Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Stitcher's Prayer...

Good Day Friends!
I eeeked another finish out this week! WhooHooo me! :)
Without further ado, I'll let the pictures do the talking....

LHN_ A Stitchers Prayer

LHN_ A Stitchers Prayer 2

"A Stitcher's Prayer"
Designed by: Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
Copyright 2003
Stitched with DMC on 28 ct. Lambswool

I've always....
had a little "thing" for this design, and I've even stitched the stitching lady a couple of times over 1 for a tin box lid, however never for myself. The other day I was rummaging through my patterns and thinking (always a dangerous thing for me to do in said situation) and thought...why not? - I could bang it out in no time. AND I did! This one will be put away until I can get it framed. I love the colors, the "prayer" and every thing about you? It's an oldie, but a goodie!

The stitching lady....
reminds me of myself. Let me set up the scene: I'm sitting in my stitching chair with my shower cap and ratty night gown on, listening to my audiobook and one of my kids come in and say "MOM!"....
to which I jerk my head around and say:




Until next time....
Have a blessed Easter, hunt some eggs and keep those hands to work and heart to God!
Hugs and love,


  1. You mean you answer your kids when you are stitching - roflol

    Lovely finish Vonna !!!!LHN uses such wonderful colors & her patterns are always so charming - Congrats on a beautiful job ;)

  2. That is such a sweet, appropriate design for you. You sure can stitch fast when you put your mind to it and the results are always beautiful.

    Have a great Easter!

  3. Your stitching is beautiful! I love this design and hope to stitch it someday. Thank you for visiting my blog and birthday wishes.

  4. Way to go girl! Love it!


  5. Great finish:))

    Cute description of yourself with your kids! Too funny:)))

    Have a blessed Easter with your family.

  6. I love your "Stitcher's Prayer," Vonna, and your stitching is gorgeous as always.
    I have this on my Challenge List for the year :)
    You are too cute!

  7. It's beautiful. Glad you stitched something for yourself - you deserve it!

  8. It is gorgeous Vonna. LOL At your depiction of you and the kids. Have a blessed Easter.

  9. Nice work! It's a good choice to do something like this for yourself. :)

  10. Great design and fun to have something you completed quickly. It is a fav of mine too. I like the colors and the simplicity of the design.

    Happy Easter to you and your family, Vonna. Thinking of you....pam in iowa

  11. So funny!! I know what you mean and that is a hoot - looks just like that. LOL Beautiful stitching as always, Vonna.

    Happy Easter to you all!

  12. lovely finish Vonna :) love how you answer your kids when stitching
    I've not seen this one before and think I shall have to try and acquire somehow :) Happy Easter to you all too :) love mouse xxxx

  13. Lovely finish Vonna, congratulations

  14. That is such a nice sampler finish! Don't think I have ever seen that LHN design, the verse is lovely.

    Enjoy your Easter weekend!

  15. Perfect!! That could be me too ;)

  16. LOVE!!! You always make me want to do what you have stitched! ENABLER!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Amy F. from OK

  17. Too funny, Vonna! But the finish, oldie or not is still just right for all stitchers. I wonder why we haven' all done it by now?
    Stitching is just beautiful :)

  18. I love that piece! I am not sure that I had seen it before. And, I can really picture your scene. One that is repeated around the world I am sure!

  19. You had me right up to wearing your shower cap...
    I love this design, such a lovely thought. It turned out beautifully!

  20. Hi Vonna,

    Now this is definitely a design
    that suits you right down to the
    ground. The simple pleasures of
    LHN designs are they're not
    complicated to stitch, they are
    always stitched in beautiful
    colors, the designs make your
    heart sing and the more of them
    you collect and stitch, the more
    of them you want to collect and stitch. I am always delighted
    by Diane's border designs too.
    How she keeps coming up with so
    many different ones I have no

    Me, I love to get in my jammies
    and stitch the night ... or day
    ... away. Might as well be
    comfortable while indulging in
    our mutual obsession.

    Love the two designs that you
    stitched for Andrew's quilt,
    especially the one about little
    boys and bugs.

    Those finished quilts turned out
    fabulous didn't they? So many
    talented stitchers putting their
    needles into creating for a good

    Once again Katie is outstanding
    in her endeavors. Congrats to
    her for doing so well with her
    music, and for getting up at
    such an early hour on Saturdays
    to attend her lessons. And did
    one of her parents have to get
    up as well to take her to those
    lessons or to at least make her
    some breakfast???

    I would have loved to hear that Star Wars/Poker Face combination.

