Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break....

Spring is in the air.....
my good friends and fellow stitchers! And our school corporation is on Spring Break! Whoo Hoo!
Let me tell you, I needed a break in a big way and have taken ample advantage of sitting my ample backside in a chair and stitching!

Since we last met in late February....
  • I've completed my four surgeries
  • 5 out of 6 Pfeiffers were hit with the stomach flu (that's 83% for those of you that were wondering) ~ the survivor you ask? Well it is he of the iron immunity...Mr. Pfeiffer! The man never ceases to amaze many multiple ways!
  • We have attended another awards ceremony for Miss Katie  ~ who won the Young Playwright Project writing contest. Her play "Sizzling Soda" - about bacon flavored soda -  won first place (another $50 in her pocket). The actors even performed her play on stage during Playwrights Weekend - it was very funny, imagine four bottles of soda - Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Fanta Orange and a new kid on the block Bacon Flavored Soda...well through a bunch of mishaps Dr.Pepper gets knocked off the shelf and Sprite has a crush on Bacon....well it was hilarious..Katie....she's a winner! ;o)
  • Master Ian and Master Jake have joined band themselves playing saxophones
  • Katie and Ellie have become shopping masters...both getting their coupon's worth at Kohl's and Aeropostle - they are ready to go back to school sporting their new spring wardrobe (literally)....
  • Mr. Pfeiffer is working his little fingers to the bone to pay for new saxophones and spring wardrobes
  • And me? Well....I'm just shuttling every one here and there and carrying their bags.... :)
Here's a sample....
of what has been accomplished on my ample backside...may I present:

Hillside Travelers 1

"Hillside Travelers"
Designer: Diane Williams ~ Little House Needleworks
Stitched one over one on 25 ct. Vonna Hand-dyed Lugana
Stitched with: DMC, Crescent Colours, Gentle Arts and Week Dye Works as charted
copyright 2010 Little House Needleworks

Hillside Travelers 2

photographed with my pencil to gauge size

I am thoroughly...
enjoying this piece and cannot wait to see it all done because I think stitching it one over one is going to really make it darling ~ tiny and cute. We'll see as my needle continues on....

To show that....
my boys really aren't dungeon dwellers and that we love them too ;) Here's their new Saxophones ($4000 worth of them....ahem and double yikes....) and look at them lying on the floor amongst their God only knows how much money worth of Legos they've accumulated over the years, their sheet music, oh look there's a Storm Trooper station in the upper right corner and in the lower left is a poor discarded church shoe...poor lads, I always have them working away cleaning their room. Honestly we don't live like pigs. They choose to live like pigs....each Saturday I  make them clean it completely - dust, vacuum, pick up....totally perfect. By 6 p.m. Sunday evening...its back to the sty.


Ian and Jake's new Saxophones

During Spring Break....
I've done some things to "spruce" up a bit here in the old homestead. I'm a big fan of Country House online catalogue. I heart it, big time. Well I've seen thisWindow Star in the catalogue (they have it in white too). You know, I heart me some stars too. Well, we have 17 windows in the homestead and I'm thinking after spring wardrobes and saxophones that Mr. Pfeiffer would have something to say about $170 worth of window stars. So I got to hunting and I found some wooden stars at Factory Direct Crafts and I bought some! So for a measly $40 the entire homestead, now has a purdy star in each window! Here's a sampling of a couple of my favorite windows:

Kitchen Window Star

Window above the kitchen sink
(That's my Grandma's old Ball jars - I have nearly 40 of them (all sizes from fruit jars with glass lids to quart size with zinc lids) and they are on the top of my cabinets. Every so often I have some filled with white daisies like this one in the window)

Stitching Chair Window

My stitching chair window
(and my galloping stallion - also from Country House and totally copied from Diane Williams - look at Battle Hymn of the Republic chart photo)

We I sure have been busy this spring break....
I even woke up the neighbors early one morning because I inherited this mess lovely copper tub from my Mama (actually I saved it from the trash bin)...she should have had her backside paddled because she had smashed, dented, squashed it down using it as a firewood hauler - and this is my Aunt Katie's tub (who Katie is named after). It was in horrible shape. But enter Vonna with handy dandy rubber mallet, some good old elbow grease,  and some of that copper shine paste stuff...and I turned this sow's ear into a silk purse! I rolled up some of my inherited quilts and put my Granny's washing board by it and BAM! instant vignette by Chatty's Scratching Tree. Makes me smile each time I pass it  :)

