Friday, January 28, 2011

The Family Sampler...

Happy day dear friends....
I finally finished my Family Sampler by Little House Needleworks !!! Whoo HOOO!!! I'll let the pictures do the talking for now....

Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler (slant)

Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler 4

Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler 3

Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler 5

Little House Needleworks - Family Sampler (front)

The Family Sampler
Designed by: Little House Needleworks ~ Diane Williams
Copyright: 2010
Stitched on: 32 ct. Vintage Buttermilk
Stitched with: Crescent Colours and DMC as suggested

Isn't it beautiful???
I just love it! I literally slipped the last few stitches in just about 45 minutes ago...I can't stop smiling! I've already ordered the frame for it and have scheduled it to be framed at my Local Needlework Store, so fingers crossed it won't be long until I'll have a framed piece to hang in place of honor in our home. This is easily the largest stitching project I've ever finished. It's a biggie :)

Since I....
finished one of my WIPs now, I get to choose something new to start from my stash. I'm trying to placate myself and motivate myself to get those WIPs done by promising myself one *new* start after I finish an old WIP. So hmmmm....I guess on this cold snowy evening, I'll get to let my fingers do some walking through my stash. FUN!

This past weekend...
my daughter Katie and I got to go on an adventure. We attended the March for Life in Washington DC and although we returned home exhausted, our hearts and spirits were renewed to stand up for our beliefs and watch our rights as American Citizens in action. We saw some magnificent sights in our nation's capital, but just a tiny few of all I'd really like to see someday. I will share a few of my favorite pictures of our time together in DC.

Katie and Mom outside the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception 2011

Katie and Mama outside the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception
prior to Mass on Sunday evening January 23, 2011

Katie at the Washington Monument 2011

Katie in front of the Washington Memorial Monday, January 24, 2011

2011 March for Life Washington DC

Side hill of the capital,
we were in the middle of the march and we held up the camera and clicked to capture all those people behind us

I guess that does it for me for today. We have a big weekend ahead. Katie has a Clarinet Solo Contest to attend tomorrow. We have been frantically having last minute practices with her accompanist and getting her a new black sweater for her evening attire. She sounds great and my fingers are crossed that she brings home a win tomorrow....but no matter how she does, I'm so proud of her I could pop!

Thank you....
for visiting with me today! And until we meet again, I'll be keeping my hands to work and heart to God.
Hugs and love,


  1. Your sampler is just beautiful. I really enjoy seeing what you stitch; it always inspires me to keep up with my projects.

    Best of luck to Katie. Those solos can be nerve racking for sure.

  2. Wow, beautiful! You always do such pretty stitching! Love the pic of you and your daughter! Boy, she is growing up fast.

    I am so glad you posted. I was getting a little worried about you. I know you live a very busy life, but I really enjoy reading your blog about your stitching, your projects and your family! You are truly an ispiration to me.

  3. Vonna! You finished it and it is gorgeous! Good for you!!!!!!! I can't wait to see a picture of it framed!

  4. Hey Vonna! Lovely finish - really beautiful.

    How long were you in town? I'm in the burbs outside DC - wish I knew you were in the area, I would have met up with you girls for lunch or something.

    Take care,
    Tanya :)

  5. Exciting trip Vonna! Love , love , love , the sampler. I love the choice of fabric too! To date, I think the largest I have completed was LHN's Little House Neighborhood. I have been working on a couple from Carriage House Samplings of the HRH series. Those no doubt, will be the "new" largest finishes when I get them done!

  6. No question Katie is her momma's daughter! Great work on your family sampler; you should be proud of it.

  7. The sampler is beautiful! Such a great finish to start 2011. It's wonderful to hear that you and Katie participated in the March for Life. It is so important for our children to know just how precious each life is!

  8. I love the sampler. I am definitely stitching this one now. It looks like I will be making a quick trip to Shakespeare's Peddler in the morning.

    Sounds like you and Katie shared a very wonderful trip.

  9. Beautiful sampler! Congrats on the finish!

  10. Oh Vonna, this sampler is just wonderful! I can't wait to see it when you get it back from the framers. I do so love me some LHN patterns!

    Love the family outing pictures. The older Katie gets, the more she looks like you! (compliment, BTW!)

    I love your plan of finishing a WIP and then getting to start something new. That's a great incentive. I just may have to try that. I'll let you know how long it lasts!

