Thursday, July 07, 2011

Database dump...

Happy Day....dear friends! I hope that this finds you well and cruising along your path! I had a pleasant surprise yesterday when I found out that a couple of my stitches were framed and ready for pickup! I'll let the pictures do the talking. First up:

LHN Family Sampler 1

LHN Family Sampler 2

LHN Family Sampler 3

Pfeiffer Family Sampler
Designer: Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
copyright 2010
Stitched with: DMC and Crescent Colours as charted
Framed with: hand painted frame from: Valley House Primitives  
Profile: MCC in Tavern Gold ~ Design: Hairpin

Isn't it stunning? I wish you could see it in person, as the photos really do not do the design itself or the gorgeous frame justice. I was ecstatic!

Second Up is:
TGH Sarah Siefer

Sarah Seifer
Designed by: The Goode Huswife ~ Anne Brown
Stitched with DMC
Framed with: Valley House Primitives  frame 
#MCL Moss / Redcoat - Design Chesapeake / Distressed

The frame for Sarah is simply perfect. Both of these beauties are taking a trip to our County Fair coming up in a couple of weeks. This will be the first time I have taken anything to exhibit. I'm a little nervous, but I figure it's worth a try.

I haven't been....showing my WIPS now for a long time. I figured that people didn't give a HOOT if I showed what I was working on and was waiting until I finished things before I showed them, but to be honest, I enjoy seeing other bloggers works in progress, so figured I show you mine. Here is the first one:

Soar Sampler

Soar Sampler
Designed by: Country Stitches ~ Brenda Gervais
Stitched on 30 ct. WDW Onyx linen with DMC

I'm getting pretty close on this one - I have a few motifs left and some letters, then it will be on to the border. This pretty is being stitched for my Momma. She retired this past February and I am very thankful to Brenda for introducing me to the Eagles in Decorah, Iowa to which this sampler is dedicated by Brenda. Anyway, I linked my Momma to the eagles and she sat and watched and watched the babies from egg-hood to now near adult-hood. So I'm stitching this for her so that she can remember the little eaglets and the hours she babysat them :)

I'm also working on this beauty:

Ann Pennsylvania Peacock
Designed by: Little by Little
Stitched on 28 ct. Autumn Fields with GAST

I started Ann about a year ago (I think... it may have been two years ago.....) and I put her down because I ran out of Sea Spray GAST (her dress color). I never got any more until recently when I resurrected her from the depths of my stitching basket. She's too pretty to languish inside that dark cave. So she is my "car" project. Can't wait until Ann is all finished and hanging on my walls!

Have you all seen...Diane's reproduction of Melicent Turner  ? Well as soon as I got a gander at it, I knew that it was a must do STAT! I was playing around today in my stitching room and thought WHY NOT? So I kitted it up. I'm going to be using my own hand-dyed linen and Crescent Colour Cottons, I changed the Sweetest Heart color to Apple Fritter because I wanted the red to be a little more red for my house decor. Here's the floss and fabric toss:  
LHN Melicent Turner

Floss Toss for Melicent Turner

And like partner in crime was helping me choose my materials today. Sweet Chatty always has the best advise and is so easy to work with ~ Mama's little buddy....


I think that's a wrap! :)

Until next time....I'll be keeping my 'hands to work and heart to God' ~ join in with me!

Hugs and love,


  1. Your Family Sampler looks a-maz-ing! Wow, that frame really sets it off. Sarah looks wonderful as well.

    It's always nice to see wips. I just put up a photo of pitiful progress but we like the photos no matter how much or little was stitched up. Great progress on Soar and Ann. I am really eyeing the Melicent sampler too.

  2. Your framed pieces are just GORGEOUS! I love the Family Sampler so much and seeing yours makes me want to get started on mine:)))

    Your WIP's are coming along very nicely. I always like to see what others are working on too!

    Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing

  3. How fun to see your Family Sampler framed. I didn't realize how big they were! It must look gorgeous on your wall. Your WIPs are looking good, too. Can't wait to watch your progress on the new LHN one!

