Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be Joyful in Hope...

We're almost there....
to another weekend. Yippee Skippee, I need a weekend :)  how 'bout you?

By the skin of my teeth...
I finished another Love Quilts square that I had promised to stitch, and whose deadline date was approaching faster than I realized (March 1). But in record time, I got 'er done. And without further ado here it is:

Little House Needleworks _ Be Joyful In Hope

"Be Joyful in Hope"
Collaboration Thread Pack Series by:
Little House Needleworks
Crescent Colours
Stitched with DMC on 14 ct. white aida

Joyful in Hope...
was a perfect design for one of the themes posted for Charlotte's Kids. To learn more about Charlotte and the themes that are stitched in her memory for the sick children, please click HERE . Although I'm a relatively new member to Love Quilts, I feel the need to at least direct any of you that may have a twinge of interest in stitching a square(s) for these kids to sign up and become a member. There are squares with deadlines of course (but they are usually 3-4 months in length) but there are also many squares that can be stitched called Any Child Squares . These can be stitched and sent at any time - no deadlines - you just have to become a member of Love Quilts and let them know that is what you wish to do. The Love Quilts Stitching Directions  are relatively simple. Its always a time to be "joyful in hope" and we should always remember that it is "better to give than to recieve". But in this instance, I think I get back ten fold what I put into stitching for Love Quilts. Why don't you give it a try? You'll see what I mean.

our Katie won the City of Bloomington's Black History Month Essay Contest with her first place essay about Cathay Williams. Last evening was the award ceremony and I'll let the pictures do the talking:
Katie receiving her 1st place award with Mayer Kruzan

Katie receiving her award from Bloomington's Mayor, Mark Kruzan

Katie reading her essay

Katie reading her essay to the assembly
(only the first place winner had to read their essay and she was nervous but did a great job!)


WHEW...glad that's over...

Middle School Black History Month Essay Winners with Mayer Kruzan

Katie with Mayor Kruzan and the other essay winners

Mrs. Polley and Katie

Katie with her writer's workshop teacher Mrs. Polley

Of course....
Daddy and I were so proud, as was Mrs. Polley. Ian, Jacob and Ellie were bored, until the conclusion of the assembly and pizza was served - that got their party started :) 
And what about Katie? Well she was happy to be recognized, but she became ecstatic when she was given a $100 check from some wonderful sponsors of the Essay Contest. Then on the way home when Daddy said there would be a round of Hot Fudge Sundaes for the Pfeiffer Kid Quartet....well that was the icing on the cake!  ;)

Black History Month Winners and Essay Contest Sponsors

The Essay Winners with their award sponsors

Thank you...
for sticking with me to the end of this diatribe :) and until we meet again...
I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God!
Hugs and love,


  1. Cute quilt square. What a wonderful way to give back. You are always so very generous Vonna!

    Congratulations to Katie! She should be very proud:)))

  2. What a pretty square and you stitched it so fast!

  3. Lovely quilt square with an elegantly simple yet profound message. I have always steered away from charity quilts because I am so done with kiddie stitching but if there is an organization that accepts designs like the one you stitched, I will certainly reconsider. I have done some ornament stitching for Stitching For A Cure [a cancer charity] but that has been it

  4. Congratulations to Katie and to her proud mama. I'm sure the essay was fabulous especially considering the fascinating subject. Cathay Williams was quite the character!

  5. Congratulations to Katie on her winning essay!

    Wonderful quilt square that you stitched up!

  6. A cute Quilt square!! Congrats to Katie!!!!

  7. Congratulations to Katie! She looks very sophisticated! Love the purples and greens in Joy!

  8. Congratulations to Katie! Way to go!

    Love the quilt square:)

  9. Great job, Katie!

    That's a beautiful quilt square. I understand the feeling you have when you send your squares; I made one last year for Cole's Quilts and just saw the finished quilt, and it made me feel part of something so much bigger. Good for you, too, Vonna!

  10. Vonna, the stitching for the quilt square is lovely! Great job.

    Congratulations to Katie and her latest accomplishment!

  11. Such a cute square!
    And congrats to your Katie! What a proud time for you all!! :-)

  12. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Can you believe our little curly headed baby is growing up!

    I am so proud of her and can't believe how pretty she is. You have done a wonderful job raising and caring for her. What a good mommy you are.
    Love, Mom

  13. What a wonderful experience for Katie! Good for her!

    I love the square you chose to stitch. That pattern is beautiful! It's a blessing to me to see you stitching for Love Quilts!

  14. Congratulations to Katie! What a wonderful accomplishment! Love the quilt square. Also, love Little House that's probably why I love it.

  15. Aw, I love your mom's comment. How sweet is that?

    I, too, was thinking about what a beautiful young lady your daughter has become. Congrats to her on this achievement!

