Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Christmas in July...

Hello Friends~
I had a finishing day today and thought I'd share my two recent finishes. I stitched the freebie from a long ago Prairie Schooler promotional card: The Nutcracker Santa for both of my boys. I'll let the pictures do the talking:

My friend, Diane...
gifted me with six ornaments that I stitched and finished for Little House Needleworks last year for the 2011 Monthly Ornaments. I have been stitching and finishing some of the 2012 ornaments this year and Diane generously gifted some of the ones from last year to make up for not stitching some for myself this year. Here they are, and I love each and every one of them. Thank you Diane :)

Speaking of friends...
some time ago a dear lady in the blogging community gifted me with a lovely little bluebird and quilted mat for him to sit on. I have neglected crowing about it here on the blog and I want to send a shout out to one great dame! Thank you Myra! My little bluebird of happiness sits here and always makes me smile real big!

So where do I stand...
we're mid-year now and how am I doing on my personal 2012 Ornament stitch off? Well, here's the results, 17 ornaments!!! Whoo HOO!! I think some of these will be entered into the fair, which ones...I don't know yet....

I've discovered...
a new to me author, who has written a book about Lucien, a fallen angel. It is fabulous, stunningly written, a real page turner and a great read! I finished it this past weekend and I loved it!

 Her second book, I'm currently reading is: Havah and it is the story of Eve and the fall of man. I'm about 10 chapters in and again, a fabulous read!
I'm really excited to read her third book, Iscariot, which (of course) is about Judas and his life story that is due out in February 2013. I would highly recommend these books to interested parties :)
(photos of the covers taken from Amazon, thank you Amazon)

I've recently...
become a real fan of Ree, the Pioneer Woman and today I made her calzones. Here are those incredibly delicious things:

partner these golden gems with a bit of marinara and you'll be smacking your face and calling me Mama! :)

Ok, well...
that does it for my little bit of the world. Until we see each other again, I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God, just like always, join me!

Love in stitches,


  1. Congratulations on the most ornaments I've seen stitched for the year! Yowzer! Hard to pick an entry with all those lovelies.

  2. Congrats on your ornaments, they all look terrific!

  3. love your santas!!! would love to know how you did the bows. denise

  4. What a great achievement Vonna with your ornies :) They all look wonderful!

  5. Beautiful ornaments, Vonna! I love how you stitched the boy's names on the back. I can't believe how many you've stitched and finished. All are beautiful.

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM

    Merry Christmas around your stitching table! They are wonderful.

  7. Anonymous9:41 PM

    Merry Christmas around your stitching table! They all look wonderful.

  8. Your ornaments are just marvelous and a real inspiration! I'm also very intrigued by your new (to you) author; going to investigate those myself. Thank you for your willingness to share with the rest of us!

  9. Hey Stranger! Glad to see you are blogging again. Eventually I will catch up around here and post on my blog. Love the ornaments. By the way, I also love the Pioneer Woman. I made her chili the other for burgers. All I can say is YUM! Happy late Birthday!!

  10. Great post!! Love all the ornaments and yummy looking food! Myra is such w sweetie, isn't she?

  11. A beautiful post! I love how you finished the ones for your sons. Wonderful gift from Myra. Have a great week.

  12. Fabulous post!!!!!! Your Santa ornaments are stupendously gorgeous! Love how you finished them with the recipient's name on the back!!! What fun to receive your sample stitching back from Diane!!! And your bluebird by Myra is so so cool!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing everything with us!!!

  13. Love all the ornaments, and the calzones are making my mouth water!

  14. All the ornaments are gorgeous!
    The calzone look delicious too

  15. Congratulations on your ornament finishes. They are all gorgeous but I especially love the PS ones. Lovely bluebird from Myra.

  16. What wonderful ornaments! They are all so lovely.
    Don't you just love Pioneer Woman? When fall comes try her cauliflower soup! It is one of my favs.

