Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rainy Days and Birthdays....

friends and neighbors near, far and everywhere. The calendar told me a couple of weeks ago, on July 5, 2011 that I was indeed celebrating the 20th Anniversary of my 21st birthday. So ... let me explain my title of this blog post. When, I was a little girl I dreaded rainy days. No in fact, I hated them.  Ba humbug!  But I loved my birthday! Gifts, attention, cake....what was there *not* to love? Now, that I'm a big girl....I love rainy days but those birthdays....well except for the cake....sort of stink! I guess that's the way the cookie crumbles, eh?

No matter...
a few lovely ladies decided to make the 20th Anniversary of my 21st birthday special by sending me surprises in the mail and I want to share my loot with all of you too! First off we have a gorgeous (notice the pennies) huswife made by the talented hands of AmySC  . It is absolutely perfect and fits all my on the go stitching needs ...Amy even included those sweet small scissors by Kelmscott:


huswife 2

Dear Marie P sent me this gorgeous Prairie Schooler ornament ~ she too knows me so well...
PS Santa
Marie also threw in a "WooHoo! Happy Birthday" mug...which I must say, every day is now my birthday because this gem fits amazingly in my hand ~ it is heavy yet the finish is so smooth, the handle is large so I can slide my whole hand in there....its simply perfect! And Santa thought he'd play Vanna White and model WooHoo! for you :)

Finally Jan sent me this surprise and it literally made me shout with joy because you see...she sent me her brand spanking new design all kitted up it is called "Penny America" and I actually got to touch the model and drool over it at the Only One Ewe retreat a few short weeks ago. You can read all about Penny America and other designs of Jan's at Tree of Life Samplings  . Jan has also started hand-dyeing some linens and they are wonderful! She also included the sweet Willow Tree Angel who sits in my sewing room overlooking things and keeping watch, whilst I stitch and sew away!

penny and angels

To these ladies....
my deepest most sincere gratitude to you all for your generosity in remembering my birthday, but most especially for your friendship - because where would I be without friends like each one of you? Oh wait I can answer that: No where...that's where. SO a big "Thank you" for being my friends!

Just a few minutes ago...
I slipped the last stitches in a square for Love Quilts  this square is going to a darling little girl named Breanna . She likes Dragonflies and what pattern is more perfect than this one?

LQ Dragonfly 1

Collaboration Thread Pack from: Country Cottage Needleworks and Crescent Colours
Stitched with DMC in Breanna's favorite colors
Stitched on 14 ct. white aida

With this square complete...
I have stitched a total of 9 squares since the beginning of 2011. I haven't signed up for any more squares with stitching deadlines, but I am hopeful to eek maybe one or two more before the end of the year. I'm trying really hard to give back and to be perfectly honest, when I see the quilts all done and the gratitude of the families and children involved....well that is the cherry on top. Giving's a good thing - do I sound like Martha? Anyway...if you're interested in giving back maybe you can click on the Love Quilts link above - the coordinators there are always ready and waiting for more stitchers to help.

That's all folks....
I have a date with someone at the fair - as today is drop off day for the "Open Exhibitors" and I'm taking my two projects to be examined and judged. Fingers crossed people, please!

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my 'hands to work and heart to God' just like always, why don't you join me?
Hugs and love,


  1. Happy belated! You're still just a kid in my eyes and you are definitely young at heart. Love all your great gifties from your wonderful friends. And your latest LQ square is just the perfect thing.

  2. Thank you sweet friend for sharing your birthday goodies with us, you are a special lady and deserve goodness. Again, happy birthday (love it 20th anniversary, that is too wonderful)!!

  3. Happy belated birthday and good luck at the fair.

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Vonna:)))

    You got some lovely gifts from your stitching friends! Yeah to you!!!

    Good luck with your items at the fair. I know you will do well:)))

  5. Love the colors in your quilt block Vonna. They're just gorgeous. 333 is my fave shade of purple, and it looks a lot like what you have there! Santa is cute, and grats on all the gifties. Happy belated birthday! And I love rainy days too. Without them, nothing would grow. Good luck with the judging! I hope you get lovely prizes!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Love all your goodies. And good luck at the fair!!!

  7. Your gifts are lovely. I hope you still enjoy the stitcher's huswife i made you several years ago with your initial on it.

  8. oooo happy birthday to you .. you had some lovely gifts given too :) love the mug as well its just me too heheheh .... and fingers are crossed for you :) love mouse xxxx

  9. Good luck with your fair entry! I can't wait to see your prize winning entries and your ribbons! :)

    Happy belated birthday - you received some lovely gifts; I love the way you celebrate it - the 20th anniversary of your 21st birthday :)

  10. Happy belated birthday! What wonderful gifts from your talented friends. :) Love the square, too!

  11. Nice birthday gifts, and a beautiful finish on the Love Quilts square! Our Guild is always looking for community outreach projects, and Love Quilts sounds like it would be perfect for us. I wouldn't worry about the Fair were I you--you'll do great!

