Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A guilty pleasure...

Howdy Blog Buddies and Stitching Friends!...
What is my guilty pleasure? Why it is "Tuesday Stitch In's" at my Local Needlework Shop Fancy Works . I went for the very first time last Tuesday and believe me I came home and filled in every Tuesday on my calendar as "Stitch Day" :)
It's going to be my guilty pleasure...and you know what?! I deserve a guilty pleasure all to myself. Don't you agree?!

Let me show you some the the goodies that were at the shop today!

Liz framed and returned:


Bert's "Florence Nightingale Pledge"
(how about that mat!)


Marilyn's "Love Keeps Us Warm"

AND here's what everyone was working on today:


Jessica finished this beautiful Cardinal Stocking


This is a lady that I can't remember her name (its only my 2nd week...sorry!)
She's stitching this bookmark for literacy


Nancy's January Cottage
she's doing it 1 over 1 on 28 ct. it is tiny!


Bert was backstitching her puppy dogs


Katie finished up "Welcome Friends"


Look at Barb's gorgeous blackwork...stunning!


Coleen was working on ABC tapestry and it was pretty as a picture!

And what about me?.....
well I finished up:


 Prairie Schooler's Limited Edition 2011 Santa
"Coming to Town"
stitched on 28 ct. Natural Raw Linen
stitched with Crescent Colours as charted

that was my Tuesday at the stitch in! Isn't that grand fun?! :) We had a booming good time, stitching, chatting, eating....ahhh good times! And the best part is, I really don't feel guilty, I just feel good!

Tune in next time...
to see how I finish up my "Coming to Town" Santa!

Until then...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God, join in with me!
Hugs and love,


  1. Well that sure turned out to be fun. Nice to have found a group you like. And a very productive day too... love your PS piece!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful show and tell! I'm been missing my regular stitching group so it's fun to look over your shoulder and see what people are working on.

  3. Vonna --
    WOW -- lots of wonderful show-n-tell! Isn't it great to have a wonderful group to share in all this stitchy goodness?

    Your PS piece is wonderful and I just know you are going to have a fantastic finish for it:))

  4. That's such a fun thing to do every week and nothing to feel guilty about!

  5. How awesome!! Your PS is the best of all, Vonna!! (But I know I am biased...) The cardinal stocking and blackwork are also real standouts.

    Good for you--looking forward to next week!

  6. Here's to your guilty pleasure and your fabulous finish, Vonna! It's always fun to see what others are working on, so I thank you for that, too!

  7. Wonderful stitching by everyone:)what a lovely way to spend a Tuesday.

  8. Vonna, thanks for the show and tell - I felt like I was there, too. Beautiful stitching by everyone but I really did like your Prairie School Limited edition Santa design - I am going to have to have a look for that one.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  9. Love the Prairie Schooler Coming to Town! CUTE!

  10. Anonymous5:56 PM

    Oh how absolutely wonderful to have a weekly stitching group. Everyone does such amazing work in your little group. Love that Prairie Schooler. Beautiful!

  11. I used to love it when my LNS had a stitching night. It was so much fun to get together with other people that shared my passion and just sit, stitch and chat away.

    I love your finish of the 2011 PS Santa, it turned out wonderful.

  12. Such fun! Thanks for the show! Love your PS!

  13. Oh, I'm so glad you found such a fun stitching group, Vonna! It must be wonderful to see what others are working on in person and get inspired. Speaking of inspiration--your lovely PS finish is sure inspiring me :)

  14. Vonna ~ I know what you mean! I just LOVE my group of stitching friends so much ~ fun to share our lives and our stitches

  15. Pretty, pretty! I bet you did have fun!

  16. Everything looks so beautiful! I really like the framing on "The Pledge" piece!! And yes, we all deserve at least one guilty pleasure...LOL!

  17. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I think it is great you take some time for yourself. I am a true believer that everyone needs a little of their own time to do what they love. I think it makes you a better all around person, because it makes you happy and that will come across in everything you do.
    Thanks for sharing pictures, always fun to see what others are doing.

  18. Oh such fun! I love seeing everyone's projects! And your PS piece -- so pretty! I love PS! Thanks for sharing with us!

  19. So glad you had such a fun day Vonna! Thanks for sharing everyone's projects - they are beautiful!

  20. Don't you just love stitching groups. I certainly do. Everyone's work is beautiful. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with your PS piece.

  21. So glad you went to the stitch in. They are so much fun and full of inspiration. I am in love with the cardinal stocking and that blackwork...wow! Thanks for the show and tell!

  22. Vonna, wish I had a group here that met every week...would be easier to stitch. Also, would you ask Bert the name of the Florence Nightengale pledge pattern. My sister is a nurse and I would love to make that for her for Christmas next year.

  23. How fun! All the projects were beautiful! Seeing the blackwork one makes me want to do some! Though I often say I don't like backstitching, that is not quite the same... similar... I have been attending my Stitching Group at my LNS for over 5 years now--every Thursday after work! If I don't go, I get grumpy... You will love it! No guilt! Hugs!

