Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bringing home the gold....

Just a quick update...
Katie had much success at her solo and she played beautifully! She brought home the GOLD! The judge said he was impressed with her abilities since she was a young musician and has only played 2 years.

 Katie prior to the solo contest

 Katie after her win, with her clarinet teacher (left) and her accompanist (right)

Then I neglected to tell you about the boys....
they had their last ever Boy Scout Pinewood Derby race on Friday evening. Ian was the first one out of the racing trials...but he still had a big smile  :)
Jake was the last man knocked out prior to trophy wins, but he got a medal for his efforts.

Mama's big boys....

And although she didn't win anything....
she's still a winner to us! Here's Ellie being a monkey in the playroom (housed in our unfinished basement)....she's not supposed to be doing this, I just found this picture on our camera...hmmmmm....

Thank you for indulging me....
I'm mighty proud of my little chicks :) 

Until next time, we'll be trying to stay inside because of the big snow/ice storm headed smack dab for central this rate, my kids will be in school until July 4th.....

Hugs and love,


  1. Congratulations all around! :)

  2. Such a beautiful family - you have every right to be proud!

  3. Congratulations to Katie, in this picture she looks like a mini Vonna :)

    The boys look proud as does your little monkey LOL

    Stay warm and I will stay dry. We have rain in our forcast.

    ((hugs)) and happy stitches

  4. Congratulations proud Moma!!!
    I love the last pic of DD in play room; and then to find it on the camera. Surprise!!!! How funny.

  5. Katie looks so grown up! I could never get a sound out of a clarinet - so my hat's off to Katie, well done.

    Everyone looks so happy in their photo!

  6. You must be so proud, congrats Katie, hard work and dedication pays off. Go boys and the monkey :D
    LiBBiE in Oz

  7. Vonna,

    A big congratulations to Katie on her win and to her proud parents!

    I hope you all havebq safe and happy week.

  8. Yay, for Katie!!!! She is looking oh so grown Mom looks at her and tears up often! She definitely does favor you! You have some awfully special children, dear Vonna!!!!

    Have a super week ahead! [[[hugs]]]

  9. Yipee for Katie and the boys too. I remember those pinewood derby days. :o) Your little monkey sure looks like she is having fun.

  10. Congratulations to Katie ... such an achievement....and love the surprise picture too .... hope you manage to not get more snow and don't send it over here either
    love mouse xxxx

  11. What a great weekend for your family....congratulations to Katie on winning the gold!
    You have a lot to be proud of!
    thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Congratulations to all!
    We were a band family and a Scout family and a playroom in the basement family too! :)

  13. Congrats Katie-she is so beautiful Vonna!

  14. Congratulations all around, but especially to Katie in this case. She is looking very grown up and pretty too!

  15. Way to go Katie!!!! Congratulations on an AWESOME win!!!

    Congratulations to the boys too!!

    And that little monkey! LOL Too funny that you just found the pic on the camera! Gotta love it!!

    Should I mention it will be in the 70's here almost all week? LOL
    Stay warm!

  16. Way to go Katie!!! You must be sooo proud Mom!
    Congrats to the boys too on their derby. And Ellie, you are the cutest little monkey I've ever seen!
    Stay warm everyone. I hope you don't get dumped on too badly in this storm.

  17. Woooooooo Hooooooooooo for Katie! Congratulations on the gold! (I have a few of those in my memory box. LOL) I know you must be bursting a button Vonna.

    And congratulations to the boys on the derby wins. I well remember those with my little brothers. :) And of course Ellie is a cute as a button as always. :)

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful news.

  18. lol! Us too, Vonna! There have been so many snow days it's ridiculous! We're getting snow/ice Tuesday and Wednesday too. Sigh.

    Huge, enormous congratulations to Katie! That is just so great! You must be so proud! Good for those boys too! Sounds like they had fun! And the little monkey -- so cute! You deserve to be proud of your brood.

  19. Congratulations to Katie and the whole family.

  20. I think it is just wonderful the way that you enable your children in doing such good things! :D

    I hope they do know how blessed they are--certainly looks like they are enjoying it! :D

  21. Please convey our congratulations to Katie! What to go! (She is a beauty too as I'm sure you know). We spent many years as a Boy Scout family. All of us loved every second of it. Ellie looks like a spunky little girl. How funny she got busted via your camera!

  22. OH Katie!!!! How wonderful!!! Congratulations.

  23. Congratulations to Katie - that's a wonderful accomplishment. Can I just comment on how grown up she looks these days!

    Congratulations to your boys in their participation in the Pinewood Derby. Ethan had his last one yesterday. He didn't place, but everyone got a miniature trophy for participating, so he was thrilled with that.

    Ellie looks so cute!

  24. Hi Vonna,

    Wow!! Congrats to Katie for
    doing such an amazing job at
    her competition!!

    And good on the boys for having
    such a fabulous time at their
    final Pinewood Derby.