    Have a great weekend! Sounds like you have a busy, but fun one ahead. :)

  11. Oh, Vonna I just Love your Family Sampler!!! It's sooo Gorgeous and I am Happy Dancing with you Hun! I so need to add this one to my stash and get started... I can't wait to see it framed and hanging in that special place of honour!

    What a lovely and memorable weekend adventure you and Kaite had together... and for such a Wonderful, Wonderful cause!!! Sounds like y'all had a lovely time and such beautiful pics of you two! :)

    I am trying to finish up some of my WIP's this year as well with the "up for a challenge"... I am determined! Can't wait to see your new start, Hun!

    Wishing Katie all the best with her Clarinet solo... :)

    Blessings and love always in stitches...

  12. Beautiful sampler Vonna! Will be a family heirloom for sure! Looks like you and Katie had a fun trip to DC. :)

  13. Good luck tomorrow! BREAK A LEG KATIE!
    Congratulations on finishing your sampler. What a great piece to admire that will become a legacy for sure.

  14. Sampler is beautiful and such an accomplishment.

    Next time your in the DC area let me know I would love to actually meet you for some coffee and show you around my neck of the woods.

    Hope you had a wonderful time and enjoyed the Basilica - it is beautiful.

  15. Hi Vonna! Your Family Sampler is absolutely beautiful! You did a wonderful job--I know how exciting it is to get a piece framed and on the wall. I recently got a couple back and need to rearrange walls! I bet the March for Life was inspiring! Hugs!

  16. The stitching is very pretty! Loved the family pictures too!

  17. Your sampler is stunning, Vonna! Congratulations on your lovely finish!

    I can't wait to see this beauty framed.

    It looks l ike you and Katie had a wonderful time in Washington, DC - that's one of my favorite cities to visit.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  18. It's just beautiful! Can't wait to see it framed.
    Good luck to Katie! My daughter played clarinet from 5th thru 12th grades.

  19. Your sampler is gorgeous and so is Katie. You look like you were having so much fun in DC. Wishing Katie the best of luck with her solo - hope she wins!

  20. Your family sampler is beautiful! Good for you to show show your children to stand up for what they believe in! :)

  21. What a wonderful finish, Vonna! So beautiful! Your family fits so nicely in it too. Just lovely! Good luck to Katie tomorrow! It's always nerve wracking but i bet she'll do great!

  22. Your sampler is absolutely GORGEOUS Vonna!!! I am looking forward to seeing it framed!

    Sounds like you & Katie had a wonderful trip!

    Good Luck Katie on your clarinet solo!!

  23. Oh boy, Vonna, that is a GORGEOUS finish! I love it. You did such a wonderful job!

  24. What a gorgeous sampler! I just love stitched houses.

  25. The Family sampler is gorgeous! It turned out great and we all look forward to seeing what frame you choose :) I am thrilled to see you went to the March, I have gone several times in the past, and this time wasnt able to make it. It is so important... Glad you enjoyed the sights too, the weather although cold, looked great!

  26. Hi Vonna,

    Congratulations on your wonderful,
    brand spanking new finish. Your
    Family Sampler looks amazing and
    is a beautiful commemoration of
    your lovely family. I can't wait
    to see your pictures of it when
    it's framed and hanging in your

    Now you get to have a nice rummage
    in your stash to choose a new
    project. What fun!! I wonder
    what you'll be stitching on next?

    Love the pictures of yourself and
    Katie in Washington on what looked
    to be a sunny but cold day. It
    must have been so exciting to be
    taking part in that march amongst
    such a large crowd.

    Hope Katie did well with her
    Clarinet solo and is happy with
    her performance. I know that her
    proud parents think she's a winner
    whether she wins an award or not.
    And so she is.

    I love those LHN squares that you
    stitched for the Love Quilts
    project. What a wonderful way to
    bring a bit of happiness into a
    sick child's life. And you're so
    right about LHN designs being
    perfect for these sorts of

    Your finished piece "Holiest of
    Nights" that you featured in a
    post waaayyy back in December is
    beautiful. I don't think I've
    commented on it before but I
    wanted to mention it because it
    is such a pretty design with some
    wonderful shades of blue in it.
    Love it.

