Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Showing the Love....

Good Morning!
First off, I need to thank each and every one of you for your kind comments, thoughts and words on my poor disposition that I had last post. I know that we all get bogged down in life from time to time and I was mentally, emotionally and physically bogged down with a lot of stuff. But believe me your words and kindness improved my feelings right away! Thank YOU for being my friends and confidants!

Speaking of improving and good feelings....
I was contacted by a very nice lady about Love Quilts  . Love Quilts is a not for profit organization that recruits stitchers to stitch squares with a certain theme for a sick child. A child ravished emotionally and physically by illness or disease. Love Quilts is in need of stitchers so that they can prepare quilts for these ailing children. The website is excellent and the process needed to stitch and send a square for a quilt is all laid out step by step for the novice Love Quilts stitcher. You can see the directions for stitching squares here: Love Quilts Square Directions

You know...
I believe that God works in mysterious ways. Last post I was feeling sorry for myself and quite frankly throwing a big pity party complete with balloons and streamers. Then yesterday I receive an e-mail about these kids. That was God's way of giving me a kick in the seat - and telling me to wake up and shut up my belly aching! So after perusing the website and understanding the process I submitted my application to stitch for a new Love Quilt being made for Peyton M. (you can see the new quilts that need stitchers here: 2011 Love Quilts Kids)

This morning....
I happily received a YES! for my application. I've pulled a pattern, got my Aida square prepared and am ready to stitch! I'm going to try to do at least 6 squares a year. That's me doing what I love for those that need a little bright spot in a life made dreary by disease. That's me giving back for all the many blessings I've received and have in my life. That's me being thankful that I CAN while others may be UNABLE to do what they love.

Won't you consider....
looking over the Love Quilts Website and making application for stitching a square for a child in need? I think it would be a fabulous way to give  especially with the season of giving so close upon us, don't you?

In the meantime....
I'll be keeping my 'hands to work and heart to God', just like always! Why don't you join me?
Hugs and Love,


  1. This is such a sweet idea, thanks for posting the link! I just checked out the website and when I had a bit more free time later in the week I'm going to send an application as well. Thanks for being so inspiring, this post is wonderful :-)

  2. It is amazing how God teaches these lessons isn't it? Great idea too!

  3. What a wonderful thing to do, I will check into the link. Isn't it funny how when we just feel down or feel that something isn't right with our world...and we open ourselves up - that God has a way of showing up, providing us with insight and opportunities to help, to grow and to love.
    Take care my friend! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Beautiful idea and goal for 2011.
    I will enjoy seeing your progress.

  5. God always gives us an answer. It's what we do with it that's important. I think what you've chosen to do is wonderful.

  6. Great idea Vonna! I'm going over there to check it out right now.

    Glad you are feeling better and back to your normal chipper self.

  7. What a lovely thing to do. I will look forward to your progress.

  8. Hi Vonna, I was just catching up with your blog and read your previous bog. I can totally relate to how you feel!! Very often I too feel like am being taken for granted and feel like shouting out!!! Then I also end up feeling later, "oh well, they all like me that's why they take me for granted"!! Not sure which of these is true.
    I simply lllooove your finishes. Love your small finishes in black :)
    Also, love your blue and white china

  9. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Thanks Vonna for providing the link and for inspiring us all! The Lord does provide answers and it is how we respond to them that continues to teach and guide us. Off to see what it is all about!

    Robin in Virginia

  10. Vonna, what a wonderful post! I've done some squares for Love Quilts and it is so encouraging to use our stitching to bless someone else! I can't wait to follow your journey!!

  11. KathyEllen10:35 AM

    It is good to hear that you are finding hope in your faith, and looking forward now to a new opportunity! Sometimes, it is in trusting God to lead us to help someone else in need, that we gain new strength. God Bless You!

  12. When I was hot and heavy into stitching, I contributed a few squares to children's quilts, and I headed up a project for one little girl in Louisiana. One place to go to organize all that...I'm in! Thanks for the info, I will replicate on my blog.

    I totally relate to your experience in feeling down and then having a ray of light remind you that things are good. I've been struggling similarly lately, and I've had a few things happen recently to make me think that it is worth it to keep plugging away at what I've been struggling to do.

    Amazing how it works that way sometimes, right?

  13. Thank you for telling us about Love Quilts! I just went over to "meet" some of the kids and I have fallen in love! I want to do this too! It seems like something I must do.