    Spring has beat an ignoble retreat
    here and we're back to cold temps,
    rain, strong winds and all that
    fun stuff. And it snowed on
    Sunday!!!! Often. Ugh!!!


  21. Such a lovely finish! I love it! Love how the lady reminds you of yourself. lol! Have a wonderful Easter!

  22. Too perfect~~ I had that visual through your entire narrative!!! "What???"...that's us, isn't it??? I think the prayer verse is perfect also!! Nice finish, woo-hoo~~~ Happy Easter to you and your family Vonna.

    Take care, Faye

  23. For some reason that's how I've always pictured you.....Shower cap on, night gown, stitching away. Bahahahaha!
    Lovely finish!

  24. I resemble you with the exception of the shower cap! Love those comfortable nightgowns and pjs!

  25. Very nice! I really like the saying as well. That kid scenario has happened to me a lot over the years too lol.

    Happy Easter!

  26. It may be an oldie but it is still a great pattern! Very cute and you sure stitched it up quickly!

    Have a blessed Easter!

  27. Very cute! I really like this one. Any big plans for Easter?

  28. I get such a kick out of your posts Vonna and they never fail to make me smile. Loved the description of yourself and the kids.
    Your LHN finish is so sweet. I love this one too. In fact I don't think there's any of Diane's designs that I don't like!

  29. What a wonderful finish, I love the lady and now I will have to take another look at this chart :)

  30. Well, this is a cute chart! And you did a fabulous stitching job! I haven't seen that one either, but you now have set many search engines in motion! And I can see exactly what you mean when you are disturbed when stitching--perfect description! Hugs.

  31. That is a great finish, Vonna! I'm so glad you did something for YOU!!!

  32. jajajaja!!!!

    Me encanto como ha quedado!!!
    felicidades y que pases unas lindas pascuas.


  33. Love this piece, Vonna!!! And guess what - I have it in my stash too, LOL! Very nice job!

  34. Wow, I love that pattern. I'm going to have to look for it. Your work is beautiful!

  35. What a lovely finish Vonna.
    LHN has so much beautiful designs don't they? And now I can't get the picture of you and a ratty nightgown out of my head. Still giggling here.

  36. Love made me always do beautiful work. Happy Easter to you!

  37. Wonderful finish !

  38. Super lovely Vonna! You're right, it's a rather non-complicated piece. I finished mine in March 2007 without too much fuss :)

  39. That is a gorgeous finish!

  40. Vonna, it's beautiful and so are you (inner beauty shines bright). Have a wonderfully blessed Easter. :) Cathryn

  41. A beautiful finish Vonna! Happy Easter to you and your family!

  42. Very cute finish Vonna! I have always loved this design!! I hope you have a very Happy Easter! :)

  43. It's absolutly wonderful. Have a great Easter.

  44. Beautiful finish and I love the scenery with the kids, lol.

  45. Vonna I love this one it is cute! I like the way you say to the kids What!! LOL I can just see it now.

    Mary Louise

  46. What a lovely piece, Vonna--I've never seen that one before. The verse is wonderful, too.

    Don't you wish there was a "cone of silence" you could just pull down over yourself while you stitched for an hour where you could just relax in complete quiet! That time will come after your kids are grown and gone--and then you'll think things are a bit too quiet :)

    Enjoy your Easter weekend with your family!

  47. Another beautiful finish Vonna. I too have done bits and pieces of this chart and still need to do the whole thing for myself. Have a blessed and happy Easter.

  48. I don't know which I liked better, your finish or the story that went with it! Both made me smile. Hope you and yours have a blessed Easter!

  49. Oh Vonna, this is so nice. A great finish.
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

  50. It's absolutely beautiful Vonna!!! Great stitching choice! Have a wonderful day celebrating the joy of Easter!!

  51. very beautiful !!

    Happy Easter for you my friend

  52. Too cute - and lovely finish!

  53. Love the stitchers prayer! Very sweet message!

  54. Anonymous10:41 PM

    Your work is inspiring me! I love the delicate border. Terry in Texas

  55. Very nice finish! Hahaha, had to laugh, I think we all do that with our kids when we sew.

  56. What an absolutely gorgeous finish Vonna. Love everything about thsi one.

  57. A lovely finish. Look forward to seeing it framed. Great description of you and your kids. I think it sums up all us stitching mums.

  58. Anonymous7:55 PM

    Lovely finish :) I've had this one in my stash fr a while myself, but I always seem to push it back for other projects.

  59. What a cute story! I love that design and also have it in my stash, but I haven't stitched it yet. One day...

  60. love the stitchers prayer! great work

  61. Where are you? Miss your blogs--it's been over a month!!!!!


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