Sunday, June 17, 2012

Its the small things....

Greetings friends and fellow bloggers!
The older I get the more I realize that its the small things in life that I treasure most. Katie and I just returned from a weeks trip to the Washington DC area. It really wasn't for pleasure, as she was competing in a National History Day contest. It was a huge event that was housed at the University of Maryland. We had a lovely time and although Katie didn't place in her category, the memories and experiences that she gained will last a lifetime. There were 2800 kids competing this year (the largest number to date) and she personally was competing against 98 other kids in her category.

While in the DC area... we took advantage of a couple of days when we weren't booked with other things to do with National History Day. We started off Tuesday, June 12 in the rain.

Katie on the park bench waiting for our ride

Statue outside of the Free Trade Building

The U.S. Capital

Our main focus that day was getting tickets into the Archives,which we accomplished! It made me proud to be an American to see the real Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and Magna Carta....the Archives was one of my favorite stops.

Another main place we wanted to see was GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES!! Yep, we got there and let me tell you we enjoyed our 1/2 dozen of cupcakes immensely! We didn't get to see Catherine, Sophie or Mommy, but we gobbled their cupcakes and they were AWESOME! Mark it off our bucket list because GC appeared on both my list and Katie's list.
(we also want to see Carlo's Bakery and Buddy Velasco, someday!)

We started off Wednesday, June 13 to a beautiful clear sky and sun!

While Mom was taking a pit stop in the ladies room Katie captured this gorgeous photo of the Washington Monument. Then we started our walk around the Tidal Basin.

The Jefferson Memorial

A random tree...

He had a dream and I know would be proud to see his Monument.

The World War II Monument.

I'd love to show you a picture of the Lincoln Memorial but sadly I was running (yes, running) trying to catch up with Katie, as she had seen our trolley pull up and we were late for a reception at the American History Museum, so I ran by Abe like a track star and ran to the Korean War Monument (at least a good quarter mile) to catch our trolley.

We were (astonishingly) a bit early to the reception so we walked over to the Natural History Museum to see the Hope Diamond...

141 birthday is coming up!.

Thursday we awoke early to pack and load up our van...then we trekked over to the Comcast Center for the Final Awards Ceremony.

The Parade of States:

The Indiana Delegation and all the students representing Indiana:

Now we were tired, hot and exhausted by this time, so we drove for about 3 hours over to Charlottesville, Virginia and stayed in a Hampton Inn that Thursday, June 14, night. Let me tell you after sleeping in a NON-air conditioned dorm room for 5 nights....I felt like I was the Queen of England sleeping in air conditioned, cushioned mattress comfort! That evening after supper, we went to the Downtown Historical Pedestrian Mall near the University of Virginia. We had the best time strolling, shopping and eating a couple of very good gellatos! I got goat cheese and peaches gellato and Katie got sweet caramel and strawberry sorbet gellato.

Friday we woke up early and travelled to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson. Here is a sweet picture of Katie outside his home:


We went to a colonial historical tavern down the road from Monticello, called Mitchie's Tavern. We ate there a lovely lunch, did some shopping and then loaded into the van and headed home. Here is a picture of Katie at a rest-stop in West Virginia:


We pulled into our garage, after 9 hours of driving, at 11:44 p.m. Whew!

Which brings me to my "small things"....
A few years ago, a fellow blogger, Terri, wrote a blog post about her Charm Bracelets (the link will take you to it as I bookmarked it those couple of years ago). I coveted such a bracelet, always wanted one, little memories of the things/events/trips you had taken along your road of life. Imagine my surprise when my Mom gave me a charm bracelet about a month ago. It had been my Grandma's (her mother's) and it had charms of places she had visited while on vacations. (and it had two charms of me as a little girl - Ellie thought they were pictures of her...haha!)

My Charm Bracelet 

So since I knew that I had a charm bracelet, I bought charms whenever I saw them at the places we visited. I bought:

Holocost Museum Charm 
A charm from the Holocaust Museum

Monticello Charm Monticello Charm_back

Mitchie Tavern Charm 
and Mitchie Tavern

Luckily Granny already had Washington DC charms on there: The Lincoln Memorial, The White House and a general Washington DC one. She also had a Monticello charm. But I added mine and here's how the bracelet looks now:

Charm Bracelet additions 1 Charm Bracelet additions 2

I'll leave you with a favorite photo of Katie and I in the gardens of Monticello enjoying a Root Beer:


That's all folks....we're getting ready to go on our family vacation in a few days. We're heading out to our beloved St. Augustine, Florida. Can't wait!!!!

Until next time...I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, just like always!
Love in stitches,


  1. Vonna it sounds like a wonderful trip that you and Katie took. Great memories for both of you. I love your Grandmother's charm braclet and the fact that you are adding to it.

  2. What an amazing post from an amazing trip! Thank you for sharing that with us! I have an old charm braclet too that I still add charms too. My links all have about 3 charms on each link. I don't wear it but I sure do love it...It's a trip down memory lane each time I pull it out, or add to it.