Copper Tub

Old Copper Wash Tub

There ya go stitching fans...a database dump for those of you that have e-mailed because they've missed me...which makes my heart sing that people actually miss me! Thank you, I am humbled. I know I sure don't blog as much as I used to, but I'm still here and still kickin'....I just have four very active children, three of which are in everything under the sun (karate, band, boy scouts, band, jazz band, concert band, young winds..) well not really everything, just the things they are in (some kind of band) is really very active (Jazz Band, Karate) and if I'm not here (Karate parking lot), I'm there (School Parking lot) waiting (in the parking lot) for them (at Karate or band) to finish (on the road driving somewhere to anywhere) their practice (fall into bed exhausted).

so that's the life with four kids. And I thank God every day that I have the health and stamina to do all that he has blessed me with! Not to mention a real winner of husband that works hard so that I can stay home with them. Each and every one of my little loves are a blessing and I shall never complain, even though I do get exhausted from time to time (OK, every day). :)

So until next time...
A little shout out of my purdy star studded windows, here at the homestead....(please ignore Little Tykes wrecked Cozy Coupe and Desk on the side of garage...that is the "drive through" McDonald's Window...where Miss Ellie and the neighbor kids play restaurant)....too bad we can't drive through there every evening for supper. That would save some time ;)
The Haus

The Pfeiffer Haus

And until we meet again, I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God!
Hugs and love,


  1. Sounds like your spring break has been very busy with a lot of fun thrown in! Love the stars in the windows...

  2. I love the stars and copper tub.... nice look! We had the tummy virus here too... boy that is one dreadful virus..... One of those where you feel you will either get better or die and either option is fine in the moment! My Iron man came through the soul survivor of that one too...
    Glad you popped in for an update!~

  3. I'm totally exhausted after reading this post!

    Congrats to the budding Tony winner. Bacon soda? Gross me out!;-)

    And I love the sax. You'll have great music in the house now.

    The LHN on over-one is looks great. I'm becoming a real fan of over-one, at least as long as my eyes will cooperate!

  4. Your window stars are adorable and what a bargain! Love the LHN too!
    Would love to read the Sizzling Soda story. My Amy is a writer also.

    Sorry about the stomach flu, we've had the upper respiratory crap in this house.

    Glad you found the time to squeeze in a blog post, enjoy your busy days, they will pass soon enough!

  5. what a pretty house. I love the stored quilts in the basket. The LHN is very pretty.

  6. What a newsy, full of fun post! Great work on the LHN piece! I love over one (not doing it, mind you - but love the look).

    Your starry windows look wonderful!

  7. Love the stars in the windows! Love the copper tub! Love love love the LHN over one!!! Wow! And congratulations to all the young 'uns. Katie is really talented, isn't she? And saxes -- so cool! Legos take over the house, don't they? lol! (Bummer on the stomach flu. I so want to avoid that one!)

  8. I love the copper tub! Very nice--and the stars look great, too. Nice progress on your LHN! Tummy virus--yikes. Enjoy your spring break!

  9. LOVE your home and your window stars! Reading about your happy family makes my heart sing! You are so blessed to have such an active family. Congratulations to Katie on her award-winning play and to your boys for taking up the sax.
    Did the painting book show up at your door?

  10. Phew...I'm just tired reading your busy schedule! Hope you and the kids have a nice relaxing week.

    Can't wait to see your WIP finished... looks cute over one!

    happy stitching...

  11. So glad you got a chance to post! I know first hand that life with 4 active kids is hectic, sometimes I look back and wonder how in the world I got each one to their activities and back on time. It sure was a busy time of my life and I do miss it now that the nest is empty.

    Sorry you all got the stomach flu, funny my husband was always the one that seemed to be immune too. Don't understand how that happens.

    Hillside Travelers is coming along nicely. You are brave to stitch over one! My eyes won't let me do that anymore. :(

    Congratulations to Katie! She is so talented! Glad the boys took up the sax, bet your house is musically noisy now!

    Enjoy your kids. They grow up way too quick...

  12. Gosh, you have a busy life going on there! Congrats to your daughter on her latest win, she is going to go a long way.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful stitching - boy that's tiny!

    You have a beautiful home - love those stars.

  13. Wow! Reading your blog makes me sort of relieved I only had three active kids. I do remember feeling like I was passing myself going here there and everywhere. Now I hear from my kids whining about shuttleing their kids and I just laugh. Your stitching is as always wonderful, and I love how you decorate - especially the tub.