  4. Both of those samplers are wonderful...I especially like the family one! I love seeing things in the works...I don't show them myself too much either.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Your framed pieces are beautiful Vonna! What treasures :-)
    I love to see your WIP pictures :-) it's your blog so you can show whatever you feel like!
    Chatty is adorable, our cat Travis still likes to play with my floss though so he's not so much help! x x

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I especially love how the grain in the frame for Family Sampler mimics the border of the stitched piece.

  7. Anonymous2:28 PM

    Vonna, your framed pieces are gorgeous! Each frame is perfect for your stitching!

    Please don't stop showing your WIPs! I love looking at what others are stitching! Quite inspiring!

    Robin in Virginia

  8. Your stitching and frames are beautiful!! Great wips too!!

  9. Your stitched items will bring blue ribbons atthe fair! Good luck!

    And I for one love to see what others are stitching - please show more WIP's!

    Keep stitching!

  10. I love your finished and framed pieces!
    And please keep showing you WIPs. Someday it will give me the incentive to start stitching again...
    Enjoy your summer!!

  11. Stunning finishes and your WIP's are beautiful too. I'm going to be anxiously watching Millicent come along, she'll be beautiful!

  12. Love your framed finishes, especially the Family Sampler. Good luck at the fair.
    I do like seeing works in process so thanks for showing yours.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  13. Oh, Vonna - how pretty! I especially like the PA Peacock - isn't sea spray just the prettiest color? I can't imagine how hard it is to see to stitch on that black linen, but it's really pretty!

  14. I love the frames you chose Vonna. They're beautiful. And you're making good progress on your WIPs. Can't wait to see your Soar Sampler finished. Did you know they let Brenda name a falcon since she raised so much money for the raptor project from sales of that pattern?!? She named her Rosa (soar spelled differently) and showed pics on her blog of where she lived.

  15. Your framed work came out great. Wonderfuly stitching. Enjoy seeing all of your WIP. It helps us see stitching in progress and gives us more ideas to add to our stash.
    Happy stitching
    Joyce C F/TX

  16. Well, of course we want to see! How else do we get enabled? Breath-taking finishes - and I have to know if they will be guarded for the exhibit? If not, tell me where that is again... Big grins-just teasin', of course! I have only one son ;-)
    Such a great plan for Soar, and love your Milicent colors. They're in my stash, waiting...
    That Chatty is a doll, wish my Pixie could do a little stitching to help me get some of my 'loves' done!

  17. Nice finishes. I love your Soar sampler. Looks very dramatic on the black. I like your kitty, too!


  18. Love your framed pieces! They look great!

    I really enjoy looking at other stitchers wips :) thanks for sharing yours!

  19. Your finished pieces and WIPs look great! I keep getting bogged down on Ann PP too - I ran out of Sea Spray, bought a new one that was too green, finally found the right shade, and then last night could not find it. Good thing she is such a fantastic sampler!
    Melicent is a MUST HAVE!

  20. Beautiful framed pieces and WIPs!

  21. Congrats on the gorgeous finished pieces; those frames are beautiful and just perfect for the designs.

    Where was the sttiching retreat? I am so jealous. :) Looks like you had a great time and I do love the pieces that you stitchd. Great idea to get the ladies to sign the inside of the box!

    Hey, I will be sending a little something your way very soon. :D

    Miss you

  22. Those are some beautifully framed pieces!!Congrats!!!... and your WIP's are really coming along nicely!!

  23. Hey Vonna! So glad to see your post today. Love, love the framed pieces, could not be anymore perfect!

    Please post often,as you are one of my most favorite blogs to follow!!!

  24. The frames were worth the wait. They are gorgeous. Congrats on 2 great pieces. Blue ribbons all around I'm sure. You are such a sweetie for stitching your momma eagles.

  25. Your family sampler is stunning! I love to see what others are working on. Glad to see that you will be entering some of your works! Good luck. I did it years ago and actually won a ribbon and afew dollrs. It was fun.

  26. What an heirloom you've created! That family sampler is beyond gorgeous!

    Love Sarah...I'm hooked on A&Es right now so I have to start it.
    The frame is just perfect.

    Millicent is on my wish list. Gotta save some pennies though...she's a want and not a need. Being unemployed means having the patience to wait...LOL.
    Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your finishes and your Wips! Loved all of them.

    Oh and Livy keeps me company in my craft room too! I really like the companionship.

