Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Hello Friends!
A hearty welcome....won't you come in?
this is a jam-packed looooong settle in!

front door 

Where did March, April and May go?
It just zoomed past that is for sure! Let me share with you our news from the Pfeiffer Haus!

In March...
Katie and her classmates participated in the quarter finals of the State of Indiana National History Day. Katie researched and created a website entitled "The Reaction to Reforming the American Kitchen by the Revolution of Frozen Foods". Surprisingly she won second place in her category of Individual Website submissions! What this meant is: She got to go to the state finals! WHOO HOO Katie! Here she is pictured with her friend Matt, who also won second place for his paper entitiled "The Seige", which was about the Alamo.

Katie and Matt NHD 

In May...
Katie and I travelled to Indianapolis, Indiana to attend the State Finals for the Indiana National History Day. Shockingly...(we always were shocked!) she again won SECOND in the state for her website in the Individual Website Category. WHOO HOO Katie!
Katie State Finals 

Guess what?!
On June 9-15, she and I will be attending National History Day in Washington DC! What a complete honor this is! But she earned it.... She has worked so hard on her website and has transformed something that was "good" into something that I (and many of her teachers that have evaluated it for her prior to it being submitted to Nationals) into something spectacular! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her. Will you please send a little prayer to heaven that we have a safe trip and that Katie has good luck in her endeavors? Thanks!

We also celebrated in May...
Mother's Day, here I am with my sweeties.

Mothers Day 

My darling husband...
celebrated his 42nd birthday, I was at a church meeting but my wonderful kids threw an ice cream party for their Daddy.

Daddys Birthday 

My daughter, Katie...
and her entire 8th grade class took their class trip to Indianapolis, Indiana. I was a chaperone and here is my delightful group affectionately called "My Crew"...these kids have all been friends for years and I love each and every one of them.

My Crew 

My baby, Ellie...
graduated from Kindergarten. I almost cried  :,(
Now she is a big 1st grader come August 13 and the only Pfeiffer kid left in Elementary School. She has some big shoes to fill - thanks to the legacy of her siblings.


Ellie grad

My Boys, Jake....
graduated from 6th grade earning: Perfect Attendance, All A Honor Roll (for the entire year) and his 6th Grade Diploma


and Ian...
graduated from the 6th grade earning: A/B Honor Roll (for the entire year), Music Achievement Award and his 6th Grade Diploma. So very proud of our mannerly, smart, handsome young men. Now they are big Middle Schoolers who will attend the 7th and 8th Grade at Lora Batchelor Middle School come August 13.


Sweet Katie...
graduated from the 8th Grade earning: Presidential Gold Award (4.0 g.p.a.), SAT Academic Achievement, Excellence in English, Outstanding Science Award, Outstanding Social Studies Award, Outstanding Band Member, National Junior Honor Society, National History Day State Finalist, National History Day National Finalist and Office Aide. Our girl is so very special, she fills us with pride. She will now attend Bloomington South High School, where I know she will shine as she always does.

Katie grad 

A particularly good photo of us...

Katie and us 

My little blessings...
little gifts from God, each unique and perfect in their own special way and truly "fearfully and wonderfully made".


After all these contests, graduations, celebrations, end of year concerts....
I needed a little drink. So I headed to the mountains:

just me 

Now I bet most of you are wondering...
what about The Twisted Stitcher and her stitching? Well to be honest folks, there has been little of that around here lately. I am stitching Diane's ornaments and finishing them too. Here's the most recent - "Ding Dong Bell"  and the only one I can show you. It's a cutie, for sure...I tell you each time I see a new one of Diane's ornaments, I get all excited! And in the past three months I have had a whole lot of excited, as I have stitched 8 of them and finished 9 of them - the whole year's worth of ornaments are now done and let me tell you...SPECTACULAR! Simply spectacular! 