  14. I missed your last post, but I agree with you. Life isn't always easy, sometimes it helps to concentrate on your blessings or to hear from people in need.
    Great cause that you picked. I stitched squares before for lovequilts in our little country. It's a great way to support kids and parents in their sufferings.

  15. Glad things are going much better Vonna. God often works in wondrous ways doesn't he?

    I'm glad you have found Love Quilts as I know that you will love stitching for these wonderful children. A number of years ago I stitched for them and must certainly pick it up again. Thanks for reminding me.

    hugs, Margaret

  16. Thanks for sharing this beautiful idea Vonna! I just may have to stitch a square in 2011.

  17. Vonna, I am glad that someone pointed you in the direction of Love Quilts, and that you are now pointing others there with your wonderful post.

    It is a great organization that does so much to bring smiles to children who desperately need a little sunshine in their lives.

    You are an inspiration and I am happy to hear that your decision to stitch for these children has lifted your spirits. I know it always helps me.

    If you or anyone is ever in need of help finding a pattern for the quilts, just holler.

    A fellow Love Quilt stitcher--Mary Ann

  18. I have stitched for love quilts in the past - I can definitely vouch for it. It is an excellent charity but be warned - you will cry your eyes out when you read the kids' plights. Good for you for joining in the fun Vonna. I keep meaning to do another square but just haven't had the chance. Maybe I'll join in with you next year. xx

  19. Glad you are feeling better. I've stitched a ton of Love Quilt squares. It's a very fulfilling activity (and once the x-stitch is done, you are done... no finishing required. Of course for a super-finisher like you you, that could be a downside).

  20. Oh how cool! I have been associated with 'Love Quilts' for many years and over the last few I haven't done any, but have made about 40 squares since 1999. I found that a few years ago the quilts filled up quickly and even though I wanted to stitch, I was disappointed a few times. But if they need stitchers again, that is wonderful and it does make you feel wonderful that they get made into quilt for a sick child. I have a few contacts on Facebook associated with Love Quilts if you'd like them, one the founder Cathy.

  21. Thank you for reminding me about this organization. I had been meaning to check in and see what was needed to get going on a square.

    I will also be placing a permanent link to their site to keep the info flowing :o)

  22. Hi Vonna,

    How wonderful to have something
    like the Love Quilts project to
    come along just when you really
    needed it.

    This project is just perfect for
    you. I've seen other stitchers
    making squares for special quilts
    but I think most of those have
    been in the U.K. or Europe.

    I'm glad to hear that you're
    feeling better but don't be so
    hard on yourself. We all get
    the blues once in awhile.


  23. What a wonderful thing to do! God always shows us the way, doesn't He? :)

  24. What a great idea. Thank you for posting the link. I too went onto the site and found that Peyton has an eye condition that I suffered from for 8 years before having my eye removed. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to stitch a square for her also. God gives us what we need when we need it. I am truly happy that you have found a renewed spirit. I am going to get my blog going again so I can post a link. Thanks for the inspiration

  25. Jackie Bennett5:20 PM

    Vonna, thank you so much for giving Love Quilts an avenue to new stitchers. We can always use those. We do feature 2 or 3 kids a month to receive quilts. Those are the sign-up kids. But we also always have a need for EXTRA squares to be made into quilts for kids that can't wait for the time it takes for a scheduled quilt. We give away more "extra" quilts than scheduled quilts every year. Since joining the Love Quilts team in 2000, I've found it very hard to find time for any personal stitching. I'd think almost any stitcher could find time to do at least one quilt square. Thanks again. Jackie - Jackie4LQ@gmail.com

  26. This is brilliant Vonna! I know I always feel better when I do something for someone else. I am glad your internet friends were able to make you feel better.

  27. Thank you sooooooo much for telling us about this wonderful site. I will be sending in my application as soon as I get Christmas stitching done.

  28. Vonna there are also some similar stitching groups like Quilts for Older Children and Adults at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/quiltsforolderchildrenandadults:

    Also, CrossStitch for Charity and you can find them at the yahoo group:

    I've stitched for all of these in the past, although not recently. You have reminded me to get back to it!

  29. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Congrats on deciding to stitch quilt blocks for such a worthwhile cause. I used to stitch for Quilts 4 Kids here in Aussie when I was living in Melbourne - it made me feel really good to be doing something that gave me enjoyment and gave the families such joy. I really should get back into that again, as it could be just what I need to get me back into a more positive space too :)


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