birthday and sent me cards, e-mails and well wishes! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You touch it in ways unknown and it always amazes me the many of you that remember. Thank you!

On to, our vacation in:

 We drank some of that sunshine in the form of orange juice:

 We made it to our condo where our view was:

 We were all vying to get ourselves out the door:

 And onto this:

While there we did a lot of:

 And some of:

and more of: 

 OK, a lot of:

 By the end of the day all we could do was drag ourselves to our balcony and stare at:

Then we took some artsy photos:

And after 8 days of bliss, arrived safely back home to return to the grind :)

I'm so thankful for my family, for my friends, for the many, many blessings the Lord bestows upon us and for you! Until next time, I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, just like always - join me!

Love in stitches,


  1. Happy belated birthday!! What a lovely gift you received from your friend! I keep my nails super short, don't do manicures or anything. But your new nails sure are pretty. lol! Your vacation looks like such fun! I'm glad you all got to enjoy the sunshine!

  2. ♫♪♫ Happy belated birthday, Vonna!! ♫♪♫ It sounds like you had a wonderful day with family and friends... Such a great PS gift from Marie! Sure wish I had known you collected those red-handled items--we had a couple in my parents' estate sale I would have grabbed and sent to you. Oh well...

    Nice beach shots--it's always great to spend that extra extended time with the family, isn't it? Enjoy the rest of your (HOT!!) summer :)

  3. Happy belated birthday! Your vacations looks wonderful, and your patchwork blog background is perfect! Stay cool and safe.

  4. Vonna, you have been having such a busy fun filled year! Spending time with family is always a joy! Marie's gift is fantastic.

  5. Happy Belated Birthday, Vonna! You have about 10 years to catch up to me, because I decided that I'm not going to age anymore after my next birthday (52)! :)
    What a wonderful vacation and time with family is precious.
    Love your nails. I always thought that I'd never get a manicure, but decided that someday when I'm a mother of the bride or groom, I will treat myself to a manicure (maybe even a pedicure, but I have issues about people touching my feet :)).
    My daughter and I are heading off to LauraPalooza on Monday. And I will go back to blogging with a full report.

  6. Love those nails. I treated myself to a French Manicure while in Texas. When a girl is on holidays she does need a treat.
    Love the Florida report. Looks like the Pfeiffer clan had a good relax.
    Sending hugs

  7. I got acrylics for the first time ever for my 50th birthday party last November - I couldn't wait to get them off - I found it so difficult to do anything.

    Marie P. is sweet in person :) - I was lucky enough to meet her at a Houston GTG before she moved to Vermont.

    It sounds like you had a lovely vacation!

  8. Happy belated Birthday! I'm sure you spent a great day with your family, and Marie's gift and the one you offered to yourself were just the cherry on the cake.
    Wonderful pictures of your vacation. The beach - that's where I'd like to be now as well but there are two more weeks to go until our vacation will start ...

  9. Im so glad you enjoyed your birthday & your vacation. What a lovely gift from Marie! I always say -
    "Blogging buddies are the best!"

  10. We work hard all year to take the family va cation to make those wonderful memories.... You guys look like you had an absolute blast soaking in the FL sunshine!!!! AND, love love love the two color nails.... You deserve it!!!!

    Marie was a real sweetie.... Happy Birthday to a most deserving lady!!!

    Welcome home, Faye

  11. Happy, Happy Birthday! Pretty manicure and it looks like everyone had a wonderful time at the coast! Stay cool.

  12. Belated happy birthday wishes!!

  13. Happy Birthday Vonna! Love the manicure!

    Cute ornament you received from your friend. Hope the tree becomes a reality soon!

    Looks like a great vacation. Love the artsy photos!

  14. Your vacation looks like it was very refreshing,Vonna!

    How funny you showed off your lovely nails. I've been considering getting mine done and I'd definitely be getting a French manicure style like yours. Soooo pretty!

  15. Happy belated birthday! I love your beautiful ornament, and the french-style manicure looks great! Definitely my favorite look for gels. :D

    Looks like a beautiful vacation, as well.

  16. Good to hear from you, Vonna. Happy birthday...a little late. Are you a Cancer (Moon Child) too?

    Cute birthday gifts.

    Glad you and your family had fun in the sun in FLA USA!

    Take care...


  17. Happy Birthday Vonna! I am glad you had a wonderful trip. I love pink anything, nice nails. :)

  18. A Happy belated birthday!! Your family trip looks like it was lots of fun. Many years ago we took a trip to Sanibel Island with our now grown kids. You photos brought back happy memories!

  19. Happy belated birthday, Vonna! LOVE your pink nails. You deserve it. They are lovely! Lucky you to receive such nice goodies from Marie. :) I love the beach! Can't get a better vacation than that. :) hugs & prayers, Cathryn

  20. A belated Happy Birthday wish. You are looking fabulous at 21! It looks like you had a wonderful time in FL too. I miss it sometimes (or at least I used to until this heatwave struck...glad I'm up here in the mountains rather than there right at the moment LOL) It's good seeing you. Many blessings...Michele

  21. Happy belated birthday! Your trip looks like a ton of fun!

  22. Happy belated Birthday! Wonderful gifts from Marie. Your vacation looked like so much fun.

  23. Sounds like you have had some recent fun in the sun! And a happy birthday to boot! Love the nails. Thanks for sharing your pics with us! :)

  24. Happy belated birthday. Love your vacation photos, looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  25. glad you had a wonderful birthday and gorgeous holiday shots too :)
    wow those nails are worth it :)
    and beautiful stitching from your friends and cute goodies too she got you :)
    love mouse xxxx

  26. Happy birthday! Love the nails, sometimes it worth the splurge if its something you really will appreciate each time you see them. Great vacation pics too.

  27. Happy Belated Birthday !! Looks like a great family vacation. Gee, it was probably hotter here than Florida. Love your nails !!

  28. Belated birthday wishes. Sounds like you had a great birthday. Love the artsy pictures

  29. Happy Belated Birthday Vonna! Wonderful presents from Marie to a very deserving gal:))

    Thanks for sharing some of your vacation photos. It looks like everyone had a blast!

    Take care.

  30. Hi Vonna,

    It looks like you and the gang had a really fabulous time in Florida.
    There's nothing like a summer day at the beach, except for a whole
    week at the beach. It must have been bliss. The view from your
    condo was beautiful too.

    Good for you ... treating yourself to those lovely pink and white nails.
    They look so stylish and elegant.

    That PS Santa from Marie P. is beautiful!! I love the way that it's been
    finished too. It really makes the design pop!! The red handled
    kitchen utensils are a blast!!! They look pretty darn good for their
    age and will be fun to use I'm sure. Nice collection ... fun and useful.

    You know Vonna, you don't look a day over 19!!!

    Hugs and best wishes!!

  31. Happy Belated Birthday ! Love the Prairie Schooler Santa ! Your trip pictures look fabulous ..and so do your nails ! :)

  32. Happy Belated birthday Vonna! We share the same birthday... but I am a few years ahead of you. Love the nails!

  33. Again my friend...Happy Birthday! :D Someday I will hand you your birthday gift in person; oh how I wish.

    I always love your family photo's. Looks like you all had an awesome time in Florida.

    The nails are looking awesome.

  34. Happy Birthday Vonna! Hope it was a good one! Looks like you all had a fabulous vacation. Everyone needs some time just to have fun!

  35. Gorgeous stitching.

  36. A Happy belated Birthday!


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