I'm also honored...
to have been asked again by Tanya  who sent me this gorgeous stitched piece and I transformed it into this darling pin pillow. This pattern is also available and Tanya does it "two ways" as a pin pillow and also as a gorgeous framed piece. Check it out!

TSH_coverlet houses 

Remember this sweetie...
I just got it back from my LNS - Fancy Works and I am pleased as punch with how it turned out. The ladies at Valley House Primitives  and their gorgeous frames...well they compliment a piece perfectly and this one is no exception! You can also check them out at their BLOG. Thanks Ladies! it is gorgeous! And Diane you know how I feel about Adam and Eve :) a big thank you to you too!

LHN Adam and Eve

LHN Adam and Eve closeup

Speaking of dear Adam and sweet Eve....
here is my beginnings of a very full (I hope) wall featuring them alone.
(top left: Sarah Seifer by the Goode Huswife, bottom left: Adam and Eve by Little House Needleworks, middle: Margaret Pence by the Goode Huswife and right: Creation by Diane Williams from Leisure Arts booklet)

My Adam and Eve Wall 

Finally friends...
please know that I so enjoy your visits, I love your comments and sweet notes that some of you leave/send to me. I am not blogging as much as I used to....not because I'm getting away from it, merely that time gets away from me. My family is my main priority, as I know many of you know and practice yourself. My little birds will soon fly from my nest, all too soon. Before that time, I am sowing my seeds, tending my rows, yanking the weeks and watering heartily so that I may reap a bountiful harvest one day. I'll tend to this (blogging) row as I can, when I can, I know you understand.

I leave you with...
a most wonderous (very) early birthday gift that I was given - this St. Francis statue. My Mom and Mother-in-Law made it possible for me to have this prior to my birthday. Here on my front stoop, I do my best thinking in the peace, quiet and tranquility of the morning and evening. I sit here and drink a cup of tea and think, pray and try to live in peace - just as St. Francis did whilst he walked the earth. I thought it would be neat to share a little piece of me with you...imagine me here sitting and thinking :) It is heaven...just a little slice of it!

st francis

I may be absent from blogland for vast periods of time, I try really hard to cruise by your blogs whenever I get a chance. You all are never far from my thoughts!

Until then, I'll be keeping my 'hands to work and my heart to God' just like always...join me and may peace follow you where you lead!
Love in stitches,


  1. It's wonderful to get "caught up" with you and your lovely family, Vonna! Congratulations to each one of them for their many and varied achievements... I'm sure you and Katie will have a blast in DC in June--lucky you. It has to be one of my favorite cities (of course, my youngest lives there so I'm just a teeny bit prejudiced!!).

    The latest LHN ornament is gorgeous as is Tanya's design all finished up... And, wow, your sampler wall is really coming along beautifully.

    Enjoy this summer with your family--they do grow up so quickly, don't they?

  2. You must be so proud of all your children and their accomplishments. Funny how they're all graduating to another stage of school the same year. Same thing at our house. We have a college and a high school graduation to attend in June. Oh boy! Your children are beautiful, and your family is beautiful. Congratulations to all of you! Love your stitching as well. Love your St. Francis too. St. Francis has always been special to me since I was in Junior High. Enjoy the summer!

  3. I was so happy to see your post hun; I have to admit I've missed reading them. Congrats to all the kids; they are sure growing up fast, I know you and your hubby are so proud, your doing a wonderful job for sure...

    Hugs, Shar

  4. Congratulations on all of your kids achievments. Your blog was the first cross stitch blog I started following, and I was so excited to see a post from you come up in the reader. I love seeing all of your stitching and your finishing is always perfect!

  5. Great post , congrats to all your family. lovely stitching, enjoy your Summer.

  6. What wonderful accomplishments for all your children!!!!
    I love your A & E wall!!!!
    Great to see a post from you..
    take care

  7. Vonna: Congratulations to your beautiful Children, it is os refreshing to see and hear about young people and their achievments.
    Wonderful stitching.
    I look forward to seeing the full line of ornaments.

