Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Boys and Bugs...

Hello to all my stitching buddies!
Long time no blog....*again*. I'm rearranging my life, so perhaps soon, blogging will be more frequent with more things of value to show you all. I know I've been mighty sparse on the stitching and blogging for the last many months, but fingers crossed and God willing things will be a'changin' round here.

What I have to share with you today is...
my recent finish of a Love Quilts square for a darling little boy Andrew. I couldn't resist after seeing his big brown eyes, plus I had a pattern in mind for his "kids being kids" theme. I know my own boys do this A LOT, so I figured maybe Mr. Andrew knew a little about this too. Please let me present Andrew's Quilt Square:

CCN_Boys and Bugs

"Boys and Bugs"
Designer: Country Cottage Needleworks ~ Nikki Leeman
Stitched with DMC conversion of my own making
Stitched on 14 ct. white aida
copyright 2008 CCN

I think....
that it turned out nicely and am anxious to send it in. However, before I do that I have another square to stitch for Andrew, his theme stalled for a bit and there was one spot left for many days and I asked if I could stitch a second square for his quilt. The good ladies at Love Quilts agreed so, I'm pulling a pattern and thread later on today to get started on my second square for Andrew. I believe in a post late last year, I wrote that I was hoping to stitch 4 squares per year for Love Quilts, because it was such a wonderful cause. Well friends...that soon went out the most things do where I am involved. Moderation is not in my vocabulary apparently as Andrew's square is the 6th square I've stitched for Love Quilts since December. I read these children's biography, I look into their eyes in their photo and.....I'm. just. plain. sunk. I know that yes, I have to stitch on Aida. And I know a large percentage of people dislike aida. I do too. I know that it is "kiddie" themes and that these sorts of themes do not appeal to most. But in my own opinion (and defense), stitching on something - be it fabric or design - that I wouldn't necessarily choose is part of the process. To give and give with the heart, I think it should hurt a little, or be a little untasteful. A little struggle on my part, to bring happiness to someone that is struggling in their life, well it just makes good sense to me - because these kids sure didn't choose their disease, did they?

And all this square stitching eventually leads to finished quilts! And I know these have to bring a little comfort, a little warmth, a little love and big smiles to little faces. Here's the first three quilts that I've stitched for:
Payton Quilt

my square is the very last one in the second row
Little House Needleworks "Believe" princess

Kirin's Quilt

my square is the very last square in the second row
Little House Needleworks  "Dog House Sampler"


my square is the second square in the third row
the Mama and baby dolphin by Dimensions

Beautiful quilts for beautiful kids! I'm glad I was able to be a contributor to the big picture in a very small way. Heck these quilts bring smiles to my face :)

Speaking of kids....
Here's some recent pictures of my brood doing the things they like to do best...hanging out and playing.


Katie and her "homies" (as she calls them)
when I was in school they were just "friends" or "pals"


Ian (on rock) and Jake (with plastic gun) playing on "the rock" at our neighbor's house...


Ellie on "the rock" which is a popular play destination apparently...
the boots need to be thrown in the trash (look at the toes) but they are good "stoppers" when she's on her she says (and I can see every time I look at those pitiful toes)

Ok my dear friends....
that's all I got for you today! Aren't you glad? :)

Until next time....
I'll be keeping my hands to work and my heart to God!
Hugs and love to each and every one of YOU,


  1. You made me laugh this morning!! Love the quilts...seeing them finished off has to be rewarding as a contributor! I love them all and you are so giving to contribute to this very worthwhile cause....

    And, as if the "homies" picture weren't enough, I loved the boots with the toes and knowing they are the best stoppers when on the gotta love that baby!! Too cute posing...

    Have a great day my friend and always look forward to your posts!! Faye

  2. Great square! You are so good at finding appropriate fun patterns. I love stitching Love Quilt squares when I can find the right thing. And I like Aida just fine so that's not a problem for me. I think of Aida like comfort food actually.

    Keep up the good work. It's a very nice thing for a stitcher to do!

  3. Boys and Bugs is wonderful, and oh my goodness, the Love Quilts are gorgeous aren't they? I just know they make the kids smile.

    Wonderful photos of your kids - they are really growing up!

  4. You are so good to stitch for those quilts! They must make the children that receive them feel so loved! You pick out the cutest patterns too.

    Your kids look good and full of fun!

    Thanks for sharing...looking forward to your next post!

    Take Care!