  14. What a delightful post, Vonna! It is always good to catch up on news about the kids. Oh, I wish I had known you were in the market for a saxophone--I've got one (my oldest son played) I would have sold you very cheaply :)

    Love the theme of Katie's play--I'm sure it was a hit...

    And your new WIP is wonderful--you know how I love over one stitching, so this is right up my alley. I can't wait to see your finish.

    For someone with four (very active!) kids, you do a wonderful job with both blogging and stitching--quality is better than quantity any day :)

  15. Congratulations to Miss Katie ... sounds like she wrote a great play.

    Your LHN is looking great. Thanks for the update :)

  16. Love your stars and copper tub with the quilts! Congratulations to Katie on her play! Your LHN looks lovely! Hope your boys enjoy the sax!

  17. I love your posts hun; I"m home today w/that stomach flu and I know it's "nothing nice" how long did yours last? It went thru everyone here except Scarlett; she had the flu shot and believe me next year I will have one also. LOL

    Take care,
    Hugs, Shar

  18. purdy,purdy,purdy Miss Vonna!!! You have a total winner concept on those stars!! Love them perched up in the windows and I KNOW you are enjoying them as you sit-n-stitch a spell.... Your "rescue" project is too genious!! Perfect little array there at the steps....Soon you will have blossoms dangling from a couple dozen gorgeous flower baskets and be the total envy of the neighborhood!..I love your flair for decorating especially when you repurpose and find the deals of the century~ Yah!!
    Tell all the kiddos a big thumbs up from this teacher in NC.. Take care..I am starting my 3 week spring intercession tomorrow promptly at 3pm as the darlings dismiss away on the school busses...Bliss I tell ya, Tootles, Faye

  19. Girl: You have been so busy I am tired for you, your windows are very pretty love the stars, I love the blue ball jar I have several a couple are used as lamps, I only have the very tall jars they come in so handy.
    I really like the stitching you have been busy with nice pattern.
    Happy Spring to you.

  20. First things first: "Hillside Travelers" is adorable in all its over-one glory! I find that I'm drawn more and more to over-one stitching. Love it!

    Also love your "purdy" stars. So cute, peeking out of your windows there. And I love that your creativity got you the look that you wanted for less than half the price. You and I would do well shopping together.

    Hope you guys are all feeling well again. I understand the kid busyness. And I understand that you wouldn't have it any other way. Just make sure you get your tires rotated now and then and don't forget to bring along a stitching project for the car-waiting times. :-)

  21. Wow! You've been super busy! I don't know where to begin! I love the LHN piece you're working on - I agree with you - I think it will be super cute when finished.

    I love the little vignette you've created at the bottom of your stairs.

    Congratulations to Katie on another win with her writing!

    Good luck to the boys with their band endeavors.

    I'm sorry you've all been sick :(

    Did I miss anything? :)

  22. First off, congrats to Katie! You have a very talented daughter. Love the LHN piece. I love over one stitching. Look forward to seeing it finished. The tub looks wonderful.

  23. You sure are one busy momma ! Congratulations to Katie, I too would love to read her story,
    any maybe one day we'll hear your boys music on your blog :)

  24. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Dear Vonna,
    Time really flyes by. To much to do, so litle time!! But it is amazing to read how all gets done by the end of the day!
    Congrats on Katie's achievements. Hope the boys get to be good sax players. Once I read the story of the guy that invented saxophone!Glad all is well!

  25. Vonna, I dearly love reading about your family. Your stitching piece is absolutely beautiful and I love that you hand dyed your fabric. I enjoy seeing the decorations of your home too. I love quilts and the basin is a perfect display home for them.
    Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration !!

  26. It's always good to have a Pfeiffer Pfamily update! Been missing hearing you, too. I just love, love stitching over one, but it gets more difficult ... Your home is lovely as always, and your dear children are delightful. You're so right to enjoy every moment with them... They're out and gone before you turn around the block in that chauffer driven suv!! Hugs of love from SC.

  27. Happy St. Patrick's Day. You've been a busy girl. I absolutely love your copper wash tub. I need to start raiding my family for finds like that. I never see them with good stuff like that...LOL!
    Enjoy the rest of your break with the kiddos.

  28. Oh my! I have missed you, but being a mom of three I know what you have been up to... I knew it was only a matter of time.

    Love the stitching, the stars and your copper tub!

