Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Welcome December...

A warm December welcome...
to all of my friends and readers on this first day of December. December holds many special, happy memories for me, but most especially it holds the birth days of my first three children. My twins were born on December 4 and my eldest baby was born on December 11. Happy birthday to my most precious gifts from heaven above! My twin babies will be 11 years old and my big baby ;) will be 13. Golly Moses, were did the time go? I remember the waiting and the hoping and the wondering that I did the entire time of all my pregnancies and it is quite like the waiting, hoping and wonder of the Advent season - all for a baby. Three  precious babies born to my arms during Advent and one most precious of all born into the arms of Mary all those years ago in a stable. May your Advent season be one of waiting, wonder - but most especially one of hope. Hope is the key to travel on in this life, isn't it? Hope for a brighter day, for a bigger tomorrow...may it be so for you too!

Looking onward...
I've had a couple of wonderful parcels land in my mailbox! First up is this darling ornament that Catherine stitched for me in our personal ornament exchange:

Catherine's Ornament To Me

Isn't it gorgeous?! All that glam and glitz? It reminds me of my Granny...she liked bling - and so does her Grand-daughter :) This hangs way up high on our tree by our Angel and I smile and love it everytime I see it. THANK YOU CATHERINE!!

Then the most lovely friend that I have "met" through this blog, Paula from Portugal and her darling husband Rui, sent the Pfeiffer family this lovely package:

Paula's Christmas Gift to us

The cute little green pencils are favorites of the kiddos, of course - what good student doesn't like a special pencil to labor over homework? Ellie believes her pencil to be a wand...(I think because the star at the end)...anyway, whether they are solving math problems or waving it over someone with incantations they are a big hit! Paula also sent a cute little sledding Prairie Schooler ornament for us to hang on our tree - which it does with beauty - and a lovely cut of fabric, a handcrafted wooden cat button (which Ellie has claimed for her "charm necklace") and a Paris notebook. THANK YOU SO MUCH PAULA!!!

I thought I'd leave you...
with a shot of Pfeiffer Christmas. Here's my birdhouses all dressed for a down home country Christmas, my sled and skates are all ready too...come on snow! :)
Christmas at the Bird Houses

Until next time...
I'll be keeping my "hands to work and heart to God" -  please join me!
Hugs and love,

Tool for our tool box: Don't jump to conclusions.
Looking over my life, (and I'm sure if you look over yours) you'll find many times that you've taken something innocent, something meaningless - whether it was done or said by others - and have added GREAT meaning to it in you mind and in your heart. Could you be making mountains out of mole hills? Take a breath, take a break and think before you speak (or e-mail) back in anger or hatred. Not jumping to conclusions, not making moutains out of mole hills and thinking before you speak is all one great big tool to add to our tool box. I like to think of this tool as a shovel - you know shovel yourself out of the load of smelly stuff your mouth or actions have gotten yourself into perhaps? Get it out, think about it, examine it, keep it shiny and your memories of instances that could have gone better if only you had your tool at hand. Remember, learn and vow to take action - now put the tool back in your tool box, because you're ready for the next time!


  1. Happy Birthday to your little - or not so little ones!

    Love gifts your received!

  2. Happy Birthday to the kids! Beautiful exchange pieces. Love the decorations outside.

  3. With the upcoming birthdays your December is even more special...and busy I guess. Wishing you and your children lovely birthdays with lots of nice memories.
    Gorgeous exchange pieces :)

  4. What lovely ornaments! Your tree must be a thing of wonder to behold. Happy Birthday to your children. December is indeed joyous for you... and busy too!

  5. Having kids makes Christmas special, but having a baby in December makes it even more special.

  6. What lovely gifties! I hope your kids have wonderful birthdays and that all of you enjoy the Advent season. :)

  7. Happy birthdays to the kiddos!

  8. Hugs, dear friend, and Happy Birthday blessings to your babies :)
    Your gifts are beautiful and show just how special you are to those who know you!
    Thanks for the tool to add to my kit....a great one to use often.
    Your house looks fab as always, now you just need some snow!
    If you join me in the challenge I won't beg you....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! OK, I fibbed :)
    Ma TK

  9. Happy birthday to the kiddos!

    I just want to thank you for your "tool" today. With what happened to me this morning, it was that tool that I need to remember.