  8. Wow how awesome for your children and all their accomplishments..I will be praying for you and Katie to have a safe and awesome time in DC..and just to let you know you are missed, but I truely understand. Looking forward to your next installment..

  9. OMG! Katie is such a grown up young woman! Congratulations to all the kids on their achievements. I know you must be so proud of them
    The ornaments and finishing looks great. While I love checking in with your family, it is more important to spend time with them than blog. Take time to enjoy the summer.

  10. You have a lovely family and must be proud of your children's accomplishments! Love seeing their photos and the photos of your stitching finishes. Blog when you can - I always like seeing what you're up to. I am hoping to get a St. Francis statue for my garden.

  11. You have so much to be proud of! What a beautiful family. I understand how time gets away - spend quality time with your children - they will soon be grown up!

  12. You are your family have been busy, busy, busy. Congratulations to Katie on her History achievements, I will remember her in my prayers. You are so very wise to spend your time and energies with your children and family.

    Love your stitching and finishing and am glad you have your priorities in the right place.

  13. Your children have accomplished so much... you and your DH must be so proud of them. Your birthday present is lovely as is your stitching and finishing.

  14. I can see why you have been too busy to blog. Congrats to all your children on their achievements and to you and your husband on the guidance from you that has resulted in their success. If you have any free time in Washington, DC In Stitches is fantastic.

    Safe travels and I hope you find some fun time this summer.

  15. Congratulations to you and your kids! I love Katie's topic - if you ever feel like posting the address to it, it sounds like a fascinating read!

  16. You really know how to produce fabulous offspring!! Four out of four is quite an achievement. Congratulations to each one and to you for being the kind of parent this country needs more of. I need to go on a search for St. Francis after seeing how beautifully his statue graces your porch.

  17. What a beautiful family you have, Vonna.

    I love your B-day gift - a St Francis of Assisi statue is on y wish-list too. Love the detail that he is holding some flowers!

    Great finishing work and stitching too - thanks for a great post!

  18. I think I need a nap now. :-)
    Congratulations to all your little dumplings. It shows that your priorities ARE in the correct place.

  19. I just love love love reading about all the darlings and their speicalties~~ Each unique in their own awesome way.... Enjoy the ride as mom....Speaking as an empty nester, yes! the time evaporates and you look back and are thankful you were there with them each and every step.. Enjoy~~ (You have gotton me hooked on A and E samplers btw...!)

    Take care my friend, Faye

  20. Awesome post, congrats to the family on all their wonderful achievements. I love all the certificates the kids got how inspiring

  21. What a wonderful family you have. Your post puts things in perspective...but that doesn't mean we don't miss you. Good to see that you are stitching, even if we can't see all of your work right now.

    I've been thinking about putting St. Francis in my back flower bed...I think my decision has now been made!

    Good to see you back.


  22. Wow, you a DH must be so proud of your beautiful children and their many accomplishments. Huge congrats to all of them, and an extra congrats to Katie; you know I will be praying. :} Have a safe and enjoyable trip to exciting.

    I love your framed Adam & Eve piece, that frame is perfect.

    Tanya's piece is so nice, I really need to check out her site more to add to my stash.

    I am so behind on my LHN ornament stitching...ugh! Your finishing is always beautiful.

    Most of all...I wish I could sit with you, with coffee in hand, enjoying the view.

    Loved your post!

  23. you have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. I love you stitching too.

  24. It's been so much fun catching up with the Pfeiffer clan!
    You must be so proud of all their achievements. Congrats to everyone, Mom and Dad included! After all, it's been your guidance that has helped them accomplish their goals. Well done! Enjoy each and every moment because the time just seems to slip away.

    Your stitching and finishing is always a joy to see. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Family First! Way to go. I like your A & E wall - a super theme - I'm sure that more will follow.

  26. What a wonderful post! Congrats to your children. They have all done amazing things. Your A&E sampler looks great on your ever growing wall.