    Love the kids involvement in stuff! You and your DH are as big a blessing to them as they are to you. You are giving them the gift of a wonderful upbringing.

    Congrats to Katie, she really is a shining star!

  29. You HAVE been mighty busy!!

    Glad to hear that you are doing well though.

    Hello springtime!!!! We are on spring break next week - yahoo!!

  30. I love vintage items, and your Ball jars, copper wash tub and quilts are just beautiful! I love the new stars in your windows too!

    Your Hillside Travelers is looking beautiful! Hope you and your family are feeling good again.

  31. OH... absolutely were missed, even from those of us who didn't say so. :) LOVE your Hillside Travelers. That IS a wonderful piece and can't wait to see how you finish it. You are so clever. The little area with your copper tub is lovely. So glad you were able to save this piece. I'm sure it will mean a great deal to Katie some day. (Congratulations to the multi-talented Katie!!! WTG Girl!) Also just LOVE your stars! It looks so amazing from the outside! When I saw the picture, I just went "Awwwwwwwwww". Thinking so pretty. I am so happy that you are busy with a wonderful family and hopefully that darn flu but is done with y'all. Take care. :) Cathryn

  32. You have such a beautiful home Vonna. Sigh! xx

  33. Vonna --
    WOW you sure have been busy. I'm glad your surgeries went well and that you've had Spring Break to enjoy some stitching. I LOVE your Hillside Travelers (I want to do it over 1 too and seeing yours has really put the bug in me) Congratulations to your kiddos! Katie for another award and your 2 boys for joining band! YEAH for all of them. I'm sure Ellie gets in on the fun too:)))

    Your house looks great, such loving things you do for everyone.

    Always glad to read your post. Have a great rest of your Spring Break.

  34. Anonymous9:48 AM

    I'd been checking your blog to see if you'd posted and was so happy to read that all is well with you & yours(now that the stomach bug has passed ... ugh!)! Your house looks terrific & I love your LHN WIP! Toooo cute! Take care & enjoy your day! -Cindy.

  35. Lovely stitching. You have definitely been busy. I feel tired just reading about it. Congrats to your daughter. I have two sons so know where you are coming from regarding bedrooms lol. Your windows looks great. Hope everyone is now better.

  36. I thought Spring Break was supposed to be about relaxing, silly me! Glad to see you did get some relaxing stitching time in though and I love your new sampler. Working over one makes such a sweet small piece. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Congrats to your Katie. What a thrill to have her play performed! Sounds like a hoot. And budding musicians are always fun to have around, at least that's what my mom told me when I was younger.

    Glad to see you back and totally understand not having as much time as you'd like in a day. I have way less going on and I sometimes fail to get around to blogging so don't feel badly at all. Enjoy your children and your stitching!

  37. You've been busy! I love the wasday vignette.
    The LHN looks wonderful over 1

  38. You have been VERY busy, I feel tired just reading your post!

    I am glad to hear that all is well. I love your little stitched piece, it's very cute and dainty.

    Just because Mr.P didn't get the stomach flu dosen't mean he won't get it later on. My DH bragged about how he has the iron stomach and dodged the stomach flu when the rest of us got it. A few weeks later it hit him and it hit him hard. He has kept quiet about these kind of things since.

  39. Wow! You've been busy! You deserve some time in the stitchy chair!

    Love, the over one, the copper pot, and all the stars.

    Glad all the surgeries are behind you and hope all is well healthwise.

  40. Oh I have missed your posts Vonna! I love catching up with the Pfeiffer clan. Seeing your boys saxes reminds me of all the wonderful years I spent in school band playing my pop bottle (flute). My hubby started out on sax and graduated to clarinet. Now he's a church organist. They were wonderful years full of wonderful memories.
    Congrats to Katie on her play. It sounds like it was a lot of fun.

    I'm just sorry you were all plagued with that awful stomach bug. It's making its rounds at our workplace. So far I've escaped it.

    Love the stars and the copper tub!
    Your skill at decorating always amazes me. Your house looks the way I wish mine would!

    Your LHN stitch looks great! Glad to see you're fitting in some time for yourself. Enjoy spring break!

  41. I lovethe stars and what a great way to get the look on a budget!

    Missed the flu (so far)- and it can stay away please!

    Glad to hear from you - you are missed - but catching up is fun!

    Take care - see you after school's out haha

  42. You certainly have been busy. I love the copper tub with quilts in it! You did a wonderful job getting it cleaned up. Congratulations to your kids. I hope everyone is feeling better now. Stomach flu is terrible.