    And hurray for Ellie being such
    a cheeky little monkey in the
    playroom when no one but the
    camera was watching!!

    Memories to look back on some
    day and remember with pride,
    pleasure and love.

    Sounds like that storm is
    going to be a doozie !! We
    are going to get hit with
    some nasty weather in a few
    days as well which will make
    traveling to and from work
    such a joy .... not!!!

    Take care and be safe!


  25. Kudos to your kiddos....sounds like they are chips off the ol' block!

    Stay warm....wish we could send you some of our 70 degree weather we are enjoying!

  26. Congrats to Katie! She looks all grown up dressed for her recital. Congrats to the boys too. Hope you stay warm and safe with all that snow!

  27. Congratulations, you certainly have a lot to be very proud of :)

  28. Congratulations to your family hun; you have beautiful, talented children. I know it's gonna be cold, here in Colorado; it's suppose to be -20 tomorrow morning. Yuck!!

    Hugs, Shar

  29. As well you should be proud, they are a terrific group of individuals - mostly due to great parenting.

    I can remember a long time ago when my two sons did the Pinewood Derby - what fun. Good luck to your boys in their progression in Scouts.

  30. Congrats to Katie! We might have the next Benny Goodman on our hands!
    Your little dumplings are ALL adorable.

  31. Congrats to all the kids! Katie is becoming so grown up.

  32. What great little ones!

  33. Congratulations to all.

  34. Congratulations to Katie!

  35. Congrats on Katies win. Love the picture of Ellie, she's so cute :) Am sure the boys are proud of their achievement too.
    The Family sampler is simply beatiful. Congrats on finishing it :)

  36. You've got great children and you must be so proud of them. Congratulations to them on their success and to you for the wonderful family sampler finish that you showed in your last post.

  37. Congratulations!! How exciting.

  38. Congratulations to Katie--how darling she is, Vonna! And, oh, how well I remember those Pinewood Derbies!! Many happy memories are attached to my sons' Scouting days :)

  39. Congratulations to Katie, that's wonderful! And congratulations to the boys too - looks like they had a lot of fun :)

  40. WTG Katie. I played the clarinet in school and LOVED it. Keep it up.

  41. LOL - July 4th, huh? And we're not done yet are we. You have every right to be proud, Vonna. Congrats to all your 'chicks' even the "caught on tape" one! :D Cathryn

  42. Yeah for Katie! She looks so pretty all dressed in her elegant black outfit!

    The boys are darling - I miss those days - I have one Eagle Scout and one Life Scout.

    Ellie is adorable!

  43. Congratulations to all your kiddos! They look so happy and proud! I'm sure their parents are super proud too!

    Thanks for sharing

  44. Congrats to Katie! She looks so grown up in those pictures too. The boys look like they had a ball and that's what counts.

    Love the pic of Ellie! Too cute!! Hope the snowstorm leaves less than they are predicting. I remember having to go to school until the last day of June one year way way back. The only reason they wouldn't have us go into July was because it wasn't allowed back then. lol

  45. You have every right to be a proud mama! What a wonderful family.

  46. Congrats to all the Twisters!!! What lovely children you have, Vonna!!

    Happy Stitchin'

  47. Congrats to Katie! My three chicks are all musical too, two Trombones and a French Horn, and they all sing and one of them plays guitar! Music is God's soundtrack! (But they still sounded like dying bovines when they first started). Your boys look so thrilled with their cars! What fun.

  48. Yay! I knew she could do it. Tell her congratulations.
    Glad the boys had fun even is they didn't win. Scouting was a very important part of our lives when we were growing up. So many lessons and skills were taught to us. I hope they continue to enjoy the scouts.
    As to Kate, well, there's one in every bunch (pun intended) LOL!

  49. It's always a joy to read about your family!

  50. How great Vonna! I would be a very proud mama too!

  51. Congrats to Katie!! What a great accomplishment!!

  52. P.S. Congrats to the boys too!!!

  53. Tell Katie huge congratulations!! I played 1st seat clarinet in concert & marching band and just loved it! I know she is just excited over her accomplishment. The boys are just beaming with pride! Little Miss in the basement...she was obviously setup! LOL Stay safe & warm & I send you my blessings...I had mine at home for a week!

  54. Congratulations to Katie, she's sure growing up, where have the years gone.

    And you must be so proud of the others, doesn't time fly.

  55. Congratulations to everyone.

    Your Family Sampler is gorgeous.

  56. Wow, Katie looks so grown up! All your kids do! What a gorgeous family! I cant believe it...time has gone quickly!

  57. Congratulations to you and all the kiddos. I know you must be proud of every one!

  58. Congrats to everyone! Wow - they grow up so fast, don't they?

  59. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Looking at those beatiful pictures of proud Katie, I really feel that music should be a part of everyone's life. Clarinet is really lovely. I can't help to think immediately about two songs "Music" by John Miles and "Thank you for the Music" from Abba.
    The boys look wonderfull and Ellie is so funny.
    Family is wonderfull


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