  16. As usual your square is lovely..but most lovely is your Katie...congrts to her and you the proud mom.

  17. Congrats to Katie - what an accomplishment! And I love the square you've stitched.

  18. Congratulations to the entire family! And a special "hug" to you Katie for doing such a wonderful job!

  19. Congratulations to Katie, that's wonderful! Great photos, she's looking so grown-up now :)

  20. That's a great way to help make a quilt...I am a blanketeer for Project Linus and love making blankets for the kids...this is a wonderful way do you just stitch the designs and some one else pieces them together?
    Congrats to your daughter!

  21. Woohoo!! Congratulations to Katie! What a smart, beautiful girl you have. :)

    Love the finish! Great quilt square.

  22. Congratulations to Katie! You have quite the talented young lady there! She's getting to be quite grown-up looking too -- how did that happen? lol! I love your square that you finished too -- so pretty!

  23. An adorable quilt square. You have such a soft and giving heart Vonna!

    Your heart must also be bursting with pride for your Katie. She's a beautiful girl and must be a gifted writer as well. fudge sundae?
    I think my hips just grew another inch.

  24. Pretty square for LoveQuilts! Congrats to Katie! Way to go!

  25. What a beautiful square Vonna :)

    Congratulations to Katie!

  26. Congratulations to Katie! What a wonderful accomplishment! Also, your quilt square looks great and it's for a great cause. :)

  27. congrats on Katie's recognition - I'm sure she must have been thrilled to be selected. Your quilt square is very special as is your desire to donate to this project. YEAH YGG ! Melody

  28. I love your square - such a beautiful message.

    Congratulations to your beautiful daughter, no surprises that you're so proud of her!

  29. Vonna, I am sure you were beaming with Katie's win! That is so cool and something to be proud of. I remember I won an essay contest once in grade school for an essay on a US President and I was so happy! Andrew Jackson was my choice....Katie will always remember this event too plus I am sure she learned a few things by writing about this character.

    Love the quilt square you did and so are a sweetie to be involved and always giving to others.

    Katie is sure growing up fast...darling! pam in iowa

  30. What a beautiful square. I love the sentiment. I haven't seen this one before.

    Congratulations to your daughter.

  31. Congratulations to Katie! What a wonderful accomplishment!

  32. Congratulations Katie, how lucky your family is to have you.
    Lovely quilt patch Vonna, I will look up this Loves Quilts site.
    Thank-you for sharing.
    Blessings to you and your family

  33. Oh I am beaming with pride for sweet Katie also!!! You be sure and tell her that this teacher is so so so proud of her great work and to keep it up!!!

    And, you are right about this upcoming weekend....git er done!


  34. Congrats to Katie. Lovely square! I keep looking at the site - need more time. You made the same design into a pinkep for me - do you remember? I have it on my mantlepiece still. xx

  35. Congratulations to Katie. Your LQ square is adorable. I have stitched for Love Quilts for about 10 years now and it is such a worthy cause.

  36. Your latest square for Love Quilts is such a pretty one, Vonna. I'm sure the recipient will treasure her quilt...

    Katie is such a multi-talented young lady--I'm sure you're just the proudest mom on the block :) Tell her great job on her essay--writing skills will take her far in life.

  37. Oh my goodness! Your daughter is a 'mini me' of you! She's adorable! Congrats Katie on your win! And a bravo to Dad for hot fudge sundaes!

    Your square is perfect. You have a wonderful giving heart.

  38. Congratulations to Katie and her great mom and dad. You raised a girl who is not only beautiful on the outside but one who is beautiful inside as well. She has grown into such a lovely young woman since I have been visiting your blog.

    Love your quilt square. I made a number of them several years ago. Seeing yours makes me realize it is time to start up again. You are an inspiration not only to your family, but to all of us.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  39. Congrats to Katie Vonna!!! Boy , I tell you , she is just becoming a young lady so so fast!! I know you are just so proud! I know you are so very proud of all of your kids!!

  40. Wonderful quilt square and for a wonderful cause. Congrats to Katie.

  41. Anonymous4:03 AM

    Katie is really wonderfull! This is a good way to begin thinking about the weekend: good news on the Pfeiffer family.
    Love the square!
    Have a wonderfull weekend

  42. How wonderful!!! You must be very proud!!!

    Love your square!!! It is adorable!!!

  43. Oh Vonna! How wonderful for Katie! You must have been fit to burst! I'm almost bursting for you. Hurrah!

    Your latest square is beautiful, I love your stitched signature. Do you sign all your squares? I have not been observant enough to notice thus far.

    I've been thinking about stitching for this group as it is such a worthy cause... I don't have many 'small' charts though. I tend to stitch big pieces that take years. I guess it wouldn't hurt to look about for some!

  44. The square you stitched for Love Quilts is very pretty. Congrats to Katie on her essay! You must be very proud! :)

  45. Congratulations to Ms. Katie! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Your completed square is beautiful, Vonna. But not nearly as beautiful as your loving spirit. :) Cathryn

  46. This quilt square is so lovely. Just as lovely as the ones you showed in previous posts.
    Major congratulations to your daughter. As a teacher I know how much time and research work it takes to write a priceworthy essay. She can be very proud of herself.

  47. Love the finish - one of my favorite LHN's. Congrats to Katie - wonderful accomplishment!

  48. Congratulations to Katie. She looks so grown up now.

    A lovely quilt square.