  5. Love your Love Quilts square for fitting for a little boy! What a great thing to do.

    Great pics of the kids! happy stitching....

  6. I enjoy seeing the squares you stitch for the quilts. As a matter of fact, I'm praying about checking into this and seeing if I can stitch for them too. It seems like a rewarding use of time!

  7. Wonderful post! Love the quilts. They are all beautiful. The kids look like theu are having fun.

  8. Hello Miss Vonna! It’s good to hear that things are going well for you. Your kids are getting SO SO big. They are growing up quick. I love the photos of them, I feel like I’ve watched them grow up :) I think it’s so great you are stitching for the Love Quilts, it’s very rewarding for you and them. What a wonderful organization! There is a time and place for everything in life, and right now it looks like your kids are your “time” :D I know mine are, it just keeps getting busier every day. Good luck keeping the momentum going, it’s almost June and we can have a few months rest and relaxation.

  9. The quilts are so pretty. Boys and bugs is very nice.

  10. What a cute pattern the "Boys and Bugs" design is! Having raised two boys, I can attest that mine certainly were fascinated with the Great Outdoors, so I think you chose very well.

    Hope you do find more stitching time. I'm angling for more myself, but I still need to be patient for a while longer. In the meantime, thank goodness I get to see progress on other stitchers' projects. It fills in the gaps of my non-stitching time.

  11. Your boys and bugs finish is gorgeous. Love the quilts. Such a worthwhile cause. I like Aida! Great pictures of your children.

  12. What a generous heart you have Vonna! The quilts are beautiful. Are you ever able to be present when the children recieve them? I'd love to see the expressions on their faces.

    Great photos of the kids - I'm laughing about the boots - all my boys shoes looked like that when they were really riding their scooters!

  13. Miss are a lovely and beautiful lady! Your work is marvelous no matter what you stitch or what fabric you are a treasure.
    Your kids look so very happy.

  14. Beautiful quilts. I don't know how you do it Vonna. I can't keep up with myself and you have way more to do than me. I have the aida at the ready though for when it hits me. Great kid pics. x

  15. Those quilts are beautiful!!!!! I know they will make someone smile~~~~

  16. What beautiful quilts you have contributed to with your stitching! Just love the pictures of your kids especially your youngest in her best stoppers on the scooter boots!

    Robin in Virginia

  17. "You are a better man than I, Gunga Din" [Rudyard Kipling] ... that's all I could think of as you explained your philosophy regarding the Love Quilts ... your generosity of spirit puts me to shame ... but I fear I will continue to do my charity stitching, such as it is, on linen. Happily, Deborah of Stitching for a Cure has started a new campaign: stitching ornaments for the benifit of children with juvenile diabetes. As a Type II diabetic, I can get behind that whole-heartedly and still get to stitch on my beloved linen. I may not be all that crazy about the designs, but hey, I can deal with that.
    Loved the Boys and Bugs square ... it should be the centerpiece of that particular quilt.

  18. I love your posts and miss you when you aren't able to post for a while. I know that it takes time and you have to be busy. Thanks

  19. Vonna --
    So good to see a post from you:))

    Your contributions for the Love Quilts are just wonderful. I know they bring the kids such warmth and joy at a time when they need it most.

    Love the pictures of your kiddos, especially of Ellie and the boots. Too funny:))))

  20. That Ellie looks like quite a handful - I bet she is a pistol. The quilt projects you are participating in are just awesome - what heirloom quality these are turning out to be. Hope spring is coming to your area soon! Melody

  21. I doubt the kids getting the quilts much care if the design is stitched on linen or aida or anything else - I'm sure the quilt they are wrapped in feels warm and loving and that's what it's all about. Your little boy square is darling.

    Oh, your kids are darling, too!

  22. It's nice to hear from you! I completely understand the time that goes by between posts. Life does get in the way at times. Never fear.....we'll be here til you can get back with us.
    I love your love quilts square. I agree that when you give, give with heart. You're such a generous soul.
    Take care!

  23. You are so generous to stitch all these blocks for these kids. I love the block you finished for Andrew! And the quilts -- how rewarding to see the finished products! Your kids are so cute -- it's fun to see them in their "native" environment. :D

  24. Vonna: I love how dedicated you are to the quilt squares, stitcher are just the best in the world when it comes to good causes.
    I love seeing that your children are able to play outside without coats and boots, I am tickled that Ellie is not bothered by the fact the tips are a little worn, I see many children in the neighborhood here in Annandale who wear boots or shoes just like Ellies, Moms and Dads think it is o.k. for play but not for school I am sure they would if they could wear them to school.
    Thanks for the wonderful pictures of the quilts.