  17. Wow ! Look at that pile of ornaments ! Love your new additions , Hope you clean up at the fair !

  18. Wow, you go girl!! LOVE all of those ornaments! Good for you for stitching the ornaments for the boys already, too.

    I started to comment on your last post and got knocked off the computer by one of the family members, but really enjoyed seeing your vacation pics and am so glad that you had such a good time. :)

    We LOVE Pioneer Woman! Or, as my husband calls her, "Prairie Dog Woman"--he never remembers the correct titles for things. LOL If he hears that a recipe I've made is from Prairie Dog Woman, he's happy because he knows it's good.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  19. Hi Vonna! Beautiful finishes as usual! I am working on a BAP so ornies will have to wait for me! I love yours. Your finishes are always amazing. Thanks for the tip on the books I will be checking them out. Have a wonderful day.

  20. Wow - 17 ornies already?!? Good for you - your tree will be a smashing success once again this year.

  21. Anonymous8:15 AM

    I like your sons' ornaments. Well, all of them actually. :) http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  22. A little bit of everything fun in this post. Nice ornies! How do you like to display your 'smalls'?

    Gotta love the Pioneer Woman. Made her apple dumplings recently. YUMMM

  23. Now that's a nice pile o'ornaments! I wouldn't be able to choose which one to send to the fair! I bet they would all win! Just beautiful!

  24. WOW! Beautiful ornaments! I'll bet your tree will be wonderful this year.

  25. Oh, there is nothing sweeter than a pile of beautifully stitched and finished ornaments, Vonna!! I just love that photo :) And your two newest creations for your sons are perfect. I so wish I had started stitching for my sons when they were small. And what a beautiful gift from Myra--she is just the sweetest!

    Pioneer Woman has some wonderful recipes, doesn't she? I'll have to give the calzones a try...

  26. What beautiful work you do!
    Yum...Calzones. I haven't made those in a while. Thanks for the book suggestions. Once I'm back home I need to catch up on my reading list so I can read more. Will definitely add those!

  27. What a fun post!! Wow! Love the PS ornies. How great that Diane gifted you with those LHN ornies you finished for her too! All your ornies look so great -- and you've made so many! Wow! Lovely gift from Myra too. And the books. I'm going to have to look those up -- they definitely sound interesting! The calzones look delicious. I might have to look the recipe up.

  28. WOO HOO Vonna! You have quite a nice ornament collection there! All just beautiful:)

  29. I always love stopping in to have a visit with you. I love your ornaments for Ian and Jake. It must have been a real gift to get the models back you stitched for Diane. :) Annnnnd.... what a sweet gift from Myra! That is sooooo cute! Most of all, though, I took the time to tour your home, some of your finishes, and pics. What a wonderful treat, Vonna. You do indeed have a warm loving home. Thanks for all you share. It's always a pleasure to visit! :) Cathryn

  30. Holy cow! That is a ton of beautiful ornaments - I am super impressed! I can't motivate myself to start stitching ornaments yet because it's so hot outside, but I am going to stitch Teresa Wentzler's Byzantine Ornaments again this year for gifts. Good luck with the rest of your stitch off!

    Less B*tching, More Stitching!

  31. WOW what wonderful ornaments. I hope we get to see a picture of these on your tree in December. The calzones look wonderful. I will have to check out those books as I am always looking for something new to read.

  32. Lovely stitching stuff there! Okay, now I am hungry for calzones! LOL! Haven't made those in a while.

  33. Wow Vonna, look at all of those AMAZING ornaments!!!

  34. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Hi Vonna! TAG! You are it! Come and see. http://astitchersstory.blogspot.com/

  35. Hi Vonna,

    Oh my!!! Once again you've work magic in your craft room and
    created two fabulous ornaments to add to your collection. These
    two are so simple in appearance but the beautiful bows and the
    perfect fabric on the backs to compliment the design make them
    extra special. I'll bet your boys will love them.

    How cool of Diane Williams to return those models to you. Such
    a thoughtful lady who obviously appreciates the work that you do
    so well for her.

    17 ornaments??? Wow!!! Not only stitched but finished too!!!
    Incredible. Can't wait to see them in place and on display
    next Christmas.

    I love that bluebird and his little mat your friend Myra made for
    you. What a sweet little bird and those fabrics she used are
    so beautiful.