  12. Girl!! Now, you know your bestest buddy is suppose to know your birthday!! I am so sorry I missed out on helping you celebrate! I see it was a great one and maybe next year I'll show up with cake and balloons!! Hugs and Happy Happy Birthday!!!!

  13. Fappy belated birthday! You received beautiful gifts. Stitchers are the greatest. Good luck at the fair!

  14. A very belated Happy Birthday Miss Vonna! It sure looks like you got some lovely goodies for 2oth anniversary. :)

    Good luck at the Fair! Can't wait to hear what you win. :)

  15. Happy belated Birthday! You received some wonderful gifts from some wonderful people! Terrific. You really deserve it. Love your most recent contribution to LoveQuilts!

  16. Happy belated birthday! I love all the gifties you received from friends! Love the square you made too. You are so generous and amazing to make so many of these squares. Good luck at the fair!

  17. Anonymous5:36 PM

    Happy belated birthday, Vonna! You received some lovely gifts (that is adorable penny fabric). Congratulations on your latest quilt square finish for Love Quilts.

    Good luck at the fair; looking forward to hearing about your fair experience!

    Robin in Virginia

  18. ♫♫♫ Happy Belated Birthday, Vonna ♫♫♫

    You sure received some lovely, lovely gifts from Amy, Marie, and Jan... Enjoy them all and may your coming year bring you every happiness :)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday! Lovely gifts for a lovely lady. I hope your day was as special as you are and there are many more "anniversaries" of your birthday in your future. ;o)

  20. Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your birthday goodies.

  21. Oh what adorable handmade gifts you got from Amy and dear Marie! Just beautiful! I know you will treasure them!! I do love that Penny fabric, oh my!!

    Here is wishing you the best with the fair, I am crossing all toes and fingers, don't know why though, cuz I know you will do super well!

    That square is so sweet, I know that lil Breanna will love it.

    Have a super great week and weekend! xoxo

  22. Belated happy birthday... you certainly have gotten some goodies. Love the huswife from Amy... the fabric is perfect!

    happy stitching...

  23. Happy belated birthday.
    Lovely gifts. All of them are looking fabulous.
    Good luck at the fair.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday. You received some lovely gifts. I love your dragonfly finish. Good luck at the fair. Fingers crossed you win.

  25. Happy Birthday!
    You got some beautiful gifts, and the quilt squar is perfect

  26. Belated birthday greetings to you my friend! I am not so fond of them either and this years was especialy bad and gloomy. You have been gifted with some excellent gifts and so well deserved. xx

  27. Happy Belated Birthday
    I'm glad you received such treasures !!

  28. Belated Happy Birthday Vonna! I think I'll adopt your philosophy. This spring I celebrated the 16th anniversary of my 39th birthday! See how it changes as you get up there, lol!
    Your friends' gifts are wonderful and you certainly deserve them.
    Your latest square is absolutely perfect for Breanna. She'll love it!

  29. Lovely pressies for a lovely lady. So glad you were so blessed. Love your comments about the switcheroo between 'rainy days and birthdays'. Very cute. Take care, Vonna. :) Cathryn

  30. Some lovely gifts for a special lady :)

    Love your quilt square. It is is so pretty.

  31. Vonna, happy belated birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful time receiving all those great gifts. Your quilt square is beautiful.

  32. Happy belated birthday Vonna! we are just two days apart on our birthdays! :) and i too have celebrated many years of 21! LOL lovely lovely gifts you received!

  33. That square for love Quilts is absolutely beautiful!!! Love all the gifties you rrecieved!! And happy belated birthday!!

  34. Happy Belated Birthday Vonna! You rec'd some lovely gifts from some special friends. Love the Dragonfly square for LoveQuilts. I used to stitch for them a long time ago and it's such a wonderful feeling to see your squares on the quilts and the smiles on the kids faces. I just wish they could take evenweave, I really hate Aida.

  35. Happy birthday! Lovely gifts...aren't you lucky!
    Being a dragonfly lover I'm drooling over your Love Quilts piece.
    Good luck with your pieces at the fair.

  36. Happy Birthday! Those were lovely gifts, and as always, love the square! I've only managed two. I think I need to do some more simple designs, maybe that would help.

  37. What lovely, lovely birthday gifts.
    Special people deserve such wonderful gifts.
    Glad your birthday was amazing.

  38. What gorgeous gifts, you do have lovely friends. Happy Birthday.

  39. Happy Belated Birthday !! I so enjoy your postings and just love the quilt background you added to your blog page. It's beautiful.

  40. Happy, Happy Birthday! 7/5 was my father's birthday too! Celebrate everyday - even the rainy ones because each one is a gift!

    Good luck with your fair entries but I think the other people will need the luck trying to win against your perfect stitching and finishing.

  41. Happy belated Birthday Vonna! Awesome birthday gifts! You have some very pretty and special LQ squares.

  42. Belated birthday wishes to you and many happy returns. What great gifts.
    And such a pretty love square too. Congrats on finishing all love squares

  43. Your pieces are just beautiful and so perfectly framed!!! Don't you love when it all comes together!!!


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