    Happy Easter

  25. So nice to "read" you Vonna! lol

    I love Boys & bugs and I know it will look gorgeous on the quilt! All of the quilts are beautiful and I am sure they are very loved by their recipients.

    I had to laugh when I read about the "homies" LOL I said something to my 10yr old son the other day (I forget what) and he said "no one says THAT anymore Mom! " Yeah thanks for making me feel old kid LOL
    Wonderful photos of your brood :) How fast they grow up!

  26. I have also stitched for Love Quilts Australia and seeing my piece in the finished quilt was really satisfying.
    I know its something I should get back into but I will definately have to grow my aida up again.
    All your squares are lovely
    LISA V

  27. Your squares are wonderful Vonna! Those quilts are really going to make a hit. I'm sure that Aida is perfectly fine for the squares, but did it feel a bit funny to be working on Aida!

    Glad to see you posting again. I've missed your posts!

  28. Lovely quilts...and what an inspiration for the rest of us!! You have such a giving heart!!

    Your kids are adorable...and obviously very happy, well-loved children too!

    Happy Stitchin'

  29. Gosh Vonna, those quilts are so pretty! What makes them even prettier and precious are the people like yourself, that dedicate your stitching time to making them for these special children!!! Big kudos and hugs to you!!

    Loved seeing the pics of your kids, they are so full of life!! Katie is growing up so fast, as are the twins and that Ellie...that stance of hers' on the rock, speaks volumes! LOL

    Have a super great week!

  30. Welcome to the Infrequent Blogger Club! :D While you may not have been blogging, I was sure you were stitching, in some fashion, and I was right. You're such a sweet caring person to work on those beautiful quilts. Awesome, Vonna!

  31. Hi Vonna, good to see you again!

    Love the latest Love Quilts square.. you do find some gorgeous charts.

    Wow, the finished quilts look spectactular... the kids will be very excited to receive them.

    I am in process of stitching my 4th square for the Aussie version - Quilts 4 Kids. I think that it is wonderful to be able to do this and to give some little 'un such pleasure. I'm like you - I look at the sweet faces and read about them and then before I know it I have signed up for another one!!!

  32. Beautiful stitching hun; for a great cause. Don't you throw those shoes out hun!! Other wise she won't be able to stop!! LOL How cute...

    Hugs, Shar

  33. Love those squares Vonna. They are lovely and what a treasure those quilts are.
    Love the pictures of the children. There is nothing that makes a heart any happier than the sound of children laughing.
    Have a gret week hon.

  34. Andrews square is perfect and the finished quilts are just gorgeous, I'm sure the children adore them.
    LOL at the scuffed toes, my two used to get their shoes like that too!

  35. I hope you aren't rearranging your life too much Vonna because you are an inspiration to me just as you are! I love your quilt stitching and it is so nice to see the quilts made up.

  36. Your contributions to those lovely quilts are all wonderful, Vonna. And I especially love your latest contribution for Andrew's.

    I always enjoy seeing the updates on your kids, Vonna. Brings back fun memories from when my boys were young. And I love Miss Ellie posing--no lack of confidence in her :)

  37. Cute stitches! How sweet of you to spend your time stitching for others.

    When baby boy was in school he called his friends his 'people'. Always cracked me up.

  38. Hear, hear Vonna. It's the small things that count in a big way Vonna. Bless you.

  39. Perfect choice to stitch for Andrew - can't wait to see what you choose for his other square. How rewarding to see your blocks sewn into the completed quilts too. I'm laughing that she's using the toes of her boots for stopping - I seem to remember doing that. LOL!

  40. What beautiful squares! They fit so well in the beautiful quilts.
    Your kiddos are cute, as usual, and growing!
    Hope it's springtime in your neck of the woods. It's trying real hard here!

  41. Well said Vonna! It is so rewarding to do something good for those struggling with things. Since I was blessed with a healthy child I like to give back to those that weren't as lucky as me. As I am sure you feel the same way since you have been blessed with 4 beautiful children. The quilts are wonderful. I would love to see the childrens' faces when they get them. I think I would cry.Have a great weekend and look forward to your next post. Maureen

  42. Vonna, I think this is a beautiful cause and who cares what fabric you stitch the squares on, what matters is what they are for and the smiles in these children's faces. I love the quilts... It has to be rewarding to give in such a way.