    Ree Drummond's blog is fun to read and I hope to pick up
    her books someday soon. Those Calzones look super
    scrumptious and have me drooling all over my keyboard.

    So you can cook too Vonna. Hmmm. Is there anything
    you're not good at??? Personally, I doubt it.

    Those books do sound interesting. Love hearing about
    new (to me) authors.


  36. Lovely ornaments !! Your tree will be beautiful. I love the 2 finishes for your boys, the finishing is perfect with the back fabric. You are one talented lady.

    My mouth is drooling with the calzones.........yummy !!

    I know you will win some ribbons again this year at the fair.

  37. So is this how you're staying cool? Christmas in July? Great idea - and a great batch of ornies! Beautiful as always! Take care and be well.

  38. Very pretty finishes and how very nice to be gifted with the beautiful ornies. The book reviews sounds to be very inspiring reads and the calzones looks wonderful.
    Happy belated birthday to you.

  39. I love the two Santa ornaments for your sons! And wow!! on the others too! Beautiful! Myra makes some lovely things. Your bluebird of happiness and mat are sweet! Those calzones look too tempting. :)

  40. Lovely ornaments! A bit of Christmas in (HOT, HOT, HOT) July is most welcome and an inspiration surely.
    Wishing you many delightful hours with needle, favourite books, and yummy recipes shared with loved ones.
    Most warmly,
    Judy x

  41. Hey Vonna - first of all, thanks for the book suggestions - they sound very interesting! Love your finishes, the ornaments are so cool especially when pictured all together like that.

    Happy birthday! I love the 21(x2) and may have to steal that one.

    Looks like you had a couple great trips and what wonderful memories with your kiddos.

    Don't you just love Ree, PW? I have become addicted to her blog and her show...I want to visit her LOL and cook with her. You're right, the calzones are great and I have an iced coffee every day! Did you read her doughnut case story? She is so "real" if you know what I mean!!

    Have a great week - Sherry :0)

  42. Your ornaments are lovely, congratulations

  43. beautiful finishing as always Vonna on the PS santa ornaments for the boys - Loved how you personalized them on the back. What a wonderful gift from Diane. you are one lucky gal and very deserving. Love the pink and white nails and belated happy birthday! Melody

  44. Oh, what beautiful PS ornaments!!

  45. That's an absolutely dreat display of your ornaments, could ba the front cover of a magazine, lol. I love them all, particularly your new additions. Prairie Schooler Santas are always so gorgeous to stitch and to look at.
    Enjoy all your little gifts.

  46. Oh Vonna your ornaments are beautiful cant wait to see your tree this year! PW blog YUM:)

  47. Now, how come I did not know that PS had a Nutcracker Santa? I will have to see if I can find it.
    Beautiful finishes. I love the bows on the top.

  48. Hi Vonna, long time reader first time commenter. I just had to say your finishes are absolutely devine!! What a dream come true to be a die hard fan of LHN and then become a model stitcher for her! You deserve the honor as your work is perfection! Happy stitching!

  49. Gorgeous ornaments Vonna! I am really looking forward to seeing your Christmas tree-it's going to be fantastic!

  50. Hi Vonna...I love the newest additions to the 2012 ornament pile! So cute! I've been plugging away on my own ornament list but even though I've got 11 done this year I've barely made a dent in the list of ornies I want to stitch! I could keep this going for years LOL.

    I hope you and the family are having a great summer in "Hoosierville" as Coni over at the Spinster Sticher would say. :-) And thanks for coming by my blog from time to time, really appreciate it.

  51. Wow! Look at all those fabulous ornaments! Your tree is sure to be full this year with the addition of all these lovelies.
    I enjoyed seeing all of your vacations photos and I'm glad you managed to escape all the bad weather.
    Thanks for the info on the books. I've added them to my list of new reads.

  52. Gorgeous stitching I need to get started on my ornaments I have 20 to make.

  53. Gorgeous ornaments Vonna! I love your two Nutcracker Santas for your boys! So sweet!! Those cazones look yummy!!

  54. What a bunch of lovely ornaments!!

  55. Precious post. Congratulations on your marvelous ornaments. Just love it.
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