    Thank you!

  10. Everything is beautiful! It is snowing here in the Chicago area; maybe it will head your way!

    My favorite thing on your entry today is the skates and sled!!! So cool!!!

  11. A very Happy Birthday to your young ones. Hope they have a wonderful birthday!

    The ornaments from your exchanges are all so pretty! Can't wait to see a picture of your tree. Hint Hint! lol

    BTW, love the new picture you put of yourself on the blog. Beautiful!

    Hope you and the family have a lovely week.

  12. Happy birthday to your kids! Love the packages you received. And those birdhouses! How cute are they! I love birdhouses. :D Happy December!

  13. December is a big birthday month around here too. I love the ornaments and your birds will love the festive touch you put out for them!

  14. Happy Birthday to your kiddos. Time does fly doesn't it?

    Beautiful gifts you received:)))

    Nice decorations outside. It's lightly snowing here for the first time this season and I LOVE it.

    Have a great week.

  15. Birthday wishes to your babes...I love the gifts you received and the birds must simply love their decorations,I know I do!

    by the way: I just postd something on my blog, could you pop over and see if you have the answer?

    Hugs to you....

  16. Happy Birthday to your children, Vonna. My middle son shares your twins' birthday on the 4th (only he'll be 25!! Now that makes me feel very, very old!).

    Lovely gifts and your birdhouses are adorable--do you leave them out all winter?

  17. Always Love reading your blog, Vonna. You are SO right about the message of hope. Thanks for reminding me! :) from a snowy Kentucky. Cathryn

  18. I just love your blog, you're a great writer. How right your tool for the toolbox paragraph is!
    Cant believe the birthdays you have in December! Man, December must cost you a fortune LOL Happy Birthday to all of them when the days arrive x

  19. Happy birthday to your babies. It is amazing how children can make time speed up. My boys are 15 and 12 and I just can not believe it.

  20. Happy Birthday to your children. I have a lot of birthdays in December. Lovely ornaments.

  21. Lovely Gifts
    Have a great December with all of those celebrations !!

  22. What beautiful little pieces. Happy birthday to everyone.

  23. Happy Birthday to your Darling your wonderful gathering of words to include the Christ Child, Jesus!!

    Gosh those are sweet ornaments, they truly are and I know you will treasure them. I adore your outside birdhouses, what a vignette to feast your eyes on! LOVE the sleigh and skates!!

    Your toolbox is particularly meaningful, thanks!

    I hope you have a most blessed Christmas with your family, Vonna!

  24. I can't believe it's December already! I hope the kids have a fun time at their upcoming birthdays!

    Lovely exchange ornie and gifts.

    Love the birdhouses!

  25. Vonna,

    Happy Birthday to 3/4 of your troops. Do the boys get separate cakes?

    Your outdoor decorations look very festive and with the snow that's sure to come the skates and sled will fit right in.

    I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving.

  26. And a Happy December to you too my friend.
    What a wonderful post. Early Happy Birthday wishes to the kiddies.
    Love your outdoor decorations especially the sled and skates!

  27. Happy birthday to the new teen and soon to be teens!! Very pretty exchange piece and surprise gift!

  28. Must be fun to have all those December birthdays, but it must make for a busy time at your house.
    Love your gifts especially that dazzling stocking!

  29. Happy Birhtday to your kids. My oldest baby was born on Dec. 11 too. She will be 44. Yikes!
    Your ornaments are lovely. Love your decorations too.

  30. best wishes to your children for your birthdays - I hope they all have wonderful days :)

    I've just been catching up on your recent post and all the Christmas stitching, and decorating, is just beautiful!

  31. your house and decorations are lovely!