  3. Welcome home you two world travelers!!! Looks like you both had the BEST time in DC~~~ I enjoyed the picture walk and sights you highlighted....especially the charm bracelet...

    Enjoy making memories as before you know it, they have flew the coup~~~

    Always, Faye

  4. What a wonderful trip...the memories! Hope you have a safe trip to Florida!

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures...must go there myself!

  5. First of all, Vonna - congratulations to Katie for participating in the event, even if she didn't "win".

    Second - wow, she's the spitting image of you!!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love Washington DC, but it's been a number of years since I've been - you're making me want to go back again (soon!)

    What a lovely charm bracelet! I have one, but I rarely wear it - mine has souvenirs picked up on travel, too!

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

  6. beautiful pictures. glad you enjoyed all of it. Your daughter is beautiful. she looks just like you.

  7. Anonymous3:41 PM

    What a wonderful trip with fabulous memories for both of you. I love the bracelet. I enjoy Beverly Lewis also. I read those books. :)

  8. What an amazing time you and Katie must have had together. Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places and I too, have charms from there as well. Katie is such a beautiful young woman with her mom's beautiful eyes! Loved all the pics!

    Enjoy your charm bracelet! I wear mine quite often and love them all! I have a military one that my mom put together for me kind of showcasing my dad's military career. It has a cannon on it, just like yours. I think charm bracelets are a wonderful thing and a treasure, to be sure. What great memories you will have of you and Katie when you look at those D.C. charms!

  9. Great photos! DC is one of my most favorite places. My dad used to pile us into the car and drive us down for the day to get us out of my mom's hair. :) LOVE that charm bracelet!! I have a charm bracelet that I put someplace safe and I can't, for the life of me, remember where that safe place is. :P

    Congratulations to Katie on being such a smart cookie!

    Enjoy your beach trip! :)

  10. So glad you were able to enjoy this trip with your daughter. I love your grandmother's charm bracelet. What a great family heirloom to cherish.

  11. Sounds like a wonderful trip Vonna and something you and Katie will always look back on as special time together. I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post but wanted to congratulate you and Mr Twisted Stitcher on raising such a fine family. After reading and hearing so much bad news every day in this country it is heartening to me to see the good still around us. Take care and hope the whole family has a wonderful vacation and summer together.

  12. Wow! What a trip - thanks for sharing such fabulous photos. TraderVic and I were in DC in March - it was a memorable place to visit.

    Congrats to Katie for getting so far in the competition - clever girl.

  13. What an exciting trip! Wow! A great experience for Katie -- congratulations to her on her accomplishment! And fun fun fun to do all that stuff! I love your charm bracelet and what you added to it as well. Nice!

  14. Great post with pictures! You were so CLOSE to me, darn! I live in Virginia Beach, and sadly... have not seen the sights you visited! Sad, I know... I keep saying I want to go there and also to visit the plantations in the middle peninsula area. I love to travel, but not enough vacation time. I also have an inherited charm bracelet that I must find! Haven't thought of it in a long time! Thanks for sharing your memories! Hugs!

  15. So good to hear from you hun; have missed your postings; looks like you and Katie had a great time. Too bad you didn't make it to In Stitches; it's in Alexandria and a "to die for" Cross Stitch shop. Hope you have a wonderful vacation.

    Hugs, Shar

  16. Man! You were like 15 minutes from my house across the river from DC and you didn't stop and say Hi?! LOL! Glad you and Katie enjoyed visiting in my neck of the woods. The drive down to Charlottesville is very nice and it 's such a beautiful time of year here in Virginia.

  17. What a special memory packed trip. Happy for both of you. Nice photos. I really enjoyed Charlottesville some years ago.

    Have fun in St. Augustine. Get some R & R!


  18. How exciting!!! I love that you got to do this with your daughter! Love your charm bracelet too!!!

  19. Such a special time for you and your daughter!! Wonderful pictures!

  20. Sounds like you made some amazing memories and enjoyed your trip!

  21. Sounds like a wonderful time and I just love your charm bracelet.

  22. Looks like you and Katie had a great time in DC. Katie should be very proud of her accomplishments. Your bracelet is wonderful. Have a great summer.

  23. It sounds and looks like you had a fantastic time in DC with Katie. What a wonderful experience! I love you idea of a memory charm bracelet to remember the places you've been to!

  24. Sounds like it was a wonderful mother/daughter adventure. I'm a bracelet fanatic and you have a real gem there!

  25. What a wonderful, exciting trip. Gorgeous pictures, Vonna. You and your daughter look beautiful and so happy. Congratulations Katie!! :)

  26. What a wonderful experience for you two! DC is my main stomping ground (live right across the DC-MD line) and it's such a great place to play with the bonus of having so many free things to see. Love to see such bonding between Mother and Daughter.

  27. Thanks for sharing the pics of such a wonderful trip - good to see that you and Katie had such a great time! I love the charm bracelet!

  28. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful trip with us Vonna! Your pictures are great and it looks like you and Katie had a wonderful time:)

    Have a great vacation with your family!