  27. Wow! Lots happening in your household! You have some great kids there and I can see how proud you are of all their achievements! Congrats to all of them.

    Great stitching and finishing of the ornies Vonna and your A & E piece is beautiful!

    Hope you get the chance to post more often but understand that sometimes it's hard to do!

    Take care!

  28. I feel like we just had a cup of tea and a nice long visit. Glad to hear that all is well with your world. Sending hugs

  29. Your St. Francis was the first thing I noticed. Love him.

    Your children are wonderful and amazing as you are.

    Hope you all have a wonderful summer.

  30. Wow, Vonna, talk about overachievers. Your kids take the cake. Congrats to you (and them) on their wonderful accomplishments. And I said a prayer for success in all of their endeavors, not just Katie's. I even said one for you and your DH, lol. Cause you can never have too many prayers!!! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful summer, and a great school year next year. I hate your little ornie, though. LOL, it's got me singing that song and I only know two lines. They'll dance in my head all night long now!!! Thanks, a lot. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, and lots of family and stitchy time!!!

  31. Hi Vonna,
    It was lovely to read about you and your famil and what you have been doing the last couple of months. You must be a very proud mom indeed!
    Loved your finishes and I'm curious to see what the next couple of ornaments will be (I'm sure your tutorials will come in handy since I never did a finishing myself).
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kind greetings,

  32. What a wonderful post...of course you need to focus on your family and blogging is work sometimes. I can see how proud you are of all the you should be. Katie reminds me of our youngest...he was focused on history and his Jr year in high school got invited to Washington DC to sit with the Supreme Court...we were so proud...still are! Since my boys are all grown up...I say...spend as much time with yours as you can...time has a way of moving too quickly. have a great day!!

  33. Congratulations to all your children on their accomplishments! And kudos to you for keeping your priorities straight. The years when our children are young and impressionable are so few and fleeting (I know - my girls are almost 22 and 25), so you being there to support them in the many ways you do is so important! I always enjoy your posts, even if they are far apart.

  34. Congratulations to your children on their many achievements. Your stitching and finishing on the LHN ornament is stunning. Enjoy your time with your family.

  35. Congratulations to all your children Vonna. They are a credit to you and your DH. I'm not surprised you are so proud :)

    Lovely stitching as always :)

  36. What amazing children..congratulations. Job well done xx You are perfectly right to put your family first..I learned that the hard way but that has changed and they most def come before everything, especially work! Great stitching. You may have made us wait for a post but it was worth it xx

  37. I have never done anything that was as fulfilling and rewarding as being Mum to our boys, now 31 and 25.
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post Vonna and congratulations to everyone on their achievements including you and your husband,for nurturing and guiding your children in their journey to adulthood and enjoying it so much, too.

  38. Hi Vonna, Wow! You've all had a busy Spring and wrap up to the school year!! Congratulations to everyone on all their achievements and just being all around great kids! Great to see what's been going on with you! Meredith

  39. Congratulations to your kids on all their achievements! And to their never tiring but always tired parents. ;) My twins just turned 18 and older daughter just finished her undergrad college degree, and honestly--I never thought it would go so fast. Cherish every moment. LOVE that statue of St. Francis! Sweet stitching, too--great job on the model stitching, and the frame for your A&E is perfect.

    Did I tell you that my nephew, a biomedical engineering major at a college here, has a 6 month job placement in Bloomington? It's with a big company there... the brain just did a fart and I can't remember the name of it, but they just upgraded their plant recently. Or something like that. Ahem. Anyway, I thought of you right away!

  40. Oh my goodness...such a lovely, talented, accomplished family! You ARE truly blessed.
    LOVE your early birthday very welcoming at the front entrance.
    And as always, beautiful finishes!
    Wishing you a splendid summer season...
    Sending hugs from my beehive,
    Judy x

  41. I agree with Nan about the nap. I love reading about your beautiful family and your kids accomplishments! I get a little feeling you might be proud of them...maybe.
    It's no wonder you haven't had much time for stitching.