    Regarding the Xmas gift ....
    you're most welcome. Hope it
    gives/gave you lots of enjoyment
    deciding what to get with it.
    It's nice to have the opportunity
    to treat someone who is always
    such a generous and thoughtful
    friend, mother and wife.


  27. Your Family Sampler is absolutely wonderful -- I love the way you personalized it! What a beautiful heirloom! Congratulations on a stunning finish!
    Jeanne :)

  28. Your sampler looks just amazing!

    Good luck to Katie.

  29. Your Sampler is so pretty!! Cognrats on the finish.

    Looks like a fun trip with your daughter too :-).

  30. Your family sampler is beautiful, and such a wonderful heirloom for the family.

    Congratulations on your parenting skills!! It is really the best kind of teaching when the parent is willing to act on their convictions, esp while taking their children along.

    My DH and I lived in DC for 10 months when we were first married. We sightseed every weekend and still didn't see near all there is to see there. Our country is so fortunate to have all that available to its people!

  31. Wow, your Family Sampler looks great! Mine is languishing in the WIP basket while I finish my current project, then it moves onto the q-snaps.

    I'm so glad you and your daughter got a chance to experience the March. I always find it to be such a moving experience. I'm sure Katie will treasure the memories of this trip forever--as will you.

  32. What an absolutely gorgeous sampler. You did a beautiful job stitching it.

  33. A beautiful sampler, it 'tis, for sure and for certain!! I know you must be super thrilled to have the stitching done and now waiting for the framing to be put on!

    What a special trip to make with your daughter, know you both will have many memories to carry with you for years and years. Love the pictures.

    Oh I remember well, those solos and the preparation that goes into them. My oldest daughter played the clarinet. Will be thinking good thoughts that Katie will do well!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Vonna!Come on over, I am having a giveaway for my blogoversary, don't want you to miss it!

  34. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Vonna, The family sampler is just beautiful!! What a great finish can't wait to see it framed.
    I always like to see your posts. Your finishes are always wonderful.
    The snow is beautiful, but I have had enough...

  35. You and your daughter could be sisters!!!omg.... And, you look like you are having the time of your life...cherish those memories~~

    LOVE the finish...commmented on the up4 blog..Love how your family members ended up with the ladies on one side, gentelmen on the other.. Take care Vonna..Nice job, Faye

  36. Your sampler is gorgeous!!! Well done, it will be a treasured piece for sure :)

  37. Beautiful, Vonna! Congratulations! Wish I had known you were in DC, I live in a western suburb of DC, I could have tried to pop over and met you!

  38. The sapler is gorgeous!!! I played the clarinet for eight years in school, so good luck to Katie!

  39. Your sampler is just gorgeous! Can't wait to see it framed. Good luck to Katie this week-end.

  40. Vonna, Your Family Sampler is gorgeous. How wonderful that you have this heirloom to pass down. What a wonderful gift. Cudos to you and Katie for attending the march. It must have been a real experience for you both. Thanks for sharing with us. :) Cathryn

  41. Your Family Sampler is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! Time for a big celebration!!! I'm so glad you had a nice trip to DC and what a great cause to go for!

  42. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Your Family Sampler is so beautiful. You did an exceptional job. Sounds like you and your daughter had a great time in Washington D.C. Thanks for sharing.

  43. Lovely finish Vonna, will be watching to see pics of it framed. GOod luck to Katie on her solo :)

  44. Beautiful stitching as usual! It is great! You inspired me to purchase this pattern......oh darn! I'll have to head off to the LNS :)

    Can't wait to see it framed.
    Have a great week, and good luck to Katie.

  45. Fabulous work on The Family Sampler. Congratulations!

    Good luck to Katie on her clarinet competition! Have always wanted to play the clarinet. Love the warm melody that it produces.

  46. Wow your sampler is gorgeous. Can't wait to see it framed. Good luck to Katie. Lovely picture of you and your daughter.

  47. What a beautiful finish Vonna, congratulations! Good luck to Katie, I'm sure she'll do well :)

  48. Wow! your sampler is just beautiful.

  49. What a gorgeous finish, Vonna!! I was looking at it on my iPhone late last night (your post) so couldn't wait to get up this morning and see the pics in bigger detail. Congratulations!!

    Great pics from the March! I've always wanted to go. I love DC and have fond memories of the times that my dad would pile us into the car and take us down there.

    Best of luck to Katie with her solo! Exciting times!