  24. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Congratulations on your PS finish! Enjoy your stitch group!

    Robin in Virginia

  25. So glad you found a stitching group!!! It is so much fun and such a source of joy!!! Love all the pics of the works in progress!!!!

  26. Stitching groups are great! Chit chat, fellowship, laughs, not to mention seeing all the different projects and interpretations. I just gor home from my Tuesday night group.

    Have fun!

    P.S. Those cardinals are magnificent.

  27. Enjoy your Guilty Tuesday's they sound like such fun. Your group has some nice stitching going on. I look forward to seeing your finish on the PS, I have this one and a couple of the others done.

  28. Lotsa fabulous things there, lady! Love that PS Santa!

  29. Such wonderful stitching from everyone. I love your PS piece

  30. Lots of lovely projects. Enjoy your stitchy Tuesdays. Sounds like you had a great time.

  31. wow what a lovely way to spend the day..beautiful stitching by everyone xx

  32. I'm glad that you don't feel guilty--moms need to do things for themselves, too! I always found that getting out and having some me time always made me better/fresher for dealing with all the other stuff that needs to be tended to in my life. I loved seeing your photos and getting to attend vicariously through you!

    CONGRATS on the finish! I love me some PS! It looks great.

    Happy belated birthday to your babies, who aren't such babies any more!! :)

  33. Lucky Lady! What a great find! I'm sure a majority of stitchers will be so jealous of your Tuesday Stitch In. Thanks so much for the pics and sharing it with us. It is much appreciated. :) Cathryn

  34. Oh wow everyone was working one such wonderful pieces. You most definitely deserve your Tuesday stitch-ins! I go on a Tuesday too but most of the ladies knit. It's nice to get out though and have a chat and sit and stitch.

  35. What a FUN day! Such beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing!

  36. ooooo .. love that "I have filled up every tuesday in my calender" ...lol .. lovely to see what other folks are working on too ... and well done on the finish it is gorgeous :) love mouse xxxxx

  37. Looks like a great group to be a part of! Good for you -- and don't feel guilty you need me time!

  38. Everyone is doing some lovely pieces! You deserve a day to spoil yourself. Sounds like you really enjoyed it.

  39. I know just what you mean, Vonna. At my LNS we have Moonlight Stitching. It happens every other month on the 3rd Saturday from 4-10pm. It used to be from 6 to Midnight but that got too late for most. We have food, we get a make-it and take-it project and of course, giggles and stitching.

    I'm with you...I don't feel so guilty :-)

  40. I'm so glad you got to go to a Fancy Works stitching day! Aren't they such a great group? I've been down there on a Thursday evening stitch-in. Of course, I didn't get much stitching done for shopping and ooh-ing and aah-ing over everyone's work! And your finish is so cute!!!

  41. oh I love the stitching lovely the dogs !!!! and Janvier ....

    bisous de france

  42. LOVE seeing those pics, Vonna. Sounds like a super fun group.

    Great job on the finish. :D

  43. That is just awesome! I really wish that we had small stitch shops around here. I would LOVE to do something like that. Now, I have discovered that there is a quilt shop less than 5 minutes from my work and they do this. I may have to try my hand at quilting, lol.

  44. Vonna, your PS finish is wonderful! Isn't it fun getting together with other stitchers? Thanks for sharing all of their projects!

  45. You most certainly deserve it, and I am really glad that you are doing it. I got invited to join a group that meets once a month and I am really looking forward to that. I think it is so cool to see all the different tastes there - just cool!

  46. "Love Keeps Us Warm" is right up my alley. Love it!

  47. That is so neat you have a group to stitch with each week. Thanks for showing all the stitching finishes and projects. It's fun to see what others are stitching.

  48. Thanks for sharing your experience at the "Stitch In" I was very intrigued by Bert's Puppy Dogs and Barb's Blackwork. When you see these women again can you please ask them about their pattern information? I would be interested in doing these 2 projects. Thanks for consideration.

    I hope that you continue to enjoy your "Stitch Ins."

  49. What lovely work everyone is doing!! And, I am so glad that you have a LNS and group to be a part of...they are wonderful for the spirit.

  50. How fun! I think getting together with other stitchers is one of the best things! It's so fun to see what everyone is working on. Love your finish!!

  51. Vonna,

    Two questions. 1. Am I using my hoop wrong -- my hoop is under my fabric not on top of it? (it's opposite of the photos)

    Would it be possible to see what your area looks like when you are stitching? I have lots of threads all over. It's just a curiosity thing!

    Love your site, and I love your projects!

  52. Of course you deserve to have Tuesday - no guilt! It really looks like lots of fun! Nothing better than nice friends and good stitching. Enjoy!

  53. Looks like you have a fantastic group of stitchers in your group.
    It's always so much more fun stitching with a group.

  54. Oh Vonna, I am so happy you have found a stitching group! It is so much fun to stitch with others who share your passion. I meet on Thursdays (when I am not working) with a group and have so much fun! All moms need refreshed. I know how dedicated you are to your family, church, etc., but the little bit of time away will refresh you to serve others!


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