    Your Adam and Eve wall is looking good! Beautiful work, as always.

  42. You have a beautiful family! My kids are grown and I miss having a house full of them. Being a mom is the best!

  43. What a busy few months you have had! Have missed your posts but it is easy to see why you haven't had time to post.
    Enjoy them while you have the chance - time really does fly. Can't believe my baby boy has been in New York for almost two years!

  44. Woohoo, way to go Katie, Ian, Jake, and Ellie...what wonderful accomplishments!! Hope you enjoy your summer vacation after all that hard work.

    It is always such fun to catch up on your sweet family, is very evident that yours is a God-fearing, loving family...what an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Love the progress on the A&E wall so far, and your newly framed piece is gorgeous. And such a sweet and thoughtful gift from your mother and MIL...he puts a nice finish to your sweet little spot of reflection.

  45. Welcome back--take as long as you need--we'll be waiting! I love the pictures of your family as much as the stitching--they're all so darling and accomplished. (You also look fabulous, by the way.)

  46. Vonna -- What a great post! It was so fun to see what you and your family have been up to. A great big congratulations to all your children! Enjoy this time with them because before you know it they will be flying the nest. Times passes by so quickly...

    Your stitching is just beautiful and I LOVE your A&E wall. I know one day you will have it very FULL:))

    Take care and have a wonderful summer with your family!

  47. I saw some of the celebrations on your FB, and know you are so happy and proud of each of your darlings! Yes, take and enjoy the time now as it passes all too quickly. It is great to see and hear from you when you can - moms understand. Sending best wishes for you and Katie - be safe and sound!

    As you know, I have gotten hooked on A&E, too. Your wall is beautiful - mine has only two, but that will grow with time.

  48. Anonymous11:17 AM

    There you are! I've been watching for you. :) Congratulations on so many counts. So nice to read a happy, happy post. Love the new frame for A&E and St. Francis is fabulous.

  49. So your post had me smiling! Your kids are amazing, and so are you and your hubby kuddos to raising such wonderful people :) I loved reading about their accomplishments, you should be a proud momma!!

  50. Vonna you must be so proud! A hearty congratulations to all your talented children and also to their mom and dad who make their dreams possible.

  51. Vonna
    You have been blessed with an amazing is good!
    Busy Hands...Happy Heart

  52. What a wonderful family you have! I love getting all caught up with you as always.

  53. Kudos for such wonderful children.... I know why you are proud! Good luck on your trip to Washington and hope you have a good summer!

    happy stitching...

  54. Good to catch up on the happenings in your beautiful family! I know you are so very proud of all of your children! They have worked hard and accomplished so much! Congratulations to them and congratulations to their parents for raising such special kids!!

    Your Adam and Eve wall looks great and will look even better as it grows! And you are so lucky to get to stitch and finish Diane's cute little ornaments!

    Wishing Katie the best at Nationals and safety in her travels! Blessings to you and yours!

  55. So enjoyed reading about your children and their accomplishments!!!! A special congrats to Katie!!!! Best wishes for the DC trip.

    Gorgeous A&E wall!!!!!

  56. Congratulations to all your children on their achievements! You must be very proud!

    I love your St. Francis statue! I can just see you sitting there with your tea!

  57. A wonderful post, dear Vonna. It was so nice to hear from you! Family should always come first but its good to see you taking a wee bit of time for yourself as well!

  58. Beautiful post Vonna!! You must be so proud of your family. Congratulations to them on all of their achievements. Love all of your stitchy goodness of course!

  59. Hi Vonna, what a fantastic post - you must be so proud of your lovely family. Thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with us all.

  60. Congrats to you, hubby, and your kids for all that has been going on :)

  61. I have missed your posts, but what a wonderful one this was! You and the family look great and have been accomplishing so much. Congratulations! :) Terry in Texas

  62. I loved this post. You have such a wonderful family and I enjoyed seeing all the news about the kids. You and hubby should be so proud. Happy early birthday and what a wonderful gift with the St. Francis statue. Have a great summer vacation with the family !!

