Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tempting you...

Hello Blog Buddies...
I am going through my "to do" lists and playing in all my stash and decided that I needed to "tempt" you all just a little bit. This time of year I find myself dreaming about what I want to accomplish next year. I figure out a plan, a dream, and then try to execute that dream.

Perhaps you do too?...
If so may I reintroduce a couple of endeavors that I am currently moderating:


Read all about LHN Ornies HERE


Read All About LHN Ornies Too HERE


Read all about the ABC's HERE


Read all about the Cottages HERE

Then after seeing this:


Elizabeth Hancock adaptation/reproduction by Little House Needleworks
I've been considering perhaps starting a Stitch-A-Long devoted only to the stitching of Miss Elizabeth Hancock if there would be interest? If you are intersted in joining a blog stitch-a-long that would be comprised only of people dedicated to stitching Elizabeth in a no rules, no holds barred stitch-a-long just encouraging each other to complete her in 2012, then drop me a line (my e-mail address is available in the sidebar by the mailbox) include your e-mail address in the e-mail you send to me and if there is 20+ people interested, I'll start a blog dedicated to stitching Miss Hancock. We wouldn't start until January 2012 (so we have time to gather the supplies after we get some Christmas cash!). Maybe it could be your New Year's start????

Until next time....Temptingly Yours,


  1. Arrrggghhhhhh!!! Stop it!!! xx

  2. This is definitely tempting -
    I'm thinking ......
    How many projects could i possibly start ......


  3. Am more than tempted with next years LHN ornies - I have nearly stitched all of 2010 and 2011's so am really itching to do 2012's as well :) Email winging it's way over to you now.

    I am already taking part in the Cottages SAL

    Thank you for hosting these wonderful blogs xxxx

  4. Oh Vonna, Vonna!!!

  5. Ok, you are definitely a temptress. lol! But look at how badly I did on the PS ABC. And I haven't picked it up again either. Well, I will at least commit to that one. lol! (I love Elizabeth Hancock!)

  6. I love Elizabeth, but I think I had better stick with my LHN ornament commitment next year--along with all the other WIPs in my basket!

    Of course I reserve the right to change my mind!

  7. Your bad!! LOL I'm doing the Cottages SAL, and am thinking about this one too; it sure is a beautiful picture for sure..

    Hugs, Shar

  8. I need to join up wiht LHN Ornie gangs for next year, I keep adding more and more of them to my stash. :) Thanks for enabling us Vonna...I am way behind on my blog reading but want to wish you a fabulous holiday season. Once again I will be making all sorts of stitching resolutions for 2012!

  9. yes its ok for me ...


    amitiƩs de France

  10. Oh my you are bad rofl..I'm already taking part in the cottages SAL and I'm really tempted by the Prairie Schooler one and the Elizabeth Hancock, these are really lovely. :D

  11. Oh, Vonna, you are a trouble maker!

    I'm in for the cottages, but might consider one of your other temptations...have to think on that. I love the ABCs, but that is a huge project. We'll see.


  12. hello, sorry for my bad English, I understand we can embroider in the spinal group the sampler if that I agree with embroidery from France to you this magnificent project
    friendships, mary


  13. You've tempted. Thank you very much! I've sent you an email regarding EH.

  14. No you did not??!!! Really??

    hmmmmm, let me think about it...

    I knew I shoulda' skipped this posting today...now I am going to be obsessing over Elizabeth Hancock :') LOL!

  15. I may just have to drool over the efforts of others! ;)

  16. It IS tempting, but I am going to resist. After the Crazy January challenge, I'll have close to 70 WIPs to complete next year. It was hard enough to resist adding any more to the pile from what I already own. :)

  17. You are soooooo bad. I will stick with my LHN ornies for next year I think. I still have 2011's to do.

  18. Tempting indeed Vonna! :)

    Those cottages are very tempting.. I may have to think on it.
    Is there info anywhere I wonder that has it blocked as one big piece and the stitch count? Or maybe if they are all going to be the 77x77 I can figure it out myself... hm... have to think on this one.

    Sent you a request on the LHN ornies. I already do them!
    Thanks for the info.

  19. aww this is something very interesting..can i come in too :)
    i love elizabeth..going to mail you just now..thank you

  20. Okay missy~~~ VERY tempting I tell ya....Cause you KNOW I love a good sampler!!! But, seeing how I am still waiting for my CCN Cottage chart to come in and I have a gabillion wip's still to finish, I will have to stand on the sidelines and go ga-ga over your progress on this one!!! I is a beautiful sampler~~hmmm......

  21. I'm in for the Elizabeth Hancock blog! I knew I wanted to stitch this right when I saw it on Diane's blog! Thanks for doing this.

  22. Evil Vonna, you are being pure evil :@
    Will have to see definitely doing 2011 Chrissie ornaments next year
    LiBBiE in Oz

  23. Vonna, thanks for sharing the blog links. I want to quit work and stitch, stitch, stitch !!

  24. You know Vonna - I have been thinking of starting my PS - B is for Blackbird for a long time - I should do that right away! Thanks also for the sneak peak of Diane's new sampler - WHOOOO - too cute - love it ! I'm going to consider joining the blog SAL if there is enough support for you to set it up. Love your Jan cottage finish - I am behind as usual on blog reading. I KNOW you are enjoying the season ! Melody

  25. Anonymous12:49 AM

    Umm, extremely tempted by Miss Elizabeth Hancock, Arghh! I really will have to stitch this one in 2012. I have emailed you regarding my interest in a SAL. :o)

  26. Another one to get! Can't wait! Little House always does great designs. I have a lot of them. How can one not???

    The only issue will be to what child to give it to when finished!


  27. Elizabeth Hancock is sooooo tempting! I am trying to behave but you are making it so difficult!

  28. Ms Vonna,

    You are definitely naughty! Careful or Santa will see your name on the naughty list and not give you any Christmas cash! :) LOL!

    I'm trying to be good and only stitch what's in my stash, but this is something I would really love to do, so count me in! :)

    PS Besides, I have zero will power when it comes to playing.

    Carol E in AZ

  29. I will not look at the PS ABCs. I will NOT. I do not even have any of the charts! Will not.

    You are so bad. :)

    Tempting... so tempting.

  30. Anonymous9:02 AM

    Tempting, indeed! Beautiful blog so many inspirational pieces!

  31. Very tempting Vonna :) I love that sampler too!

  32. YOU SIMPLY AMAZE ME VONNA, When do you actually get to stitch? I am still sticking to my thoughts on only working on the two biggest BAPs in my pile o wips, with the odd wedding sampler here and there.
    Good luck to everyone in all of your wonderful SAL's
    Be always in stitches.

  33. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Great design, one of my whishes for 2012


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