  32. Happy Birthday to your little one. I love your blog Vonna.Looking great.Love your little stocking finish the most.Kimberly

  33. Happy Birthday to your kids!! December is full for us on the 6th, parents anniv. on the 9th, uncle on the 24th, and myself on Christmas!! Funny I was just talking to a lady today about my youngest DD's birth and she will be 14 in January. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown!! The ornie is beautiful & I am sure it glistens beautifully with the Christmas tree lights.

  34. Vonna I love your outdoor decorations, I have started to decorate outside but doing it slowly do to snow rain and sleet.
    Thank-you for giving me permission to use your picture on my blog. I love all your ornaments you are exchanging.
    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday everyone Happy Birthday to you.
    I am so glad you all are so far away the dogs in the neighborhood started to howl smoke detectors went off and the cops started to do drive bys.
    I cannot sing for a long time they will positively put me away.
    Happy Holidays Blessings

  35. Happy December Vonna! Such pretty gifts you received, I just love the stocking ornament. Great idea with your sled and skates decor. I may have to pull my old sled out. :o)

  36. I love the skates and sled. Bring them over this winter and you can skate on our pond. I'll even clear the snow myself. ;-)

  37. What a warm and inviting post on such a cold, snowy day here in Hoosierland! We share your wealth of December birthdays in my family, with three this week alone.

    By the way, thanks for your great tip for dry hands that I saw on Karen's blog. I'm going to have to try that out.

  38. Great exchange packages, that glitzy stocking is gorgeous.
    I like the idea of decorating your birdhouses for Christmas.

  39. What gorgeous ornaments you received. Love your out door decoration :)

    Happy Birthday to your "babies"! I think no matter how old they get they are still our babies :) I'm a December baby and love having a birthday this month. I think it's so special.

  40. I couldn’t imagine how you celebrate three birthdays in December – it’s enough that I have to get organized for Christmas. You surely are a super mom, Vonna!

    I love your birdhouses – they look prettily decked out for the holiday. My outside decorating consists of adding a wreath to my front door. My neighborhood is aglow in Christmas lights, and I feel like I’m letting the neighbors down.

    Happy early birthday to your three oldest!


  41. This post brought about such a sense of peace in my heart. Thank You. My baby is a December baby as well. Happy Birthday to your 3 babies. : )

  42. Happy Birthday to 3 little Sagittareans - I'm a December birthday too! OK maybe not exactly a 'baby' LOL.

    Beautiful ornament from Catherine and a lovely gift from Paula too!

  43. It's just unbelievable that December is here already, and with it your boys' birthdays! What a fun time you all must be having. :)

    If it's snow you want, I have some I'd be happy to send your way; although the temps are in the mid-30s, finally, and the stuff is beginning to melt.

    Hugs to you and your family during the wonderful celebrations this Advent!

  44. Happy Birthday to your children! I love the gifts you received. Nice start to the seasons decorations.

  45. Happy Birthday to your December children!! My middle son Dan was born on the 15th and my husband celebrates his on the 12th.
    I love how your birdhouses are displayed in your garden. They look wonderful! Your home looks very festive.
    I shall think of you and wish many blessings for you and your family when I attend our Lessons and Carols for Advent tonight.

  46. Amazing blog! We´re following!!!

  47. Love your birdhouses and sled and skates - very cute.

    Happy birthday to your December b-day children from a December b-day child!!

    Your ornaments from earlier are lovely.

  48. Anonymous4:32 PM

    Hi Guys,
    I love the photo of you and the snowman. He is so cute but you guys are cuter! You know I love you all sooooo much.
    Love, MeMe

    PS: Von you always do the cutest things with the kids, they will have some very special memories when they grow up and have their own families.

  49. That's a very special picture of your kids in your blog header. I love it.
    You've received some very lovely gifts and exchanges lately. And oh, I just love the ornaments you made.
    Enjoy a busy December.

  50. I just love your new header photo of the family. Fabulous!!

    It does sounds like you have a busy month ahead. I hope the month is filled with everything wonderful for you and the whole family.

  51. Wow! Sounds a busy month at your house! You are so proud of your children it makes my heart smile.

  52. Great picture of the kids !!

  53. Happy Birthday to God's little gifts. Your gifties are beautiful also.
    Take care.


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