  63. Vonna,you have such a bright and lovely family - you should be proud. Your stitching is just gorgeous as always. I love seeing how you finish the LHN ornaments each month.

  64. Vonna, I have a quick question... I love your china hutch in your dining room - it is just what I am looking for! Can you tell me who made it or where it was purchased??? Thanks so much.

  65. Vonna,
    You are doing an excellent job with your "garden", keep up the great work. Your family is beautiful. Of course, your stitching and finishing are just as fantastic!

    Yes, those kids will grow fast, but you are such a part of who they are, they'll always be there. I know the little one will fill her big brothers and sister's shoes just fine!

  66. Hi Vonna,

    What a busy, busy life you and your family lead. There just isn't enough
    time in the day for everything so when you have to choose of course
    family comes first.

    Your kids have outdone themselves this school year and you and your
    DH have every right to be button busting proud of them. So many
    awards to display ... you're going to need a bigger house!!! Hope
    they all have a fabulous summer vacation.

    Your latest Adam and Eve project looks amazing all framed and ready
    to hang on your special wall space. And the latest ornament stitch and
    finish is so sweet. Love that checkered bow. You and LIttle House
    Needleworks make such a great team!!! I love that little pillow finish
    for Tanya as well, design and colours both. Gotta add that one to my
    to do list I think.

    Your St Francis statue looks great in your garden. He looks quite at
    home there and is quite a good size isn't he?

    Thank you for your warm welcome back to blogging and your kind
    words re: my Mom. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your prayers
    on her behalf. It would make her smile too I think.

    Take care.

  67. Congratulations to your brood on all their achievements

  68. Vonna, you are a very busy woman! Congratulations to all your kids on their wonderful accomplishments! I love your st. Francis statue-it looks so lovely standing there.

  69. Your family is lovely and it was a great picture of you with your daughter!! You should be very proud of all of them, which you are of course!!! Your stitching and finishing is gorgeous as always. Your sampler wall looks great! I am taking a trip to DC with my Mom and the "senior" group by bus this September!We can compare notes. LOL

  70. Hi Vonna, it was so nice to see a post from you--I always enjoy reading about the goings on at your house.

    Your stitching is beautiful as always! Congratulations to your children and you and your husband on all of their accomplishments!! I know you are always on the go with them, but I know you wouldn't trade all the activity for all the world. I remember those days with my 4, and before I knew it--they grew up!!!

  71. Wow, it sounds like its been a very busy but exciting time for you and your family! Congrats to all the kids on their achievements. You must be so, so proud! Great work with the finishes for LHN and Tanya. The framing on your A&E looks great and your wall is really coming along. Hope you have a fun transition into Summer. Safe travels to you and Katie tomorrow!

  72. Like you Vonna - I have a hard time getting around to everything I need and want to do. Congratulations to you and your DH for raising such a fine family - I know in this evil world - it is certainly not easy. I'm sure our parents and g-parents thought the same thing but I swear there is way more challenges in this technological world that they had. Thankfully I never had any children so my burden is much easier than most in that regard. Your stitching and finishing is absolutely excellent as usual. I loved that piece tanya designed and was tickled to see you finished it. Take care and I hope you glide into the most wonderful summer ever. Have a great weekend - Melody

  73. Loving all this Good News!

    Special call-outs*

    Really noticed the ornamental "side-braid" in Katie's hair in one of the cake pics! Very flattering and a beautiful choice on her part!

    That christmas ornament makes me hear that part of the song in my head--a wonderful thing! :D

    Loving the uninterrupted 3x repeat of that pillow. Not sure I would have the patience to stitch it myself but it is just so pleasing!

    Wonderful work. :)

  74. You have such a lovely family Vonna!! Your children are so sweet and smart too!! I would love to teach children like yours!! Lovely A&E wall and beautiful finishes!!


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