  27. Both Sampler are framed beautifully!! I love looking at wip's! Your are great!!

  28. Your framed pieces are stunning. I love to see what you are stitching and your progress. Love your little companion.

  29. Lindsey5:15 PM

    Love the family sampler!! I want to do that but well...I just started my family (she is 2.5 months now) and don't know when it will be finished. Not that I have found time for stitching yet either... :)

  30. Wonderful finishes Vonna. I just love the frame for Sarah. It absolutely perfect for the piece. And it's good to see all your WIPs! You really have some great ones going. And just love your Family Sampler too!

  31. Your finished pieces - WOW - and love the frames you picked out. You wip - just as WOW. Your new start looks ready to go!

  32. Oh my gosh! I love how your framed pieces came out! I love Valley House Primitive frames. I wish I could afford to get them more often! Love all your stitching too. Just wonderful!

  33. Love your framed pieces, they are all gorgeous ! I was watching the Decorah eagles as well, pretty amazing.

  34. Those are some really great finishes. I especially love the family sampler.

  35. Your framed pieces are beautiful. The frames are just perfect for each design!

    I like looking at others WIP too.. you seem to have a great collection going! Happy stitching..

  36. Lisa s.8:30 PM

    Hi Vonna,

    I love your pieces, they are all beautiful and I am sure you will definitely win first prize at the fair for both pieces!! Do you know that your blog is my very vey favorite? I look everyday to see if you posted anything! Keep the posts coming, it always makes me smile. Have a nice weekend.

    Lisa S. In Pennsylvania

  37. Love the frames on your beautiful work! And yes, I got a look at Melicent when I was at the shop last weekend, and I'm planning on purchasing and stitching it sooner rather than later. I love seeing everyone's WIPs, and if anyone had to wait for me to finish something, it'd be a looooong time. Ohh--and I have Ann P. Peacock kitted up; now I want to stitch her too!

  38. Well, it was worth the wait on the frames because they are perfect! I hope you come home with some blue ribbons because you deserve it! And....don't you stop blogging about your WIPS. That's how you cheer me to keep at it! It's not like I can just drop in and see what's in your Longaberger basket - LOL!

  39. Your framed pieces are both looking awesome. Love especially the family one.
    Love also seeing your gorgeous WiP's.

  40. Oh I love samplers....and the finishes are just gorgeous...well done...happy stitching

  41. Your family sampler's frame is perfect. What a wonderful keepsake! I want to get the chart for Melicent Turner; who can resist Little House Needleworks?

  42. Hi Vonna! Your stitching is just so beautiful! Kudos to you and your little stitching buddy. I love seeing what you are working on~ always! And I really love the frames. They do a great job, don't they?

  43. The family sampler is stunning, and Sarah is lovely too.
    I always looking at other people's WIPs too

  44. love that frame :) both works are beautiful and good luck with the fair :)and ooooo love your wips :) can't wait to start Milicient myself :) love mouse xxx

  45. Oooh, fantastic framing!! What gorgeous pieces. I know you'll do well in the county fair! You go girl! :)

    I LOVE seeing your WIPs--of course you need to share them!! Lord knows if I waited till I had a finish, I'd be an annual blogger rather than trying to update every few weeks. They're wonderful projects, and I love the more pumped up red for Mellicent.

  46. What gorgeous additions for you home. Beautiful stitching and beautiful framing.

    Nice to see what you've got in the works too. You always pick the nicest patterns!

  47. Vonna, Love your finishes...My Sarah Seifer is at the framers right now ... yours is gorgeous!

    Those are darling pics of the family on your blog too...Ellie looks like you! Cute poses.

    Good luck at the fair. Can't wait to see Melicent started. Sure is pretty colors.

    Happy summer...enjoy each day. pam in iowa

  48. Your framed stitches are fantastic!! I'm drooling over your Family Sampler! I'm sure they'll come away as winners at the fair.

    I always enjoy seeing WIP. How else can I get enabled?
    When I first saw the Soar sampler posted on Brenda's blog I knew that I to have it. I immediately ordered it and it wasn't until later that I realized she was only shipping in the U.S. However, Brenda graciously sent my copy north anyways.

    I had to laugh when I saw you use the word STAT in your posting! There's no hiding where you work, lol!