  49. The quilt square is lovely. Congratulations to Katie

  50. Congrats to Katie; Love your new A & E, too! :D

    Have a great weekend, Vonna!

  51. Your quilt square is beautiful, and such a wonderful project. I hopw to do some of that kind of stitching after I retire. Thank you for sharing your very appropriate pride in your daughter. I am sorry to say that I did not recognise the name Cathay Williams, so I googled it. Now I can thank you for allowing me learn some more American history.

  52. Congrats to Katie!
    I do have a special connection to Love Quilts. I did the squares from 1999 to about 2006. Charlotte was a friend of mine who passed away almost 3 yrs ago-a friend who wrote letters and sent gifts. I miss her so much.
    Keep up the great work Vonna!

  53. Congratulations to dear Katie on such a wonderful award. What a beautiful young lady she is becoming. Hold your head high Mom and Dad - you are doing a great job!

  54. very beautiful ....

    have a good day

    marylin France

  55. Congratulations, Katie! Did I miss the link to your essay?

    Your joy in sharing is obvious, and thanks for encouraging us to do the same, Vonna! Pretty, pretty!!

  56. Pretty square!
    Congrats! to Katie
    I can't believe how she has grown over the years. She is very pretty

  57. Congratulations Katie!! You must be so proud Mom!

    Lovely work on your quilt square Vonna! The message is so appropriate too.

  58. I love that you give such beautiful stitched squares so that someone else could be blessed with your amazing work. Makes my heart happy to hear of your generosity.

    Congratulations to Katie. What a wonderful accomplishment.

  59. Hooray for Katie and I love your stitchy project!

  60. What a great finish! You always do so much for others.

    Congratulations to Katie! Of course you should be proud!

    By the way, I love your A&E finish too!

  61. What a beautiful quilt square. I love reading about your family, you should be so proud.

    Happy Stitching !!

  62. Hi Vonna,

    Congratulations to your award-winning must be a very proud mom !!

  63. Congrats to Katie! Awesome job!

  64. Woooooo Hoooooo for Katie! Congratulations to the proud parents too for raising such a brilliant student. :)

    Your quilt square is lovely. I love that piece. (Actually that whole series.) It will a beautiful addition to the quilt.

  65. I love your quilt square. So pretty and appropriate for Love Quilts. I've stitched for them, and it's such a worthy cause.

    Oh wow!! Congratulations to Miss Katie! I know y'all are just as proud as can be, and rightfully so. She looks so GROWN UP!

  66. Congratulations, Katie!! Great job!


  67. Congratulations to Katie on her winning essay.

    Your quilt square is lovely and Sarah is gorgeous.

  68. Love the quilt square. Thanks to you, I am now working on my 7th square for Love Quilts.
    Congrats to Katie. You have to be so proud!

  69. Such a lovely quilt square and for such a worthy cause.

    Congratulations to Katie, you must be so very proud of her!

  70. Von, your quilt square is lovely! The Love Quilts cause is a great thing to be involved in. I have recently started stitching for the Australian version "Quilts 4 Kids", and it was all due to your blog that I discovered them. So a very big thank to you for "introducing" me to these great charities :-)

    Congratulations to Katie - well done on your essay.

  71. Hi Vonna,

    Those LHN Thread packs are such
    fun to stitch and with the
    required threads provided it's
    great to just grab a bit of fabric
    and start stitching. This square
    will look fabulous in a quilt and
    will no doubt charm and delight
    it's recipient. Very pretty.

    Congratulations to your Katie
    for winning the essay contest.
    My goodness but she's looking
    like such a lovely young ...
    (hold on to your chair Vonna)
    ... woman in the pictures.
    What a great honour to be able
    to read her essay for and receive
    her award from the Mayor. And the
    hot fudge sundaes probably were
    greatly appreciated as well.

    Your recent finish of Sarah Seifer
    looks amazing too Vonna. It's
    such a sweet little A&E design
    with a pretty border. I've never
    seen it before ... that I can

    It's fun seeing the wonderful
    and creative stuff coming out of
    Nashville isn't it? It may cost
    us a bit of cash but the fun of
    browsing and debating and choosing
    new additions to our stash is well
    worth it. At least so I assure my


  72. Congratulations to Katie - how wonderful! You and your DH have every reason to be proud of her!

  73. She is quite the star this girl! Congratulations Katie!

  74. Hi Vonna,
    Your love square is very prertty and congratulations to Katie and her win:-)

  75. Vonna,

    Congratulations to Katie!

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

  76. Congradulations to Katie on her award! I love to see kids experience success...I guess it is the teacher in me!

    The quilt squares that you stitch are such wonderful gifts, Vonna. What a pure and giving heart you have!

  77. Congratulations Katie! How awesome. She is such a lovely young lady! Love the quilt square. I hope you are well.

  78. Go Katie! Good writing is a talent that will serve her so well in life. I'll bet her essay was really moving. And her mother's example of doing things like stitching for Love Quilts is a lesson not lost on her, I'm sure.


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