  29. Great trip with Katie. Wonderful pictures. Beautiful memories. You are blessed. :) Cathryn

  30. Vonna, What a wonderful Mother-Daughter trip you had and how proud you must be of your Katie! Looks like you covered many historical things and made some incredible memories. Enjoy your vacation...

  31. what an amazing experience Vonna - wow - you sure got in a lot sightseeing. Too bad you couldn't leave the family stranded on the beach in St Aug on Saturday and come up and visit with our sampler guild - we are only about 30 - 45 minutes from there in Jacksonville. Maybe sometime in the future we can arrange something. Enjoy and have a safe trip - melody

  32. I always get a huge smile when I see you have added a post to your blog. I love reading about your family and seeing all the pictures. Your trip sounded like lots of fun, so many neat places to visit. The charm bracelet is great. I had one in high school as they were very popular then too, many years ago, ha !! Have a great vacation in Florida !!

  33. Wow Vonna,

    I'm exhausted just reading all about the adventures that you and Katie
    shared in Washington!! Thank you for sharing your photos and wonderful
    descriptions of all that you did during that week. It all looks fabulous and
    makes me want to pack up the car and head on down as well. (have to
    get a stupid passport before I can do that though) I'd not seen a picture
    of the statue of Martin Luther King Jr before and it's quite impressive and
    is a good likeness of the great man. I like it.

    Your grandmother's charm bracelet is lovely and those two pictures of you
    as a little girl are adorable. You're going to have that bracelet full of
    charms in no time I think.

    Have a great vacation in Florida!!


  34. Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Great photos.

  35. Sounds like a wonderful time - and those memories will be always with you both (in heart and charms)!

  36. Welcome back! It looks like it was an amazing trip and the two of you have made some wonderful memories. Okay, goat cheese and peach gelato!? How did that one taste? I'm just trying to imagine1
    I love those kinds of charm bracelets! I will have to do a post with mine so you can see them. I have two that I filled up over my teenage years. My Mom has told me that part of my inheritance will include her gold charm bracelet which I've always loved. It holds so many memories for me!
    Enjoy your family vacation!! Safe travels.

  37. What an absolutely amazing trip this must have been! Thank you so much for sharing all your wonderful pics! Love your bracelet too...a great idea!

  38. So fun and some great memories for you both! Katie is just so darn cute! My mom and I are doing a DC trip (with her senior group) in the fall. I've never been and I bet I'm going to see all the things you posted about! I'm pretty excited and I hope to be able to keep up with the Seniors!

  39. What great memories you and Katie made on this mother/daughter trip! I loved your pictures and would like to visit DC some day soon also. I am a charm bracelet fanatic too and always enjoy seeing what others put on theirs ---mine is looking very full these days but such fun to remember those special spots where I purchased the charm! Congrats to Katie for being a participant in such a great event. She is a doll!!!!

    Take care and enjoy your vacation! pam in iowa

  40. It looks like you and your daughter had a wonderful time together you will cherrish for many years! I love your braclet what fun to pass down again to one of your girls. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your blog

  41. I wish I would have known you were going to be in VA! I live 10 miles down the road from Monticello! Glad you got to visit Monticello and Michie's Tavern as well as the downtown pedestrian mall. Some of my favorite places! We moved here 2 years ago and absolutely love Charlottesville!

  42. I loved each and every one of these photos, Vonna, and they sure brought back some wonderful memories. We lived in DC for a year in the late 80s (youngest son was born there!) and it remains one of my favorite places to visit. I just loved that garden at Monticello when I saw it five years ago--I was ready to move there myself. Something so peaceful about that area...

    Love seeing the groups of excited students from around the country. It's so good to see kids passionate about academic things (rather than just sports) for a change. I'm sure you and Katie will treasure the memories of your trip and that charm bracelet will be a great reminder of it!

  43. Vonna
    You and Katie share a beautiful relationship...I pray it only enriches with time. It is truly a blessing that you were able to share this wonderful trip together.
    Safe travels on vacation.
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  44. Looks like a fabulous time! Memories for a lifetime!

  45. Sounds like you had a fantastic trip, great photos!

  46. I loved your post, it brought back memories of my life in VA just 40 minutes from DC. That Georgetown cupcake shop wasn't there way back then...yum.
    Katie is adorable and congrats to her again for making it to the finals, I know that you and Keith are proud parents.

    I love your bracelet. It is even nicer that it has been handed down...such a treasure. You picked up some nice charms for it. Cute pic of you!

    Drew is moving to the Pittsburgh, PA area in July (work)...just drove 9 hrs to help him find an apt. I thought, "I wonder how far Vonna is from here?" :D Seriously, I need to check that out, maybe I will come visit you one day.

    Enjoy your family trip to FL...

  47. I'll go with you to see Buddy!

  48. I was enjoying the pictures of your trip immensely. Visiting all these places inspired by history must be such fun and I know that I will do that one day, too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  49. what a lovely trip sounds like a wonderful way to spend a week!

  50. Lovely post--lovely daughter, mom, photos and memories of the trip, and bracelet. Thanks for sharing your week.


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