  49. Such beautifully framed pieces, Vonna--I'll bet they'll take top spots at the fair! Good luck to you :)

    Love the updated photos of the kids, too--I'm sure you're enjoying a very busy summer with them all at home!

  50. Gorgeous framed finishes Vonna. I do love seeing your wips as well though. Sometimes I think you just whizz these up in an evening so it's good to see your progress! Love the new start too. Drool drool. xxx

  51. Hey there, Beautiful! BTW, love your new profile picture, perfect!!

    Wow, these are both perfection, the frames just pull out the beauty of each piece! Your Family Sampler will be one the kids (specially the girls) will fight over one day, what a thought, huh! lol I especially love your Sarah Seifer, so very sweet!! I know that you will do super well at the Fair...just get ready to get hooked, it is fabulous to share with others your works of heart!

    Please do share much and often, I really love seeing what you are working on! Hugs to you!

  52. Both framed pieces are beautiful! The frames are gorgeous! Love seeing your works in progress! You mom is going to love that SOAR sampler! I have been wanting the Melicent Sampler too...just trying to hold off until I get a few more projects finished. Thanks for sharing your stitching projects!

  53. Love your framed pieces. The frames are perfect for them. Your Family Sampler is sure to become a family heirloom. Keep on showing your WIPs. I love seeing them. I finally updated my blog with a retreat post.

  54. Wow, the family sampler looks awesome. The frame goes very well with it.
    Really enjoyed the WIPs too. I love to see the WIPs of others, if not for anything else to see how fast people stitch

  55. le family sampler est superbe. bravo

  56. Your framed pieces are just beautiful Vonna!! LOVE the frames and really need to go check them out...They just "make" your gorgeous work stand out!!!

    That Little by Little piece is so the colors...and of course, just like you, the LHN sampler with that little pop of red...well, its a total winner!

    Nice job my friend, Faye

  57. You finishes look fantastic! I love the family sampler, it is wonderful!

    You said: "I haven't been....showing my WIPS now for a long time. I figured that people didn't give a HOOT if I showed what I was working on ..."

    I, for one (and doubt I am alone in this), enjoy looking at your wips. Since I spend a great deal of time every year bedridden, in pain, and unable to do stuff watching projects grow on others' blogs helps me a great deal! Thank you for sharing. Your wips look fantastic!

  58. Your framed pieces are gorgeous, Vonna, as are your WIPs. I'm glad you've shown your WIPs as I love seeing what people are working on.

  59. Glad to see your wips. I always thought your finishes just popped out done in a day or two!

  60. What beautiful framed pieces...the frames are perfect!!

    I love your WIP's...keep us posted on them! I agree, Melicent Turner is a must have in my book too. Love the colors!

    It is always good to see you popping in...
    Enjoy your weekend!

  61. What beautiful finishes. I especially like the family sampler. You do such lovely work. And I enjoy seeing your WIP's. I'm in real trouble as my pile of projects keeps growing, I'm so addicted to stitching !! Thanks for sharing your stitching with us.

  62. Gorgeous finishes! I love seeing WIPs! Chatty is so darn cute.
    I hope your summer is wonderful.

  63. Your finishes and WIPs look great. Congratulations and thanks for sharing, enjoy seeing both.

  64. All gorgeous projects and I love your framed pieces :-). I think Little by Little has a new sampler coming out that has a painted face like Ann!

  65. The framing looks gorgeous. I love your family sampler. The Little by Little project has such fabulous colors. Are you using dmc?

  66. Dearest Vonna,

    Please keep posting your WIP! Your work is always so lovely and brings a little happiness to my corner of the world.

    You did inspire me to get out my Family Sampler. Yours turned out Amazing! I know you will enjoy it in your home!

    Enjoy your trip to MaMa's house.

  67. I seriously LOVE your family sampler. Such a wonderful design and such a lovely keepsake for (and of) your family. Nice!!

    Please keep posting your WIPs. I too enjoy seeing what people are working on. It often inspires me to pay closer attention to a piece that I might otherwise overlook.

  68. Gorgeous framing Vonna, they look stunning.

  69. Those frames are the PERFECT choices for your beautiful stitching!!! Just gorgeous!!! I love seeing WIP pictures and am glad to see you showing yours again!! You are inspirational to me! Thank you!!


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