  50. Your sampler is beautiful, Vonna!

    You and Katie took a darling picture - she is the spittin' image, isn't she? You're both so cute!!!

    Hope Katie does well in her competition - I'd be crazy nervous!

  51. Your family sampler is just gorgeous, no wonder you are pleased with it

  52. What great pics from DC! A trip you will remember always.

    Love your finish! I had to chuckle thinking if I put all my men folk on one side, I'd be all by myself on the other!

  53. Beautiful sampler Vonna! I can just picture you making each X filled with love of your family!!! Congrats on the finish. Sounds like an amazing trip to DC! Great picture of you and Katie! Best wishes to her today!!! Can't wait to hear about it. Mere

  54. I love that sampler!! Hope to own it someday.

    D.C. - what fun!

    I understand the nerves thing. We have a competition today and I'm a wreck.

  55. Congratulations Vonna!! It is lovely!! I can feel your proud smile shining. Where did your fingers end their walk? LOL

  56. The sampler is beautiful...well done.
    Good luck to Katie...
    You and Katie look cold in the pics, but happy and having a great time....

  57. Your family sampler is just beautiful! Perfect in every way.

    The trip to DC, while cold, at least you all missed the snow. :) Sounds like you both had a good time as well as standing up for what you belive in. You go Girls!! :) DC is a fascinating city to visit. So much to see. I hope the next time you go you can see and enjoy more of it.

    I am keeping my fingers crossed and saying a prayer for Katie today. The clarinet was my instrument of choice. :) Though I competed in competion as a singer I played the clarinet for many years. GOOD LUCK KATIE!

  58. Well, dang it woman, you should have told us you were coming to DC. We could have all met up for lunch or something.
    The sampler is beautiful. I have been resisting this one and now seeing it done, well, I may just have to get it.
    Tell Katie good luck. Performing is a good way to gain confidence. I know all that practicing will pay off.

  59. Now that is what I call a sampler, Vonna--just gorgeous!! And look how perfectly balanced your family is with 3 females and 3 males--I'm afraid mine would look a bit lop-sided with only one woman and four men--even our old cat was male!!

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Katie, today--as an old clarinet player myself, I know how nerve-wracking those solos and auditions can be :)

  60. Oh Vonna looks like you and Katie had a great time in DC. I love love love your family sampler. I have purchased the pattern and kitted it up but havent taken the first stitch yet. after seeing yours I am pumped to get started! cant wait to see it framed.

  61. Oh how beautiful Vonna. You did a fantabulos job on it and can't wait to see it framed.
    Not ready to tackle mine as yet. LOL. I enjoyed the photos of you and Katie. Your photo of your D.C. visit brought back memories of my visit in D.C. I was doing a class project on the Vietnam War and I was able to visit the wall and capture a few pics to include in my report; my dear instructor told me she hated to give me an "A" on my project, but well deserving. LOL. Go figure!!!
    Anywho, besides from the project, it was quite a moving visit, and one I will always remember with fondness.
    Wishing Miss Katie a win on her performance.
    Hugs, blessings and a win for Katie.

  62. Vonna we were right behind that golden banner way in the back of your picture!! I didn't take any pics because my son Aidan was doing a photo journalism thing for our diocsesan newspaper.How awesome to think we were so near each other! LOL!Next March we must meet up!

    I LOVE your family sampler! I want to stitch that one now that I see yours-so pretty!

    Good luck to Katie on her solo-wow you guys are busy-you had to jump right into preparing for that one the minute you got back from DC! All we have is science fair due next week-and college FAFSA's!(you won't have to worry about those for a few years!LOL!)

  63. What a beautiful sampler! I can't wait to see it all framed. I'm sure it will have a very special place in your home.

    You and Katie look like you had such a great time in DC. Wonderful memories.

    Good luck to Katie today. I'm sure she is excited/nervous at the same time.

    Have a great weekend.

  64. What a beautiful piece and such a special heirloom for your family! It's certainly worthy of your love! The trip sounds like a wonderful mother-daughter adventure, and your photos are great. Good luck to Katie! I know you're a very proud Moma!

  65. Your Family sampler is just bee-u-ti-ful! It's so nice the way you've personalized it!

  66. Pretty much just LOVE it Vonna! I want to do that one too... I'm sure at some point I will break down and get the chart!