  43. I love stitching for Love Quilts, too. My first square is in Payton's quilt, too, and I love how it turned out. I'm working on a Spiderman one right now, but I've lost the information for the sign up...unfortunately. I'll have to figure out later who it goes to.

    Boys and Bugs...I love that design!

    We all get busy with life, and of course, blogging and stitching should be one of those things that go the way side.

  44. Great job on the square - it is so cute! The quilts are all lovely and it is such a wonderful cause - well done for being a part of it!

  45. You are so creative! (speaking of the adaptation to the Beverly Hillbillies song above the comment box!) Your squares are so lovely! We miss hearing from you, but we can understand how busy your life gets with the kids and all their activities. Enjoy your spring now! Hugs.

  46. Lovely to see you posting Vonna:) Your quilt square is so sweet! Lovely to see those quilts finished up. They are wonderful.

    Fantastic photos of your children!

  47. Great to see a post from you. :)
    The quilts are beyond awesome. Love 'em!!

  48. Vonna,
    You have inspired me to want to stitch a block for the Love Quilts! Your blocks are awesome!
    Love the pics of your kiddos!

    Sharyn :-)

  49. What a sweet square you've done for Andrew! I love seeing all those wonderful quilts. I'm sure it's very rewarding for everyone involved in the project. Our group is doing a similar type of project. This quilt however is composed of stitched squares pertaining to the breast cancer logo and is to be raffled off with the proceeds going to breast cancer research.

    I loved seeing the pics of your kids. I can't believe that your weather is that good already. We're just starting to warm up here now.

  50. Vonna, I wondered where you've been! Now I know - working on Love Quilt squares! What a wonderful place to put your efforts, and the entire quilts are soooo interesting to look over! Lucky kids will have them forever to cozy up to. How wonderful...

    Boys and Bugs is just adorable! You do such nice work, Vonna! You're an inspiration.

  51. Awww, what beautiful work for a wonderful cause. I'm sure they are so appreciated.

    Love the pics of the kids!

  52. Your latest block is a great one! I love all those beautiful quilts, they are sure put put smiles on those childrens faces.

  53. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I know your priorities have to be in order, and the kids and stitching should come before other stuff. I am just sad to see your finishing service not at the top any longer..what will I do!? Anyway...having peace and more time for family is what matters! Your kids are adorable and your stitching for the children is so special! Terry in Texas

  54. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I LOVE your blog, Love the way you write, and love your stitching! thank you for blogging about Love Quilts - what a wonderful cause - one that I too am keen to be a part of!
    Blessings in Christ

  55. OMW, the quilts are amazing! Your squares are beautiful and I love seeing it all finished, what lucky kids to receive such treasures.
    The "homies" pic is so cute, I love that age and having them around the house with their pals. Your kids are getting so grown up, I am just amazed...where did the time go and why do they do that? LOL.
    You have been a busy bee, kiddo!
    Ma TK

  56. Boys & Bugs is very cute and the finished quilts are lovely, congratulations

  57. Your sweet stitch "Boys and Bugs" so reminds me of my little Brayden. Every spring we would buy him a new net for catching butterflies or anything with ings as far as that goes. He was pretty good with the net but even better at catching them without a net! He amazed me how he could do the job with just his fingers....skills I tell ya. The boy had skills.

    Anyway, I love your contribution, it is so fitting and it turned out perfect, as always. The quilt is definitely a piece of love and art....and you are part of its beauty.

    Your kids are darling and love those boots!


  58. The quilt squares and quilts are precious! Love the kiddie pics - they're growing up!

  59. What a beautiful and loving thing you are doing!! I know the Lord is going to bless you greatly for your sweetness to these children! Your light truly does shine for the Lord!!

    The quilts are wonderful and what an amazing gift for these children. I'm sure they comfort them and make them feel warm and loved.

    I'm always happy when you post, but understand that life can get in the way. :)

    God bless you - Julie

  60. Lovely job on the quilt square! I hope the changes are positive ones for you and your family!

  61. Hey Vonna. I'm new to your blog so let me introduce myself. I'm Julie from Cincinnati, OH. I found your blog through Nancy M's blog. I love your quilt square. It reminds me of my brother and I when we were little! Lots of good memories there, so thanks. Your brood looks happy, and that's the important thing, even if her toes are a little, um, scuffed!


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