  43. The play sounds wonderful!! Sorry to hear you have all been sick, but I am glad to hear your surgeries are over. Love the Hillside Travelers over one - it's darling! And the stars - oh the stars are fabulous. Love them!

  44. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Thanks a lot Vonna!!! I have one star in my kitchen window and now I HAVE TO HAVE one in each window!!!lol Looks wonderful outside - they really make a difference! I totally enjoy all your stitcheries and am working on one (yep just one!)of I think the famous LHN Diane Williams design I found in an old Leisure Arts booklet. Have fun stitchin - Jeannette

  45. oh absolument merveilleux !
    amitiƩs de FRANCE


  46. Okay, so much of this blog is wonderful and comment-worthy that I keep forgetting what I want to say, but that copper bin is not only beautiful and family-history rich, but copper is expensive! I'm glad you spruced 'er up! The quilt behind it is so lovely, too!

  47. Welcome back!!! Missed yah! Boy have you been busy!! Love your WIP! And the wash tub!!! SOOO cute!!

  48. Wow that sounded exhausting!

    Hillside Travellers looks lovely. And I love what you've done with the house.

  49. I love all your stars! What a very cute idea! Makes it even better than you made them yourself for so little. Woohoo! Your cross-stitch is gorgeous, as always. I've been stitching up a storm myself and it's so relaxing. Love it! Congratulations to your daughter! I love seeing the musical instruments - my one son plays clarinet and guitar and my other son plays mandolin and fiddle. There's nothing like music in the house!

    Glad you're getting a break! Sounds like you need it for sure!

    God bless you - Julie

  50. I'm not a bit surprised by all the activities you and your family have been into. Congrats to the kids on all their accomplishments! The LHN start is so pretty; I've not seen that design before. Love the stars in all your windows!

  51. Vonna, you are just a treat - I loved this post. You put a shine on everything (not just that copper tub, though you did an awesome job of that too), and nowhere does it show more than in what your kids are doing in the world. Those stars symbolize you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  52. Wow your house is beautiful Vonna! Love those stars.

    Your stitching, as always, is lovely.

  53. It's a joy to read your posts!


  54. you have been a busy busy gal! i can so understand the traveling all over the place with the kiddos. We only have the boys left at home (they are both 17 mine and his not twins) and two girls who are out of the house now. but i did the same thing. god bless you! I am now awaiting first grandchild at end of this month. :)
    your LHN over one is gorgeous can't wait to see it finidhed up!

  55. Just happy to hear from you my dear friend. Glad all the surgeries are done and things are going well.
    Four active children - do you have time to sleep LOL?.
    Love the window stars.
    Sending love and hugs

  56. Looks like the Pfeiffer clan is doing well and keeping busy :) Love the way your aunt's copper tub turned's the perfect place to display your quilts.

    Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

  57. Keep taking those vitamins Ms Vonna! :) Enjoy those children while you can, I miss the days when I was Taxi Driver, Mistress of the Mansion, etc, etc. Now, just one remains at home and she's almost 26! Time sure flies..... and I miss it.

    You always have your home so cutely decorated! You are one very talented lady. Love the stars!

  58. Sounds like a great Spring Break! I did so much travelling, I have to admit I don't feel so rested!

  59. Busy for sure! Break sounds like a good one - congrats to all for the accomplishments! Nice stitching, too.

  60. Hello Vonna. I wonder who titled this off time "spring break?" For whom? LOL:-)
    Anywho darling. I hope you are way on your way on mending street with all your surgeries. I enjoyed reading your post about the concerns of your children and their accomplishments, the stitching on Hillside Travelers, and of course the display of the quilts in the old wash basin. Also love the stars and the shiny saxophones times two. I too just had one of those nice bills for DDs braces too :-(). It will all be well worth the purchase once all is said and done (i.e. the braces and the saxophones).
    Well dear Vonna, I guess I'd better go and warm up some needles.
    Take care and will come visit again.
    Hugs and mends dear.

  61. Oh it's very lovely

    have a good day

    marylin FRANCE

  62. You have been busy!
    Your Hillside Travelers is looking fab!!! Love the look of over one stitching but I have to limit the projects I do over one - I do them, but I don't see as well as I used to and I hate frogging over one. (I also seem to forget how to count when I stitch over one!)
    Love, love the quilts in the copper tub!


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