  67. Oh Vonna that sampler is just soo beautiful. I really need to do that for my family.
    What a gorgeous young lady Katie is. She looks like her momma.
    That must have been an experience attending a march in D.C.
    Wishing Katie girl all the best for her solo.
    Sending hugs to the whole Pfeiffer clan.

  68. Beautiful sampler. Looks like room for another boy on the right if you have any plans to expand your family!

  69. Beautiful sampler! And what a neat experience you and your daughter had together! I wish I had known you were in town. I would have met up with you :)

  70. The sampler came out so so beautiful! I just love it. I hope to stitch it up myself one day. (I've hesitated because I'm not sure what name I would put on it as the husband and I don't have the same last name. Hmm....decisions, decisions!) Thanks so much for posting yours. It's definitely an inspiration. :)

  71. Beautiful family sampler. Good luck to Katie.

  72. Great finish and it really is a 'you' project.
    It's nice you got to spend some time with Katie in DC. We all went last April and saw things we were wanting to see for a while.
    Gee, last week I was just out of the hospital! I had my appendix out and pneumonia. Still coughing a bit. The appendix operation wasn't bad at all.

  73. Your sampler is beautiful and will be cherished for years to come!!

  74. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Your sampler is just beautiful Vonna, congratulations! Good luck to Katie!

  75. Congratulations on the beautiful finish family sampler. I love LHN designs. It's such a good feeling to finish a project.

  76. Congrats on the Family Sampler finish; it's lovely!

  77. Anonymous10:32 PM

    The sampler is so precious! The family members are just so cute..all lined up in their own little heights. Terry in Texas

  78. Vonna, its a beautiful sampler - I have it in my stash and hope to get to it this year. I just love it. Yours is beautiful.

  79. Vonna, Congrats on your finish! As usual, it is gorgeous and such a great heirloom. I am sure you will smile every time you look at your work. Your stitching is always beautiful and you are inspiring others with your work.

    Good luck to Katie and enjoy each minute while you can. They do grow up so fast.

    I enjoyed seeing your DC pics ... a trip to remember. Such fun to share with her. Yep, she looks like you and I am sure has a heart of gold like you. A tribute to her parents.

    hugs, pam from iowa

  80. Congratulations on your wonderful finish....just gorgeous!
    Have fun at the contest. It will be exciting and such a joy! Good luck to Katie!!!

  81. What a stunning finish Vonna, well done and congratulations, can't wait to see it framed.

  82. Vonna, this is a lovely finish! Can't wait to see it framed and on the wall!

    Good luck Katie!

  83. Your Family Sampler is absolutely stunning Vonna. So beautiful.

    Good luck to Katie.

  84. Beautiful finish! I can't wait to see what you decide to start next. I just love starting something new, which may be why I have SO many WIPs!

  85. It is very beautiful sampler! Makes me really want to stitch it to our family!

  86. Wow, that is beautiful Vonna!! How proud you must be...definitely needs a place of honor in your home.

    Isn't DC wonderful to visit...but, I wouldn't want to live there 24/7!

    Glad to hear from you!

    Happy Stitchin'

  87. It's incredible Vonna!! I can't wait to see it framed. I haven't even started on mine yet.
    How wonderful that you and Katie got to share a weekend away and for such a great cause too!

  88. Love the sampler. Can't wait to see what you pulled to work on. I always love starting a new project!

  89. Glad you had a good time in DC. You'll have to come back when it's a little warmer.

  90. Congrats on your Family Sampler finish - it's beautiful! What a heirloom. I can't wait to see what frame you chose for it too!

  91. Congrats on the finish! It is really beautiful!

  92. Wow, the sampler is absolutely gorgeous - congrats!

  93. I'm another who lives close to DC and I would have trekked in to meet you two! Your sampler is amazing! I hope solo/ensemble competition went well for Katie. I don't have to worry about ours until March.

  94. Your Family Sampler is lovely Vonna! Congratulations on your finish, and I know this must have so much sentimental meaning behind it. I look forward to seeing it framed!

  95. Anonymous9:28 AM

    stunning finish, it is a lovely design but like you said it's a biggie!

  96. Your Family Sampler is beautiful.

  97. Your family sampler is just awesome! Congratulations!

  98. Your sampler is just beautiful!!!

  99. A gorgeous sampler!

  100. Anonymous1:55 PM

    Your family sampler is amazing, beautiful stitching. I can't wait to see it framed :)


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